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    There are three types of people: Ask the nearest person to complete the lyric: "Wake Me Up". Nothing else. Three responses are "Before you go-go", "When september ends" and "Wake me up inside"
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    From the album: Vergil's Role Playing Characters

    Name: Ishtar Race: Queen Succubus Age: 18 Gender: Female(futa) Height: 5ft. 9 in Weight: 125 lb Sexuality: homosexual Role: (Futa) Vanilla/Dom Kinks: Flexible Blacklist. Vore, death, bleeding, pain, anything too dirty or too extreme. Powers: Queen Succubus's Aphrodisiac- Ishtar status as a queen has given her body a powerful and potent aphrodisiac that will turn anyone with a sexual desire, lust or even a tiny bit of lust become into her puppet. The closer the person is to Ishtar, the most likely they will fall into their own desire and that includes touching, her saliva, her semen, and presence (When near). This power doesn't affect robot and hates them. Personality: Ishtar is a playful queen succubus that loves to tease and charm anyone when they get close one to test her raw power. She gets a bit physical and touchy when she spotted someone that love being submissive to fulfill into their desire. Normally, Ishtar will be wary of her power which will be mindful of and will warn people to stay away from her if they wish to live a normal day. Overall, a cheerful girl that love to have sex to ignore the problem of the worlds and to relieve some stress which will become addicted to others due to her power. Bio: Ishtar was kept a secret due to her status and to keep everyone safe from her power to allure any kind into her charm. The boredom quickly piles up on the girl until she escapes from hell to enter Earth and to find happiness in her life than just being a prisoner of her parents. She seeks for a way to calm down her power and find a lucky person to settle down to have a family together without the need for cheating.
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    Feeling okay tonight, still going to be MIA a lot but going to try to pound out some responses.
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    While her pussy missed the snug fit of his huge shaft, Giselle was completely enthralled by the sight of Grant jerking off the massive instrument directly over her face and tits. It was so god damn sexy to watch him loose control and essentially mark his territory. Giselle opened her mouth wide, hopping to catch some of his jizz as it sprayed haphazardly on her mouth, neck, eyes, in her hair and on her breasts. She grinned up at him, licking her lips and wiping her face, sucking on her fingers when she was done. The rest she left as is, as she sat up and reached for his now soft cock. He lips wrapped around him immediately as she cast a lustful gaze as her head bobbed gently on his shaft. her tongue slithering along his organ as she cleaned him off. Moaning at the salty sweet taste of his cum. @MarshallWalker
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    Grant could have blown his load right there at her words but he maintained control. He pulled out of her quickly. Put his hands on her shoulders and flipped her unceremoniously onto her back. He straddled her hips and furiously stroked his cock until finally, he came. He came and came and came. Spurts of cum on her lips, her eyes, her necks, her breasts, her nipples. He had to put a hand down on the bed to steady himself. "Oh fuck... holy fuck..." He could have fallen over then but he looked up to see her chocolate skin covered in his white hot seed. It was the sexiest things he'd ever experienced. @Harmony Frost
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    “Ohhhh.....yes.....” Giselle hissed as he slowed down, his meaty cock rubbing against her sensitive walls. And each thrust still had plenty of power too. Plus Grant’s playful licks to her ear sent shivers down her spine. He wanted her to choose? Instantly her mind filled with all sorts of options but currently she had one that superseded all the rest. “I want you to cum on my tits and my face. I wanna taste you Daddy.” @MarshallWalker
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    "Good girl," he snarled. Her confession made him get really hot. He knew he would cum soon. The way her hips gyrated and her pussy constricted around him. He mustered his focus. "And because you're so good, I'll give you a treat." He slowed a little but still went hard. "I'll let you choose where I finish. How do you like that?" He laughed softly in her ear, running his tongue along it. @Harmony Frost
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    Whatever he wanted Giselle shivered at the implications. She bit her lip, her body tingling at the raspiness of his voice and his unapologetic response. A shriek ripped from her mouth when he yanked her back by her hair, demanding she confess the dark secrets she tried in vain to suppress. She pushed back against him eagerly, smacking sounds filling the room. “Oh fuck, Daddy I like it a lot. I love it,” She confessed, ashamed and yet extremely turned on. @MarshallWalker
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    Did he mean to wake her up? This was better than he could have hope for. "Whatever I want," he answered in a raspy voice. He pounded her even harder. She was into it. He knew it. But she didn't want to say so. He decided to encourage her. He put one of his hands in her hair and pulled back to really get her attention. "Tell daddy how much you like it," he bellowed as his tongue found its way into her ear. @Harmony Frost
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    “Ahhh fuck,” she gasped, as the jerking of her body and the intensity of the sensations building within her became to much. Giselle’s eyes fluttered open and she was starting to piece together several things. One, she was definitely not dreaming anymore and two, Grant was currently using her like a sex toy. She wondered if she should be angry, but the thick cock ramming inside her pussy was very distracting. She clawed at the sheets, her neck twisting to look back at the powerful man pounding into her. “Oh God.....W-What are y-you.....mmmm....doing?” She questioned, unwittingly pushing back against his shaft. And why did she get wetter knowing that he’d been violating her in her sleep? @MarshallWalker
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    Grant started to pump a little harder. Each time he did, he'd brush gently against her ass. Grant began to wonder what it would feel like to really feel that ass against his pelvis. The thought was too tempting. Without slipping out of her, he brought her legs together underneath him so he could straddle them. He then started to pump again and without meaning to, he began applying a little more pressure to each stroke. "Oh fuck," he muttered under his breath. She's even tighter like this! He couldn't take it anymore. He drew his hips back and started ramming her hard, her ass cushioning him with each pump. @Harmony Frost
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    “Mmmm....” Giselle groaned, wiggling her hips and unintentionally enticing Grant to take further liberties. The sexy dream had warmed her up prematurely for frisky behavior and Grant only stoked the fire within her. She felt full and her eyes remained closed even if her mind was starting to wake up a bit. But it was still foggy and the pleasure radiating from her pussy to her brain made her believe she was still dreaming. @MarshallWalker
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    "Oh fuck," Grant whispered. Was she always this hot? Going slowly let him appreciate how the heat that emanated from her heavenly pussy. He positioned himself so he was making as little contact with her body as possible. The entire sensation was focused around his swollen manhood inside her. Going slow was so sweet. And the risk made him feel that much harder inside her. This was so wrong but so kinky. The conflict made him tremble in delight. "Oh yes... oh yeah..." he moaned as softly as he could. @Harmony Frost
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    Her legs parted and she let out a soft, “oh,” as he licked her pussy. Her essence dripping slowly like the morning dew. This was the realest dream she’s had in a while. Giselle wouldn’t be surprised if she woke up extremely wet. Her dream intensified and she arched up in her sleep another moan escaping her lips. Her ass was raised up and if Giselle wasn’t sure she was dreaming, she’d swear Grant had slid his marvelous cock into her hot, molten core. She let out another moan that almost sounded like the word ‘more’. @MarshallWalker
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    God, she tastes good. Warm, sticky and sweet. Like honey. Grant licked her folds more intently. He just wanted to warm her up a bit. That's all I'm doing. This isn't so wrong. He was only licking her clit, fingering her pussy, just enough so she wouldn't wake. He make the mistake of inhaling. Oh god. That smell. He had to have her again. But if he woke her now, she might wonder why she was already so wet. His thoughts were a mess. If I'm gentle... maybe she won't notice. He moved between her thighs, ready to take her from behind. He rubbed his cock against her lips, seeing if she woke. When she didn't, he pressed inside her slowly, holding his breath, hoping she wouldn't feel that. @Harmony Frost
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    Her dreams were sweet, and sexy. Starring Grant and Giselle definitely wasn’t waking up soon. Especially when it seemed like her imagination had gotten better. A soft moan escaped her lips as she slept and she squirmed slightly, unconsciously seeking more of whatever caused that pleasant sensation. @MarshallWalker
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    Grant began to stroke himself while looking at her but it was no good. He was left handed so his arm was pinned. All he had to do was just get it free- OH. He looked at her. Then at his cock. He thought a moment. I should just wake her. It would be easier. Terrible terrible thoughts came to him. I really shouldn't. He slid away from her, lying her gently on her belly. He spread her legs slowly and moved one of her knees up to raise her pelvis. Then he noticed she was already glistening. He moved between her legs. He thought about how wrong this was just as his made contact with her pussy. @Harmony Frost
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    Giselle was sleeping soundly. Grant wore her out last night and that combined with how much running around she did with her kids, she was due for a deep sleep. She slept in the nude, shifting slightly in her sleep as she nuzzled closer to her bedmate. A typical habit for her although she usually woke up with her pillow between her legs. @MarshallWalker
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    Grant woke suddenly, forgetting where he was. When he moved, Giselle murmured in her sleep. Oh right, he realized. His arm still around her waist as she cuddled close to him. Her thigh was just over his hips and when he shifted slightly, she slid down a touch. "Ohhh..." He felt himself harden. He looked down at himself and slipped out of his boxers, carefully. He wrapped his right hand around his cock and began to stroke, trying not to wake Giselle. @Harmony Frost
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    Giselle grinned when she could feel Grant hardening inside her again. “So soon?” She asked, kissing him passionately. “Take me to bed,” she purred, giving a gleeful squeal when he hoisted her in his strong arms and carried her into her bedroom. They didn’t actually fall asleep for a long time when they got there. But eventually she ended up falling asleep with Grant’s arm curled around her waist, a sated smile on her lips. @MarshallWalker
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    Grant's hands found his way to her perfect breasts again, his fingers gently fondling her nipples. "Oh, I'm sure you could persuade me to stick around..." His hands slithered down her back and cupped her ass. He gently guided her hips up and down. "Mmmm… That feels nice." @Harmony Frost
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    "Oh fuck! Giselle!" Grant buried his face in her breasts as he lost all sense of focus on what he was doing, totally overwhelmed at the pleasure of his climax. As she shuddered violently against his body, he felt heat bloom within him, spreading from his toes to his cheeks, and then it really hit him. In great bursts, he came violently, filling her hungry maw with blast after blast of his seed. Now he was shuddering too, totally overwhelmed. When he finally regained his composure, he answered her with a long and tender kiss. "Oh wow... That was unreal." @Harmony Frost
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    Well, it was clear which of the three problems Hugh had. While Alyssa had made sure to avoid soliciting customers in the same apartment building due to possible awkwardness, it did inevitably happen from time to time. "Y-Yeah, once or twice here and there... Guessing you'd rather I do it somewhere else, or even better, not at all?" She would reply, stepping away from the tall, lean giant, "A-And even if I am... Doesn't give you the right to put your hands on me." She would add, hands balling into fists. The last thing she needed was to have to deal with a court case against her landlord, but for once, it would have been nice for Jonathan to get home early...
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    Sigh. I was reading the comments on a thread on facebook and there was an Endgame spoiler. Luckily spoilers don't bother me that much but I know some people hate them with a passion. Watch out friends the internet isn't safe.
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    That epic gamer moment when you put the controller down and build a healthy, meaningful relationship with somebody you love. Just kidding, gamers will never find love.
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