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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I have many pairings each with multiple plot ideas, just buzz me with a pairing you see you want and ill go over the plot ideas i have.






    ichigo-hallibel and her fraccion

    oc-hallibel and her fraccion


    oc-arcee (tf prime)

    Jack-arcee (tf prime)

    Poseidon-medusa (clash of titans form)

    Kain-oc (legacy of kain)

    Vampire-anthrowolf girl

    oc-anthroanimal girl/s




    Carpathian male-oc (christine feehan dark series)

    Redeamed darth vader-asoka (star wars)

    Oc-7of9 (star trek voyager)



    shepard-tali (mass effect saga)

    anthro male-human female

    human male-anthro female

    human male-android female

    human male-moster girl/s

    vampire male-werewolf female

    pet dog-girl

    human male-yauta female (predator series)

    male dragon-human girl

    sesshomaru-adult rin

    grim reaper-human girl

    drow male-high elf female

    human male-drow female

    Drow male-halfling female

    Kain-uma (legacy of kain saga)

    Oc-erza scarlet

    oc-she hulk

    oc-hot ork girl


    milo-kida (Atlantis )


    demon-human girl

    shepard-jack (mass effect saga)

    Joker-EDI (mass effect saga )

    senketsu-ryoko (kill la kill)

    oc-gauge the technomancer (boarderlands 2)

    Dante-lady (devil may cry saga)

    oc-alma wade (FEAR series)

    Kickass-hitgirl (kickass series)


    Will share plot ideas next update

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