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    I had woken up dead. I didn't know how it happened, or why, as I had been sleeping at the time, but the end result was that I was in a line awaiting reincarnation. I was given my options, and time to understand them, and i chose to try out a dungeon, one of the few choices that would leave me with an intact memory. That was when things started to go wrong. I was given skills and abilities, to better suit my life in the new world I'd be going to then, for lack of a better word, pushed into a sort of purgatory to wait until space opened up for me. The problem was, I slipped right through purgatory and was sent back to earth, slamming into my new body, a dungeon crystal. It was dizzying and I knew things had been royaly fucked up when I identified myself as being somewhere in California, but I could still make the best of this situation.

    This is about where we'd start as, without someone to breed with, my dungeon wouldn't be able to gain monsters and expand. I was thinking this could go a few different ways. First, you could play as a singular character, maybe a runaway who found my abandoned building, getting captured by the dungeon. Being exposed to the magic of my dungeon gives you magic and abilities of your own, not to mention access to hidden treasures, mostly cash, that you could encounter while delving me, the risk being that, should a monster or trap capture you, you would be held down and impregnated for the next generation of monsters. 

    Second, I land in an abandoned part of a huge school and lure the students into my dungeon. My dungeon is a well hidden school secret, having claimed an abandoned boiler room. A couple found it when they snuck off to fool around and, after coming out with a hundred bucks each and new abilities, the secret spread around the grades quickly, the few teachers that find out about it quickly join the secret as they gain the same benefits as the students. This would leave me with a wide variety of options for breeding, from the high school cheerleader, down to the elementary group that shouldn't have stumbled down my steps. (You can obviously choose the age cutoff.) 

    Third, i am quickly found by military personnel and used for experiments. Soldiers found me fairly quickly and dragged me to a hidden base where experiments are run on me. I do get the better of the scientists, sometimes, one finding out just how dangerous tentacles can be. But I'm fairly screwed until I make a deal. If they let me make a dungeon I'd also include military buildings in my construction, barracks, laboratories, offices. And, for the cherry on top, I'd help give soldiers magic and abilities, making something close to super soldiers, so long as I was fed a steady diet of willing, or unwilling, delvers to increase my own power.

    If you like the idea of a dungeon scene, but not necessarily the scenes I've described, let me know. I don't mind setting up a different starting location, having a different aggression level, or even a lethality level. These are just quick ideas I came up with and I don't mind discarding them.

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