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Nail polish fetish

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This has been on my mind for awhile now and I feel comfortable enough about sharing it, but I love painting my nails and having my nails painted for sexual encounters: when I do have them. Another thing I like and I never admitted this to anyone but I love when woman have their toe nails painted or have their nails done. Painted in neon colors or black nail polish or different designs. I even love it when men paint there nails: this is something I hardly ever see though. One day I saw this kid, he was wearing all black, his hair was dyed blue and was wearing black nail polish. He had his hood up of course and his eyes were closed, so he didn't notice how I was checking him out or looking in his direction. As he was listening to music on his headphones, he sort of reached up to adjust his clothing and I could see his nails very clearly and I thought it was beautifully done. 

This is something I noticed about myself and I find myself very attracted to men who are feminine, bisexual and even gay men who are not afraid to show this side to them. I respect people for who they are and when I saw this guy just sitting there randomly, I just had to take a glance at him. The one thing I kept looking at was his nails and sort of daydreaming, lol. So nail polish is a fetish of mine and anytime I see anyone with painted nails, I always tell them how much I love their nails and compliment them. The one thing is... I spent so much money on nail polish alone that I had to stop myself from buying anymore, lol. This is so weird and wonder if anyone else see's the beauty of nail polish and how it can be sexy. 

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I do know what you mean, in regards to having your nails done to look presentable and attractive to others. The thing that I love about nail polish is all the different designs and colours you can decorate your nails with. The most attractive ones to me are the ones with more than just one colour~.

I'm a very feminine guy, and then again, I say that but I have never actually tried nail polish for myself. I'm too shy! ;w; But if I ~did~ have the opportunity to put my own on, I think I would go for either a sky blue or a white colour. ^.^

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