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other creative writing Ultra Calamity: A Pokemon Ultra Moon Nuzlocke - Episode 15: Ultra Beasts

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Due to the nature of how this and most of Episode 16 are written, I'm posting them here instead of the same place as the other 14 episodes...because yeah.  The run is finished so the remaining episodes will be released over time because I chose to do postgame.  Without further delay, let's begin.


Three days had passed since the crowning of Alola's new champion, Ruby.  Ever since her victory over Hau, challengers who had completed their island challenges had been making their way up Mount Lanakila to challenge her almost endlessly.  Along with the seemingly endless flow of trainers, the voice in Ruby's head that was guiding her along her adventure was suddenly gone, leaving the young trainer to figure things out on her own.  While she could tell, without question, that something weird was going on, she was far too exhausted to think it over.

After another long day of taking challenges from trainers who managed to defeat the Elite Four, Ruby walked into to her room, threw off her hat, and lied down on her bed.

"Being the champion is a lot harder than I thought.  When it's not challengers, it's problems popping up all over the region.  Why is all of this the work of just the champion?" Ruby said to herself.  She let out a sigh and turned to face the ceiling.

"It's going to be another long day tomorrow.  I guess all I can do is hope less people will come to challenge the Elite Four," Ruby added before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, standing alone at the summit of the Alter of the Moone was a black haired boy carrying a suitcase in his hand.  He smiled and took off the sunglasses he was wearing, looking towards the Ultra Wormhole with his cold, grey eyes.

"That Kukui was a fool.  I had a feeling he would fail to destroy our target.  At least he managed to get me the tool I need for my backup plan," the boy said to himself, setting his suitcase down and taking out what looked like a remote.

"At least our other problem has been contained for the time being, and Kukui no longer has any memory of me or my plans.  Now, "Champion" Ruby, let's see how you fare against an Ultra Beast the likes you've never seen before.  I will crush your hope and drown this region in shadows," the boy added, letting out a loud laugh as he pressed a button on his remote.  A beam of blue shot into the Ultra Wormhole, as if it were in search of something.


Early the next morning, Ruby slowly got out of bed and made her way out of her room.  She didn't have much time before she heard the front door open and Hau stepped into the house.

"Please, not right now..." Ruby mumbled.

"A-lo-la!" Hau called out.  Ruby let out a sigh and shook her head.

"If it's not trainers every twenty minutes, it's this.  Can't I just have one day of peace and quiet?" Ruby said mostly to herself while Hau was talking to her mom's Meowth.  Slowly, she made her way over just as Hau turned his attention to her.

"Oh, by the way.  There were some pretty interesting people looking for you, too, Ruby.  So, come on, let's get out there!  The Champion of Alola doesn't get to just stay inside all day!" Hau said before heading outside.

"I'd rather stay inside all day than go back up to that cold mountain and take challenges all day long.  If I knew being the Champion would be this rough, I would've let Hau win," Ruby said until something came to her mind.

'But...why do I get this bad feeling that something horrible would happen if I did let him win?' Ruby thought.  She remembered the voice in her head going on about Kukui doing something in another version of Alola, but at the time, she had only assumed it couldn't be true.  For the time being, Ruby decided to forget about it and focus on what Hau said as she returned to her room to get ready.

After taking the time to get herself ready, Ruby made her way outside to find Hau along with Phyco and Soliera.

"Hello, Ruby.  Congratulations on becoming Alola's first Champion," Soliera said to Ruby after she closed the door and walked down the stairs.

"Oh...thanks," Ruby simply answered.

"I heard the battle against Hau to decide the Champion was quite the spectacle," Soliera added.  While Ruby wanted to say that something about the whole thing felt unusual, she instead chose to keep her mouth shut and listen to what the Ultra Recon Squad members had to say.

"So, Champion, as they call you, would you be so kind as to give us your assistance?" Phyco asked.

"Assistance?  What kind of assistance?" Ruby questioned.

"Ultra Beasts have appeared on Poni Island.  Somehow, they managed come through the Ultra Wormhole at the alter," Soliera explained.

"But that's not right.  The last time Ultra Beasts came through wormholes, it was because of Necrozma.  Something weird is going on around here," Ruby pointed out.

"Yes, and at the same time, we are no match for these beasts.  That is why we request your assistance, Champion," Pycho said.

"Me and Decidueye are gonna go, too!" Hau said.

"We were planning on heading over immediately.  Would you care to come along?" Pycho continued.  Ruby took a few moments to think it over before she shook her head.

"If we're going to be dealing with Ultra Beasts, I'll need a few moments to get ready," Ruby replied.  Pycho and Soliera looked at each other for a moment, then back to Ruby.

"Very well.  We will meet you beyond the Ancient Poni Path," Pycho said.  The two Ultra Recon Squad members did their usual strange version of waving or whatever it was and started walking away along with Hau, leaving Ruby by herself.  She let out a sigh and looked up at the sky.

'More Ultra Beasts?  What's even going on here in Alola?' Ruby thought, looking ahead towards the nearby Pokemon Center.

"Well...I better go and get ready.  If that weird jellyfish Ultra Beast or Necrozma are any indication, these new Ultra Beasts won't be so easy to bring down," Ruby said while she walked towards the Pokemon Center, making a mental list of how many Hyper Potions she may need to buy in order to be ready.


After a trip to the Pokemon Center to get one of her Pokemon from the PC along with getting some more potions, Ruby used her Ride Pager to Charizard Glide to Poni Breaker Coast.  From what she remembered the last time she was on Poni Island, a man was blocking the way deeper into the island, telling her to return when she became a champion.  On her way over, she spotted Hau talking to the woman from the Aether Foundation, Wicke.

'It's that woman from Aether Paradise.  What is she doing here?' Ruby thought to herself while she walked through the tall grass  and made her way over to the two.

"Ruby!  Over here!" Hau called out.  Once Ruby reached Hau and Wicke, she was warned of the Ultra Beasts running wild in Poni Grove.

"So I guess this whole thing wasn't some excuse to get me away from the league..." Ruby mumbled to herself.

"My young friend Ruby.  Congratulations on becoming Champion.  I heard you and Master Hau will be looking into the mysteries of the Ultra Beasts, is that right?" Wicke said.

"Yeah, we have it covered.  If there's a disaster involving the Ultra Beasts, it's up to the Champion to put a stop to it, right?" Ruby replied.

Wicke smiled a bit.  "I will support you however I can.  I've brought you both a little something," Wicke said, pulling a couple of Big Malasadas out of the bag she was carrying and handing one to each of the kids.

"Oh...thanks.  I'll be sure to eat it later," Ruby replied, trying her best to hide her disappointment.

"Young Master Gladion also left something with me for you.  It is Type: Null," Wicke said, causing Ruby to take a surprised step back.

"A Type: Null?  But why?" Ruby asked, deciding to put that thought on hold when something else came to mind.

'Normally, that voice in my head tells me what nickname I'll give my new Pokemon.  It's still gone, so...what do I name this Type: Null?' Ruby wondered.  She walked around in a circle for a few moments, playing with her hair as she thought.  It took her a few moments before a name came to mind.

"I'll call it Gladion," Ruby said, accepting the Poke Ball from Wicke and putting it in her bag along with the rest of her Poke Balls.  Once she was all set, she looked past Wicke at the area up ahead.

"So they're up ahead?  The Ultra Beasts, I mean," Ruby asked.

"Yes, but before you go, I have something else for you," Wicke replied, searching through her bag again.

'There's more?' Ruby wondered shortly before Wicke thrusted a stack of discs into Ruby's arms.

"You'll need these to change the type of Type: Null's evolution, Silvally," Wicke said with a smile.

"Oh, thanks.  I'll have to thank Gladion when he comes back," Ruby said while she dumped the discs on the ground and started putting them into her bag one at a time.

"The Ultra Recon Squad is already waiting for you in Poni Grove.  You should go and join them when you're ready," Wicke said, closing her bag and starting to walk away.

"Ruby, I'm going to go on ahead," Hau said, turning away from Ruby and heading north.  Once Ruby had finished putting away the discs given to her by Wicke, she looked towards the grove.

'Well, here goes something...' she thought to herself and made her way into Poni Grove.


Stepping through the large, grassy space, Ruby made her way over to where Phyco and Soliera were waiting along with Hau.

"Thank you very much for coming, the Ultra Beast, now called Stakataka, are lost and wandering in Poni Grove," Soliera explained.

'If they're just lost, then why did you even call me here?  Couldn't you just have Hau take care of this?  There's probably some kind of catch, right?' Ruby wondered.

"It is my guess that they are distraught...  They most likely will attack anything they see," Phyco added.

'And there's the catch,' Ruby thought before Soliera walked over to her and handed her several Beast Balls.

"And here are some Beast Balls.  Normally, you would have to buy these at Aether Paradise, but they were kind enough to give some to us," Soliera said.

"So we're going to catch these Ultra Beasts?" Ruby asked.

"We leave that to you two.  All we wish for is that the Stakataka be able to live peacefully," Soliera answered.

"We have learned from what happened with Necrozma.  We must not try to control these creatures but focus on protecting them.  It would put both ourselves and the Stakataka at ease if you would capture them," Phycho said. 

"Whatever floats your boat, pal," Ruby mumbled.

"Sounds good to me!  C'mon, Ruby!  Let's go help the Stakataka!"

"Hau, we don't even know what these things-" Ruby tried to say, but Hau had alread run off towards the tall grass.

"Stakataka!  Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Hau called out.

'I don't think I'll ever understand him,' Ruby thought, turning away from Hau towards the tall grass straight ahead of her.

'I really hope that these Ultra Beasts aren't as dangerous as Necrozma was.  When I fought that thing, it didn't just make my Pokemon faint.  It...killed them.  It hasn't even just been Necrozma.  All throughout my island challenge, my Pokemon have been dying instead of fainting...but why isn't it happening to anyone else?' Ruby thought to herself until she had realized she walked right into the tall grass.  An unfamiliar cry pushed her out of her thoughts and turned her attention towards something up ahead.  Ruby slowly approached the unfamiliar cry only for a being made of dark-gray, square stoned lifeforms stacked together like a tower with a leg extending from each corner.

Ruby fell back in surprise when the beast shot out of the grass.  "T-this must be it," Ruby said, digging through her bag for one of her Poke Balls in a hurry.

"Master Derp, I choose you!" Ruby called out after she got her hands on one of her Poke Balls and throwing it up into the air.  The ball opened up and Master Derp, her Slowbro that had been with her for most of her island challenge emerged in a flash of light.  Master Derp absently stared at the Ultra Beast in front of him, as if he had no idea where he was or what was going on.

"Alright, Master Derp, go and-" Ruby was about to say until she noticed a strange red aura begin to cover the Stakataka.

'It's just like with that jellyfish and Necrozma.  I better be careful.  This thing might have a trick up it's sleeve,' Ruby thought.

"Master Derp, use Ice Beam!" Ruby called out.  For a moment, Master Derp turned to face her with his usual absentminded expression.  After a moment, he turned back towards the Ultra Beast and opened it's mouth while a light blue ball began to form in front of it.  He fired off light blue beams at the Stakataka, but the attack didn't seem to have much of an effect.  The beast shook off Master Derp's attack easily while it's eyes turned red and it's body became surrounded by a white aura.  It charged right at Master Derp and slammed into him, pushing the Slowbro back a bit.  As always, Master Derp didn't seem very bothered by it.

"Ok, that didn't work.  Let's try a Psychic.  Don't go too overboard, Master Derp.  We're trying to catch it, not make it faint," Ruby said.  Master Derp gave a delayed cry of agreement and his eyes began to glow light blue while his intended target became outlined in light blue.  Master Derp slowly lifted up Stakataka using it's Psychic, sweat running down his forehead due to the Ultra Beast's weight.  The most Master Derp could do was push the Stakataka back a little bit before it came charging in with another Iron Head.  Unlike before, however, the Ultra Beast's attack was a bit weaker than before.

"I think we've got it, Master Derp.  Go for one more Ice Beam and I'll try the Beast Ball after that," Ruby said while her Pokemon followed her command and fired off another beam of ice.  Master Derp ended up taking a third Iron Head, but the constant assault didn't concern him at all.  Sometimes, Ruby wondered if anything bothered her Slowbro, but she decided not to think about it and pulled a Beast Ball out of her bag.

"Alright, here goes something!" Ruby said, tossing the ball at the Ultra Beast.  The Stakataka was taken into the ball and the Beast Ball itself landed on the ground.  Ruby held her breath as the ball shook once.  She took a step forward after the second shake, and with the third, she was convinced that it would break out.  When the ball stopped shaking and confirmed that the Stakataka was caught, she let out a sigh of relief.

"That wasn't so bad.  Good work, Master Derp.  Return for now," Ruby said while she walked over to the Beast Ball.  Master Derp only turned his head in confusion before being returned to his Poke Ball.

"That's one down.  I wonder what I should name this thing," Ruby said to herself, shaking her head.

'I can think of a name later.  I wonder how Hau is doing.  He may be a decent trainer, but can he really stand up to an Ultra Beast on his own?' Ruby thought.

"Ruby!  Over here!" Hau called out.  Ruby put the ball in her bag when she heard Hau's call and rejoined him and the Ultra Recon Squad at the center of the grove.

"That Stakataka was too strong!  I was nowhere even close to catching it!" Hau said.

'Why am I not surprised?' Ruby wondered.

"No matter!  It will likely keep a low profile now and won't attack other Pokemon for some time.  We can use this time to analyze the data we gathered and, with the help of the Aether Foundation, hopefully capture it," Phyco explained.

"Yes...  It seems there are still some Stakataka wandering about," Soliera added.

"There's more of them?  And here I thought this was going to be a short task," Ruby mumbled.

"Gotcha!  I'll be sure to capture one this time and hand it over to the Ultra Recon Squad!" Hau said before running back into the tall grass.

"Stakataka, whe-e-ere are you?" Ruby heard Hau call out.  She shook her head and made her way back into the tall grass.

'I guess I can use the same strategy as last time.  I still wonder why these Ultra Beasts are even here of all places,' Ruby thought, wandering around in the grass until another Stakataka decided to show itself.

Relying on the same strategy with Master Derp, Ruby was able to easily catch herself a second Stakataka.

'If Hau managed to get one of them, this whole mess should hopefully be cleared up,' Ruby thought as she rejoined Hau and the Ultra Recon Squad once again.

"We received the Stakataka Hau was able to capture," Soliera said.

"Together with the Aether Foundation, we should be able to gather useful data in order to protect the Ultra Beasts," Phyco said.

"So you won't need me anymore, right?" Ruby quietly asked.

"I expected no less from the two who competed for the championship.  You've helped us resolve a very delicate situation.  We thank you," Phyco added, completely ignoring what Ruby said.

"We take our leave now.  Until we meet again..." Soliera said.  The two did their usual weird hand motions and walked away, leaving Ruby alone with Hau.

"Those were some epic battles!  Decidueye had a good time, too!  C'mon Ruby.  Let's head home," Hau said.

"I would, but I have to take on challengers at the league today.  Sorry, but you go on ahead," Ruby said.

"Oh, alright.  I'll see you later, then," Hau said with his usual smile and ran off.  Ruby looked back towards the grove where the Stakataka wandered around and crossed her arms.

'Why are all these things suddenly happening?  The voice in my head dissapeared, these Ultra Beasts suddenly appeared, and my Pokemon are dying.  I thought things would be normal when we moved to Alola.  I guess it's never easy,' Ruby thought, shaking her head while she turned around and started to walk away.  Once Ruby was gone, the black haired boy stepped out of his hiding place in the shadows.


"I'm a bit surprised.  Luckily, those Ultra Beasts made for a good distraction.  No matter, for my real plan should be going into action soon enough.  I hope you're ready, Champion of Alola, and you, the one from the outside world guiding her along," the boy said to himself, laughing a bit to himself.

"No need to be a spectator in the game any longer.  If he fails, then so be it.  I must begin planning the next stage," the boy continued, laughing loudly as his body began to fade into darkness.


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      "Tyrant," Zero mumbled. He let out a low sigh and took a look around Jared, biting his lip after his short analysis of the area. Jared had been standing in an area of the backyard where there was no grass at all, which would allow him to use his power with no grass numbing the force of his earth based abilities. Zero nodded to himself and made a run for Jared, dragging his sword across the dead grass. Jared took a defensive stance in response to this. When Zero saw this, a small smile crept up on his face. Instead of going for a head on attack, Zero leaped into the air in an attempt to get behind his dad.
      'Didn't see this coming, did you?' Zero thought when he landed behind Jared, throwing the sword aside and tackling the man from behind. Jared had not expected Zero's move, but tried to move against the boy. Zero had the edge in the situation and managed to push Jared onto the dead grass. When Zero pushed Jared, he stumbled a few steps forward. Jared looked behind him to find Zero making run for his sword.
      "Don't abandon your weapon, you fool!" Jared shouted, turning around and weaving his fingers around a bit. Several rock spires came rising from the ground around Zero's sword in order to keep him away from the weapon. When Zero tried to get close to the rock spires, rocky spikes came jutting out of the spires. Zero wasn't able to avoid being cut by a few of the spikes. Zero quickly jumped back a few paces while he wiped a bit of blood off a cut on his cheek. With his target defenseless, Jared took a chance to strike. He ran at Zero and swung at him. Zero prepared to avoid this attack, but instead of continuing his swing, Jared faked the boy out and followed up by kicking him in the chest when he got within range.
      Zero hit the ground hard, but he had no time to catch his breath as Jared jumped into the air and tried to impale him with his axe. Zero rolled out of the way of the attack, narrowly avoiding the axe as it slammed into the ground. While Jared worked on pulling his axe out of the ground, Zero got back on his feet again and made a beeline for the rock spires keeping his weapon trapped. As he ran, Jared pulled his axe out of the ground and turned towards Zero again. Jared ran after Zero while he lifted his axe in preparation for another attack.
      Even though he had managed to grab his weapon, Jared was a step ahead of him. When Zero had attempted to get out of the circle of broken rock spires, Jared was standing over him, ready to swing his axe at him. When Jared swung the axe down on Zero, he tried to block with his sword.
      "You're not strong enough to hold back my attack forever, Zero. After all, you've already lost," Jared pointed out. Zero didn't respond, mostly because he was putting everything he had into holding back Jared's attack. Jared was already prepared to put an end to the fight with his rock spire circle, but he was forced to move away and avoid a kitchen knife that was flying right at his head.
      "That's quite enough, dear. You're trying to invoke his awakening, not kill him," a woman's voice calmly pointed out. Walking towards the scene from the house was a short, brown haired woman wearing an apron over her light blue sundress. Zero let out a long sigh of relief when he finally got the chance to relax.
      "You're a lifesaver, mom," Zero said. The woman gave Zero a small smile before she returned her attention to Jared.
      "You're being far too rough with him, Jared. He isn't another one of your trainees from back in the old days. Plus, instead of nearly trying to kill our son, you could be inside, helping with dinner. You know we have a guest coming over tonight, but here you are." Zero's mom continued while Jared made his way over to her.
      "Christa, you need to understand that I'm-"
      "I'm sorry, you're what?" Christa questioned. Several knives created from water materialized in her hands as she glared at her husband. Jared quickly glanced over to Zero for a moment, then back to his wife.
      "I'll go get cleaned up and help get dinner started. That's what I wanted you to understand," Jared quickly replied once he thought up something. The axe in his hands disappeared and the man started running towards the house in a panic. Once Jared was gone, the knives in Christa's hands vanished and she returned her attention to Zero, who was also a bit frightened from his mother's sudden change of tone. She simply smiled and helped him stand back up.
      "Why don't you put that sword away and go inside? It'll be time for dinner soon," Christa asked with a smile.
      "Y-yes, ma'am!" Zero replied right away as he turned towards the back of the yard towards an old wooden shed. Before he could take more than a few steps, Christa put a hand on his shoulder and turned him around. With the same calm smile on her face he was used to seeing, Christa put a hand on Zero's head.
      "Don't take what your father says so hard. Even if he's rough with you during training, he does love you. We both love you," Christa said, but Zero shrugged and turned away from her.
      "Yeah, I know. Why do you say that every day? It's kind of annoying," Zero replied before he started walking towards the shed. Christa reached out for him as he walked away while she looked down at the ground.
      "Because we don't want you to go back to how you used to be," Christa whispered to herself.
      Once Zero had put away the sword, he went inside and returned to his room to get a bit of rest. He spent a few minutes pretending to swing around a sword as a bit of self practice before he let out a low sigh and lowered his hand.
      "It's been five years since I started my training. I wonder when I'll finally get powers like mom and Jared," Zero questioned himself while he lied down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.
      'Maybe if I had a weapon of my own and powers like them, I could do something. Go to school like normal kids or maybe do some good for the world like some kind of superhero...' Zero thought to himself. He shook his head while he sat up.
      "Instead, I'm stuck here in a nowhere town where everyone knows everyone. Nothing ever happens around this place. I could be using my skills for something productive," Zero said to himself while he stood up. He threw on a t-shirt he had laying on the floor and decided to confront his parents about it. On his way down the stairs, he could hear his parents talking with someone. Zero stopped when he heard the voices and slowly snuck down the steps, peeking into the living room to find Christa and Jared sitting on one of the couches in the living room with an unfamiliar man in a gray t-shirt sitting in a chair across from them, taking a sip from a teacup.
      "And that's generally where things stand right now. It's been a mess over there since the first incident two years ago. The police say it's due to unknown causes, but that's a load of crap. Check these out," the man said, opening up a folder and tossing a number of pictures onto the coffee table between the three adults. Jared picked up one of the images, but all he could see was a blurry black figure with golden eyes surrounded by red.
      "Bruce, what the hell are these? Is this some kind of joke?" Jared questioned while he threw the picture back onto the table.
      "These are pictures taken by someone who claims to have seen monsters in Star City, the same place where the first incident took place. In his story, he's also claiming that these same monsters are responsible for a number of disappearances over the past year," Bruce replied.
      Jared sighed and shook his head. "And why are you coming to us with your little monster story? We're out of the business now, Bruce. We already have enough to worry about between Zero's training and the assassins he's sending after us," Jared said.
      "Come on, Titan. You and Scarlet Blade here are professionals. A little monster problem is nothing for a duo like you. I'm giving you two a prime opportunity here to get back in the business. You can even get your son in on-"
      "Out of the question," Christa said.
      "Are you serious? A little field experience could do the boy some good. He won't improve just from physical training and sparring matches he can't win," Bruce asked.
      "As I said, out of the question. Zero will not leave our protection until we feel he is ready. Now, I suggest you drop this little suggestion or else," Christa replied while the air around her began to get colder. Bruce leaned back in his chair as he watched a smile slowly make it's way onto Christa's face.
      "How about I just give you two some time to think things over?" Bruce asked while he slowly started gathering up the pictures and his folder.
      "There's nothing to think about, Bruce. We're not going to-"
      "That's just what you're thinking right now, Earth Titan. Sit down over some tea and talk it over. I'll be back just in time for dinner," Bruce said before Jared could finish talking. The man stood up and started making his way towards the front door. Hearing the approaching footsteps, Zero hurried back up the stairs to hide from Bruce. The man stopped in front of the door, turning back towards Jared and Christa.
      "You two should seriously consider this offer. I came here to you as a friend. This is a well paying mission just to deal with some monsters, and I'd hate to see you pass it up. After all, this whole thing may be more than it looks like on paper. Keep that in mind when you're making your decision," Bruce said, his tone suddenly becoming serious. Once he said his piece, he opened up the door and walked outside. Jared and Christa were left alone to consider Bruce's offer and the information he had given them.
      "What do you think, Christa? If what Bruce said is right, this job should be simple enough for the two of us to take on," Jared said, but Christa shook her head.
      "I think we should focus more on Zero's training. After all, it was because we were busy with that mercenary work that he ended up..." Christa answered, stopping herself before she finished her sentence.
      "You may be right. Even though that power has shown no signs of surfacing, we can't leave Zero here by himself," Jared said.
      "Then it's agreed. When Bruce comes back later for dinner, we'll decline his offer. After all, it's important that we monitor Zero's condition, especially considering that mad scientist is out there somewhere," Christa said while she stood up and grabbed Bruce's leftover cup from off the table. She glanced over to the door for a moment, considering what Bruce had said before he left. After a moment, she shook her head and started walking into the kitchen.
      While Jared and Christa were in the middle of their conversation, Zero returned to his room and sat down on his bed while he thought about what he heard.
      'Monsters in Star City, huh? I know there used to be talk on the news about strange things going on around there, but those reports suddenly stopped a few months ago? That Bruce guy said it was an easy job. Maybe it's something even I could do, but...' Zero thought to himself, clenching his fists when he remembered what Christa had said.
      'Zero will not leave our protection until we feel he is ready,' Zero remembered hearing his mother say to Bruce. He slowly stood up and walked towards the door while he clenched his fists.
      "How long will that be, though? Until they're old and grey?  I might not have any powers yet, but I know I have what it takes to fight off a few monsters by myself," Zero said while he put on his shoes and walked out of his room.  As he made his way down the stairs, he could hear Christa barking orders to Jared, who was in the middle of cleaning up the backyard. Without bothering to check up on when dinner would be done, Zero walked out the front door and began walking away from the house.
      Zero and his family lived in a small, two story house surrounded by trees.  They lived away from any neighbors to avoid noise complaints during Zero's training sessions.  Black curtains covered the windows to make it seem like nobody was home. At the same time, however, Zero felt like it was another way his parents tried to seclude him from anyone his age living in the small town.  As he walked away, a figure in a gray cloak watched him, then turned towards the house. The thick black chains wrapped around his arms rattled a bit when he moved.
      "The target has been found," the man said quietly to himself.
      'It must be nice...to live however you want,' Zero thought to himself, sitting on a swing while he watched a couple of kids running around, playing tag.  After he left the house, he made his way to the local elementary school's playground in order to get away from home for a bit. The kids were too busy with their game to really notice Zero.  He let out a sigh, looking towards the slowly setting sun.
      "Why am I stuck in this town?  Why do they watch me and keep me contained like I'm some prisoner or something? " Zero wondered, looking back down at the kids.  As he watched them running and laughing without a care in the world, an image of a young, black haired girl flashed through his mind.  Zero slowly closed his eyes, turning away from the kids.
      "One day, I won't just be an outsider. I'll explore the world and help people.  I'll be more like normal people. Maybe I'll even awaken my power," Zero said to himself, smiling a bit.  He slowly opened his eyes when he heard a faint growling coming from close by. A part of him was glad that nobody else was around to hear his stomach growl.
      "Looks like it's about that time.  Dinner should be done by now. Mom will kill me if I'm not there soon," Zero added, standing up and walking away from the swingset.  As he started walking away, a single thought came to his mind.
      'Who was that girl?  Why did she seem so familiar?' Zero thought to himself.  He shook his head when no details about the girl and who she might've been came to mind.
      "I must just be tired.  Jared hasn't been holding back in training the past few days.  I think the old man is getting paranoid or something with all that talk about assassins.  Even if I asked about it, they probably wouldn't tell me anything," Zero said, stopping when he realized he was already on the path back to his house.  While he knew the school wasn't too far away, he had not expected to get back so quickly. Zero looked towards the house and let out a sigh.
      As Zero made his way back to his house, he would take occasional glances towards the trees in case his dad was planning on surprising him and scolding him for going out before dinnertime.  Luckily for him, he managed to reach the front door of the house without incident. He took one final glance around before he opened up the door.
      "I'm back," Zero tried to say, but when he opened up the door, his nose was hit by a strong, metallic scent.  Zero took a few careful steps back as the door slowly opened up. None of the lights in the house were on, but thanks to the light of the sunset, Zero was able to spot something near the bottom of the stairs.  From where Zero was standing, he could see a familiar piece of light blue cloth with several dark red splotches on it. Zero slowly stepped into the house when he saw the cloth, trying to endure the strong smell that would assault his nose when he stepped inside.
      'This looks a lot like the dress mom was wearing.  Did she get into a fight with Jared or something?' Zero wondered, quickly shaking his head and dismissing the thought from his mind.
      'No, that's impossible.  Jared may be a bit of a meathead and a dirty fighter, but he wouldn't lay a hand on mom.  If anything, she'd be the one hurting him,' he added, walking towards the living room. Using the sunlight to guide him, Zero walked along the wall towards the nearest light switch in order to brighten up the room.  When he saw the state of the living room, a part of him wanted to just turn off the lights and pretend the whole thing was a dream. The room was in shambles. The two large couches had been thrown around, both of them full of holes.  The coffee table that was once in the middle of the room was broken into pieces while pieces of the broken table were lodged into the wall along with several knives that were likely from the kitchen. The TV had been thrown in a random direction, and like the couches, was filled with holes.  Other than the knives, there were large cuts and streaks of blood on the walls.
      "What the hell...?" Zero finally said after getting a good look at the scene.  His eyes followed the trail of chaos towards the hall leading to the dining room and kitchen.  Zero took a deep breath, ignoring the strong smell all around him and started walking towards the kitchen.  On his way, he tried to listen for any noises or sounds of fighting, but he heard nothing except his own footsteps as he walked across the wooden floor.
      'What is going on here?  Where's mom and Jared?' Zero wondered, stopping in front of a closet door in the hall on the way to the kitchen.  When he opened up the door, he found a series of swords, hand axes and knives shoved inside. Zero quickly grabbed a sword and closed the closet door, turning back towards the kitchen.  He continued moving down the hall, keeping the sword close to him just in case. Like the living room, the lights in the kitchen weren't on, but the smell of blood was much stronger compared to the living room.  The overwhelming smell made Zero stop walking. He slowly inched forward towards the dark kitchen, unaware that his arms were shaking as he moved.
      Stepping into the dark kitchen, Zero slowly reached for the closest switch on the wall to turn the kitchen lights on.  Like the living rooms, there were clear signs of a struggle. In the dining room, the table had been broken in half while broken pieces of glass bowls littered the floor.  Food had been left laying on the floor. More holes and bloodstains littered the walls and the three chairs that were once at the table were nothing but broken piles of wood.  When Zero looked towards the kitchen, he noticed a single, large pool of blood in front of the oven along with a drag mark leading to the backyard.
      Seeing no other options, Zero followed the trail of blood to the backyard, but the moment he stepped outside and looked towards where the trail of blood ended, his eyes widened.  Two pale figures were hung up from the tree by their necks with black chains. Their bodies were covered in deep cuts and their clothes stained with blood. At the base of the tree was a greataxe and a rapier.  Standing at the base of the tree was a single man with short grey hair and a grey cloak covered in blood. Thick black chains were wrapped around his arms and made a faint rattling noise whenever he moved. The man slowly turned towards Zero, meeting his gaze with deep purple eyes.
      "You're too late."
    • Rucio
      By Rucio
      *Author's Note: Hey there everyone. I was just bored and wanted to write a slight mini story about a character from a public roleplay I am in. It is mainly about Jonathan and the years leading up to his sister's death, looking back at them as he makes his way to the area. (It's Lucent Isle Resort btw, great club.) This is gonna be kinda sad, as his sister had died. I'm not a great writer, so if anyone has any constructive criticism I am open to almost all suggestions!*
      March 14th, Five years after her death: I usually try to keep a pretty happy outlook on life. I'm not one to stay down about a lot of things, and I often am asked by my friends and strangers how I'm able to be so positive. I'll usually just smile and tell them about how I don't sweat the small stuff and all that. 
      If only I was telling the truth.
      Mom and Dad took the news the worst. She would have been 17 today, if I was more careful. If I had listened, had paid attention to the signs. If I wasn't as careless as I seem to be now. But she's dead now. And it's my fault.
      Just last week I had visited her grave, leaving behind the usual box of Pocky and a few mochi. She loved those kinds of things, especially near the end. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it there on her birthday, because that was the day I was being thrown out of the apartment I was living in to move to some resort. I'm guessing Dad knew that too, because he visited at the same time as I did. We didn't talk much. In fact, the only thing he told me was "It wasn't your fault." The same bullshit every year. Not my fault, nothing I could have done... I know I could have, and I should have... He also gave me a few pictures that they found in a box of her stuff with me in them, figured I would want them. He wasn't wrong. All I had to remember by otherwise was a necklace shaped like a puzzle piece we could never find to her favorite puzzle... 
      I shouldn't be writing this stuff, it only depresses me. I have work to do, orders to complete, a game to finish... But here I am, spending my only relaxation time writing about my sister. I'm looking at the pictures as I write, trying to piece together the memories of those last few days... When it finally hit me that she was dying...
      *That's it so far. What do you all think? Its still a work in progress at the moment, but I look forward to finishing it if you all like it!*
    • Eilauver
      By Eilauver
    • NyxAvatar69
      By NyxAvatar69
      'Four years have passed since that day. The day he saved my life. He taught me everything I know and disappeared two years later. Malcolm Robins, I know I owe you a lot, but why did you disappear? I guess it doesn't matter much at this point. Right now, survival is my only concern. I will get my revenge. I swear on my name.'
      October 9th, 9:30 PM: Star Lake - The Brew
      The Brew coffee shop, a small jazz club for coffee lovers and travelers alike. The shop was located on the eastern end of the town in the quiet part of the area, making it a nice place to relax and get a good cup of coffee. The inside of the shop was lit by a few lights and candles while the sound of smooth jazz echoed through the whole shop. The entire time Adrian was sitting inside, he could only smell coffee beans and the faint scent of mint since the five other people scattered around the shop were sitting and eating breath mints.
      The boy sat at his table in silence, watching his Spirit, Stein, drink his coffee. He knew that some Spirits didn't understand the concept of taste and wondered what Stein thought of the drink, taking constant glances around every few moments in case any Faction of Light members showed up. None of the people sitting around the small shop seemed to have any relation to the Faction of Light.
      "So, this drink you call coffee is suppose to be good?" Stein asked, setting the cup down.
      "You wouldn't really get it, Stein. Just finish your coffee and let's get out of here. We need to keep moving." Adrian answered.
      "Unless you want to wait an hour. I hardly understand how this is suppose to be any good." Stein pointed out, getting a sigh from Adrian in reply.
      "Then don't drink it. We didn't come here to enjoy drinks, you know. I thought maybe this would help you rack that head of yours for a reason why the Faction of Light is after us." Adrian pointed out.
      "We've wasted our time here, then. Nothing comes to mind regarding the Faction of Light or their reasons for hunting us." Stein replied while Adrian stood up.
      "We're leaving. We'll try something else." Adrian said while he left a small tip on the table and began walking towards the door. Stein followed closely behind him, abruptly stopping when the front door of the shop slowly opened up.
      "Stein, into my shadow." Adrian whispered. The Spirit nodded and sank into the ground when nobody was looking, taking the place of Adrian's shadow. The door to the shop opened up and a Faction of Light member entered the room. He glanced around the room while he took a sip from a coffee mug he was holding in his hand. Adrian froze for a moment as he watched the Faction of Light member walk by without saying anything. He had hoped that the man didn't recognize him.
      "Good evening." the man said to the employee behind the counter on the other side of the shop, flashing him a smile and taking another sip of coffee.
      "Good evening, Commander Goodman. You on patrol again tonight?" the employee replied, pouring more coffee into the man's cup while he took his wallet out of his pocket.
      "The guys who are normally on night patrols have tonight off. It's been pretty quiet tonight. The lack of action is making my coffee cold." Goodman said, while he set a few dollars down on the counter. Adrian slowly started walking towards the door, listening in on Goodman's conversation with the employee. When he heard that Goodman was a commander, he froze up.
      'That guy is a commander? No way. He doesn't even look the part outside of the suit.' Adrian thought.
      "It's as they say. Looks are designed to fool other humans into false security, then they strike." Stein said, talking to Adrian through his mind.
      "Stein, that's not the way the saying goes." Adrian quietly corrected Stein, slowly walking towards the door in hopes the commander wouldn't stop him. Goodman saw Adrian starting to open the door in the corner of his eye, flashing a small smile while he pulled out a pistol. He aimed towards Adrian, tightly gripping the weapon while he aimed. He took a breath and his pistol became shrouded by a golden light.
      "C-commander, what are you-" the employee questioned until Goodman put a hand over his mouth and shushed him, returning to aiming at Adrian. When he saw the boy starting to walk out, he fired off a strange shot of light from his gun, attracting the attention of the entire shop when the shot left a small hole in the door near Adrian's head. The boy stood there, still as a stone until he felt a bit of blood run down his cheek. He moved his hand towards the side of his face to find a small cut that wasn't there before.
      "Oh, I'm so sorry. I was only trying to show my good friend here something with my powers." Commander Goodman quickly apologized, setting the gun down on a nearby table next to his coffee mug and walking over to Adrian, putting a hand on his shoulder.
      "Come, I'll get you a cup of coffee as an apology. You can never go wrong with a good cup of black magic." Commander Goodman added, leading Adrian back over to the table he was sitting at before heading back to the employee to order some coffee.
      "We're in the lion's den now, Adrian." Stein said.
      "What should we do, Stein?" Adrian quietly asked.
      "For now, we wait. Clearly, he knows who you are. He can hide the truth from a human, but he can't fool my ears. The lies were easy to spot." Stein answered.
      "So you want me to stay here and drink coffee with the crazy, pistol wielding commander?!" Adrian loudly whispered back to make sure nobody else could hear what seemed like him talking to himself. He didn't notice that Commander Goodman was standing in front of the table, giving him a weird look.
      "Are you talking to yourself?" Goodman asked. Adrian quickly looked up at the commander, seeing the two coffee cups in his hands. One of the cups was unusually large for a coffee mug, making Adrian question where the man even got it from.
      "No. You're just hearing things." Adrian responded after a moment of silence.
      "That's a pretty weak coverup, Adrian. You were clearly talking to yourself." Stein mumbled in Adrian's head.
      "Shut up." Adrian whispered back before he returned his attention to the commander who was now sitting across from him.
      "So what was the big idea? Is it common for Faction of Light members to go shooting at innocent people with firearms the way you did." Adrian questioned.
      The commander sat and drank his coffee, waiting for Adrian to stop talking before he picked up the pistol.
      "Sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about. This gun has no ammo. I've never touched a single bullet in my entire life. This pistol has never held a single bullet as long as I've owned it. How could I fire something from a gun without any ammo?" Commander Goodman replied, taking another sip of his coffee.
      "He's lying. He fired something from that pistol, even if it wasn't an actual bullet. He's a Spiritmaster, so he must have some kind of ability that allowed him to do what he did." Stein pointed out. Adrian smirked, picking the weapon up and observing it a bit.
      "You say this weapon has no ammo in it, but that's nothing more than a lie." Adrian said, standing up and aiming the gun at Commander Goodman. The man didn't seem bothered by the fact a boy had a gun aimed at him. He calmly took a sip of his coffee, watching Adrian pull the trigger of the gun only for nothing to happen.
      "What was that you said before? The weapon having no ammo was a lie? If you really think I'm lying, take a look for yourself." Goodman commented, snatching the weapon from Adrian's hand. He opened up the weapon, showing Adrian that the weapon really did have no ammo in it.
      "Are you ready to retract your statement? Come, sit down and drink your coffee before it gets cold." Goodman added, setting the pistol back down on the table. Adrian glared at Goodman, a bit frustrated that he had outsmarted him, sitting back down and taking a sip of his coffee.
      "Black coffee." Commander Goodman simply said.
      "Black coffee?" Adrian and Stein both questioned even though the commander couldn't hear Stein.
      "Deep darkness in the cup. A bit of cream brings some light to this black sea lurking in my mug. It is similar to our world, but in this situation, your Spirit is the darkness in the coffee mug that is life, Mr. Rivers." Commander Goodman continued. Adrian tried to keep his cool, knowing that Goodman was trying to get him to crack. He was ready to make a run for it, but he noticed right away that Commander Goodman wasn't aiming on arresting him on the spot for apparently harboring a Spirit turned to the darkness since he would've done it already. Adrian still had the feeling that the commander was up to something, though.
      "You're not going to run? Smart boy. Go on, enjoy your coffee. I simply wish to have a little chat before we skip ahead to the part where you run away." Goodman said, taking a sip from his mug. Adrian was a bit hesitant, hoping that Stein had could come up with any bright ideas while he stalled for time with a talk.
      "Start talking." Adrian replied, watching Goodman set down his coffee mug. He took a glance at the pistol that sat in the middle of the table, keeping a close eye on it just in case Goodman had any ideas.
      "Now, before we begin, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Timothy Goodman, commander of Star Lake's Faction of Light branch. The reason I'm here is simple. You're harboring the Dark Spirit connected to The Harrowing, and I ask that you hand him over." the commander said.
      "Why should I bother releasing Stein to someone like you?" Adrian questioned.
      "You didn't let me finish talking. Allow me to explain." Goodman responded.
      "You've been on the Faction's radar for almost four years, and all because we found out you were the Spiritmaster of Stein. You've gone through quite some daring escapes, and put yourself pretty high on our list. There is a way out for you, Mr. Rivers. How about we strike up a deal?" Goodman started while Adrian raised an eyebrow.
      "If you choose to surrender Stein to me right now, you will be free to go. I'll make sure all of your little incidents with the Faction of Light are wiped off the record. You'd never have to worry about being on our radar ever again." Goodman finished, taking a sip of his coffee while Adrian considered his options.
      "What if I refuse?" Adrian asked. Goodman smiled a bit upon hearing this and set down his coffee mug.
      "Easy. That coffee you're drinking will be the last thing you'll ever enjoy. You will be arrested and put on trial for harboring the source of our world's current state. The odds you'll face a punishment that isn't execution is almost impossible. So, what will it be?" Goodman explained.
      'So it's either give up Stein to save myself or keep things the way they are?' Adrian thought.
      "Something about this whole thing seems a bit shady. Don't you think it's a bit odd that this commander would give you such convenient options? In fact, it's a bit strange how a commander would just happen to come by a coffee shop at this hour when you're here." Stein pointed out.
      'So you think someone here set us up?' Adrian thought back.
      "It's not a matter of thinking. It's a fact. Plus, I don't think this man is very trustworthy. Something in his words don't ring true. His weapon and erasing your incidents off the record. The lies in his voice are very faint, but I can sense them clearly. It's time we left, Adrian." Stein replied. Adrian nodded in reply and stood up.
      "Sorry, but I'm not giving up my Spirit. I don't care what you say. Stein isn't a Dark Spirit as you claim." Adrian finally said, watching the commander slam his hands on the table and reach for the pistol. Adrian wasn't expecting the move from Goodman and went for the gun a few moments afterward, but he was too slow.
      "I tried to play nice, kid. Looks like we're going to have to play the hard way. Give me the Dark Spirit, now!" Goodman demanded, aiming the pistol at Adrian. The boy glanced around, noticing that the other customers were watching the scene unfold. Adrian flashed a bit of a smile, taking a few steps back. Under the table, a shadowy hand rose from the ground, flipping the table and causing Goodman's coffee to fall onto his lap. He let out a shout of pain while Adrian turned around and started making a run for the door.
      Goodman didn't pay notice to the table flying across the room and breaking upon contact with the floor, taking aim at Adrian. He took a breath and the pistol became shrouded by a golden light once again. Without taking a moment to check his aim, Goodman fired another shot of light at Adrian, shooting him in the shoulder. The boy let out a cry of pain as the bullet pierced straight through him, causing him to crash into a few tables.
      'What the hell was that? Whatever it was, it hurts...' Adrian thought, finding himself unable to move.
      "Divine light. My powers are extremely weak to divine light. He must be fueling his power into that gun to fire off shots of divine light. In any case, you need to get up." Stein responded while Goodman slowly approached, clearly in pain from having scalding hot coffee spilt onto his lap. Adrian tried to stand, getting to his knees before getting kicked back down to the floor by Commander Goodman.
      "You really like to make things difficult, don't you? I try being a nice guy and giving you a choice, yet you have to go and screw up my night. You damn teenager." Goodman said, taking aim at Adrian. The weapon became shrouded by a golden light once again and Goodman took aim at Adrian's head.
      "If I kill the Spiritmaster, the Spirit will be forced back to the Spirit World, and they can deal with it from there. I'll kill two birds with one stone." Goodman said. Adrian growled a bit in anger, causing another shadowy hand to rise out of the ground and grab a piece of one of the broken tables from when Adrian fell, knocking the pistol out of Goodman's hand and following up by throwing a large chunk of a table at the commander, knocking him away from Adrian.
      "You play pretty dirty for a Faction of Light commander." Adrian simply said once he stood back up, keeping a hand over where the blast of light pierced through his shoulder. Goodman stood up shortly afterward, sighing a bit.
      "Does it really matter in this day and age? Nobility and honesty are dead in this world. No matter what way you look at it, lies and deception are all around us. The darkness from one hundred years past has infected us all. Some more than others. While some of the commanders may try to seem all high and noble, it doesn't matter anymore! The end justifies the means when it comes to dealing with people like you and Spirits like Stein. If I need to go against the book for a few missions to get things done, so be it." Goodman explained, laughing a bit. While he spoke, there were a few quiet conversations coming from the other customers. While Goodman was rambling on, Adrian decided to jump on the chance and make an escape. Using the shadowy hand from before, he grabbed an undamaged table and threw it the large window of the coffee shop, shattering it and jumping out once the glass was broken.
      "Commander Goodman, aren't you going to go after him?" the coffee shop employee questioned, who was hiding behind the counter while the fight was taking place.
      "He won't get away. No matter what he does, I'll find him." Goodman confidently replied before he took out his cell phone and dialed a number.
      "Goodman here. Stein is here in Star Lake. The Spiritmaster was here at The Brew less than thirty seconds ago, and he's heading your way towards the lake. Bring him back dead or alive, along with that Dark Spirit. I'll be on the chase with Aeon soon enough." Goodman ordered, hanging up the phone and laughing a bit.
      'No matter where you go, I'll find you, kid. No Dark Spirit gets away in my town. I will be the one to eliminate the monster who ruined our world.' Goodman thought.
      Adrian dashed down the road, paying no mind to the occasional car passing by on the road. He took a glance behind him every few moments to see if he was being followed by Goodman.
      "Why isn't he following?" Adrian questioned, getting no reply from Stein. While he ran, he saw a young girl walking towards him. He growled a bit and pushed the girl out of the way with a shadowy hand, paying no attention to who it was he had pushed. He took a sharp right turn onto the next street, hoping to make his way towards the town's lake to find a hiding spot, but on his way there, he stopped in his tracks when he saw a large line of white cars blocking the entire road. In front of the row of cars was a group of armed Faction of Light members, almost like they were all waiting for him.
      "Are you serious?" Adrian growled, taking a step back when the armed line of white suited men and women took a step forward.
      "By order of the Faction of Light, surrender the Dark Sprit or else!" one of the men in the line ordered.
      "Or else what?" Adrian questioned. The same Faction of Light member pointed up towards an approaching helicopter with a minigun attached to the side of it.
      "Or else you'll be shot up into swiss cheese. There's nowhere to run or hide, kid. Just give up now and your prison time may not be as bad." the man responded.
      "You know, when you mention prison time, it doesn't exactly make me willing to give up." Adrian pointed out.
      "Shut up! There's nowhere to run or hide! Just give up your Dark Spirit or face the music!" the man shouted, taking aim at Adrian. He growled a bit in anger, taking a look around the area for any escape routes before the helicopter arrived, but he saw it was nothing more than a straight road. There were no alleyways or other paths to take. The road was straight and the only possible routes of escape Adrian would've had was the way he came, but he was too late. He could hear the helicopter in the air behind him, set to fire the minigun if he failed to cooperate.
      'This is just great. There's no way out of this one now.' Adrian thought.
      "There is one way. We may need to resort to using that technique." Stein added.
      "How long would we have?" Adrian asked.
      "Forty seconds. Maybe less. We'd need to be quick." Stein replied. Adrian gave a nod of reply, taking a look around the area, trying to find a place to go. When he found a good location, he started making a dash for the side of a building.
      "What is he doing? He's up to something. Fire away!" another person in the group ordered before the line of Faction of Light members began to open fire on Adrian. While he ran, more shadowy hands rose out of the ground, changing into walls of darkness to protect him from the hail of bullets to the left of him. Once the minigun from the helicopter started firing, Adrian was forced to speed up. He was getting close to the side of the building, but the flurry of shots from the minigun were closing in at an extremely quick rate. With no other option, Adrian sucked in a breath and took a dive, sinking directly into the ground and avoiding the minigun's assault.
      "He got away again! The commander isn't going to like this." one of the people in the line said. The head of the group, the guy who was shouting at Adrian earlier, took out his cell phone and called Goodman, ready for whatever criticism he had in store.
      "Commander Goodman, we have some bad news." the man started to say.
      "He got away again, I'm guessing." Goodman replied, standing at his car across the street from The Brew.
      "Y-yes, sir. The boy sank into the ground." the man added, wondering how Goodman would reply.
      "Don't worry about him. For now, tend to the people. Check and see if that boy harmed anyone. If there are any questions, give them the truth. I'll take care of the boy." Goodman responded, feeling something cling to his leg while he was talking.
      "I'll call you back." Goodman finished before hanging up the phone and turning his attention to a young girl who was holding onto his leg as if her life depended on it. The girl was wearing an angel Halloween costume, but there was dirt on a few spots, as if she had been pushed to the ground recently.
      "Aeon, there you are. Did something happen to you?" Goodman asked while he put his cell phone back in his pocket.
      "A bad man pushed me, Mr. Goodman. A bad man in a brown coat." the young girl replied, keeping her grip on the commander's leg. Goodman thought it over a bit, clenching his fists when he remembered that Adrian was wearing a brown trench coat when he was at the coffee shop.
      'I swear, Rivers, if I learn that you were the one to push Aeon, you'll wish you had turned yourself in years ago...' Goodman thought, returning his attention to Aeon.
      "I think I may know who the bad man is. There's a similar person that's going around and causing problems in town. We need to find him and bring him to justice." Goodman said, opening up the passenger's side door for Aeon.
      "We'll take the car. I know where he's going, so it won't take long." Goodman added while Aeon let go of Goodman's leg and got into the car.
      "How do you know where he's going, Mr. Goodman?" Aeon questioned.
      "I have my ways." Goodman responded, getting into the car and starting it up. He smirked and took his cell phone back out, opening up a radar app and handing the phone to Aeon.
      "Keep an eye out for a red dot on that radar. The bad man is that dot." Goodman stated before slamming on the gas and speeding away from the coffee shop.
      October 9th, 10:43 PM: Star Lake - Empty House
      Down in the southern side of Star Lake, a safe distance away from the chaos involving the Faction of Light in the eastern part of the town, Adrian emerged from the shadows inside a house. The moment he got out, he was coughing and trying to catch his breath. Stein stepped out shortly afterwards, taking a glance around their new location.
      "So this is where the shadows led us." Stein simply said, walking around a bit until Adrian finally got back up.
      "Where are we?" Adrian questioned.
      "Still in town, without a doubt. As for right now, it seems we're in a family's former residence." Stein answered.
      "Some family's old house? Well, that explains why it's so empty." Adrian added, walking over to the window and taking a look outside. He could see distant lights from other buildings in town, but at the same time, he saw a searchlight flying around in the air.
      'They're still looking for me. Getting out of here today may not be possible without that technique again. Forty seconds may not be enough, though.' Adrian thought, punching the wall in a fit of anger.
      "This commander relies on his underhanded tactics to get an edge on us. How he's getting away with doing this, I wonder." Stein pointed out, dodging a blast of light that came flying in from the kitchen.
      "It's because this is my town, Dark Spirit." a familiar voice responded. Adrian quickly turned and saw Commander Goodman walk into the room, aiming his pistol at Stein. Following close behind him was Aeon. The moment she saw Adrian, she pointed at him.
      "That's the one. He's the bad man that pushed me." Aeon interrupted, causing Goodman to change his target to Adrian.
      "I had a feeling you were the one who pushed little Aeon. You cold monster. If I had known you were the type to push around people weaker than you, I would've killed you at the coffee shop.." Goodman angrily said, sounding like he was only concerned about Aeon.
      "How the hell did you even find me?!" Adrian exclaimed, completely ignoring what Goodman was saying. He avoided a shot of light from Goodman's pistol, watching him smile a bit and take his cell phone out.
      "The beauty of tracking technology, Mr. Rivers. You didn't even notice I planted a tracking chip on you back at the coffee shop." Goodman replied.
      "Isn't that suppose to be illegal?" Stein pointed out.
      "The end justifies the means, tall, dark and creepy. As long as Mr. Goodman finds the bad man and brings him to justice, we can break a rule." Aeon responded.
      "Oh great, now he's got the little girl thinking like he does. That's just fantastic." Adrian sarcastically said, rolling his eyes.
      "I'm not a little girl! I'm probably older than your great, great grandfather!" Aeon shouted back.
      'Older than my great, great grandfather? That must mean...' Adrian started to wonder.
      "She's a Spirit. Goodman's Spirit by the look of things." Stein added.
      "That little kid?" Adrian asked.
      "Spirits don't grow older with age. To you, Aeon may look like a little kid, but in reality, she's probably thousands of years old. I question why she chose to take on such a childish form," Stein answered. Aeon smiled a bit, brushing her hand through a bit of her golden blonde hair.
      "Call me a kid all you want. We'll see who the kid is at the end of this!" Aeon said.
      "That makes no sense in this situation." Adrian pointed out.
      "Shut up!" Aeon shouted, turning to face Goodman, who was quiet because he was drinking a cup of coffee.
      "Mr. Goodman, can we teach them a lesson?" Aeon asked, waiting for Goodman to finish his drink. Once he took his last sip, he threw the plastic cup on the floor and put his cell phone away.
      "We'll teach them more than just a lesson, Aeon. Prepare yourself, Mr. Rivers." Goodman answered while Aeon became shrouded in a golden light and shot up into the air. After a few moments, a radiant light shone down on Goodman, bringing him up into the air. The light soon covered the commander, brightening up the entire room. Adrian had to block his eyes to avoid being blinded by the light while Stein stood still and watched.
      The light faded away and Goodman landed to the floor, but when Adrian saw him, the boy was unsure if he was even facing the same man. The commander was no longer wearing his white suit and was instead wearing strange white robes. His greasy black hair had become a light brown and his eyes were as golden as the light he represented as a member of the Faction of Light. Floating above his head was a golden halo and his pistol was replaced with a bow.
      'So this is his true power...' Adrian thought, taking a step back. Stein stood in place, almost like he was observing Goodman's actions. He watched as Goodman took a deep breath and cleared his throat.
      "Art thou ready for combat?" Goodman questioned, sounding like a different person. Adrian stopped in his tracks, wondering what part of Goodman's sentence even meant.
      "Art thou ready for combat? If thou art prepared to die, come hither." Goodman repeated, getting Adrian angered with the comment.
      "If I want to die? Are you really that overconfident in your skills to think you can kill me?" Adrian questioned.
      "You know, I thought you were planning on chickening out." Stein said. Adrian growled a bit, clutching a heart shaped necklace he was wearing.
      "I'm not giving up. I made a promise that I would avenge her. I will get my revenge, and no Faction of Light member is going to stand in my way. Stein, let's show him what we're made of." Adrian responded, his tone growing serious. Stein gave a nod of approval and sank into the ground. A pit of shadows opened up around Adrian and a large number of shadowy hands grabbed him and dragged him under. Once it seemed like Adrian was gone, a hand rose from the pit of shadows, and Adrian rose back up. His trench coat had changed from brown to jet black, and he had a white streak in his hair like Stein.
      "No weapon of choice? Quite a saucy fool to think thou can defeat me, especially with no weapon." Goodman said. Adrian smirked a bit, snapping his finger. The pit of shadows he was standing in changed into two large, shadowy hands, each of them with one large eye in the palm.
      "Fie! Thy darkness radiates worse than I had expected. It appears I will have to show thee the light." Goodman stated, aiming his bow at Adrian. In his free hand, a golden arrow appeared in his hand. Adrian had a bad feeling about what Goodman was up to, charging forward and throwing one of his shadowy fists forward. Goodman jumped back, ducking once he landed to avoid Adrian's fist, causing him to punch a large hole in the wall as a result.
      While Goodman was preparing to fire his arrow, he tried to kick Adrian in the back, but the boy's other shadowy hand slapped the man away, causing him to release the arrow. The moment the arrow touched the ground, it exploded in a bright flash of light, lighting up the entire room. Adrian turned back around, but the light destroyed his large shadowy hands in moments.
      "It appears thy foolish weapon did not serve thee well." Goodman laughed, creating another arrow in his free hand.
      'What is this light? There's no way it should've destroyed my shadowy hands the way it did. In fact...why is the room still lit?' Adrian thought, taking note that the light from the arrow still lit up the room. He growled a bit, knowing that he wouldn't be able to make any new shadow hands without any shadows. He took a look around until he noticed the lack of light near and up the stairs. He took a quick glance at Goodman before making a dash towards the stairs.
      "Wherefore dost thou flee to? Thou art quite the fool for running, especially when I have a special gift for thee," Goodman questioned before firing off his arrow in Adrian's direction while he was running up the stairs. The arrow exploded upon contact with the steps, completely eradicating the stairs caught in the small blast radius of light. Adrian was lucky enough to get away from it and up the stairs, taking a sharp right turn down the hallway and into a darker area where he was able to weave more shadows together to create two more large, shadowy hands exactly like the first two.
      'So, the commander likes to play with underhanded tactics like using tracking devices. Two can play at that game,' Adrian thought, punching open the door to a room with one of his shadowy fists and walking inside. Even though it was dark, Adrian could see the light blue walls and yellow flowers painted all over the room. Adrian decided to take to the shadows and hide on the roof, waiting for Goodman to arrive. He kept his breath slow and quiet, listening for any footsteps or noise from the hallway. When it was nothing more than eerie silence, it began to bother Adrian.
      "Something's wrong. Why hasn't he come yet?" Adrian said to himself. He lowered himself from the roof and moved over to the doorway, but the moment he reached it, he saw a small ball of light attached to the nearby wall. Once Adrian got close, the ball started to grow brighter, as if it was ready to explode.
      "Oh sh-" Adrian managed to say before the ball of light unleashed a large explosion of light, blowing apart a part of the house and sending Adrian flying outside into the front yard. A large group of Faction of Light members waited for him along with Commander Goodman. A searchlight shone on Adrian from a helicopter flying in the sky while the other Faction of Light members had their weapons focused on Adrian.
      "Doth thou see now, boy? My divine light can destroy all thy tools of the darkness faster than thy can make them. Thou had no chance of victory from the beginning of our encounter," Goodman said, laughing a bit. Adrian got back to his feet, taking a look around. In his eyes, everything was very blurry, almost to the point where he was completely blind. He moved his hand in front of his face a few times, but he couldn't see it at all.
      "My eyes...what did you do?" Adrian questioned.
      "Sight is an important thing for a Spiritmaster to have. Although, thou shouldn't concern yourself with sight any longer. It ends here!" Goodman answered, getting an arrow ready to fire at Adrian until a distant laugh broke the moment of silence.
      "It's a bit too early to put the show at it's season finale, Commander Timothy Goodman," a voice called out from close by. Some of the members of the group of Faction of Light members looked around, trying to find the source of the laugh until the searchlight from the helicopter shone up towards the broken roof. Standing on the roof was Zex, wearing a strange squid mask.
      "Commander! Isn't that the masked man from the museum heist report?" one of the men in the line of members asked.
      "So, thou chose to reveal thyself now? Thou art quite the fool, for now I will bring the justice that Ms. Seers failed to bring," Goodman said, completely ignoring what he was asked and taking aim at Zex.
      "Ha! Justice? Coming from a man like you? You wouldn't know justice if it beat you over the head! If you're so confident you can beat me, though, I'll humor you a bit, then take what I came here for." Zex laughed, moving his hand towards his mouth and spitting out an inky black ball from his mask into his hand. He waited for Goodman to fire his arrow before he threw the inky ball, causing a large explosion in the sky when the arrow and the ball collided.
      'Here's my chance,' Zex thought, spitting up another inky black ball and jumping up into the air. When he was above all the Faction of Light members and Adrian, he threw down the ball, causing it to explode and spread ink all over the area. At the same time, the ball exploded in a way like a flashbang, giving Zex the chance to extend a tentacle from his mask and grab Adrian from off the ground before he landed behind the group.
      Once he got behind everyone, he dropped Adrian, who had fallen unconscious from being so close to the inky blast, and touched his mask to change it to his bird mask. In an instant afterwards, he transformed into a large bird and picked up Adrian in his talons, flying away from the scene while the Faction of Light members were unable to see.
      Goodman rubbed away the ink from his eyes, taking a look around to find Adrian was gone along with Zex. He growled in anger shortly before he was shrouded by the same golden light as before, returning to his normal form. He fell to one knee, panting and dropping his pistol.
      "Mr. Goodman, are you alright?" Aeon asked once she reappeared in front of him, hugging the commander, but moving away after a few moments.
      "Why are you all covered in this gooey stuff?" she asked.
      "It's nothing, Aeon. The bad man got away, though," Goodman responded, smiling a bit to make sure Aeon wouldn't be too worried. He stood back up, turning to the line of ink covered Faction of Light members.
      "All of you, get yourselves cleaned up and find those two! Search every inch of town for them, even if it takes all night! We must keep the peace in our world by destroying the Dark Spirit Stein and that masked man. You're all dismissed!" Goodman ordered, watching as the helicopter started to take off and the rest of the group started walking down towards their cars, talking among themselves.
      "Mr. Goodman, what should we do?" Aeon asked before Goodman put a hand on her head.
      "We can let the others handle this one. I need to rest before I fight again," Goodman replied, picking his pistol up from off the ink covered ground.
      'So that anonymous caller was right. Adrian Rivers is involved with the masked man who robbed Crown City's museum. This is going to be huge at the next meeting,' Goodman thought.
      October 10th, 7:18 AM - Mysterious Log Cabin
      Adrian groaned and opened his eyes. He still couldn't see anything, but he could feel he was in a bed of some kind. He had no idea where he was, and trying to feel his way around didn't help him much at all. He jumped a bit when he heard a door creak open, wondering who was entering the room.
      "Looks like my ink bomb didn't kill you. I'm impressed," an unfamiliar voice stated.
      "Who are you?" Adrian questioned right away. He got nothing more than a laugh as a reply, listening to the approaching footsteps and noticing his sight improving when a pair of glasses were slipped on him. Once the glasses were on, Adrian could see that Zex was the person he was talking to, wearing the same bird mask as he wore to escape the scene the previous night.
      "A friend. You can call me Zex. Before you ask, those glasses are made for your current condition. Seems that what happened to you isn't a rare case. That commander plays pretty dirty for being one of humanity's lights," Zex pointed out before Adrian could say anything. Zex turned around, making his way towards the door.
      "Eight o'clock, sharp. There's a bus going towards the direction of Maury City. You seek power. Power enough to gain revenge. The power of darkness is on your side, and there's a special place in Maury City that will put you on the right path. The ticket is on the table. As for your Spirit, he's on lookout for any Faction of Light members. The entire town is on high alert after what happened last night," Zex continued, stopping at the door.
      "Getting back into town won't be simple. I have a disguise prepared for you. It should get you to Maury City with no real problems. Come on. You should eat before you head out," Zex added before walking out of the room.
      'Last night...I'd rather not think about that for now,' Adrian thought, remembering that he was nearly killed multiple times that night. He followed Zex out of the room into a small room where only a small wooden table and two chairs sat in the center of the room. A single sandwich sat on a plate next to a bus ticket.
      "How did you know about my revenge plan? In fact, who or what are you?" Adrian questioned, Zex didn't say anything in response, tossing a backpack sitting on one of the chairs at Adrian, completely ignoring his questions.
      "There's a few things in there that should help you get by for a few days. The disguise is in there too. Don't do anything stupid and you should survive the trip," Zex started to explain without bothering to answer Adrian's question. The lack of answers to his questions was really starting to get to Adrian.
      "Listen, why the hell aren't you answering any of my-" Adrian began before Zex was in front of him with eagle claws at his neck.
      "You'd best not get on my bad side. I don't care about your questions at all. You're here because I chose to save you. I could end you in an instant if I want," Zex pointed out, brushing his eagle claws around the side of Adrian's neck as a sort of threat before moving away towards the door.
      "The train will be leaving soon. Don't screw this up," Zex added while he opened up the door and walked outside.
      "Hang on, who am I supposed to be looking for?" Adrian tried to ask, but Zex had already closed the door before he could finish the sentence. Adrian let out a sigh and took a seat in one of the chairs, looking over to the bus ticket that sat on the table.
      "Stein, you can come out of the shadows. I know you were listening," Adrian called out. The Spirit stepped out of the shadows in the corner of the room, sitting down in the second chair.
      "There's something about that Spiritmaster. Something evil. You felt it too, didn't you?" Adrian stated.
      "Impure darkness in his heart. He was a Dark Spiritmaster. Although, why would he go out of his way to rescue you?" Stein replied, looking over to the backpack Zex had left for Adrian to bring with him.
      "That's something we'll need to find out later. We should get going before the train leaves. We'll have to trust this Zex guy for now," Adrian said, opening up the backpack and pulling out the disguise that was prepared for him.
      'The power of darkness is on your side, and there's a special place in Maury City that will put you on the right path...' Adrian couldn't stop thinking about Zex's words while he changed into the disguise. Stein stood a few feet behind Adrian, watching him, thinking Zex's words were having some kind of influence on Adrian's reasoning for getting more power.
      'Don't let yourself sink too far into that masked man's influence, Adrian...' Stein thought.
      October 10th, ??:?? - Mysterious Chamber
      "It seems the first act is ready to start. The time to put our grand work into action has come at long last," a mysterious voice stated. A large green tube sitting in a small metal room began to glow, lighting up the room a bit. Standing in front of the tube were two men. One was wearing a suit while the other was dressed for a trip to the beach instead of an important task.
      "You know what you must do, my children. Dispose of the ones with powers. The ones the humans call Spiritmasters. It is time that we took control," the same voice continued. The men got on one knee and bowed.
      "Yes, my queen," the two men said.
      'Now, let's see how the humans fare against my soldiers. It will give us plenty of time to continue our search for what had been left on that rock for us.'
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