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So... my Instagram Account Was Hacked


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Okay... this technically happened two days ago, but I literally only found out about at like 5 am. I was finally about to go to bed when I checked my Instagram account because I just needed to make sure things were okay. Then, I saw it. I had 12 unread messages. 

Cue movie gasp

I have never had that many messages before! Oh dear, what could it be? Turns out, those were just the people who replied. Someone had hacked into my account and sent this scam like survey to EVERYONE I was following. 


I went through every single one, having to explain that I was hacked, and I was genuinely getting terrified because I'm a little bitch who gets scared over literally everything.

Turns out, someone had sent me that same scam and I accidentally clicked it... and... that's why it happened....

And, me, being a idiot, didn't bother to check my gmail throughout these two days. I should have because I got one of those emails that says it didnt recognize me logging into my account in HOUSTON. I don't live in Houston, so I got very nervous. Of course, nothing else has happened, but I am still very much on edge.

Guess I won't be getting any sleep, haha.

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Yeah, being hacked can be a rough time for all involved. Like you said, not only are you at risk (with your Insta now being accessed by someone else who may have already changed the password), but so is every single person you follow, for the reason you posted: they all get that message oh-so-conveniently after you "clicky the linky". A good plan of attack is to report the account that sent it (which I'm in a way glad that didn't happen to your account) and proceed to block that user, and make sure to delete that DM chain so you don't accidentally read it and click it later.

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@Rucio Yeah, I feel a little (a lot) stupid for not realizing sooner, but I've been doing my best to rewrite what happen, and change my own password (I already changed it, so that's good). Apparently other people in my friend group have already gotten the link, and it's been just going everywhere.

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Was it hacked though....? because it's more likely that you're using the same password on lots of sites, and another site got hacked and the the 'hackers' or whoever purchased the information used those details to log into popular sites. I know because I had this happen to me at one point and @Temaelrin told me that I should check my email address against "haveibeenpwned" which confirmed what he said. I had to change my password on everything and make a new email address. Tem can probably tell you more about it than I can.

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