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Veterans of this site.


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So as implied by the title, veterans of this site and OG's what are some of your best stories on this site and experiences? From friendships and socialising to role play (feel free to include your bragging rights too ;)) 

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Ooh, I love topics like these. ^^ I definitely have a few stories to share about the almost-three years that I have been a part of this website. I'm not entirely sure if I would be considered an "OG" of EcchiDreams seeing as I didn't join until 2017 and the site (at least, this incarnation of the site) was four years old at the time. ...Though I guess if we're going by the amount of users who had joined the site, I think I was one of the first 200 users (It was a while ago, but I've checked in the Advanced Search by ordering all users by registration date). More specifically, if we take those 200 users and only include those who are still relatively active on the site, then I'd hazard a guess and say there's only about 20 of us.

Orrrrr maybe anyone who remembers the "Bwoop!" sound effect that would play when you got a message in EcchiChat is a real OG, perhaps? 😎

Anyways~, enough rambling on trying to define the veterans of this site!! Whether I myself am one or not, I've been here for quite some time, and that inherently means that I have stories to share, so, I'll get straight to it!

I'd say I have three really awesome experiences that I can think of off the top of my head. I'd say my first one is getting to do heaps of Roleplays with all kinds of people, including some Roleplays that are quite specific and "niche" in regards to kinks and Fandoms/series (I've done a lot of Fandom RPs, which are my personal favourites 😛), I remember thinking to myself that a few of my RP ideas seemed too unpopular or otherwise uninteresting for the vast majority of people 😔, but sure enough, I was proven wrong! I didn't think I would ever have the opportunity to find anyone willing to do RPs centered around some of my interests, but they were, and I'm very thankful that these people offered to be my RP partner and collaborate on some fun stories. ^.^

Getting to play some co-op games on Steam with some friends I have made on EcchiDreams has been another delightful experience as well. Eventually over time I have gotten to voice-chat with a few of the other OGs and friends I have made here too. ;D

Third awesome experience? Well~, I found my boyfriend here, so that's something. ^///^ ❤️🌻

And finally I should say, having been here for a while, I've seen the site grow tremendously over the years in activity, content, and overall, quality. It's been wonderful seeing as well as getting to be a part of a flourishing community, and I hope it continues to flourish! 😊 In the time I have been here, I am honoured to have contributed my companionship, my time, and my dedication towards helping a community that deserves to be something amazing.

...And that's about all I have to say! :3 Didn't mean to make that so emotional but I somehow ended up making it a bit emotional anyways. Sorry!! .w. 

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I love this! So wholesome yet there is a fine line of lewd, absolutely amazing and wow boyfriend too? You are one lucky person! And so is he! Thank you for sharing! It's insight on the older days to people who join new! Hopefully I'm here long enough to brag about me watching things change and "show off" my role plays that I have, now I wanna hear more from others ooooo 

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