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Jonathan Cote


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(You bet your ass I'm using this character for the umpteenth time. Really should find more pics to roleplay based off of...)

Name: Jonathan Cote

Gender/Species: Male Human

Age: 23

Occupation: Babysitter/Game Designer

Brief description: After his last game sold much worse than any other, Jonathan has had to resort to babysitting to make ends meet while he makes his next game. This leads to many awkward situations, as most of the kids he ends up babysitting are either literal babies, or are old enough to realize he barely knows what he's doing. To make it even more strange, he's finding a lot of the mothers are barely 18, and have to manage school and a child... He's more than a bit concerned, and as a result he makes sure to carry a condom with him at all times just in case some hentai-level shit goes down.

Kinks/Interests: Maids, Nekos, Thicc girls, cuddling, teasing, making sure his partner enjoys sex (including making her squirt)

Turn-Offs: bodily fluids not meant to be involved in sex (except squirting), harm, actual animals, when neither him nor his partner enjoy the sex.


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