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Waking My Man Up


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So, this morning, I woke up and decided to play a bit of Persona 4 because I have some grinding to do at the moment. My boyfriend sleeps late because he's always up until like 6 or 7 am, so I just played while he slept. Well, then I got realllyyy horny, so I decided to go climb back into bed. I kissed him and he opened his eyes super sleepy. He kissed me back and when I lowered my hand, I could feel that he was very hard. I smiled and started stroking him and then he started waking up, kissing me back more intensely. After a few minutes, I moved my head down and began sucking him off. He was really enjoying that, and I kept at it for a little while before finally climbing on top of him. I slid myself onto his dick and moaned so loudly, he felt really good. I had to go slowly because he's thick and I'm tight, so I did start slow, but I was so wet that he slid in pretty easily. I slowly started riding him and we both feel really great. I get off pretty fast, but he's still holding a stiffy, so I move my hips faster. I have huge tits, so he started sucking on them and biting them as they hung in his face, and I kept moving on top of him. Eventually, he asked to switch and he got on top. He lifted my legs and shoved himself inside as deep as he could. I gasped and shuddered, pulling a pillow over my face so I don't draw too much attention. He likes that, so he starts going faster. I remember at one point, he was moving like a fucking jackhammer, it was amazing. Anyway, then we switch again and he gets behind me as I stick my ass up in the air. He enters me from behind, smacking my ass cuz he's such an ass guy. We go like that and I cum many more times because holy fuck it feels good and he's so good. Unfortunately, he couldn't get off (I think he had to pee), and I had to go to work, so that's where it ended, but I was spent and ready to go back to bed. 


I also got really horny writing this, so I'm gonna probably get him again tonight after he gets home from work. 😉

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