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Room 222: Leaf room


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After going out with Fynn, Leaf had decided to rent a room in the wonderful island resort.

 The shark had told her that the rooms could be created according to the tenants' taste.

 The young elf had not forgotten the promises made by the boy and would have sincerely wanted to thank him after the wonderful afternoon ..... She blushed violently, thinking about what had happened that day.

 Despite her innate shyness, he had managed to make it through.

 Fynn had been very kind so much that he had gone so far as to accompany her back to "home" and it was there that the idea had come to the elf:

 "Are you free tomorrow? I would like to invite you to my room."

 Leaf remembered the ambiguous phrase he had uttered.

 "No, no I didn't mean ... that isn't really a NO, No for... if you want that too ..." she tortured her fingers while making herself ridiculous in front of the boy "in short, I wanted to show you something,".

 At the shark's assent, the girl smiled and greeted each other with a soft kiss with a slightly salty taste.

 Finally she had arrived at room 222: it was completely empty as she had specifically requested it.

 'Time to get to work.'

 The magical creature called a series of seeds to the center of the room which she planted in a particular substrate.

 "Now that everything is ready I just have to wait for Fynn"


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Fynn had blushed somewhat when she mentioned wanting him in her room the next day, and he'd be lying if he said his mind hadn't gone directly to the more... 'enjoyable' things they could do in each other's company while benefiting from that kind of privacy. still, he found it  cute and funny when she immediately became flustered and haphazardly tried to amend her statement, while also trying to not trip over her own words and make it seem like she was completely disinterested in such 'enjoyable' activities (which made him happier to hear than he allowed himself to show). 

Without thinking about it very much, he interrupted her rambling by leaning in and kissing the nature elf softly on the lips, seemingly allowing her to to get her thoughts in order.

On 22/04/2020 at 17:02, Tsuki said:

"in short, I wanted to show you something,".

Fynn smiled and nodded at her statement. "It would be my pleasure Miss Leaf.  I'll swing by around 9AM then. I can't wait to see what you have planned."

With that the pair went their separate ways and Fynn returned to his post on the beach. He was somewhat dismayed to see, when he returned to his watchtower, that one of he Jellies was waiting there for him with clear displeasure. 

It was just his luck that the first time he took an unannounced break a half-dead woman actually did wash up on the beach and needed Jelly to attend to her. It was concerning to say the least. Typically the people he needed to worry about were existing guests who might swim out too far or got cramps while enjoying the waves. The magics of the island usually took care to make sure that new arrivals showed up without being put in danger whenever they were drawn here from whatever corner of multiversal timespace they were pulled from. 

Well, at leas it seemed one of the other slime bodies was attending to that new arrival now, so he supposed nothing too bad could have happened. The rest of his watch shift was spent mostly without incident, though Jelly was all too happy to tease him when he requested that she cover for him the next morning. She agreed, though, thankfully, so he just blocked her out for the most part when she cooed at him about his new 'crush'.


The appointed time came, and Fynn took the elevator up to Leaf's room, anticipating what he would see. He was, of course, surprised to find out that what he saw once the elevator doors opened was... nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. There was... lots of dirt. But otherwise the Elf's hotel room was almost entirely featureless. More barren than he had ever seen or heard of a room being. 

He... supposed it made some sense, as he stepped in and looked around. He'd heard that elves didn't need much of the same comforts as most other humanoids, and Leaf was clearly at ease in nature. But still, shouldn't she at least have wanted something like a forest meadow or whatnot? Was she more plant-like than he thought and she was able to eat and sleep by burring herself in the ground?

"Huh, well, this is... very naturalistic." he said to the girl as the elevator doors closed behind him and he tried to avoid being insulting of her accommodations while knowing he wouldn't be able to mask his surprise. "So, this is what the hotel designed when it created a living space exactly as you wanted it?"

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"Hi, you're finally here!" when she joined him she was radiant "I'm happy to see you".

 For that day she had opted for a white cotton sundress under which she wore a costume made of small blue hydrangea petals.

 Listening to the shark's words, Leaf raised an eyebrow and dragged the young man inside. 

 "I'm trying to imagine what's going on in your mind because your surprise can be read on your face" she expressed this phrase with a stern look and a few seconds later burst out laughing. 

 It was clear that the elf was making fun of him.

 "Are you ready? In a few minutes we will be more comfortable" the girl smiled and leaned over the mound of earth and blew.

 A golden breeze arose from her lips and split in half: the two winds chased each other in all the rooms letting a thick rain of sparks fall.

 Under the eyes of the two creatures, roots, trunks and leaves began to take shape. A meadow was born under their feet, while hundreds of buds began to bloom giving rise to a carnival of colors.

 Ferns, orchids and other plants intertwined in an infinite embrace, resting on the supporting plants.

 In the bathroom a small natural swimming pool was created, surrounded by sterlizie and dark rocks from which a small waterfall descended.

 Monoji and hibiscus flowers alternated with botanical essences from other latitudes such as sakura and wisteria and hydrangeas born at the base of passion flowers.

 Moss and mushrooms with strange shapes and colors were born in the ravines, while an arch of roses embellished the entrance.

 Instead of the bed, the corolla of a huge lotus flower opened.

 No detail was left out that was only of beauty or real utility.

 The last gold flakes landed on what looked like eggs, from which colorful butterflies and other useful insects were born, which colonized the newly germinated ecosystem.

 Leaf turned to Fynn:

 "I think I exaggerated a little, but....do you like it?" she smiled, waiting to hear what the shark thought of it.

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Fynn looked at the display of natural magic and blossoming beauty around him and... could only stare, really.

He was used to magic, in a sense. There wasn't much that could explain the functioning of creatures like Jelly other than magic, and it was highly likely that at least some magic had been involved in his species' creation. He knew and understood that forces of the arcane governed the multiverse and that much of the reality of this resort and its paradise-like properties were thanks to the magics of the two owners.

But, it was something to know something, and another thing entirely to witness it.

He'd never been the greatest nature lover in the world, an of course tended to prefer underwater scenery to the plant life above ground, but seeing Leaf's magic dance across the hotel room and shape a natural habitat out of thriving life and moulded nature... it was an absolutely breathtaking display. Even someone like him was rendered silent for a few moments as he just observed the serene detail of this literal living space that Leaf had just wrought out of seemingly nothing more than the earth around them and magic of her own breath.

He was brought back to attention when he caught Leaf looking at him expectantly and realized he hadn't answered her question yet. "Oh! I-it's not too much at all! I mean, it's absolutely beautiful." He looked back at the space around them and smiled softly. "Thank you for showing me this, Miss Leaf. Even on an island like this one, those kinds of displays aren't the kind of thing you always see."

He turned back to her, the beautiful elf who stood as the undeniable centrepiece of this floral arrangement she had just created, and found himself wanting to know more about her all of a sudden. "Is that kind of magic common where you're from?"

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"Take a seat Fynn," Leaf said politely, moving a chair (or a flower's corolla?), After which she left.

 When the young woman returned, she placed two glasses of light cider and a small basket of strawberries on the table.

 "I hope you like them," she said biting one.

 "The magic you've seen is what characterizes my people. However, you need to train to do what I did before" she finished eating the fruit.

 "When you are able to create, you are also able to protect. We can say that we grow, care for and protect the places where there is life."

 The elf took a sip of cider which made her cheeks color.

 "We don't often use this type of magic. It requires a lot of energy and if you think about it, there are already many places to cure and protect without having to create new ones. I did it for a physiological need" she fixed her gaze on the shark " I can't survive long in an environment other than this. You should understand since you are a shark: could you live without the sea?"

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Fynn was at first a bit apprehensive about if the flower would be able to hold his weight and sat down on it carefully, but quickly eased into it (albeit while having to shift his tail a bit awkwardly since there was no hole for it to poke through) when he saw the plant was holding up without issue. Honestly it was more comfortable than he'd have expected a chair fashioned out of a flower blossom to be.

He waited patiently until she came back and then sipped gingerly on his cider while she answered his question about the nature of her magic.

"Hmm, I see." he answered pensively once she was done. "So your kind are basically guardians of nature... That's really kind of incredible."

While he meant what he said, his distant stare downwards and general body language made it clear that hearing her speak had put his mind on something else. Something that was less than pleasant.

"I... think I'm the same, in a way, but I don't really know. Truth is, I don't know a whole lot about my own kind. Like most of the staff here, I belonged to the old masters before Mint and Lollipop drove hem out and put this place up as a sanctuary. But where a lot of the 'near human' folk that work here were experimented on to make them that way, I have a few memories of my life before that. I did have a family—brothers and a mom... I think a dad too but... it's all fuzzy. I got captured when I was really young. Separated from the group, I guess. Most of my early memories are of being held in a tank. A pet, or maybe more like a living trophy held in some rich guy's office. I guess I was kept around to intimidate his friends or business partners when he wanted to feel big. He usually dropped pieces of meat into my tank when he had people around, and they'd watch me tear it apart and eat it like it was some show. Only really got to feel fresh air and ocean currents on my skin after Lollipop found me."

His expression was calm but dour as he spoke, the memories clearly flashing by vividly in his mind. He usually tried to avoid thinking about his past, but he'd found himself prisoner of his own question when he'd asked Leaf to tell him about herself. He didn't want to think about where the meat he'd been fed came from, now that he knew more about how the island had been run during those years. He didn't want to think about how or why his old family hadn't been able to stop him from getting captured. It was all so fuzzy that it was better to just think he had wandered off at some point and been found by the poachers. Could he even call those people family even? Would he recognize any of them after so long? Would they recognize him? He didn't even have the first clue about how to find them again if he'd wanted to, and what could be the point? his mom's face, he couldn't really remember it. The only thing that wasn't fuzzy to him about that before-time was a single memory, of his mother showing him and his brothers around a coral reef, making him wonder at all the colours and fish. Kind of like what he'd done the previous day with Leaf.


His eyes went wide as he suddenly snapped out of his old memories and turned back to the woman he was with. Oh geez he'd just completely spaced out and brought the mood down!

"Oh! sorry, I just rambled on right there, haha!" he said giving an embarrassed smile and then quickly downing the cider he'd been offered. "Mmm, this stuff is really good actually. Thanks again for bringing it. And uh thanks for showing me this room being made, it's realy well put together." he said all rapidly, clearly trying to set the tone back to a jovial state.

He was a Sweet Treat staff member, after all. This place was his home now, and Leaf was his guest. it was his job to attend to her.

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Leaf gasped while listening to him: it was fascinating and moving at the same time.

 Probably if she had read that story in the pages of a book, she would have cried.

 Leaf was brought back to reality by Fynn's change of attitude.

 The shark was a deeper and more mysterious creature than she could imagine.

 The Elf got up and sat next to the boy

 "Fynn .." she touched his face with her finger "thank you ..." she simply smiled.

 "Whenever you want I will be here to listen to you, you don't need to change the subject: you haven't ruined anything".

 When she finished speaking, the girl blushed.

 "I mean ... I mean ... if ... if you want to talk to me. You don't ... you don't have to..." she began to stammer again.

 What Leaf wanted to convey to the creature was that if he needed someone she was there for him.

 "The speech about memories made me think of one thing. If one day you want to recover some of then there is a way. It is a powerful magic, but think about it" for you I would do it, the woman would have added.

 Leaf was sure of her words, however she was embarrassed by the situation: she didn't want to weigh on the shark, he had his job ... indeed she was his job. The memory overwhelmed her like frozen water.

 "Sorry, maybe you're right ... it's better to talk about something else. I'm happy to have shown you my magic."

 She was not sincere and only then she notice that no perfume had spread in the air that day.

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Fynn kind of froze when she placed her hand on him and thanks him. Not tense, exactly, just... still. He listened to her offer to listen to him and nodded slightly, more in acknowledgement of the offer than anything. 

When she started getting flustered, he smiled slightly. How was it possible for a creature to look so beautiful and graceful one moment, and then become impossibly cute and bashful the next? These elves really were something else.

The smile quickly faded away, though, when she made the offer to restore his memories. He... hadn't expected that. He didn't know what he thought about that. He didn't want it, was his first reaction. At the same time though, he couldn't bring himself to say no. It was so... What memories would he even have? What would they bring him? He couldn't know if they would be good or bad, but not knowing when he was offered the chance would eat at him, he was sure.

This wasn't right. He almost felt... angry at Leaf all of a sudden. But then, much more angry at himself. What was his dumb idea to tell her all about that morbid past of his? He didn't have a past, not like most of the people who'd been here since before the wisps. He knew, so many of them would have wished to only be treated as pets. So many had been hurt in so many ways, far worse than he'd experienced. So many had died, and they arguably didn't even get it the worst. The crew running the dungeon could hardly even be called the same people they once were, and the creatures in the jungle...

He didn't have it so bad, he'd gotten off easy, so he didn't have a past. He only had the present. Every new day, he had the sand and the waves and his job and that was enough. That's what he'd told himself for all these years. But now, here he was just fishing up his own past by stupidly talking about it with a magical guest. What the hell was he thinking? And she was offering to just show him everything he'd forgotten? What right did she have?

The shark man stood up from his seat and turned away from the beautiful elf, walking over to a different spot in the room and just looking blankly down onto some of the flowers, taking deep breaths. None of it was her fault, she was just trying to help. He had just been careless, it wasn't her problem to deal with, or her fault for offering. He was staff. It was his job to attend to her, he needed to compose himself already.

"I..." he started, still not looking over at her. "... Thank you, Miss Leaf. I'll... think about it. I don't know if I want to know." He finally turned back to her and offered her something of a sad smile. "I mean, this place is my home now. i don't really know anything else. What if I remember something that would make me want to leave here? There are still places around the Island I haven't shown you, after all."

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A heart beat escaped from Leaf's heart: she had just broken something. Stupidly.

She was so happy that he had told her something about himself, happy that she was not just a work issue, but someone for him.

Simply a friend.

The giel wanted to speak, explain to him but the words died in her mouth.

Why had she told him? She found it extremely sad to have erased all memories: beautiful or sad they were, they had led him to be that creature that she found so complex.

She had been hasty and risky, who was she to reveal such a secret to him?

The silence that fell in the room made her freeze, until the final thrust arrived and it began with 'Miss Leaf'. 

She was the subject of a job merely it.

 "Sorry, Fynn. I have passed a limit, which I should not have exceeded."

The sorrow was deep and sincere, but the setting of the voice was a response to the shark's decision to keep their relationship on a work surface.

 "I would have told you later, but maybe this is the most suitable time. The natural pool in the other room connects with the ocean. It is the only magical exception that I requested for this room. I did not do it for you Fynn" the girl underlined the detail by lowering the tone of her voice" I did it for my selfishness".

What the girl was about to say cost her an extreme effort "However, if you need a way out, you can use it ... even now, if you want".

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Fynn was hardly the most perceptive person in the world, spending most of his time as a loner out at his lifeguard's station. Still, it would have taken a blind man to not see past her even tone and understand that she had been made sad by the development of these events.

Actually,it was probably because she spoke so formally that he knew something was wrong. She was usually so emotive in everything she did and said, every bit as vibrant and alive as the room around them right now. Speaking like this was a clear sign that something was off.

Great, so now he'd managed to be an idiot and an asshole. Smooth Fynn, really smooth.

Sighing lightly, the sharkkin waked over to her and suddenly took the elf in his arms, holding her close against his chest and inhaling the subdued but still sweet natural scent that wafted up from her scalp as he calmed himself down.

"Thank you, Leaf. You're the first person to have cared like this about me, probably even including me. I'm sorry that I reacted like that to your offer. It was just a shock to hear, but you didn't do anything wrong. So, again, thank you."

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Leaf gave a light pinch on the shark's side to remove him: she would not have been able to remain lucid with him so close. "Do not thank me". The young elf began to emit a slight sweet scent.
'Damn' was enough only a moment near him, that creature influenced her too much.
"I am not proud to have disturbed you," she went further away "I understand that this is your job to make me feel better, but I start to detest it. I prefer the sincerity of before, even if they were not positive emotions". Leaf felt irritated, rarely happened to her having been alone for many years (perhaps many more than the shark expected), in those few hours with Fynn she was discovering emotions that she had never felt or hadn't felt for too long.

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It hurt a bit to see her retreat like that, honestly. Fynn didn't want to just pointlessly push her away just because he couldn't handle his own drama. 

After a moment of silence, he decided on how he wanted to start saying what needed to be said. "You're right. It is my job to keep you company and make you as happy as I can. But that's not why I came here today." He took a step forward, shortening the distance between them. "There are dozens of staff members who have nothing better to do than attend to any guest who wants them, all day long. People like me, though, who fulfill other jobs on the island, have the special privilege and responsibility to turn down anyone's request at any time if it would get in the way of our main job. So I didn't ask the Jellies to take over my post today just because you are a guest, and I didn't show you the coral reefs just because you requested either. You're..."

He had a hard time putting what he really wanted to say into words, but he tried as best as he could all the same. "You're special, miss Leaf. I enjoy spending time with you, and I was completely sincere when I thanked you just now. I don't..." he looked down and to the side now, contemplatively. "I don't know if I want to take you up on your offer, I really don't. It's something I'll have to think about for a long time, I think. But," he looked back at her straight on now. "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even have the option of choosing. It caught me off guard, but I don't think that it's a bad thing to have some control for once. I'm just not used to it so I freaked out at first. I'm sorry if I hurt you with that reaction."

He was catching that sweet fragrance again now, the one that reminded him so vividly of what had happened between them the previous afternoon. It made him ache for her, he wanted to get closer, but he kept his cool and remembered his place. "That said, if you want me to use that pool right now and return to the ocean, I won't hold it against you. I, not as a staff member, but as someone who really likes seeing you happy, don't want to make you uncomfortable with my presence."

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Leaf smiled, shaking his head.

 "Fynn I walked away because being close, I can't speak ..." or maybe think "I can't speak in a clear way".

 The girl approached the window behind the shark's back and lightly stroking a flower, she stared at the outside landscape, before starting again.

 "I don't know what a friend is. I'm 220 years old. I was born with the magical abilities of all the wood elves, but we can say that I was the smartest."

 'Elves special as you are not born in the luster and luster of life'

 "I spent the first 100 years training in the academy and the other 100 protecting an isolated place. It was beautiful, an enchantment: just like here. It was an important assignment, I was proud of it. Everyone was proud of it. I stayed in contact with few of my kind, it was a high price to pay but I did it with pleasure. Then came the damned day of five years ago when I found an man in my lands. The rule was simple: nobody could enter it. I was aware of the laws and consequences of that infringement. However he was old and mortally wounded, Fynn, and instead of expelling him I cured him and..." her gaze darkened, a tear wet her cheek "... he destroyed everything. Because of me that little rare jewel has been lost. It is a mortal sin among my people whose lives are dedicated to protection"

The young woman turned to look at the shark and leaned on the windowsill "They banished me ... I mean from any elven land. My family repudiated me. I wandered a few years before knowing the existence of this place: a special island. This is the real reason why I am here. Forgive me if I lied to you, I have been using that excuse for years, which seems true."

She sighed.

"Fynn I don't have a house, I would never ask you to abandon yours"

The elf tightened her fingers around the grass on the windowsill.

 "Telling you about that magic was the result of my relational inexperience, however I see that you understand my intentions".

 Leaf looked down for a moment sighing.

 "I am happy that you have been sincere with me, now. Since that day I have no longer placed my trust in anyone" at the sound of those words she stared into his eyes. "It's difficult. Or so I thought" ... before meeting a strange shark while swimming'.

 She got up and smoothed the thin dress, while a soft smile painted on her face.

 "I would like you to use the passage in the next room to enter here, not to exit."

 A slight fresh aroma began to spread across the room: it was pleasant and soothing.

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As she had listened to his, Fynn listened to her story, hanging on every word.

So even a creature as beautiful and innocent as her knew the pain of betrayal and isolation. Even she, like so many here, had been betrayed and used by one who wanted to exploit all the things that made her unique and wonderful. 

Twenty years ago... the one who betrayed her was likely still alive. Fynn did his best to not let his bloody thoughts show themselves in his body language, to not let Leaf know what he would do to that man who betrayed her if he ever found himself standing in front of that ungrateful bastard.

That said, as furious as the one who betrayed her care made him, he was even angrier at her family and her kind. What good was the power to heal if one didn't use it? Were humans not also part of the natural world? How was Leaf supposed to know that someone she saved from death would be so wicked? she was a gardener, not a warrior. If they wanted their precious little hollow so protected, they should have been the ones to give her a guardian who would keep out the unworthy and punish the unfaithful. Putting all of that on her shoulders and then exiling her after a single mistake, no matter how costly it was.... It was hard to believe that such heartless and stupid people were of the same race as the beautiful creature in front of him, that some of them were even her family.

He didn't care that she hadn't told him about this before. How could he expect her to share something so vulnerable with a stranger after her last experience trusting someone new? It was a privilege just to be told it now, so still he did the best to only focus on her, and not his anger at her kind, her family, and her betrayer. She was in front of him, right now, and as she sat against the windowsill, wreathed in beautiful sunlight that seemed to weave itself into the threads of her sundress and make her all the more radiant.

In spite of everything, his smile was genuine when she said that she preferred he view the pool as an entrance as opposed to an exit (tough he figured he'd need to leave through it at least once to see where the other end of the portal was).

Without saying anything more, he walked over to the beautiful woman and took her in his arms, pulling her close and kissing her tenderly. The smell had changed. It wasn't exactly like that arousing scent from before, but more like lavender,  making him at peace. So he knew that this overwhelming desire to touch her was his, and his alone.

He kissed her for a long moment, keeping his lips pressed tenderly against hers without deepening the embrace any further, before pulling away slowly and letting his soft pink eyes upon her—smiling coyly.

"Apologies, I hope you can forgive me for making it hard for you to speak."

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Leaf looked at the shark's pink irises for a brief moment.

 "Fynn i can read it in your eyes. Disappointment is also a little contempt. Elves are particular creatures, difficult to understand. I've always been different from the standard.

You may be wondering why they left me alone. I am 220 years old. I am an adult and strong, much more than you think. It's a good thing to be a meek soul, you know?" The elf laughed slightly.

 "Getting away was not a bad thing, you know? If I hadn't gone away, I wouldn't have come this far. Above all, I wouldn't have been bothered by a strange shark while swimming," she laughed, while the images of the day before became vivid in her mind.I t was at that moment that she felt the boy's lips on hers.

 Leaf lost a beat and gasped.

 "It's ... It's not .... not .... difficult. I mean .... I mean ... sometimes it's it's" she stammered hard "I'm embarrassing".

A sensual perfume spread through the room.

 "The perfume you feel" she briefly looked away "can become intoxicating, but it does not influence thoughts or decisions. It is not magic. I can use it, but it is not that ...." I inhaled "it is not what I do with you. It's natural".

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He was happy that she was here, with him. He was happy that they could meet and he could feel her in his arms. But still, none of that meant that he'd deserved to be ripped away from his family, or that she had to be exiled from hers. No one deserved loneliness, no matter what joy it might have led to later. But he could recognize in her the same... habit that he had developed. Seeing it from the outside now, it was so clear: the look of someone who tried to excuse their past because of how they were in the present. But regardless what she said now, she would never have hidden that past if it did not hurt her in a way.

Still, it was right that a pat couldn't be changed, so now that she was here, he wanted o help make the present and future as bright as it could be for her.

He smiled at how she stammered and explained the fragrance that came off of her. She was really just too cute. Holding her more closely against his body, he kissed her neck sensually and then spoke softly in her ear. "So you smell like this because I excite you then. Well, that's good, I very much like how I make you smell, Leaf."

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"Fynn ..." was just a kiss but it would reverberate all over her body.

 At the shark's phrase her pupils dilated.

The truth had been given to her plain and simple within a sentence.

 "It's all new and complex. Sometimes I can't think and I let my instinct lead me."

 She immediately tried to reformulate the concept "I don't ... I don't ... I don't do it with everyone here. I speak of situations in general not of people, the only person I did it with was you".

 Maybe it was better if she was silent.

 She decided to calm down, because the heat and perfume were getting brighter and melting even the last bit of intelligence she had left.

 The girl looked for Fynn's mouth and placed a kiss on it: this time she was more demanding than the previous one, she wanted to taste something that went beyond his lips.

 The elf timidly insinuated her tongue and stroked the inside of the boy's mouth, enjoying the flavor of him.

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She was so beautiful, cute, and sexy all at once. Fynn felt almost ashamed for having been angry at her even for a moment. Almost, because any negative emotion he could feel right now was entirely overshadowed by how astoundingly attracted he felt to the gorgeous elf right now.

He welcomed her demanding kiss with passion, and held her close as they embraced. His lips parted almost automatically for her tongue, and he slid his own forward to meet and dance with hers erotically. She would no doubt be feeling how aroused she made him through his swimming trunks at the moment, but he didn't rush things. 

He wanted her, badly, but he also just wanted to... love her. It was an embarrassing word to even just think about, for a loner like him, with the kind of job he had. And yet there really wasn't any other word for it. He'd completely fallen for this otherworldly beauty he had only just met, and he craved to express that with his actions in way his words wouldn't let him, at least not yet.

Still, the mounting passion between the two could not be abated for very long. After a few moments of deep, sensual kissing—Fynn suddenly picked Leaf up off her feet, bringing her to wrap her legs around his torso as he continued to kiss her and walked her over to the gigantic lotus flower that served as the room's bed. He let the woman down gently amidst the pale lilac petals and soft, yellow-pronged centre, and immediately began to kiss every part of her skin he could get to as he simultaneously started hiking up her sundress to expose yet more of her perfect body. He wanted to taste every part of her and shower her with his affection and desire.

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Fynn's mouth was soft and sweet, she was hungry and thirsty so much that when he broke away she only managed to emit a moan of dissent.

 There was something different about the shark's touch: it was eager but delicate, as if it were touching a fragile flower.

 In a short time the girl felt the soft center of the lotus flower in contact with her back.

 "Fynn" she let out a sigh as the shark was running every inch of her body.

 Small pins were awakening her nerves, commanded by the young man's attentions.

 The elf felt his manhood caress her thighs and it was like drinking a glass of alcohol so much the senses were inflamed.

 It was not only physical attraction that she was feeling: the passion was undeniable, but there was something that pushed them to take care of each other relentlessly and without a possible way out.

Leaving him was not foreseen by Leaf in that moment. 

 "Fynn" she took the shark's face in her hands "I don't break" she swallowed "you can do what ... what you want with me" she sighed "I meant you can feel free with me. Turn off your thoughts".

 Leaf placed a gentle kiss on his lips before letting him go.

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He knew she wanted him, of course. As if it hadn't been obvious enough by her physical reactions, he could quite literally smell her desire coming from her as the sweetest of perfumes. However, looking into her eyes as she said it, bashful as she might have been, and feeling her lips touch his own after... it was like lightning coursing through his body, waking up his entire nervous system and setting his heart racing.

Turn off his thoughts, she said? That wasn't possible, not when all he could think about was her. Still, he certainly wouldn't keep her waiting any longer.

He pulled away from her just long enough to push off his trunks, exposing his arousal to her before immediately getting back on top of her, holding himself up with one hand while the other went down to her blue floral bikini bottom.

He had meant to simply pull the 'cloth' (or as he found out upon touching, fine weave of organic vines supporting the multitude hydrangea flowers) to the side to expose her to him, but amidst his passion and excitement as he kissed her deeply, his clawed hand instead tore the weave apart when he tried to pull at it. Hardly deterred, he therefore simply tore the offending garment off of her entirely so she would be completely exposed to him as he was to her.

Taking her by the hip firmly, he helped her get into proper position so he could bring his own hips forward and slide his twin members into both of her holes simultaneously. Kissing the beautiful elf all the while, he let out a low, satisfied growl as he pushed himself forward and easily slid the whole of his lengths inside her welcoming body.

All he wanted to do was love her, and if there was anything else in his mind right now, any private, guilty thought buried yet deeper than those soft feelings he couldn't speak of, it was the desire to claim her, and make Leaf his and his alone.

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Leaf laughed faintly when he felt his hands attempt to remove her costume

 "Wait up..."

 Nothing he had already broken it.

 She laughed again taking him in his arms.

 "Oh Fynn"

 If only she could have expressed in words what she felt.

 The girl had no rights even though she was aware of the new feeling that was blossoming within her heart. She caught it and placed it in a small display case, like a fragile shoot to be protected.

 Leaf knew well that nothing could be protected forever, but for now she just had to rock and take care of it.

The only thing the elf could do now was to let go of the sensations hoping that they would reach him.

 She took the shark's head in her hands and kissed his lips with such intensity that it surprised her. She took his tongue and made it dance in voluptuous convolutions, while she moaned ardently.

 The problem of the perfume that emanated did not arise: she was not subjugating him, this was not her intention.

 Leaf was talking through her senses, screaming out loud what she could not express with her voice.

Then she felt him make his way into her body and take possession of her intimacy.

 The heat emanating from the points where they had reached was in contrast with the freshness of they soft skin and make her shiver.

 "Fynn slow down. Isn't like yesterday"

 She had lost all her virginity only the day before while she had been seized by an unstoppable lust: today it was different.

 Her mind was clear and every movement of the boy was sculpting in her body, as if every inch he conquered he was putting a signature.

 Her moan was soft as her nails began to stick into the shark's skin.

 It was like merging with a part of herself: slowly, inexorably thirsty for his soul and never satisfied with body.

 Since when had she become so eager for the warmth of another creature?

 'Since I met him'

 It was sweet and frightening at the same time to think of such a thing.

 The elf wrapped his legs around the shark's hips.

 "Fynn more ... I want to feel all, more ... all of you"

 The young woman was surrounding him with her sex, with her arms, her legs and all her being. 

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On 28/05/2020 at 19:25, Tsuki said:

 "Fynn slow down. Isn't like yesterday"


Had he heard that normally, the sharkkin boy might have become worried, scared that he was letting his passion get to him too much, worried he might have scared his partner. 

But she was right, it wasn't like yesterday. Even though it hadn't been a full twenty fur hours since they'd first felt each other's body, something significant had changed between the two. He could tell, even by the tone of her voice, that she felt like him. It wasn't that the craving had faded, it's that it had turned into something else just as powerful. The initial physical attraction and thirst fr satisfaction had all of a sudden become a need for closeness that went deeper than mutual physical gratification.

He listened to her request before even fully registering it because he understood it on a deeper level. He moved more slowly and with purpose, significance. He looked into her beautiful eyes as he rocked back and forth, and let her feel him, let her feel the two of them, melting into one another and letting their hearts resonate together through the soft, loving meeting of their bodies. 

The sound of her breathing as they moved together,
the feeling of her nails pressing more and more into his skin as she welcomed him and claimed him for herself,
the look in her eyes as she gave herself and took all he had simultaneously.
All of it was ten times more enchanting than any scent she could have released to stoke his lust.

As her insides wrapped around his rigid members and stroked him with each penetration and retreat, he felt a mixture of excitement and tranquility with her that seemed entirely incomprehensible, though it didn't bother or confuse him in the least.

As she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him and began moaning for more, He sunk into her embrace willingly and held himself as flush against her as he could while he picked up the pace a bit and began grinding in and out of her as deep as he could, letting her feel all of his love. Her voice was like the sea that submerged him, her limbs like a net that entangled him. She felt like home, a concept Fynn wasn't even entirely sure he knew of, and as he became overwhelmed by those soft feelings of comfort, he crooned out those powerful, terrifying words to her without any consideration for that small part at the back of his mind that screamed of their forbidden nature.

"Leaf, I love you."

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The feeling of being merged into a single body and a single overwhelmed Leaf emotion. It was as if every single drop of their beings had already known in a previous life and now they were meeting, rediscovering, falling in love once again with those infinite times scattered over time. Leaf squeezed even closer to him as her intimacy throbbed, hot and demanding around her manhood. It only took a second. 'I love you', a drop that rippled the smooth and silent surface of her feelings, create infinite ripples that broke without mercy leaving her breathless. She placed Fynn's hand on her heart and kissed his lips with such tenderness that it made her shiver.She tried to make her emotions flow in that contact and through the union of their bodies. Leaf smiled: heartwarming and welcoming, like her perfume.

  "All this Fynn, it's yours and it will never change." The young woman looked him straight in the eye. "But if I answered your words with my voice now, you know that I would destroy your world in an instant. I have no right to bind you to me." The elf pushed her body hard against that of the shark, moaning for the pleasure she had gained. His sentiment had filled her with new, frightening and beautiful emotions that stirred like moths in front of the light. She didn't want them burned, she would protect them and keep them inside herself, leaving her body to express them.

 The waves of pleasure began to form on the horizon, so she still pushed meeting his movements. She would be drowned and submerged by that ocean of sensations .... "Fynn!" the young woman moaned and screamed poking her nails even deeper.

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Fynn listened to her words and chuckled lowly. Almost bitterly, but more in a sense of irony than anything else. 

She had no right to bind him? What foolishness was coming out of this beauty's mouth? She'd already captured him, fully and willingly. His world had been shattered since they'd first kissed, and the fragments had been blown away like sand on the breeze by her words many times over already. 

He, who was so... proud, though he'd never realized it before. Proud of his isolation, proud of his stoicism, proud that for all the friends and lovers he'd made in working on the island, he had never let go of his sense of isolation. Never really felt like he'd gotten rid of that wall of glass that separated his aquarium from the outside world... He who had never let himself realize that he had been protecting his own heart with pale lies of complacency and satisfaction while allowing his life to become as timeless as the waves and beach sand he oversaw.

He was hers now. He didn't even know exactly when it happened, when she had caught him and reeled him in, but he was hers and... he couldn't understand how it was that something that should be so scary could feel so... soft. So right.

He said nothing though. Not with words that never seemed to be enough or organize themselves like they should. He just acted. He gave himself to her embrace and to her love. With every thrust inside her, with every kiss of her soft lips and satin skin, with every breath shared between them as their pleasure mounted and their bodies collided, he surrendered to her.

If she wanted to, she could destroy him. Tear him apart unlike anything he'd ever known. And yet, the thought never crossed his mind. no fear found its way into his breast. Only longing, and a tidal wave of love that had been held back within him for so many years.

When she called out to him and he felt her nails digging in his back, he responded almost by instinct, thinking hardly anything more by this point. 

"Leaf~ I love you." he repeated, pushing himself deep into her warmth, and letting his members burst forth with his seed, filling her holes with him as he climaxed.

He held her close and panted deeply from the exertion for several moments after his cocks had stopped twitching and emptying themselves inside her. He did not sweat, of course, but he did not mind hers in the least, and found its scent rather enjoyable as their bodies remained close and connected. 

Really, he didn't think there was any smell he would dislike, if it just meant she was close to him.

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Love: what was the meaning of this word? Leaf was a pure and simple creature born to love: he loved every natural creature, every spark of life and energy that pulsed in the world. Alive, vital, despite her solitude. Yet she had never stopped to reflect on the word love. Love for a woman towards a man: a feeling that seemed so distant and frightening to her. The ties required a tribute of trust, which induced feelings of treason in order not to be overwhelmed by the temptation of betrayal. Leaf had already loved and burned like a nocturnal butterfly in the light of a torch. Yet Fynn had swept away all the uncertainties of her past, making it melt like snow in the sun.


 The explosive union of their bodies.


 The pounding of her heart, ready to pounce out of his chest.


 She would do anything to make him happy.

 Ai: LOVE.

 At the sound of Fynn's voice, those words came together in his mind creating a seal in the center of which there were only the two of them, lost in their infinite embrace.

 "Fynn aishiteru

Their bodies resonated with restrained, almost unknown feelings, brought to the surface by a chance encounter and by two souls who, although different, had suffered equally and in that solitude they had a way of joining and finding themselves.

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