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I feel like this thread could be needed for people wanting to request an RP.

Personally I don't like outright asking people if they want to participate in a topic (which is odd I know, but it's really hard for me to actually ask anyone anything really). That said, I have an RP up for anyone wanting to partake in it, I'd rather do this and gain interest from one or two people than asking them to RP. 


There, I'm weird and I've made it.

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Alright, so a year later, I'm back and looking over my shtuff again. After evaluating the current situation this is meant to be an RP similar Friends, I'm under the impression of asking for roommates (guys, girls, whatever) and looking to do some roleplaying. This may not get traction but a guy can try, right?


If you're wanting to room, I can probably take on four peeps, maybe even five, the link to the room is below (depending on the situation I might also change the topics name):


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