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Tentaculus IV AirT&P (LeonaFair X WritesNaughtyStories X JennyDK)


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Herman opened the envelope excitedly and passed it over to his wife, Mia @LeonaFair. "It's here, baby - the application for the Air Tentacle and Pseudopod place." His hands were shaking with excitement. "Come on, let's fill it out." he urged, fumbling for the pen in his shirt pocket.

The next morning, with the signed application and deposit enclosed in an envelope, Herman dropped it by the post office. He'd checked the address a half dozen times and checked it again before he handed it to the clerk to pay for the postage to TMRC. With the stigma still attached to tentacle monster relations, Herman had used the abbreviation and the address to have it forwarded to @JennyDK on Tentaculus IV.

Now all there was to do was wait.

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Mia started filling out the forms excited but keeping calm to have neat handwriting. Looking up at Herman once in awhile she smiled sweetly thinking how this could be enticing to the both of them. Looking up at him she bites her lower lip feeling her nipples harden under her blouse. Once completely filled out she hands it to him for him to look over. "This will be a very interesting new place...," Mia started running her hair back over the chair. "Let's make the most of it." 

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