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Staff positions (apply for position to owner)


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These are the current positons for staff. Those not filled can be applied for to the owner of the club.

  • Headmaster: Veronica De Parnacel
  • Vice headmaster: Edgar Terrigenarum
  • Secretary: Tesk Watawa


  • History teacer:
  • English teacher:
  • P.E. teacher:
  • Human society teacher:
  • Monster society teacher: Bridget LuBelle
  • Instructor of Illusionary Magics: Luanna Paturnax
  • Science teacher: Isabella Scopelli
  • Human biology teacher:
  • Monster biology teacher:
  • Instructor of Transformative Magics and Herbalism: Luanna Paturnax
  • Elemental Magic and Magic Lore:
  • Home economics teacher: Maxwell Winsor
  • Librarian: Joshua
  • Math teacher: Nashor Vaspa Xidik Thuvostoght Jr. (Nash, or Ms. Thuvo)


  • Head of security: Mary Blackwater
  • Groundskeeper:
  • Human-monster relations consultant:
  • Nurse:
  • Janitor: Drexel Kano


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