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Room 1313- Drex's Den


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When Drex was told that there was a room prepared for him to stay in while he was a guest, he was cautious as to what it would be like. So many things were different here than where he came from. When he found the room, he felt just like he was at home. It was a spacious room decorated with a wood bench, small table tucked to the side, a luxuriously padded and covered wood chair with a back that was higher than his head would rest on, and a fire place. There were fur rugs all over the floor and dark, thick curtains covered the windows so that little harsh sunlight made it in. The bed was massive, with furs covering it instead of sheets and blankets. He even found manacles attached to the walls, making him lick his lips at the thought of chaining someone to them. He left the door open a crack and plopped into the chair, relaxing into it.

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