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   It has been quite a while since the last time I saw such a clear blue sky, I’ve spent so many year in that stupid, reached city I was forced to call a home. Why do I hate that place so much you ask? Well imagine a city crowded with rude and idiot people, that keep judging you for who you are and who you love, and that keep finding excuses to push your self esteem to the ground; filthy streets, drug addicts and homeless people scattered around the place, a dark sky of pollution always filled the air, giving a constant gloomy atmosphere… It’s refreshing to see this vista…

   I looked at my cellphone, a couple of messages from my agency and editor were the only things new in there, congratulating me for moving out while at the same time pressuring me to feed them some new stories about the area, the city seems so shiny and interesting from afar that those bastards I work for are interested in whatever kind of scandals they can get their hands on to ruin such a perfect little haven. I honestly don’t want to seek such frivolous subjects, but those idiots are the ones that pay my bills… Maybe one day I’ll find someone nicer to work for… someone like her…

   It might not be good for me to dwell in the past for long, braking up with my ex is not the kind of experience I wish to recount. Let’s just say that trust is something I value a lot in people.

   Oh well, as much as I would want to stay home for the day, I have work to do. I sighed, looking out the window for a last time before putting on some more decent cloths and walking towards the door. I should start with that clubhouse I saw near the building, there may be some interesting rumors there worth my while, maybe I’ll meet some interesting people out there.

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