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Room: 363 Derek's Room


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Derek twisted the keys to his new found home. A beautiful large resort room the could be considered an executive suite, and he had no one to currently share it with.

Derek dragged his bag into the room bringing it to the main bedroom. Derek paused looking out the window overlooking the pool of the hotel. Here's to hoping I can find people to relax with. He smiled, returning to the bedroom to unpack his things.

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Derek glances over to the table holding the phone. Mumbling to himself, "I wonder who that would be?" His paranoia trying to jump up that a threat could be coming, but pushing that away as he picked up the phone. "Hello?" @Lollipop

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Lemon: "Oh, ummm, hello? T-this is Lemon, from the front desk. I wanted to call and make sure your settling in nicely...Is your room to your liking? T-then again, of course it is. The magic should see to that. I'm s-sorry for the dumb question....although maybe the room isn't to your liking. I-I  should assume you like it...I'm sorry again." Lemon had already started to get flustered. "A-anyway, I just wanted to see if there was anything you needed. I'm sorry if there isn't. I don't mean to be a bother. "

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"Hey Lemon! The room is perfect! I'm still settling in as I'm not used to taking vacations." I try to sound confident over the phone, thinking it sounds ridiculous that I don't ok now how to relax. "Do you have any suggestions on what I should do next, where to go, how to get more engaged?" 

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StaffLemon: "O-oh...well that depends on your interest. The island has a lot to do. Right outside the hotel is the Entertainment District. There's lots to do and buy. It's also home to the Snack Bar. That's a very popular spot to drink, meet up with others and have a good time. Its gets a little too rowdy in there for some guest though. Aside from that, just about anything you can think of can be found in the entertainment district. Aside from there, you can also head down to the beach to relax in the sun, or swim. There is a hot spring where you can relax too." She suddenly remembers something she had forgot to mention earlier. "But make sure you don't wander into the Jungle. I should have given you this warning earlier...I'm sorry. The jungle is not safe. Weird monster make their home in it, and the farther in you go, the more dangerous they are. They never come out of the jungle and stay far in past the tree line, but even just wandering in a little might not be too safe."

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"I appreciate the information Lemon." The sound of the jungle rose my curiosity, could something be wrong here? I'll have to investigate another time. "I have a lot of potential here, I will have to venture out and see if anyone is interested in chatting." I thank her and hang up, unsure of where to begin, looking out over the island. 

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