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A want to set up a roleplay


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So, then. This will be my first time posting to the public rp forum. If you read the title, then you probably have a gist of what I'm going to say. I want to try and set up a rp on here. Preferably where it's just me and some other person (I can do a third person but I feel like that's just going to become a lewd threesome scene but I'm not totally against that either really). I'd appreciate if you read my preferences but with load times and all and having to move back and forth on screens might be considered too much a hassle. I'll give the short of it as best as I can. I can play as a male, female or futanari although if I'm playing male I only ask that my partner is either a female or futa. I'm not too comfortable doing a yaoi roleplay yet. If you want to launch me an ecchitext or talk to me through ecchichat go ahead. I'll try to reply in a reasonable manner or we can just end it up discussing something here too. So, that's my appeal. Of course, I've been recently learning that I shouldn't just sit on my ass and let my partner do all the work so I do have a few ideas, some of them will be just a quick scenario with lots of lewdities and some might (hopefully) be a more longer, detailed story. 

Story/Scenario Ideas:

  • On the journey way to a far off village, one of us, tired from their travels, sees a sign on a rarely traveled road that says 'Hot springs' and going further down the road there is exactly that. In joy to get some relief, we strip down and dip in but in the new found blissful pleasure of soaking, we do not notice as the other who has been coming to these hot springs as a frequent due to reasons (could be a monster that have scared off people who visit, bandito who are claiming turf, a house in the middle of the woods). There, things get steamy as the frequent not having had much attention decides to seduce the guest and things progress from there. 
  • After a trip from an adventure or something, one of us (or both if you want to play as acquaintances) to a tavern/inn and get food, drink and bed. As we eat/discuss what to do next (or if you want to play as strangers and have a need to do a cheesy pick up line), one of us offers to take things to bed in a subtle/not-so-subtle way of saying that we should 'relax' and get intimate with each other. 
  • A prince/princess and their guard are in love with each other but with how the royal family worked, most often than not marriage is a political tool over actual love and while there have been times where loves was found from these relationships, more often than not it's marrying a younger person to a much older and with being sweethearts at an early age and learning that the prince/princess are about to be politically married. The guard or royalty takes the bold step where they take the relationship between them further and thus they have their first time entwined with each other. (There (and I'm just kind of extrapolating if you want to go further) having had each other they realized that they couldn't see their love married/seperated from them with another person and thus they flee into the wilds, into the city where the guard might have a bounty set on them as a kidnapper of royalty or something).
  • (This one is a pretty quick one in my book but) The classic newly weds tale: After a long day at work, one of us comes back and seeing their partner in such an exhausted state. They decided to reignite the fires of their love by tenderly caring for them and once that tender loving begins to start to reenergize the person. The sly suggestion of having a final reenergization between the sheets whisks the two away for a night of debauchery. 
  • For something a bit more wholesome, a long lived husband and wife combo who love each other dearly and who are approaching their death bed are suddenly returned to their youth (about mid twenties), and thus their journey of living their live with newly healthy bodies begin again. 
  • (This is one I think might end up becoming more long termed) Two (or more) adventurers go out to see the world, unravel and stop evil schemes, meet new people and fall in love in perilous adventures. 
  • (A bit on the cringey side and this one has one of us acting more as a DM than an actual person who you roleplay with but) Life is dull but death is too overrated so stuck as a NEET, you go out of your house to see a child (or some person) is about to be hit by a car! You jump forward taking the blow and die but are you really? In your last few breaths you hear a voice with an outstretched hand waiting. You take the hand and wake up to find that you have been isekai'ed into another world! 
  • (This one is a bit on the darker side but) Congratulations! You have been promoted as the new prison warden for a high security block in the middle of a remote island! As you're resting in your office, doing desk work with many of the prisoners in their cells. Your computer suddenly freezes up and blue screens and when you restart it, you see an ominous message G O O D L U C K before you hear the alarm as the prisoner's doors swinging open and you can already hear the rabble of convicts as they being to escape and riot. 

And that's all I got in my noggin so far. If you have an idea share it with me and I'll be happy to talk it over 

Edit 1: ALSO, about all of the characters that I have on my album gallery are free grounds as characters I would not mind playing as. 

Edit 2: Added more scenarios 

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