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Naughty Cow Dairy

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Naughty Cow Milk


Naughty Cow Dairy~, where your milk is made full with love~ <3


Naughty Cow Milk are producers of the famous Naughty Cow Milk brand. It is a thick, rich, creamy milk that is refreshing to drink, leaving a sweet taste in the mouth. It is the best milk in the world, outstripping its competitors. This Milk is produced by the finest herd of Cowgirls, who are well looked after and regularly milked of their breast milk. The milk is completely safe for consumption, and has a sweet taste to it that consumers enjoy. It is the only true Lactose free milk in the World, so everyone can enjoy its amazing flavour.


Surprisingly, the milk can be drunk ‘raw’ in most cases, with no need to pasteurize it UNLESS one wants it without its claimed aphrodisiac effect (No one ever~). The milk made by this dairy can be made into many other dairy products, such as cheese and yoghurt (as if it couldn’t get any more sexual). While there isn’t much of a technique to making the milk itself, there is oddly a method to making it taste better. The method is said to be a highly guarded secret, so much so that every person that has tried to discover it refuses to reveal the recipe and method. In fact, they defect and join the company that they tried to poach it off. There are five known grades of the product, depending on how strong the aphrodisiac effect is. The strength grows exponentially as you go up in level, so the difference between 1 to 2 is less than the difference between 2 and 3.  


  1. Love at First Sight - Fairly sweet and creamy, its effects are relatively minor.

  2. Lover’s Kiss - Creamier but less sweet though has a surprising depth of flavour. Effects get more rauchy here.

  3. Lover’s Embrace - A balanced taste but its effects are rather pronounced.

  4. X Rated -

  5. *Classified* - The rare vintage of the lot, rather subtle taste  but something magical. Its’ effects are unknown.


The Dairy Farm is located on the outskirts of Blackberry Falls City, near the lush forest but set in an empty field with few close neighbours. It is a large complex of buildings that serve various uses. One of the larger buildings serve as the living quarters for their ‘herd’ to live in comfort. There is another large building that milks the Cowgirls for their milk so that it can be further processed and stored. Another building pasteurises a small amount of the milk, so that it can be sold as regular milk but most of it is left completely unprocessed. The milk is bottled soon after its extraction, so that its freshness is locked in for a better taste. There are also several storage warehouses, where milk is stored before being moved on. Some of the storage space is also used to keep a store of food and other requirements for their herd. While people are free to visit the farms, they will only be allowed to see a small portion of the functional dairy farm but would not be allowed in the private quarters, unless they were invited.






Name: Silvina Elster

Position: CEO

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Job Description: Silvina is the CEO of the company, and is in charge of making sure that the company runs smoothly. She deals with the finances, keeping production going and improving the company to further expand. She’s very dedicated to her job and dreams to make this company world famous.




Name: Alvina Elster

Position: Receptionist

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Job Description: Alvina works as her mothers personal receptionist, responsibly for booking meetings and keeping Silvina’s schedule. She takes calls to the office, and manages the file system they use to track sales and the various resources of the company.

Profile: Here.




Name: Aeslia

Position: CEO and Herd Leader

Age: Appears to be 21 years of age

Gender: Female

Job Description: Aeslia’s main job is to make sure all of the members of the herd are happy and the production of the much loved product consistent. While she have the most knowledge of the product, she has shared it with Alvina and Silvina. She also has the responsibility to find new additions to the herd, along with Silvina, through a rigorous ‘testing’ procedure.

Profile: Here




Name: David Liu

Position: Quality Control

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Job Description: David’s main job is to act as one of the company’s quality control experts, a job that is much desired among certain parts of the population. How he got the position, David promised never to say. While David does have good taste buds and palate, he says he’s incredibly lucky as that’s not his main skill.

Profile: Here.

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