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David Liu

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Name: David Liu

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Origin/Nationality: Half Chinese and Half Japanese.

Occupation: University Student


Physical Appearance

Height: 170cm

Weight: 60kg

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Black

Physical Description: A short and skinny human with not much muscle on them so don't expect them to be lifting the heavy stuff. Despite being skinny, they can eat quite a lot and seemingly not put on weight. Cuts their hair reasonably short and wavy like, the kind you see on protagonists in your TYPICAL JAPANESE ANIME. LOL.

Personality, Traits and Abilities

Personality: David is a strange one, to be honest and capable of self destructive behavior. While they don't see themselves as particularly nice, other people say that they are too kind and generous for their own good. David is seemingly obsessed with their own perceived inadequacy and lack of desirability. They haven't had many opportunities to deal with females and have had few friends. Considers themselves unlikable as he essentially feels that he has to 'bribe' people to like him and interact with him at all.  Can be rather judgmental, naive and critical of others though largely of himself.

Strengths, Skills and Abilities:

Watches too damn many superhero shows so he knows all the tropes and such. Only handy if your life turns into one giant superhero show...

Crazy about sound - Very picky when it comes to what they listen to and how they do it.

Okay with computers and electronics.

Can be good using money, if they actually have a goal.



David says he has too many to count...though they may not be the best judge of that.

Not very confident in themselves, so much so that they seem rather needy.

Not very good around attractive females


Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams):

To find someone.

To FINALLY feel comfortable with themselves.


Hobbies and Interests:

Video Games

Audio Products


Kamen Rider/Tokusatsu

Watching Anime


Personal Sexual Information

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Penis Length: 11cm in length when flaccid. 13.5cm when erect.

Turn ons:

Elves, surprisingly enough.

Large breasts are also a turn-on.

Someone who is actually interested in him!

Turn Offs:

Abusive and Mean People

Extra Information

Family: Lives with their eccentric uncle, who happens to be part of the Research and Development team for the Blackberry Police Department. If you ask this character, they'd say their uncle is more of the mad scientist type. Doesn't share their uncle's love for all things automotive, though they do like their slot car collection and tracks they have in the hobby room. Their father and mother live in Australia named Bradley and Helen Liu respectively.

House: Lives with his eccentric uncle in his estate.

Car: Has not wanted to drive as of yet, so no car.


Awards/Commendations: None

Criminal Record: None

Bio: David is incredibly loath to tell people about his time before coming to Blackberry City because they say that 'it's not a very interesting story'. And...they'd be right. David hasn't had much activity happen in their lives, so in a sense their life is quite boring. David was a product of a marriage between a Chinese man and a Japanese woman who ran a successful business in another country. His life with them was relatively uneventful and quite a normal one compared to some people. Though they raised him well and loved him, he could not help but feel that he could never repay them for what they have provided him. Hell, he barely thought himself adequate to even deserve such parents. Where his self loathing came from, he doesn't know nor does anyone else. When it was time for people to pick their university preferences, David decided to take a year or two off instead and go to Blackberry City...in order to see the world a bit. His decision did not come as a shock to his parents, who were concerned at his lack of direction and drive...among other things.

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