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Character Identity Information

Name: Aeslia. Pronounced Airs- Lee-ah. Nickname: Air, Windy.

Age: Appears about 21 years old.

Gender: Female

Species: Spirit of Wind/Cow Girl/Spirit of Lust?

Origin/Nationality: Federation of Spiritual Nations.

Occupation: Works at the Naughty Cow Dairy as part of Resource Management and Recruitment.

Height: About 173cm

Weight: About 53 kgs or less depending on circumstances


Physical Description

Hair: Soft, long flowing peach pink hair that, if not cut, can go down to her waist. Her hair style changes depending on her mood but if wearing tiaras, she has a strange 'fringe' where hair is pushed out forward in front of her face. The pic has a better look at it because I'm not very good at describing hair.

Eye Colour: A mix of blue and purple

Skin Colour: Light and fair.

Physical Description: Now with the addition of cow horns just above the ear, a cow tail connected to where her tailbone would be and extremely large breasts with what can only be described as gravity defying 'teets'. This girl, even before the accident transformation into a cow girl, would be considered by some as the ideal pin-up girl. Despite having breasts of such size that her back might snap in half due to weight and size factors, her posture and such are seemingly unaffected. No back pain or anything. Not even gravity can make her breasts sag, which is odd. The girl is quite lightweight and quite easy to physically pick up and her skin is like that of a baby's.  

Clothes and Styling: Her style changes with what she feels like, sometimes it will be royal and glamorous and other times it will be something quite ordinary and other times it will be sexy and classy. She has no consistent style of clothes and she just wears what she feels like. Most of the time she looks good but sometimes she fails at that.


Personality, Traits and Abilities

General Overview:
Very bubbly and outgoing to the extent people wonder if she is hyperactive at times, full of energy and kind hearted (usually). She is quite a feminine spirit but not of a traditional kind. She is more of the peppy, outgoing and active girl type...perhaps on the ditzy side because she has so much energy and is a bit hasty which can lead to accidents. She is not the sort to hold a grudge against people unless they do something truly horrible. She can forgive small to medium things fairly easily. She is naive about some things as she is still young in spirit terms but on some subjects, she has knowledge that would seem beyond her physical years. In terms of...sexuality, she is a bit of a monster. Thanks to the succubus genes passed on through the generations of her species, she can be quite promiscous and will acquire multiple partners for her 'harem'...as part of her survival. Normally, she is happy with a bit of innuendo or creating sexual tension but when she needs it, she gets quite desperate and...loose for a lack of a better term.

Wind Magic: She is a mid level wind magic user in human terms, which for her age and species, is about average. She has the potential to do much better but due to her love for sexual things, she tends to procrastinate on practice of her native wind abilities. She can control the direction and strength of wind currents in a medium sized area comfortably but doing it larger scale is draining. She can make powerful wind gusts and even cut through things with concentrated bursts of air pressure. She can also generate the components needed for to make breathable air for humanoid species around her for some distance.
Mist Form: Being a Spirit of the Wind, she can 'dissolve'/transform her body into the air itself. This allows her to avoid taking physical damage for normal and some magical weapons. Though this transformation can be done in 5 seconds in emergencies, it is quite draining on Aeslia (40% of total mana is used) and that it can only be done once every 6 hours. Changing back from air form to human form takes about 10 minutes (to get the casting right though the transformation takes about 5 second) and must be done in a safe environment.
Sex Magic - She is quite an experienced user of this magic even for her species though it is considered a bit of a joke because the passion she studies this form of magic with could be used to study wind magic with and no detriment to either. This form of magic is derived from the magic that succubi use but do not require souls or sexual energy to be drained. What people need though is mana, so that the spirit can siphon that off and use it to fuel their magic and existence. She can increase sexual stimulation and arousal of her partners by many times not only with her biological produced chemicals but also with magic. She can also prevent people from cumming or limit stimulation by using magic, grow a penis (herself only and only one), temporarily change the texture or even structure of her vagina, ass, penis...and other things.
Pheromones - Found in most of the bodily fluid of these spirits in relatively high concentrations, these pheromones are quite effective in stimulating the sexual arousal of those that either smell or ingest it. Although arguably weaker than the version that the succubi make, it is possibly safer for people to obtain, extract and use. The pheremone is found in the highest concentration is the...ejactulation fluid of the spirits. Ingesting this will most likely send one into a frenzy.

Sexual Performance: While this author's ability to describe her sexual aptitude is limited due to inexperience, Aeslia's own ability is...quite well developed due to experience. Her pussy is able to take a lot of punishment, in terms of not only the act of being fucked but also the stretching of the vagina. Even if stretched to ludicrous dimensions, after the act is finished, it will quickly return to what shape and condition in was when it started. It also doesn't get damaged very easily, even if someone is in to fisting or has a ridiculously large penis. It would require someone penetrating her with a sharp object to hurt it..and it would definitely hurt. While her ass is not as well developed as her vagina, it can still do things humans can't.
She is physically weak with low defence so she cannot physically overpower many and cannot take many hits. She is better at ranged combat with her magic.

Apart from the forementioned weaknesses of Mist Form, it also has the vulnerabilities of being able to be trapped by vacuum or sucked up. Weapons that can hit spirits can still inflict damage.

She enters a monthly period of 'heat' every year where her pheremones are at their highest concentrations in her body. Her sexual desires and needs increase dramatically during this period, perhaps overwhelming her. She needs protection from abuse during this period.

Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams):

To gather a harem of 'loyal regular' fuck buddies.

To not be alone

To help those she loves achieve their dreams

Hobbies and Interests:



Socialising with Others

Personal Sexual Information 

Turn Offs

Torture Porn



Being 'Impaled' by members
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Breast Size: Goodness knows!

Sensitivity: Rather sensitive nipples, to put it lightly. One of the reasons she does not wear bras is that her nipples get irritated by fabric easily. She has a fondness for her breasts being played with and using them to pleasure others though that was the case even before the transformation. 

Extra Information

Family: All of her family was killed early on in her life so she has no idea who was her parents were. Back at home, she’s been legally adopted by Racquel, a warrior spirit entity of renown in their part of the Spirit World. Aeslia had no daughters at present and is on extended vacation in this world. 

House: Currently lives at the Naughty Cow Dairy with several other cow girls. 

Car: No car as she really doesn’t need one.

Criminal Record: 

Streaking in the nude on the high street at several locations.

Several Public nuisance offenses due to having public sex.

Mental Disorders: Nymphomania. Cum Addiction.

Aeslia does not remember her biological parents as they were killed rather nastily by a group of Hunters, those that hunt down Spirits for profit. They do not kill them but rather capture them and sell them to the highest bidder. Whether it be for sexual pleasure, domestic servitude, cage fighting or whatever illegal act, they will supply fresh spirits for that purpose. Of course, this was before there was a heavy clampdown on such practices. She was one of the few of her settlement not captured as a friend of her parents managed to flee with her into the Spiritual Wilderness. There, the two had to survive for two weeks by themselves in that mysterious, unknown and dangerous place. They were found by a powerful warrior spirit by the name of Racquel, who often wandered the Wilderness for training and meditation. She led them back to the Capital where they were given a place to stay until arrangements could be made. Since Aeslia was so young at that time and that the person that brought her there could not take care of her, Racquel put it on herself to take care of her until the arrangements were made. It took a short while for that to happen but eventually, an adoptive family was found for Aeslia. In the time it took to find her a home, Racquel grew attached to Aeslia and considered her family. While they did have to separate them, Racquel and Aeslia did stay in contact. From then on, Aeslia had a happy family life. Her life was peaceful and enjoyable, full of happiness.
Her life stayed normal and joyful until one day, she went to Earth for the first time by herself. By this time, she was considered old enough to travel by herself. It helped that she also had a good education and was equipped with useful spell knowledge that could help her in case she got in trouble. However, she picked a rather bad time to go. There were rumors about slave traders lurking in the area that she was going to go to, rumors that proved to be true. While slave traders by themselves are ordinarily little threat to spirits, these ones happened to be equipped with certain anti-magic and binding gear that made them a threat. Unfortunately, Aeslia was abducted by them and bound by a rather powerful magic rune. With this rune, used by demons and their worshippers to train slaves, they hoped to sell her into sexual servitude. Spirits like her were worth a premium. Luckily, she was rescued thanks to the efforts of a female warrior named Ashley and Aeslia's 'aunt' Racquel.


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