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Yume Shirogane


Name: Yume Shirogane.


Seuxality: Heterosexual

Occupation: None?

Residence: Blackberry.

Race: Orphnoch Mutant

Gender: Female

Origin/Nationality: Japanese

Height: 165cm

Weight: 53kgs.

Hair Colour and Style: Short, well trimmed blue hair that goes down to the chin.

Eyes: Gray with black irises. Wide eyed.

Skin Colour: Fair/peachy?

Abilities: Ability to use PAS (Personal Armoured Suit) Codename: Phi's. Manufacturer: Armaras Excel Co.

Weakness: In her human form, when not equipped with Phi's, she is rather weak. Not that she's sick or anything but her slim body type is not exactly built for combat. Even though she knows how to defend herself, she just doesn't have enough power by herself. If she has a gun or something, she can do some damage. Also, Phi's has the nasty weakness of accelerating Genetic Collapse. This is because, to power it, the Orphnoch Mutagen and some DNA is burnt up in order to convert it to a type of energy. How exactly it works, only the original manufacturer knows.

Personality: Yume is quite a shy, quiet and humble sort of girl who is more comfortable being on the outside of the crowd than in it. More often than not, she'll keep to herself. She's a bit nervous around new people and perhaps a bit suspicious too. However, she can be quite brave and cocky when backed into a corner or when the situation requires it. It takes a while to get her to warm up to people but when she does, she is quite friendly and warm. However, she has some identity issues about who she actually is.

Physical Description: Often mistaken for a young boy or at least an effeminate male due to her lack of visible feminine features, boyish demeanor and a deeper voice than a normal female, Yume is short and of slight build, with not much visible muscle mass. Has delicate features. She actually has fairly large breasts but conceals them by taping them down.

Clothing and styling: Very comfortable with clothes that masks her feminitity or that can be worn by either sex.

Mental Disorders: Amnesia?

Medical Disorders: ???

Bio: Yume does not remember much about her past like what her real parents were like or where she lived...before being taken to the EVOLIFE biotech labs. She believes that she must have been taken at a young age if this was the case. She also doesn't like to talk about what happened when she was at the EVOLIFE labs, having attempted to block out and forget what happened during those times. Those times in the EVOLIFE labs were tough, undergoing experiments that changed her body to goodness knows what and having to be treated like a disposable guinea pig. While she did manage to escape this labs, she does not remember much. She gets the feeling that the reason why she doesn't remember is that she wanted to forget. She knew she was being transported from one facility to another in a secure convoy. Where she was going, she does not wish to disclose. Apart from her and others like her, the convoy transported new military gear especially designed for use by Orchnochs. However, that convoy never arrived at its destination. Driving through a forest, the convoy was attacked by a mysterious militia of sorts. During the chaos, Yume managed to escape with some of others but they didn't get far. The militia that attacked the convoy took them into custody...

Weapon Preference: Guns?



Hand to hand combat

Using guns.

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