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    • lVergill
    • CuppyPotatoes

    Welcome back Cuppy. =)

  2. main thread Our Daily Life

    I notice Shuya looking at me and I sigh since I will have to fight him but I want to do something special for Angela today. I walk to the busy Angela as I gently tap her shoulder to get her attention so we can speak our little private talk somewhere else more suited for us. "Angela, I want to talk with you somewhere private." I ask, softly.
  3. Link

    nothing to do..... lonesome 😑

  4. ooc Backyard

    "I've already got starter in progress for us, love ^_^"
  5. Today
  6. main thread Our Daily Life

    He looks down at her wrapping her arms around him. He lifts a hand and places it atop her head. He ruffles her hair between her ears. His black eyes dart to Vergil as he removes Keiko's arms from him
  7. ooc Backyard

    Oh, okay. =) And foxy isn't sad anymore. xD
  8. ooc Backyard

    I know. But I figured if I'm going to do it for you, I ought to offer others the same kindness.
    • King007
    • CuteNeko

    Hello there, how's it going, Neko? 

  9. ooc Backyard

    You got me silly. <3
  10. main thread Our Daily Life

    "I don't mind you helping out," Angela, who had put a white apron over her sleeveless black shirt and black denim pants, said with a shrug. Keiko stopped cleaning when she noticed Shuya, and walked over to him, wrapping him in a hug. "Shuya, are you okay?" she asked, giving him her saddest "i'm worried about you" face.
  11. Steamy Meeting RP

    I am a newbie here who just now signed up, but would you be willing to accept me as an RP partner too, Azumi?
  12. Sola

    Hey there, Sola! I am a newbie as well, so here's to getting along :) Hope we can RP sometime. Just hit me up with an ET or give me the name of the public RP scenario you wanna do. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  13. ooc Backyard

    *hugs the sad foxy* Please don't be sad. <3 Anyway, does anyone want to have a lewd side story with Angela and/or Keiko?
  14. Wassup!

    Thanks, Foxy :) Nice to meet you and thanks for the welcome. Thanks for the tip, I will keep that in mind, Hope we can RP sometime
  15. Wassup!

    Hiya there King007, welcome to EcchiDreams. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me or the other staff (we have purple names). Look forward to seeing you around the site, and hope you enjoy your stay. Sweet Dreams~
  16. Wassup!

    hey how's it going guys? I am King007 and it's nice to enter this community. I am looking forward to learning to RP here with all of you at some point or another. I am a beginner RPer, so I do hope you guys will bear with me on that. I do have a hyperactive imagination so that should help out some, but I hope I can rely on you all to teach me the finer nuances of RPing.
  17. 3rd Year Homeroom

    Keiko deliberately tried to ignore what Ariwa-san was whispering to... whowever that was. She didn't know him. Ariwa-san said something about an arch light, but Keiko wasn't sure what she meant by that. Instead, she tried to focus on her desk and getting it ready. She was anxious to make up for missing the first few classes and wished the teacher would hurry up and get here. She didn't say that, of course - she didn't want anyone to think she was rude.
    • ShuyaHideaki
    • Angela Daring

    "I like how we both have the exact same cover photo XD"

    1. Angela Daring

      Angela Daring

      It's Nick's drawing of the family.  So's my icon, though that one's just Angela and Keiko, but it's from that drawing.

    2. ShuyaHideaki


      "Yep, I know ^_^"

  18. Angela Daring

    Okay, I think I've just about got my crippling gaming addiction beat for the time being, and my schedule's somewhat open otherwise.

    Time to RP.

    1. lVergill


      Welcome back! =)

  19. NickWantsToRP

    Have you ever been playing Pokemon GO, and then something happened, and suddenly you wished you stopped living?

    Yeah. That.


    1. ShuyaHideaki


      "Nope, but it's happened to me with the mainstream Pokémon games"

    2. NickWantsToRP


      @ShuyaHideaki I feel your pain. There is a reason I don't like Ho-Oh. Stupid bird committing suicide, making me climb the tower again cos I forgot to save.

    3. ShuyaHideaki


      "Lugia, Ho-oh, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, and all of the other legendaries" #SoftResettingThousandsOfTimes

  20. Looking for a neko!

    Yeah, but I'm not a fan of roleplaying there
  21. Looking for a neko!

    Cool. I'll gladly accept you, sweetheart. But one question. do you have a google hangouts?
  22. ShuyaHideaki

    "I hope you guys like gangbangs and threesomes ^_^"








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    2. NickWantsToRP


      Yeah I agree. I prefer if it's consentual. Which is why I didn't like that scene as much as the earlier scenes.

    3. ShuyaHideaki


      @Angela Daring "Well, we all have our own tastes, and we all respect yours ^_^ Ah, shit... You just reminded me that I need to complete that starter for our RP"

    4. Angela Daring

      Angela Daring

      Don't blame yourself too much.  I kinda took an impromptu hiatus from RP because my gaming addiciton was riding me like mad.  I think I've got it calmed down for a while, though.

  23. public rp Cabins [RP]

    I notice Ise laying down on the couch to slowly remove her panty and exposing her shiny pussy to me. She began speaking while spreading her pink lips and see her pussy throbbing from the inside, waiting for some hot action. "Of course, I need to treat a young lady right and have a taste of Japan." I smile. I approach the naked Ise as I slowly spread her legs apart and exposing my rod to rub on her entrance. I felt her soggy pussy's beat as I rub and her erect clit bumpy into my thick cock already to take her.
  24. public rp Cabins [RP]

    Ise snickers as he felt around her crotch. She lies back on the couch, and slides her panties off, exposing her glistening lips, and carefully trimmed pubic hair. "Mmm, what a gentleman to be concerned about little ol' me..." She teases as she reaches down, and spreads her lips, exposing her opening to Vergil.
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