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  2. Laroy


    Willing to ERP! Dm me!~

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    Welcome to the site!

  4. HinaAmane


    Hi guys❤ Hope you're having a great night❤

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    2. HinaAmane


      i love being your princess❤❤

    3. Reven


      And i love being your prince gorgeous~ 💕💓

    4. Yuuto Hiroshige

      Yuuto Hiroshige

      Miss you! Hope you're doing well!

  5. EvangelineWadsworth


    I will be away for 10 days, so please be patient while I'm gone. I'll respond as soon as I can. 🙂

  6. Tactical harem

    Tactical girls

    I have some less THOT like girls but here are the attention grabbers
  7. EvangelineWadsworth


    Feeling Oh, So Bad

    Entry 4

    I'm angry, jealous, even. He fucked his wife against the window, our window. There is not ration to these emotions, just raw fury that exploded when I saw him push her against the glass and screw her. Reason dictated that I remember she is his wife, that I'd watched her enter his workout room and come on to him, but there was no room for reason in my  mind. That window, my window, they were ours. He should know better. Now, he had to be punished.

    I wait several days before I open my blind again, days that I feel his frustration and disappointment as deeply as I feel my need for him inside me. When I can take it no longer, I open my blind, letting him take in the low-cut dress that barely covers my ass cheeks. I'm made up tonight, complete with fuck-me heels. I pretend that I don't see him as he stands from his pushups, moving closer to his window. I look into the parking lot instead, crossing my arms under my ample bosom, lifting my breasts as I do so, and run my hands up and down my arms. I see him touch the front of his shorts, shifting his cock, no doubt. Finally, I lift my eyes to look at him, and he smiles, tugging his shorts down his hips. My pulse speeds up; he is a sexy man, after all. But instead of joining him, I lean back...just as my office fuck buddy comes up behind me. He wraps his arms over mine, pulling me back against him, pushing my hips back so that my bottom is rubbing his arousal. I watch my neighbor, and his mouth drops open, heat covering his cheeks, his jaw twitching. He's the one who is jealous now. 

    I stare into his eyes as my partner kisses my neck, his fingers delving beneath my neckline to fondle my breasts. I want him to know that this is his punishment...that I saw him fuck her in our place. 

    Although his hand is still, he continues to watch, his eyes following my dress as my partner pulls the bodice down to my waist. He watches the hands that continue to torture my breasts, his hands balling into fists. He knows those should be his hands touching me. 

    My partner slides one of his hands beneath my dress, cupping my naked mound roughly. He isn't a gentle lover. I have no use for those. He roughly shoves two fingers into my dripping cunt, no teasing, no testing, just raw strength. I bend slightly, my pussy clamping around his fingers, and I see my neighbor's brow furrow, his shoulders tense. I wiggle my ass against my buddy, his arousal hard and long against me.

    Without a word, he yanks my skirt up high, baring everything below the waist, so that the entire dress is wrapped around my waist. His fingers are still inside of me, roughly scratching my soft, wet folds, pushing against my sensitive clit, his hand soaked with my essence. I close my eyes, savoring his touch, imagining my neighbor's fingers inside of me, his cock pressed against my bare bottom. I hear the whir of a zipper being lowered and feel the velvet-covered steel of a cock pressing against my dark hole. I tense, knowing he won't go there, but cautious nonetheless. He pulls his fingers from my quim, and then I feel the tip of his flesh pole at my entrance.

    I look up again, needing to see his face, and I see a visage of fury, of lust, of need. We stare into each other's eyes, and then the cock rams deep inside of my hot, wet cavern. I fall forward against the window, moaning, my breasts squashed against the glass as the cock pulls out and slams in deep again. Breathing hard, I stare at him, his face angry but his hand jerking violently on his prick. I watch him watching me, and it is his cock fucking my aching cunt, pushing deep into my tender folds and thrusting fast and hard into me. 

    Hands grip my hips as he fucks me violently, roughly, slamming my body against the window. I hear the squish of my arousal as his cock works its way deeper and deeper into my body. Over and over I take his brutal thrusts, my body tightening, on the precipice of release. I gaze at him, and the unadulterated need on his face nearly breaks me as he jerks his cock. His eyes are glued to me.

    I gasp suddenly, my body trembling violently as he pinches my clit and then thrusts in hard, deep. My eyes roll back in my head as I scream, body arching as skyrockets burst behind my eyes and sensations take over my being. My body jerks, convulsing around his cock as he shoots into me.

    Time stands still. I feel the pulse of the cock inside of me, flaccid now. I hear my heartbeat, fast, erratic, slowing with each calming breath. I see his hands, stationary and sticky with cum. Our eyes meet. Exhaustion is mirrored there. He mouths, "I'm sorry," and I smile for the first time. I nod, and he smiles back. The limp cock leaves me, and I step back, closing my blind just as his wife's car pulls in front of their apartment.

  8. Harmony Frost

    Harmony Frost

    I’m so upset it’s hard for me to even think...

    1. Muramune


      I'm sorry to hear that, my friend.

    2. Aura


      Hope things look upf or you, sweetheart! ❤️ 

    3. Reven


      I understand that right now as well. Your not the only one upset.

  9. Kittyslave01


    Not this one
  10. Kittyslave01


    Not this one
  11. Tactical harem

    Realistic girls

    This is a random picture collection for those needing to choose a face claim for me as a female character
  12. Kittyslave01


    Good night everyone ^^

  13. Location: North-East of Kalath, En-Route to Enutpen’s Glory So many things were taken for granted! Tasting. Burping. Eating. Many sensations in general. Perhaps even mating. Had he ever mated as a Raven? She'd have to ask him later, figuring that Rayvenne probably didn't want to learn about that. But Luna did! Ever curious was she. And if he had mated as a Raven what would it be like in comparison? I suppose I might find out later! Oh gosh I can't believe I just thought that! The idea briefly flustered the poor bunny, but she tried to ignore it while she collected the dishes. A flick of her finger even levitated the emptied pot so that she wouldn't need to carry it! "I'll be right back" she exclaimed, skipping away to the stream nearby. Upon arrival she settled each dish into the grass save for the pot. That she dipped into the water, both to cool it and to rinse it out. It'd be less energy intensive if the dishes were already mostly cleaned. Each received a dip and their fair share of time within the running water before they were bundled together and, with the snap of a finger, all were made spotless! I love magic! With dishes cleaned she returned to the camp, settling the items back into their proper travel locations. Then she moved on over, sitting next to Raeghan. "Are you sure you don't want help keeping watch? I could take a shift! I feel kinda bad about having you do all the work." Of course she felt a little bad about maybe having sex with Raeghan too when Rayvenne was so obviously uncomfortable with the idea. But then she didn't know whether it'd be better to bring it up or simply drop it. Surely Rayvenne would speak up if she actually had issue with it, right? I hope! I mean for all I know maybe she secretly has feelings for him? That'd be really bad if I slept with him then, right?!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    "Yes mistress" He kneels not having the will or the desire to resist
  16. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    She lowers the restraints, trusting that she was in control. "I said Kneel"
  17. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    I tried to kneel but the icy restraint kept me up then I say "please forgive me mistress some restraint are keeping me up"
  18. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    "That's it, now you're going to wake up from this trance, but these truths will remain deeply rooted in your mind. In 3... 2... 1..." She spoke lowering the pendant and placing her face centimetres infront of his, "Kneel."
  19. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    "Yes mistress, I will be an obedient boy for my goddesses and make sure their desires are satisfied. I am a lucky humans to know the truth about how superior Monster girl are to human" I was completely hypnotized but I also had a happy smile
  20. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    "Good, that's it." she said, stroking his cheak, "Monsters are your goddesses and you will serve them within these walls, no request is too much."
  21. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    As I feel the warmth of your hand, I had a feeling of need to give in, to forget everything, the horror of battle, the fear so I say slowly "I...belong....to...you." after the horrible time he passed, being in the care of a monster girl and giving up everything was better than trying hard to protect something that never existed: peace.
  22. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    "That's it, I'm not going to harm you~" She speaks walking closer, placing her hand on his cheek and swinging the pendant infront of his face "Give in to this, you belong to me now."
  23. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    Your voice calms his fears as he understand you were not going to kill him, he starts watching the pendant and he relaxes
  24. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    Alice was far beyond reasoning with, she continued the pendant swinging back and forth. "sssh, just watch the pendant as your mind just drifts away."
  25. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    As you came in I say "I wasn't even born when it happened, I am not responsible of the crimes of other and it works the same with the monster girl" I had more open opinions concerning the monsters girls then most of humans as you restrain me and start draining my thoughts away I said trying to resist "please don't hurt someone who actually never hurt a single time a monster girl or you'll be no different then us"
  26. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    "Humans... All the same, you slaughter my kind for the crime of existing and claim innocence." she spat, walking into the cell and summoning icicles to restrain him. She pulled out an enchanted artifact, a pendant that just seemed to drain his thoughts away. "now listen here"
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