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  2. Alpha24


    Birthday today anyone wanna treat this birthday boy :)

  3. MarshallWalker

    Going up?

    Grant heaved and grunted as he thrust into her. Her pleading and moans encouraging him to go faster, harder, deeper. He tried to pace himself but she was just so enticing. The feel of her body writhing against his, the smell of her perfume mingled with fresh sweat, the taste of her lips, the sound of her moans, the faces she made as he fucked her. He couldn't help it. "Mmmm… Deeper... Like this, baby?" He drew his hips all the way back and slammed into her hard. And then again. And again. @Harmony Frost
  4. Alez was taken aback by the sudden light that emitted from the door. It was actually quite jarring considering the dark hallway they had just come out of, especially considering the fact that she was expecting to see the same pitch black void of nothingness she'd seen before. She shielded her eyes from the blinding light and when she lowered her arms, she was surprised to find that she was surrounded not by the server room from before, or even an empty void, but... a grassy meadow at night? Where were they? What happened to the server room? She looked around and saw, to her dismay, even the door was completely gone! It was like they'd stepped through a one-way portal! This didn't particularly alarm Alez too much as she knew she could return to Coelis at any time as long as she had her pendant. But she was still bothered. What was that light? Was this where they were supposed to be? Had that demon set up some sort of trap for them? Maybe this whole area was just an illusion meant to protect whatever secrets the actual room held... When Cassandra asked if she was okay, Alex just nodded silently before looking over at the woman. She seemed bothered by something which only had Alez more concerned for her. "Are you okay?" She finally spoke up, reaching over to gently touch Cassandra's shoulder. "Do you recognize this place?"
  5. Harmony Frost

    Going up?

    When he entered inside her Giselle’s moaned and reached for him. When he said he wouldn’t cum inside her she pouted her lips. She wanted him to. Still she resolved herself to enjoy the moment. “Oh God you feel as good as I thought you would,” She moaned, kissing him deeply. Every stroke of his meaty shaft brought Giselle closer to the edge. She loved the weight of his body on hers and the warmth and smoothness of his skin. “Oh yes! Grant, yes!” She panted, her stocking feet sliding and rubbing the sides of his legs as her hips bucked to meet his thrusts. “Deeper baby,” she pleaded, her head thrown back in bliss. @MarshallWalker
  6. Today
  7. MarshallWalker

    Going up?

    That settled it. Grant pressed the tip between her lips. "God, you're so wet and warm." He took a deep breath, then began slowly pressing inside her, savouring the feeling little by little. "I'll just make sure I don't cum inside you," he muttered as he pushed the length of himself inside her. "Oh," he moaned as he felt his pelvis connect with hers. "Oh, fuck. You're so tight." He looked into her eyes and stroked her hair from her face... … and then he started to thrust, slowly but deeply, pulling away and pushing back in, over and over. His breathing became uneven and ragged. "Oh Giselle." @Harmony Frost
  8. Harmony Frost

    Going up?

    Giselle hissed as he rubbed his cock again her wet pussy lips, teasing her. God, he was so good at this. Just when she thought he would finally plunge into her depths, he brought up his lack of protection. Gigi froze, debating whether or not to take the risks. She didn’t think he had anything, but what about pregnancy? She warred with herself for several secnods before making her decision. She out her hand and caressed his cheek. “If it’s okay with you, I say we go ahead. I trust you Grant.” @MarshallWalker
  9. NyxAvatar69


    Welp, finally finished another rando seed.  I ended up going on the great Hyrule World Tour for a Hookshot only to find out that 40 skulls was mandatory because a progressive Hookshot was on Water Temple map chest and I couldn't even go there until I got 40 skulls (because the other Hookshot was 40 skulls reward).

    Twinrova sucked, my bad accuracy cost me time on Ganondorf and I survived Ganon on 1 heart because of double defense.  General terrible movement at points and struggling to do damage storage against the Dinalfos in Ganon's Tower...somehow.  I was tired, and it was nearly 10 AM by then.  Overall, still tons of room for improvement and with a good seed, sub 5 is entirely possible.

    Also, mandatory Water and Spirit along with Hookshots being in the most backwards places can actually go fuck themselves.

    (Twinrova had Lens, so I did Lensless Well and had to learn where the massive holes are in the Beamos room, so I lost time looking up a map on Google Images.  I still hate Well, but can totally do Lensless Shadow Temple with no Iron Boots.)


    (I had 40 skulls, but I guess I was too lazy to mark the 40th one down on my tracker.  Whoops :P)

    1. Aura


      I never have played an OoT randomizer... I probably should at some point. 🤔

  10. MarshallWalker

    Going up?

    As Giselle slipped out of her dressed, Grant finished the work she started, unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it aside. He climbed off the couch a moment and slipped off his pants and boxer briefs, climbing between her legs once again. He couldn't wait to have those strong thighs against his hips, and those stockings rubbing against his sides. His cock was already glistening with precum. He began rubbing it against her lips teasingly. Then he froze. "Oh shit. I don't have a condom." @Harmony Frost
  11. Harmony Frost

    Going up?

    “Oh shut up,” Giselle grinned, gasping in surprise as he pawed at her breasts. She let go of him, focusing on obeying his growled command that she take her dress off. With a bit of effort she was left in just her lacy black bra as her panties were already on the floor somewhere and her thigh high stockings. She pulled Grant in for another kiss, purposely grinding against his now freed erection. “I want you in me so bad,” she admitted with s moan, nipping and sucking on his neck. @MarshallWalker
  12. Harmony Frost

    Harmony Frost

    I’m at work but will reply during breaks 

  13. MarshallWalker

    Going up?

    Grant's ego swelled at her words. When she pulled him on top of her with strength that surprised him, he felt his swollen cock brush against her thighs, aching to be free of his pants. "Oh, I just wanted to cuddle," he murmured sarcastically, punctuating his comment by noisily removing his belt. As she undid his shirt, he pawed at her breasts. "I want this dress off," he growled. @Harmony Frost
  14. Harmony Frost

    Harmony Frost

    I’m at work but will reply during breaks 

  15. Harmony Frost

    Going up?

    Giselle took great pleasure in riding out her orgasm as Grant continued to lick her pussy. Finally she calmed down enough to see him smiling at her. She let out a long breath. “You, are really something. Come here,” she grinned, bending over to pull him on top of her. Her lips met his instantly and she moaned as she tasted herself on his tongue. Her hands sought out the buttons on his shirt, undoing them frantically. “Those notions of yours, did they involve you and me fucking on this couch?” She purred into his ear. @MarshallWalker
  16. lVergill


    With the help of @Sunstone, I can now speak and I had a funny thing to break the ice but I lack the stuff to make it work on phone so into the introduction. 


    I am back but at the same time I am not if it make any sense.


    I am here, I will be here everyday just like with my Discord until the moment this site died so I will be here 24/7. We can still chat as normal.


    I am not here as in I will most likely not participant in here as much due to a personal reason. Although I had a reason but seeing stuff around here made me stay and also Hiatus stuff which I finally take after years. I will do all my ERP in Discord in server or mine. 


    Just wanted to let you know but I am free all day after work! ❤️

  17. Harmony Frost

    Will they or Won’t they?

    When they finished breakfast and headed down to the beach, Estelle noticed Max seemed completely enthralled by the different sights and people. Letting go of her hand so he could observe uninhibited. Not that she minded. That was the whole point of bringing him to the island. She wanted him to enjoy it. Getting together was just an added bonus. However Estelle’s opinion began to change when she noticed that Max was also giving his attention to the other women on the island as well. Including this skinny blonde bitch in a red bikini. Stella watched them talk and she noticed how the girl flirted with Max unashamedly and Max did nothing! He didn’t even acknowledge Stella! Her stomach turned at the sight. So is this really how things were? Did he use her as....as practice? After all he suddenly had a newfound confidence and now he was off flirting with other women. Angrily, Stella stalked out, heading to the front desk. She didn’t have to take this. She was getting that separate room. Today! @Xeno
  18. MarshallWalker

    Going up?

    Grant delighted In her moans and the way her body contracted as he worked. When she released into his mouth, he squealed in delight. "Mmm!" This whole time he'd been eating her pussy, he'd barely taken time to taste her. Rich, thick, with a mild sweetness that make her taste like honey. Even as she came, he continued licking her, toying with her just a little longer so she could ride out her orgasm on her still moving tongue. He pulled back and giggled at her, using his fingers to wipe her juices off his face. He then licked and sucked them clean in front of her, smiling all the while. "Mmmm… I'm at a loss for words. That was really something." @Harmony Frost
  19. Sunstone


  20. lVergill

    • lVergill
    • Temaelrin

    Hey Tema, where is the [Status Update] or public feed at? Either I am blind or the site change from my departure. Also, I send it here in case someone read it and could help instead. 

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    2. lVergill


      Bingo! But I don't have that which I ask Tema for his opinion since I know where I will find that. I can't make Status Update since the option to see that ain't there for me. T-T

    3. Sunstone


      I'll try one last thing, and then if the problem still persists I shall leave it for the higher-ups to investigate.

      On your profile, when you click on the 'Edit Profile' button, do you see this?


      Is that switched off? If so, that might be why you are unable to post Status Updates. Try taking a look there, and hopefully that should be it. Fingers crossed!

    4. lVergill


      Thank Sun~ ❤️

      That did the trick and time to make a post soon.

  21. wetnoodlestuff

    Burning of the midnight lamp.

    Was this a training session? Dorian thought as he observed Emi appearing to teach Chiyako how to felate him. Listening to her instructions, it appeared Emi knew what she was doing as she prepared to put him into her mouth. Yeah.. yep... AAAhhhmygodyes... she definitely knew what she was doing. He groaned, feeling her lips wrap around the tip as she slowly engulfed his penis and felt her soft, moist tongue caress him. It was amazing how she managed to look so cute even during such an... uncouth act. He squirmed a bit and clenched the sheets tightly, trying to keep himself from bursting as she fervently sucked and bobbed on his cock. Dorian emitted a large exhale.. receiving a moment of respite when Emi released him from her mouth, edging him. She had come quite close to getting him there, probably getting a taste of some precum.. but nonetheless, she licked her lips as she instructed Chiyako to do the same as she did. And again, his toes curled with Chiyako going down on him now. Only this time it was.. tighter.. the small hint of teeth, not painful, only added to the sensation. He writhed, feeling the sensation surge through him. The girls must have noticed as well, Chiyako freeing him from her mouth and both of them proceeding to make out with his tip as they proficiently jacked him off. His body tensing up as he white-knuckled the sheets, Dorian flung his head back with a wail as he erupted immensely between the two girls.
  22. B They finished breakfast and Max enjoyed it alot, they deicided to head out, Max and Estelle headed down to the bar near the beach and decided to sit there for a while till they got the boats ready, he was looking everywhere and seeing all the beautiful sights, except for Estelle. He looked at everything and everyone, a rather skinny blonde girl, with a red bikini approached Max, of course thinking they weren't together but Max could see Estelle visibly worried but Max was naturally a welcoming person who liked to make any kind of friend but maybe Estelle might misunderstand him. @Harmony Frost
  23. Elyana Natasya

    Elyana Natasya

    "G-geez...making a girl to do this for you. Such a perverted senpai...F-fine..since you insisted so much.."


  24. Elyana Natasya


  25. Natia was confused for a moment when Glenda asked about the "big day." What exactly was she referring to? The day she'd have her collar removed? Then she heard Glenda mention wedding clothes, causing her to blush. She thought the "wedding" the two of them would have was just been that simple bite he gave her the other night. Did Rowan really plan for more than just that? Was that normal for Keza or was he making a special exception for her? Either way, the idea of marrying into Rowan's family left her feeling ecstatic! Natia walked over to the fabric Rowan was feeling and brushed her hand daintily along it. It was surprisingly soft to the touch, almost feeling like an animal. This brought joy to her face as she began to pet the roll of fabric as if it were one. "Hehe," she giggled. "It's really soft and really pretty, too. They can make clothes out of something like this?" Natia didn't know much at all about the process outsiders used to make much of anything at all outside of the cooking she'd seen Rowan do out in the wilderness. She couldn't fathom how humans could take a roll of plain-looking fabric like this and fashion into any sort of clothing. Especially not without magic... Was it really possible? "When it comes to creating clothes with our magic, we just form it around our bodies from the elements surrounding us. I can't even fathom creating clothing without it..." She trailed off and her fingertips wandered up to her collar once again. If this was possible without magic, then perhaps she wouldn't be entirely hopeless even if she'd lost her magic abilities after all! Perhaps she would return to this shop at some point and ask to see the process of designing a dress... but for now, she didn't want to bother Rowan with unnecessary details. They seemed to only be here for a quick stop to set things up. "Well, if clothing can be made from this thing, then I would love to see it!" She smiled brightly up at Rowan, knowing very well that the two of them would match if she wore a dress like this. Staring up at the Keza, she then got an idea. She slowly walked over to Glenda and spoke softly to her, hoping Rowan couldn't hear her. "Um... so, you know Rowan, like, really well, right?" She blushed slightly as she spoke as she knew she was going to be embarrassing herself. "Do you think there's anything here I could walk out with that he would find... you know... attractive?"
  26. NyxAvatar69


    Um...what the hell did they do to Discord?  I leave for five minutes and all of a sudden it's...different.  Honestly, I'm not a fan.
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    2. NyxAvatar69



    3. Temaelrin


      Oh I didn't see this from where I replied on the homepage. But this has looked like this for quite sometime for me. I think they're trying to become the new Steam or something. I don't really know or care (About them wanting to become the new Steam that is, Steam is good enough for me).

    4. NyxAvatar69


      That's not really what I meant.  I knew about the "here, have some random activity" stuff for a while now.  It's more along the lines of "why are the notification numbers in small circles now?" kind of "what are they doing to you, Discord?"

  27. Temaelrin


    I apologise for the downtime (Between 01:45 - 05:15hrs BST) earlier. This was caused by a server security update, that required the server to reboot - from what I can tell, and the server failed to do just that. This has now been fixed. 

    I am getting sparradic reports over DMs on Discord and EcchiChat that the site is being unstable again. But I have not been able to confirm it; it seems to be loading snappily for me. If you're having problems please let me know. 🙂

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