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  2. Xxenia

    Dom male seeking Sub females.

    I'd be interested in an older brother / younger sister situation if you're still interested~ It'd probably be Mirada from this album. I'll be filling in her details soon.
  3. Xxenia

    Xxenia Female Characters [wip]

    Xxenia's Female Characters [work in progress] Ana Jujun'na The Unfortunate Nurse Age: 25 Birthday / Sun Sign: Occupation: Nurse. Recently completed college and getting a nursing certificate. Although Ana has studied a lot and knows quite a bit about the human body, she doesn't know much about hospitals, research, and illness. She has a lot to learn before she is ready to call herself a true nurse, and much more before she can achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. No matter how difficult it is, Ana is determined to make her dreams into reality. Likes: Healing people, saving people, science, medicine, technology, structure, organization Dislikes: Personality: Appearance: Background: Midara Gakusei Slut-in-Training Age: 19 Birthday / Sun Sign: Occupation: Likes: Dislikes:Healing Personality: Appearance: Background:
  4. The sight of Karma's fucked silly face, her tongue lolling out with her crossed eyes and that sudden wave of orgasmic pleasure that erupted from her, was finally enough to push TV Head. For the first time in the two's heated moment, an absolutely electrified moan escaped from him. TV Head sunk the student down onto his cock once more, letting the girl shake and scream against him. TV Head could feel his balls swelling as Karma's convulsing pussy did its best to milk him for every drop he had. A groan was forced out of him as Karma's explosive orgasm pulled his first drops of precum out from his engorged cock. "Fuck-!" TV Head grunted, feeling his body ask him to cum with her. But he couldn't, not just yet, despite how much his body was begging him to. Still, TV Head felt dazed and just from her orgasm. If making her cum made him feel that good then he had to have more. He needed that sweet release. Not even bothering with words, TV Head lowered the two back down onto the ground, putting himself back on top of the whining redhead. TV Head grabbed her ankles, locking them together in a hand to keep Karma's core nice and tight. With his cock still balls deep in her covered sex, he reached up with his other hand and wrapped it around her face. That drooling mouth and lolling tongue was just so inviting to him. Unable to resist the temptation, disregarding the chance she might have to bite him, TV Head grabbed her blushing face and slid two of his fingers into her mouth. He pressed his fingers down onto soft tongue, teasing and taunting Karma's mouth with them. Karma still felt so tight around him, especially like that, and her first orgasm had bathed his cock in her slippery honey. The moment was perfect. With her ankles and mouth held with his hands, TV Head was ready to start pushing himself to his limit.
  5. Karma gasped when he had lifted them up. She watched him carefully being giving an satisfied moan when she felt him inside her again. As he bounced the redhead on his cock she kept having moans erupting from her. She felt her pussy tighten even more if possible around his cock. She gripped his shoulders with her hands and she threw her head back, tongue lolled out and drool dripping from her chin. But then an sensation overwhelmed Karma causing her head to snap back up. "Fuck~I'm going to cum" she moaned loudly as she curled her toes and dug her fingers more into his shoulders. Her tongue stayed out and her cheeks were heavily flushed. Her eyes began to look cross eyed as she looked upwards. "Oi!" She let out an scream as her body shook, her legs shaking as she climaxed all over his cock. Her juices squirting out of her sweet spot and splattering all over his crotch and half way up his chest. Sweat beads dropped from her forehead like raindrops. "Cum in me! Fill me up~" she whined.
  6. An elicit groan of pleasure was pulled out from TV Head when he felt Karma tighten up around him. Ooohh, that's better, just like that. Feeling her slutty body squeeze him like that only made him fuck her faster now. He was desperate to keep Karma's pussy firmly wrapped around his aching cock. The wet sounds of their bodies smacking against each other mixed in the air with their moans and grunts as the fire of the destroyed plane gave the two a destructive ambience. But then stopped to let out a condescending laugh in response to Karma's challenge, leaving his cock pushing against her belly. "Aaahahaha, you haven't realized it yet? I've been taking it easy on you up until now!" TV Head instinctively lifted both of them from the ground, the two's feet now inches from the pavement. His hands brought her up to his screen and then shot her another " ; ] " before suddenly slamming her down onto his length again. Moving Karma like a fuck toy was so much easier in this position! His fingers wrapped around her petite body, gripping her tight as he started pulling her back up along his cock. With another move Karma was filled again with his meat, his balls nestled comfortably between her bouncing ass. The harder he slammed her down onto his cock, the angrier and faster he became. More and more TV Head jerked himself off with Karma's tight body. Their sweet juices splashed and sparkled through the air, dripping down onto the pavement. Every second in the air was spent using Karma like a nasty little flesh light, her ass bouncing, slapping against his balls as her tits danced up and down in TV Head's face. "Come on, make me cum already! I can barely feel this!"
  7. Moans kept popping out from Karma as he thrusted. Her breasts moving with every thrust he mustered into her. She closed one eye as she began to pant, her tongue lolling out. "Oh c'mon I got fucked harder than this when I was fifteen!" She retorted back but her voice cracked a bit as he did go harder. She gripped whatever she could on the ground as he slid in and out of her sweet spot. She felt her pussy tighten up around his cock when he went harder. She was loving it all, the roughness, the sounds, the way she was feeling. "I have quite a big appetite I hope you can live up to what your spouting!" She moaned loudly again and threw her head back, her back arching as well. Karma's tongue stayed lolled out as she panted heavily, her eyes staring up at TV Head, a doggish grin to accent how she looked right now. This whole situation was just so intense, and she was eating it all up.
  8. A winking emoticon flashed across the TV screen before it blinked back to blank. "Heh? That's not very hero-like of you, Karma. Aren't you supposed to be resisting?" TV Head chirped back. Oh, if only Karma knew what she was asking for. An unfortunate side effect of TV Head's mutation had given him the blessing and the curse of hardened nerve ends. It was going to take a lot more than what Karma was used to to make this one satisfied. TV Head's hands grabbed Karma's petite waist as he slid his cock back to her needy entrance before slamming himself back deep into her. "Oh, such a slutty pussy!" TV Head taunted back as he began to work Karma with his cock. He drew his hips back again an again, letting the two feel his cock edge against her entrance every time before slamming it back down into her depths. The more TV Head moved himself in an out of Karma's dripping honeypot the more he groaned against the pleasure of their friction. Slowly he began to make a mess of the two, his balls and thighs slapping against Karma, splashing their mixing juices onto each other with every thrust. "But you want this villain's cock, don't you? Look how wet you are! You're so pathetic, begging for the enemies cock like this!" The more TV Head talked the harder he fucked her, as though their banter was like fuel to his lust. "Just you wait Karma, I'll fill that whore cunt of yours and leave you begging for more~!"
  9. Sunstone

    Keep a word... Replace a Word.

    Phat Cock.
  10. The redhead gasped when she was suddenly dropped, what is he planning now? She looked at TV Head and felt herself grin when he was now on top of her. She flexed her jaw a bit, it being sore from the grip he had on it. But once he inserted himself into her it was game over. An loud moan floated from her and she closed her eyes tightly. She could feel her core adjust to his member, adjusting to it's width and size slowly forming into the perfect pocket for it. She could feel his balls ever so slightly tap her ass. Karma licked her lips and opened her eyes to stare at the villain, she rolled her hips wanting him to go at it. "What? Are you going to fuck me or?" Her question was filled with sass, her own personal little attitude. Her cheeks were still rosy and she still had drool on her chin. She rocked her hips again, a bit more forcefully this time as she made it where there was a thrust without him even moving and a moan danced out. "C'mon...you want to. You want to savagely destroy my pussy don't you?! Oh~" she egged him on a bit more, giggling and moaning at her own comment.
  11. ArdillaVerde93


    If all of the Legendary Pokémon and Mythical Pokémon fought, who do you think would win? Despite my love for Shaymin, I don't think it would be her. I can name several Pokémon, even without type advantages, who could easily dispatch her. So it comes down to Victini, Arceus, Mewtwo, Celebi, Dialga, and Rayquaza.

    Victini: Literal embodiment of victory.

    Arceus: Created all of Sinnoh.

    Mewtwo: Engineered to be the perfect fighter.

    Celebi/Dialga: If they come under attack, they could just rewind time and escape.

    Rayquaza: Strongest Pokémon competitively.

    If Jirachi was awake for the battle, she'd be a contender, since being able to grant wishes technically makes her power limitless. But that's a long shot. Jirachi is awake for only a week every millenium. So, obviously, the winner is Meloetta. No; seriously.

    Jirachi can be awoken prematurely by a voice of purity. I have to assume that, as a Pokémon based on music, Meloetta has a pure voice. So, Meloetta awakens Jirachi and simply wishes the battle to an end.

    1. karma


      Ohh I'm not exactly sure who would win. My favorites are Latias and Shaymin but I know easily which other legendries could destroy them. But I might have to say Arceus cause...well his literally god in the pokemon realm.

  12. karma


    Name: Smith, Lyla Hero/Villain Name: [unknown] Age/Date of Birth: 14 Chosen Gender: Female Sex: Female Citizenship: U.S. Ethnicity: Eurpeon Occupation: Hero Student Physical Appearance Height: 5'6 Weight: 137lbs Eye Color: Red Hair Color: White Physical Description: Lyla is a slim female that is carved out in curves, her hair is long and straight but she always has a gentle look on her pale face. (Optional) Hero/Villain Outfit, If any Reference Image: Quirk Quirk Type: Emitter Quirk Name: Frost Blood Quirk Details: It's basically the same thing as Karma's quirk but instead of boiling the enemy's blood Lyla can slow down the blood circuit or basically freeze the blood. All it takes is for her to insert the blood into her own system. Quirk Strengths: Powerful and easy Quirk Weaknesses: Can't put too much in her body or too many people's blood in her body or she'll get sick or pass out. Can only use it a couple times a day, also if she can't get close to her opponent she has to rely on hand to hand combat. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: She's a very shy and quiet girl, usually keeps to herself. But if spoken to she is friendly and sweet. She cares deeply about her family and her friends. Strengths and Skills: Friendly, protective, loving, open minded Weaknesses: Shy, awkward, gets scared easily. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams/Reason(s) for becoming a Hero/Villain): She wants to be as good as an hero as her cousin is becoming Hobbies and Interests: Food and coffee (Optional) Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: Teasing, biting/licking, domination, rough sex, double penetration, scratching Turn offs: Scat/Watersports, Vore/gore, abuse, rape, feet Penis Length: Breast Size: Large C's Sensitivity: Very sensitive around her inner thighs and neck Additional Sexual Information: STD History: Clear (Optional) Family Father: Patrick Smith Quirk Type: N/A Mother: Cecelia Smith Quirk Type: Emitter House: Student Housing Additional information: Karma is her half cousin, while the redhead doesn't know of Lyla yet she plans on getting her attention at H.H.
  13. lVergill


    I am going to sleep since it is already a bit late now~ I will get some reply in the morning so ni ni everyone~ ❤️ 

    Related image

  14. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Setting Specific Locations

    I thought I would add some more detail about the school while thinking about other character(s), since a number of characters will be focused there. Again, it is a boarding school. Isolated and gated in order to minimize unexpected visitors. All students live on dorms. The dorms have had some care put into them. Boys and girls are naturally separated, a separate building for each, and some intent is made to put distance between anyone who might already be rivals/enemies or seem likely to become such. Each room has two students assigned to it. The campus is designed to potentially hold several hundred students at one time (but this is one school in the entire world. While the population going through the changing is regularly growing and high school age characters are fairly popular, it is still a tiny tiny fraction of the entire population). It is a somewhat specialized school. While it does cover general education that would be covered by any other school, it also focuses on things specific to these students. Rules for how to behave under the masquerade and help learning use powers for those who have them but do not yet have full mastery. If the character's home setting was another world or a fictional Earth of another time period, there are also classes to help them adjust to their new homes. The memories of their previous life helps here, but it is safer to educate them as well. In the event fights break out, certain powered students and staff are designated to help keep things under control, to break up the fights and punish students if necessary. Dating is allowed and couples are encouraged to a degree with things like dances and other couple oriented activities. Only sex is officially forbidden, and while it is sometimes punished, it still happens frequently and there is an unspoken understanding that it happens often and most of it will not be caught or punished. With boys and girls of such an age, there are very few who won't break this rule over their time on campus, though the frequency varies significantly on an individual basis, as well as if they are willing to do it casually or only as part of a relationship.
  15. This is where the magic happens :33
  16. Karma's sudden act of. . .defiance? Caught the TV Head by surprise. He didn't bother to move, knowing that another attack from Karma would just hurt herself again. For that brief second TV Head had laughed on the inside but, when Karma wrapped her legs around him, TV Head actually gasped. Did she actually want this?! The eyes Karma was making ignited a spark in TV Head's core that electrified throughout him, exhilarating him from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. What had been meant to be torture was being flipped on its head, filling the villain with a skin tingling lust. The sensation of Karma's soaked sex suddenly pressed against his throbbing member had filled his head with a foggy mist of desire. Without a second thought, TV Head dropped Karma down onto the pavement, forcing himself on top of her. The feeling of Karma against him made TV Head's body move on its own, filling his fingers with a desperate vigor to expose the two to each other. As fast as he could, TV Head took his hand from Karma's sex and pulled his sweat pants down under his heavy balls before pulling her panties to the side. Karma's legs wrapped around the villains waist had kept her lower half up off the ground. With her shoulders pressed down against the pavement, TV Head the perfect angle to slide himself. With one sudden thrust, TV Head sunk his thick length balls deep into Karma's dripping pussy, an audible sigh of relief coming from him as he settled himself inside her.
  17. Yuuto Hiroshige

    • Yuuto Hiroshige
    • 002

    ~waves~ Hoi! Nice to have you here! ^•^

  18. Nyalanie smiles as she was relieved that Elcrest understood her reasoning. It was embarrassing to think of him when he was near, but she couldn’t think of anyone else. She only had her master, which she couldn’t dare replace with another stranger ever. Though she was rather dirty after some time out of the bath. She was even sweaty from the morning’s event. “That’d be nice to do together, Master. I’ll happily get in the bath with you anytime you want me to.” Nylanie says whole heartedly. She felt even more flustered after the kiss on her head and her another kind hug, so she couldn’t possibly say no to him. She then would take a hold of the kind owner’s hand gently, leading him to the bathroom as it always were. She felt a bit shy still, but bit by bit she slowly became nude in front of his eyes. She flicked her wrist, before the water inside the luxurious bathtub warmed up. It was always filled with water, but the normal way to warm it up took so long. She smiles towards her master a bit nervously. This was something that barely happened between them, as most of the time they took showers at different times. Though the times they did take a shower, she enjoyed it a lot.
  19. SataiRolePlayingGuy

    Several Different Ideas

    The first idea is a variation of Rule 34, original characters, taking the form of pre-existing characters: The concept here is a new technology. A bodysuit, that when you wear it changes your body to take on a form of your choosing until you choose to disable it. It has a number of uses but here we are focusing on one particular use of it, being used by certain groups to fulfill their fantasies. The idea is to focus on specific settings, conventions, clubs etc. Where many people meet, appearing as fictional characters. Unsurprising a number people use it to fill out intimate fantasies as well. Sometimes two people meet at random, sometimes two (or more) people agree to take certain forms and then they meet. The conventions may even have discreet areas that are actually intended for such things. The transformations are complete. While it can not give magic/super powers or anything like that, visually you become a perfect match of your chosen individual. It can even turn a woman into a man or man into a woman, change height, etc. It can match non-human characters to a limited degree (things like unusual skin colors, pointed ears, horns, tails, fur/scales, things like that. Though it can not give some unrealistic sizes or non-humanoid shapes). Unless you are meeting someone who you pre-planned something with, it is impossible to know who someone is under the disguise. These could be MxF or FxF couples (under the disguises it could be boy and girl, two girls or two boys, though there will be no MxM content either way). The character forms could vary vastly in ages and the true forms may or may not as well. There may or may not be content with one or both in their true forms here. Ultimately the idea here is a Rule 34 story, with some story, but people only pretending to be the actual characters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Super Sexbot Wars" (loosely insipred by "Super Robot Wars" In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, the name was just a pun based off the inspiration, the characters would rarely, if ever, be robots or non-biological in any sense. This idea idea is based off the Super Robot Wars series of video games, crossovers that mix many mecha based anime series. The games themselves are based around fighting between two or more factions of mecha pilots. This story is going to be focused on other things naturally. What happens between the battles and some of the ways people look for to temporarily relieve the tension. Similar to the games, the idea is to use mostly pre-existing characters with perhaps a small number of original characters mixed in. If you are are familiar with the games, or even just the series' they use for the crossovers, you know the character ages can cover a very wide range. I like the idea of crossover couples, focusing on pairing up people from different series, though some same series couples could be mixed in as well, so could originals paired with existing characters. While there won't be a lot of focus on the fighting (mostly because I'm not as good at writing that stuff), it would be interesting to have a larger story around the sex. I could play male and/or female characters and am okay with both MxF and FxF couples (or threesomes, or groups). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Brides of Evil" The concept here is the enemy has won, at a least a major victory, if not a decisive one. A major heroine (either main character or strong secondary character, depending on the story) has now been captured or surrendered and depending on the character the enemy has made her his wife, concubine, or personal slave. These stories will possibly start with the ceremony/ritual making her into such and then focus on the aftermath. These are stories ultimately about a man and a woman, though there may be minor side characters too. Sometimes ‘love’ stories, sometimes not. Some of the men will simply want to break the will/spirit of their prizes. Others seek a genuine conversion, to make her love him, a true partner and happy to be his wife and eventually mother of his children. The title is a little simplified. These couples were enemies prior to the start of the story. Sometimes you could describe the men as evil, other times they may simply be from another faction/country/world that fought their own. They may or may not be human. Again, the women sometimes will in fact be brides, sometimes not. Ideally the couples should originate from the same source. If the source is too heavily imbalanced gender-wise, there are a few options: Possibly bringing someone over from another source that fits well or possibly gender-changing a character. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fate Grand Orgy - Epic of Lust This is naturally based on the Fate/Grand Order game. I won't go over the details as I would prefer somebody who already knows what it is and enough to do this. For this I would be playing 'Gudako' (the female version of the main character). A girl who deep down has been overwhelmed by 'The Incineration of Humanity' and her responsibilities to fix it Her only companionship is the Servants, legendary figures of old temporarily resummoned into new bodies meant to fight. This is a story of a version of Gudako who seeks companionship among the various servants she summoned, both male and female. The game strongly implies many of the servants want this anyways, this version of Gudako is willing to help. I like the idea of it being my Gudako and to focus on servants I got, we can go over which ones that means.
  20. His voice snapped Miko's trance and she shook her head lightly. "Well, I guess time to ask you two questions." She murmured as she walked over to him and stood in front of him. The goddess' hand gently caressed his cheek while she stared into his green orbs. "Have you ever had sex before?" She just bluntly asked while looking down at him. But a pinkish tint to her cheeks told Gil that she was still not used to conversating like this. "And...well are you able to take control?" She asked the second question a bit more hesitant this round. She smiled and laughed softly, her pale hand leaving his cheek to cover her mouth as she laughed. "Ah I'm sorry for being so straight forward. I just didn't know how to ask those questions" she apologized, her voice still gentle. "But the knowledge I get from you answering those two questions will determine which girl you'll need to hunt down first." Miko tried to explain the reasoning behind her asking those personal questions. She moved her hand from being in front of her mouth to push back some of her hair from her face, looking for his reaction. She then leaned down and whispered softly into his ear, "and if you don't have any experience then I may let you practice with me" she was teasing a bit but pulled away and let out another giggle.
  21. Yuuto Hiroshige

    • Yuuto Hiroshige
    • karma

    Hope you like whatcha see. 😛



  22. Hearing Nylanie speak definitely help him clear the misunderstanding between each other and smile at how cute his pet can be when she is shy about doing such lewd acts in front of him. His hand gently reach for her purple head to pat her sweetly and calm her down since there is no shame for being a kinky pet seeking some help from her master. In fact, it did make her look beautiful when she becomes a hungry girl and slowly wrap his arms around her somewhat naked upper body to make her happy. "No need to be flustered, I am sure you need my help so no worry here. Why don't we take a shower? It has been a very long time since we did that." Elcrest suggest. The young master stretches his arms as he wants to take a bath with his pet this time and hopefully clean her dirty body with a good clean up bath. Hopefully, her heat doesn't disturb their fun time in the bath but he has no control over that and kiss her head to give her a push toward that option of taking a bath together while spoiling Nylanie with a caring hug.
  23. Karma huffed when he grabbed her jaw, she made sure she didn't let her eyes water even though it was painful. She shivered when she felt his fingers slide from her chest and down to her thighs, blushing heavily. I-I'm getting wet?! But why?! She internally fought with herself as her body reacted to his touch. Her sweet spot started to drool just like her mouth did with being kept wide open. Her breath even quickened when he felt her up. She wanted to rip his head off for making her body react this way, usually she's the one that enjoys the pleasure of making someone feel different. Well I guess boiling someone's blood is a way to make someone feel weird. When he kept going over her clit her hips bucked wildly in response, a few soft moans escaping her gaping mouth. Karma could tell she was slightly out of it from his microwaves. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying this and she should be trying to kick his ass but how can she when he's got her like this? Her bottom lip quivered as he kept touching her, her eyes shooting at his tv screen. They started to have a glint in them, and usually not the bloodlust type, but actual lust. A begging like whine came from the young female. She tried to move her jaw to speak but flinched from his grip. Karma then controlled her bottom half, swinging her legs up hoping to catch him by the waist to pull him closer to have him feel her core against his own crotch.
  24. Nylanie would panic for a brief moment, before trying to get a hold of herself. He thought she was in another heat period? She didn’t feel like she was in heat, but she was so flustered with the many thoughts about her dear master. There were so many things that she fantasized about, both romance and in bed. Elcrest was her only love interest she had in her life, so she couldn’t help but imagine him in every possible scenario. “O-Oh no! I-I’m not in heat! Your always good for me, in fact more than enough! I-I just got pretty flustered over what um... h-happened this morning...” She says shyly, She didn’t mean to make him think she didn’t like him, or didn’t think of him as much. He was way more than that! Though she can’t always just blurt out what she thought. Especially if it was all lewds recently!
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