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From the creator of Dragon Maid is the manga creator made just cause they wanted to draw titjobs (it true they admitted it) comes Chichi which comes off as a strange sexualized version of Dragon Maid as far as the art is concerned and has a lot of titties throughout the run of the manga.  
The basic premise of the series is that a young college student named Hiraku is looking for a new roommate to live with him. While online he goes to talk to someone he believes is a boy and allows them to live with him. However, when they arrive he is surprised to find the person who comes over is a big tiddy girl who loves crushing guy's faces with her massive chest. And from there hilarity ensues between the two characters.

Chintarou is the big tiddy college student who acts like a massive bimbo throughout the series. Her answer to every issue faced is to use her boobs and fuck her way through it. She is always asking our protagonist to help him with homework and is in general and total ditzy girl.

Hikaru is our protagonist in the series. His personality is very similar to Miss Kobayashi in Dragon Maid where he tends to be annoyed by Chintarou's silly antics but still makes sure to take care of her. You can see this annoyance played throughout the series along with their weird and strange dynamics. He also is working as a manga writer and has a deal with an editor and publisher.

Miyanomori is a young ghost girl who also at some point lives with them. I forget how she gets involved but she does add to the dynamic in different ways. Acting both as Hikaru's subconscious and also at one point growing a pair of giant boobs and placing them in his face herself. 

Sana Yorozu is Hikaru's sister who becomes jealous when she finds out that her brother is living with another girl. She comes in during the middle of the series and tries to ruin their relationship as she also reveal that she wants Hikaru all to herself.
Listen, I love big tiddies!! That is why I read this series. And if that is all you need then you get that throughout the series. There is soo many tits in this book and so much fucking going on. My favorite scene is when one of the characters dreams that they are surrounded by giant boob trees. It is quite iconic. And I loved it!!
There isn't much else here. Each chapter is pretty short and tends to be focused around one particular gag with tits and not much else.  It is funny at some points and I laughed and some of the dumbest stuff in the series but it is also a series that knows what is and what the audience wants. The creator said they created this for boobs and that is exactly what you get!!
If you want a little laugh each week then here is your laugh. If you want boobs with that laugh then here you go! There is nothing more that can be taken from this insane crazy series

Hey there, have you ever wanted the ability to make anyone you meet fall madly in love with you? What if I told you between that street corner there was a chance that you would be lucky enough to get the person you have always desired?

Today we are looking at a Manwha series known as Love Parameter that looks at these exact ideas and manages to do it while still a story that keeps the tension throughout high. Reading Love Parameter I have always found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next as the series became more and more intense.

A young boy named Young-Hoon gets a special pair of glasses known as a Holy Device that gives him the power to better communicate with the girls he talks with. He can figure out what exactly to say to them and learns many details about them. With these glasses, he desires to do what he always had wanted. Get a girl to like him.

Young Hoon is a hopeless nerdy young boy who gets the power of the glasses in order to woo any girl he comes across. The glasses allow him to know exactly what to say in any situation. But through the powers of these glasses, he transforms into a picky kid who attempts to have sex with every girl he meets in his quest to find the one who is right for him.

Lee Ha Young is one of the first girls our main character gets with. She is a young girl going through a lot of personal issues. You don't learn a lot about these issues at first but they become more notable as we start to see how clingy this girl becomes to Young Hoon in wanting to be his girlfriend. And it becomes the center for a lot of dramatic moments throughout these chapters.

Seon Ha is the very obvious girl that Young Hoon will end up, dating by the end of the series. (Unless there is a major twist at the end of the series). She is the only girl whose parameter he just can't see and we are left wondering about throughout the narrative. There is also the mystery with her as she seems to also have one of the holy devices. As brought up whenever she talks about not being able to see Young Hoon's parameters either.

When she walks back home after speaking with Young Hoon she walks in on her sister having sex with another guy who she figures out based on his parameters is also a cheater. Something which Seon knows well enough leading to her belief of "All men are disgusting" which helps sets up the conflict within the story with her character.

Lord Go and his low-ranking Angel also are another source of conflict. Lord Go is a Godlike being who created the Holy Devices and decided to come up with a plan to share these devices with the rest of humanity. The problem is that the other Gods didn't like his idea and have sent low-ranking Angel down to Earth to help collect these devices and take them away from any human who is using them.
These two add an extra layer of conflict in these chapters as the Angel continues to take the devices away from random men making them worthless without them and erasing their memories. Tension mounts as Seon and Hoon have to try and escape from the might of this Holy Angel.
There isn't as much to talk about with the sex itself in the story as a lot of it is pretty standard as far as hentai plots go. There are a few fun moments such as when Lord Go uses one of his devices to destroy the angel's clothes in public or when Young Hoon gets tied up by a bunch of girls who start wearing a dominatrix outfit and a whip and we watch as these girls attempt to have sex with him but beyond that, a lot of the kinkiness in the sex comes from the scenarios that have been set up.

Such as Young Hoon trying to use his glasses during sex scenes to figure out how to best pleasure a girl or what does Young Hoon does when his glasses are taken from him during sex. Each of these scenes can add that extra bit of spice to make the sex a little bit more interesting and it also makes the sex scenes feel more earned because you are now invested in what is going to happen next.

Defiantly not one of my favorites. The faces in the scenes can range from being pretty cute to pretty weird looking. Much of the art feels very simplistic in its style. Now I will say that as the story goes on the art does slowly improve but a lot of the few early chapters the style really didn't work for me

The art is probably one of my major issues with the series just cause I have seen so many other manwha that look pretty and stylized while this one just feels flat. From a character standpoint, there is a lot of times that the story plays on the trope of girls really finding all guys to be horrible. Not only with Seon but also with the Angel character. I do not know where either of these plots are going to go but hopefully, they go somewhere interesting.

Overall Thoughts
I really had a lot of fun reading this. The characterization is very expressive I found myself at many points feeling these tense moments as I wondered what was going to happen next. I was invested in the story and the characters with this story. Overall this is a very high recommendation from me!!!

Hello bitches, bros and non binary hoes!!!

Today we are doing our first Adult Manwha review. Manwha are Korean webcomics that tend to be in color and usually have long-form stories. In comparison, Hentai manga tends to be mostly made up of one-shot stories with a few exceptions to the rule. This what first pulled me into wanting to talk about Adult Manwha. I really enjoy following characters for a long time and seeing how things develop long-term.
Getting into the series we will be looking at today we are discussing a series called "This Doesn't feel like me"(My Stepmom)  or as I would like to call it....what happens when you find a milf in the trash can. Because this series is one of the greatest and most entertaining burning piles of trash I have ever witnessed.
Where do I even begin? A guy gets a new hot stepmom who is secretly also evvvvvill with a plan to destroy his rich family. They're a bunch more stuff that happens throughout the story, but that is the main plot. The series has a lot of cheating, deceiving, and of course lots of spicy sex scenes.

Jin Woo is a young adult male who has never had sex in his life. He has been rejected multiple times by a ton of women for his lack of sexual ability. Despite growing up in a relatively rich family he has remained sheltered and forced to live with his father.  This of course changes when he gets his new step mom who teaches him the more finer elements of life. 

Seoul Yeon is the young hot milf who joins the family. She starts out seeming like a nice woman who only wants the best of the family but as the story goes on she becomes more and more manipulative especially as she takes a liking to her new step son, Jin Woo, as she uses his in her attempt to destroy the family and still his father's money.

Sung Ho is the father of Jin Woo. His is the chairman of a big business and is quite wealthy. He is naturally the first person to catch on to Seoul Yun's escapades after she continuously refuses to have sex with him and even drugs him before taking money out of his wallet.

Yoon Ji Park is the girl who ends up dating Jin Woo. After talking at a bar the two immediately have sex. Using the skills that  Jin Woo has managed to learn through the previous few chapters Yoon ends up becoming Jinn Woo's first girlfriend. The two end up having sex multiple times after this.

Some more spoilers on this character
Ha Yeon is the young woman who is working with our milf. The two craft a devious plan to get rich. In the last 3 chapters we get a scene between her and Sung Ho when after being very sexually frustrated decides to have sex with Ha Yeon. She obliges deciding to use this as a chance to get more information on what is going on with her sister. This leads to a scene in which Sung Ho attempts to keep Ha Yeon around longer by saying....
"Can't you become a Gold Digger just for me?"
Truly iconic!!

This series is filled with scenes of teasing. There is a line about squash, a nice thigh scene, scenes of a character wearing very revealing outfits, but there are also these interesting sex scenes that happen when it comes to Jin Woo in which the girls attempt to teach the young man how to have better sex. Sooo I guess if you are a person who wants to learn about how sex works I guess this works xD.
A lot of the sex scenes in this series can range from great, fun scenes that really add a new level of hotness to sex scenes where you are like...I mean...yall could have just talked this issue out, but alright I guess we can fuck and talk....sure...
And then there are the sex scenes that are filled with tension because these characters always have to push the limits on how far they can take things.
Probably the sex scenes that fill the nicest are the ones between Jin and Yoon, but those are of course ruined when you start to realize that Jin is kind of a douche.

It very pretty looking. I love the colors all throughout. The way every sex scene pops with sound effects immersing you into each of the scenes is honestly wonderful to look at. This is pretty natural as most of these types of manwha have really great-looking artwork and I really love looking at each panel on its own.
The characterization of Jin Woo is all over the place.  The boy first seems pretty shy and innocent about a lot of things. Not just sex but you get a sense that he is super sheltered. This is why he is perfect for the stepmom to manipulate. But over the course of the 25 chapters, the guy has really become a massive douche which all culminates in the explosive chapter 25.
Also Sung Wo I felt pretty bad for. I know he some rich billionaire but daaang is his agency really stripped from him a lot through the series.
Overall Thoughts

Okay so like....as trashy as this series is I won't lie and say I was entertained. This story is a trainwreck that you can't stop reading. Every chapter I keep wondering what is going to happen next. Will Yoon and Jin stick it out or stay together? Will Joon learn to be a better boyfriend? Will Seoul get found out and sent to prison? All of these questions are keeping me reading, and I can't wait to see what will happen next!!

Hey there you guys! We are back doing a hentai review. This one is very different from most other hentai series I have seen. Having had watched a lot of Gigguk's videos I noted him talking about Studio Seven along with talking about what were he liked from hentai which was very vanilla with some spice thrown in. Now I have watched a lot of hentai over the years and I can tell you it is hard to find truly great vanilla hentai that has the spice that Gigguk loves. I mean this is the guy who loves Domestic Girlfriend and Rent a Girlfriend.
So with that all said I am happy to talk about Gigguk and Sydsnap's true favorite hentai called  My Marriage Partner is My Student, a Cocky Troublemaker.
So as you might be able to tell this series does not sell itself on the sex. In fact after finishing the series I would say that this series could be listed under "I can't believe it's not anime." This is a series that feels like it is being aimed at the female demographic instead of the usual male one, and it prides itself more on trying to be wholesome rather than trying to shock you with some crazy premise. It is just..well.. a much simpler story. Let's get into the plot!

A young teacher gets involved with her student by accident when she mistakes him with her husband thus beginning their relationship. That is the bare bones of the story, but as the story goes on things get more and more complicated between the pair with their bond being tested quite a bit.

Nana Saikawa is a beautiful young women with great figure for herself. If you look at her and at first don't think she is hot then the sex scenes will tell you that.  She is the character who drives the story forward and who we have to relate with. Once again going into the fact that this is a hentai aimed primarily at women. She is a very kind woman and tends to act very lovingly. And we see her throughout the story having to make a lot of tough decisions showing that she is very complex like a real character.

Souji is the main male character of this story. He is Nana's young student who manipulates events so that Nana thinks he is her brother because they look alike only for her to find out that it is him. This is a pretty bad thing that her student does and he realizes what he has done is bad, and it is played that way in a interesting but emotional scene.
However this interaction is the launching point to their eventual relationship. Throughout the story the young student tries to win Nana over now that she knows his feelings, and Souji gives it everything he has even at the detriment to his own health. It is made clear that Souji isn't a truly bad guy, but rather a dumb student who wants so badly for this teacher to love him back.

Souichirou is the last character we will talk about. He is Souji's brother, and was meant to be Nana's beloved before Souji changed that. It is clear this man is very jealous of what Souji is doing as he wants Nana just as much as Souji does, and because of that they attempt to battle for her love. However throughout the story you never get a sense that Souichirou is a aggressive character. In fact he comes of more passive throughout the story.

This is probably what I like most about this story. The sex is very sweet and wholesome. There isn't really any rape to be found in this story. The main characters actually respect the women's wishes when they say no. And even in the more intense scenes were you fear the worse the characters still have limits to how far they are willing to go. Never once did I feel like a woman was going to be hurt in any way. That was something I could really appreciate about this series.
The animation here is pretty great overall! The series is created by Studio Seven who are one of the highest quality anime studios. To the point where they don't just do hentai but have actually worked on anime series such as King's Game, or Holmes of Kyoto. They also have the ability to put openings and endings on their series. Something you don't really get in most hentai series
This song is a bop!!
Honestly I have none. The series combined is a hour long, and that is about 2 episodes of material, and they told a fully fleshed out story with emotions and characters, and because of that I really liked it.
Overall Thoughts
The sex was great, the characters were interesting, and overall it was just a really great hentai series that I feel comfortable recommending to anyone male or female. Because there is stuff here for guys to like as well. It just charming. 

Hey, you! Yes, you, the one reading this!
Have you ever wanted to have sex with an eldritch being?
Have you wanted that H.P. Lovecraft in his infinite wisdom made his unfathomable creatures sexy anime girls instead?
Have you wanted to fuck a God so that her offspring kill everyone and destroy everything you hold dear?
Have you dreamed about fucking a pregnant woman and getting a new child of hers six months later as a gift?
Have you wished for something to kill those who have wronged you in exchange for your immortal soul?
Have you wanted to meet a God who got so hooked on sex she wanted to stay with you for the rest of your life?
Have you dreamed of impregnating sexy but vengeful catgirls in a remote village as recompense for killing a cat?
Have you wished to turn the being that makes sure that the world's timeline does not get changed into a near-mindless sow?
Have you desired to be used as a breeding sow for mindless ancient creatures, getting your own mind broken from the unending cycle of sex and birth?
Have you wanted to have sex with a harpy nonstop until you died of exhaustion?
Do you have any of these thoughts and desires in your mind now?
If you answered yes to any or all of the questions posed above, then you might be interested in reading over

⹂Aiyoku Gensou no Kai -Cthulhu Pregnant-”
For simplicity's sake, this will further be titled as "Good luck - Lovecraftian Horrors" or similarly
This Japanese-made erotic comic drawn in the anime style, more commonly known recognised as a hentai manga, is an anthology of stories, where the characters experiencing and deriving pleasure from penetrative copulation are (more often than not) sexualized versions of many beings thought as "cannon" in the wider Lovecraftian universe, which is known for its terrifying creatures that can destroy a person's mind if they just gaze upon their forms or the structures they have created. So it's rather weird (but not entirely unexpected, since Rule 34 has been codefied for a reason) that someone has discovered a way to transform creatures and situations that should inspire fear into ones that makes a man's dick hard or a woman's pussy wet.
While the (currently) 8 translated chapters might be completely removed from one another in terms of narrative, they do each have a plot (some better executed than others), which plays out through the story and is brought to a conclusion at the end of it. This however makes it a bit of a pain for me to review their story, since I need to inform you about what happens in ~20 pages, without spoiling everything too much (although spoiling porn is kind of necessarry, since you do want to know what you will be touching your privates to). Therefore, instead I'll be mainly focusing on the exact ways these eldritch beings were lewded and how much of their original story/forms they have kept in this perverted adaptation.
So, without further ado, let's look at the 1st chapter girl!

Girl 1: Cthulhu
Ah, Cthulhu, one of the best-known of Lovecraft's monstrosities. A hulking green giant of a being with a squid/octopus for a face and a pair of massive leathery wings on his back. Somewhat imaginative, but still - he looks relatively humanoid. The author has however decided to lewd them into a buxom woman with green hair, fin-like ears and an elongated fish-tail, as well as scaled arms and legs that look more like gauntlets and boots, to be honest. Weirdly, his female appearance doesn't have any tentacles, despite the fact that in this chapter's 2nd page  the author explicitly draws Cthulhu's "original" appearance! It seems that the only traits she shares with her form as described by Lovecraft himself is the green hair and affinity to water (the scales barely count, since they are placed on gauntlets).
This chapter is surprisingly good in terms of story (even ignoring the fact that its from a porn comic) and worldbuilding (though it relies heavily on Lovecraft's own "The Call of Cthulhu"). If you took out the parts where our MC does the dirty with an eldritch horror (or maybe one could figure out how to incorporate it while keeping the horror vibe), it could make a good basis for a short Lovecraftian story. But, I'm getting slightly ahead of myself.
This chapter starts off with a decent horror vibe - MC is having constant visions of a, the drowned city where the eldritch god is trapped in with a few fishpeople. Obviously, since this is porn, the main thing they do there is fuck (Oh my god, what horrors!). Our MC has a wife, who had grown worried due to him refusing to sleep, admits him to a mental hospital, where the doctor straps him to a bed and tranquilizes him.
This forcibly induced sleep shoves our NPC's mind into one of the fish people, and after some short introductions lasting 3 pages, we get into the steamy bits. Not sure how to precisely describe them, so I'll just steamroll through them all - MC gets a blowjob from Cthu, bukkakes her with 2 other fishpeople, Cthu gets filled (in both her pussies) with the fishpeople eggs which MC is invited to germinate. The other fishpeople aren't happy that Cthu is having sex with only one of them for seemingly no reason, so she allows the rest collected there to gangbang her, with our MC laying at the bottom and just enjoying everything. After the MC cums, his human body calls back the mind that resided inside it, and we close off the chapter with MC promising to go back to Cthu for more sexy times, this time around while inside his own body.
Girl 2: Shub-niggurath
Despite (or maybe because of) The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young being considered a relatively tamer being due to her perceival as a fertility goddess, she might not be as well known to people as Cthulhu (although considering that to quite a few people Lovecraft essentially starts and ends with him, it isn't saying much). Her appearance has also been changed drastically, since her entry in the Lovecraftian wiki describes her as "an enormous cloud-like mass which extrudes black tentacles, slime-dripping mouths, and short, writhing goat legs", while no tentacles or goat legs can be seen in this chapter. The only goat-like extremities she and her daughters have are the horns, ears and tail. And speaking of the 'Thousand Young' that are in her title: they are supposed to be smaller, tar-like monstrosities that resemble trees with their tentacles acting like branches, but here they are simply younger copies of varying ages of the Mother herself.
As for the plot - like what the fuck??? It could not be further from the origins that HPL created - instead of her being a progeny of monsters that invaded the earth (which would have made sense), she is the head of an upper-class brothel in a demigod district (???), where her children serve as prostitutes who "let you do things you can't do anywhere else" if they have the cash to afford their services, which I would guess could imply guro (though thankfully, none of that appears in his book).
The MC this time around is a young man who arrived in the aforementioned part of an unnamed city's red-light district, and almost immediately caught the attention of a pregnant Shub, who offered MILFy sex and the MC enjoyed for ~6 pages, during which half a year passed, before they were interrupted by their daughter, who Shub had managed to birth and age-up in just 6 months while already being constantly pregnant with a different child/being. After a short WTF moment from the MC's side and an explanation from the Black Goat, they initiated an incestuous 3some, after which another timeskip happens, where it is revealed that MC essentially became a willfull bull for the two. The end.
Girl 3: Tsathoggua
Ah, Tsathoggua. Even though I had never heard of you before reading this hentai manga, after checking your fandom wiki page for your description I am rather surprised that you retained your main features. You still have your bat ears and tail, you are still covered in fur (on your arms and legs, at least), while having lost your massive toad belly and exchanging them with blue flames on your arms and tail, for some reason. Your demeanor has changed drastically though - you are supposed to be lazy and willing to constantly sit in your spot until someone calls your name to feed you sacrifices, and yet here you are rather proactive in organising an orgy and killing all of the participants (which is rather ironic, because you are supposed to represent change or adaptability). But I'm (once again) putting the wagon before the horse.
Since gods can't quite exist without devout followers (or at least people who are willing to grovel for some measly bit of help), this chapter includes the Voormi, who here are basically portrayed as orcish "ugly bastard" stereotypes, whose upper faces are covered by pig's heads. In the official lore they are instead displayed as basically Bigfoots or Yetis with troll faces. Though since this story appears to take place in the modern times and the lore describes the Voormi beginning to grow extinct around the time human settlements began to be created, I suppose evolution and/or mutations bestowed by Tsathoggua could have forced the change (though I have no explanation for the pig helmet-masks. Probably just an artist's interpretation).
As for plot... I really have no idea what could be here. Maybe "by asking for a great future for a nearly-extinct race, they earned death, because that's the only future they hold"? But that's mega depressing, so I'll just say that I couldn't find one (granted, I'm also rather tired at the moment), but if you can, please do tell me. The one thing I can say is this - after that soft and relatively comfy last chapter, this one came back to the horror hard, and that is pretty nice.
And here's the page-by-page retelling of the story this has - a young woman gets kidnapped by some Men in Black TM, who somehow managed to give her away to a Voomis settlement. The Voormis then near-immediately proceeded to use her for a ritual to call their god, the titular Tsathoggua, by gang-raping her inside of a pentagram. The woman obviously tries to deny that something like this is happening, which catches the attention of the god, who decides to kill the Voormis who are raping her as vengeance, in exchange for her monologue (which Tsathoggua for some reason thinks is actually a conversation) and possesion of her body. Before killing them though, he decides that after a long sleep a gangbang sounds fun, so he fucks the Voormis for a few pages, before taking a break, during which a black goop shoots out of his pussy and I guess starts to slaughter the Voormis that were responsible for the gangrape of the schoolgirl. Though that seems counter-intuitive, since she no longer has anyone to feed her now.
I'm too tired to properly think right now (I took~8 hours to actually remove the backgrounds for the girls by hand because fuck Adobe's subscription and Photoshop as a product), so the only conclusion I have currently is that a part 2 (and maybe a part 3 as well) is necessarry, since I've only written something about 1/3rd of all the chapters in this anthology.
And with that, for me it is a bit past midnight,  so I'm going to crash.
Crow over and out.

A Girl Fell from the 2nd Floor
Hey there you guys today I am doing something that used to be done on anime amino but hasn't happened in a long time. And that thing is hentai reviews. So fellow degenerates I present to you my first review of a hentai series.
Yes there is one!!
This is a nine episode series that follows, Sousuke, a man who lives in an apartment complex by himself. However the few interactions he does get is with his landlord, and the woman living right above him who is always practicing being an a actress. One day while rehearsing her floor falls apart and she lands right into the arms of our main character, and their sex adventure begins.
I would definitely say that this is undoubtedly an ecchi series in the form of a hentai. The story is filled with many fun mishaps and legitimately funny moments. The episodes while short (each episode is about five minutes) are filled with loads of fun moments rather that be the great beach episode, some fun scenes with characters in yukatas, or a date at theater. There is a lot packed into these chunks that really adds to you connecting with the characters. Speaking of!!
They are absolutely wonderful!

Sousuke while hesitant isn't a bland main character. He is aware of the situation he is in and has a lot of fun with it. In all of his scenes he is very expressive and energetic. He is always aware of his actions, and the feelings of each of the girls he is around. He is a very perverted character without coming off as a complete asshole. (Although at times he definitely is). Undoubtedly one of the better  hentai protagonist.

Cute outfit!
Suanao Unyu is a girl who knows what she wants, knows how to get what she wants, and knows exactly what type of protagonist Sousuke is. I love her! This girl not only bangs this man once but climbs into his room at night while he is sleeping with another girl and fucks him while the other girl sleeps. It is truly incredible.

Now for me on a personal level Yuki Shimuzu isn't my fav. She kind of starts out having that whole super strict thing going on. You kind of get tsundere vibes from her. Which isn't a bad thing, but she just isn't as enjoyable for me. She also isn't hot as Unyu imo either. But she does have a few really great moments and she does develop over the nine episodes. I like what she represents for Sousuke as she is the character that he most desires  from the start while Unyu was probably meant to be second place in the battle for his love.  Overall don't hate her, probably would date if she was real, but for the enjoyment factor for a hentai series there are other harem girls I prefer.
That it right?
Nah.  We got one more girl.

Apparently another girl was simping for Sousuke's good man cock and wanted nothing more than to have a good taste. Yuzu Hanazono is thrown at us in the last two episodes of the series, and definitely feels unneeded.  Yuzu had been going around saying she was his girlfriend despite him saying she wasn't. But that doesn't stop Sousuke from getting his dick wet from her.
Personality wise I really like Yuzu. She is very hyper and a super simp, but she is also the most anime of all of the characters in this story.
She is super fun, super sweet and lovable. If you ask me she is top tier waifu material!!
Okay so I think we all know the animation is hentai isn't generally groundbreaking in anyway. These are shows made for cheap for the most part.  The series is animated from a studio called Comet. They haven't made much else from what I could tell, but they are already putting out animation on the level of Bunnywalker. I meant it is really good for a hentai series. And it really does a lot to add to the sex scenes.
Talking on that....
Gonna be  some spoilers..I guess. I am going through each scene by scene talking about them. We won't be going through all of them just some notable ones.
The Sex
So we get a sex scene in the first episode as our boy puts his cock in this girl right as she falls onto his lap and immediately begins to bang her. This whole set up is perfection as far as tantalizing its viewers. Because you see my fellow weebs a fun sex scene might be good for all of you, but a sex scene with a good setup is just amazing.

Now some people may argue. Oh but it is so short. And while I understand that sentiment I found it to be a great length. Sex is great in hentai, but sometimes one scene can drag on for a bit too long, and while I also wish this could of been a bit longer I also can't deny what it does give was very sexy and tantalizing.  Rather that be the ass shots, the boob shots or anything else it really worked for me.
Episode 2 has another short scene with Yuki Shimuzu. And I didn't really like this one much at all. Not because of Yuki but because of Sousuke. While I do like this idea of fucking a girl in her sleep I thought the way Yuki went about it was really distasteful. It something I never really enjoyed most of the time in shows like this. I mean come on hentai protagonist show some restraint.
But hey at least the characters do always call him out for his lack of restraint in each scene.
"A booty call for real?"
So in episode 3 we get another great sex scene with Unyu. And this is when she became a fav for me.  This is the sex when you are sleeping scene done right. (Even though Sousuke isn't sleeping).  It is even better than his landlord Yuki is sleeping right next to him which only adds to the hotness of the scene.
In the next episode we get a sex scene with Yuki. And this sex scene I really liked a lot. The setup was pretty great and I love it when anime logic is used. Literally this girl's shirt just explodes randomly for no reason showing her bra. It is in a freaking closest with the two trying to hide and fuck. I mean this sounds pretty tantalizing to watch and it really is.
So now I am kind of going to skip ahead to the final three episodes.
In episode 7 we get a great sex scene in a theater where Yuki and Sousuke are watching Unyu perform on stage and this were we get our first ever public sex scene in the series and the best part was Unuyu knew about it and approved. it is absolutely amazing and shows Yuki has changed a lot to actually be willing to do something so daring. It is a great sex scene and I love it.
This episode also introduces Yuzu and gives her a sex scene, but while her personality is fun I don't think this sex scene really adds a lot. Sousuke watches her through a hole without her knowing before Yuzu catches him and immediately fucks him. It is fun but nothing to write home about, and as I said Yuzu is pretty rushed
So before we start to wrap up I want to bring up the dialogue or at least the translations. Because I think this hentai really is a laugh because of the subtitles on it. I assume they are meant to be official because they are the same on the big hentai sites but who knows. But the show has some amazing lines rather that be...
"Don't be a pussy and get this pussy" "All I need is a little honk" "Thank you Mr Dick" 'Please don't get dickstracted" and finally "No pricking with your prick"
Truly all quality lines. All worthy of Oscars.
Overall Thoughts
Yeah I like this show. It fun, goofy and I loved spending time with these weird characters. Really enjoyable. The sex might be a little pushed to the side for the characters, but the characters are fun and their sex scenes we get with them are really fun too. I gotta recommend it overall.

Pain Indie Ass - Baba Is You
- Baba Black Sheep... -
-Third Pain Indie Ass review (two and a half years later...)-

I have thus far come nowhere close to completing this game, but it's been forever and a day since I've written a review, and this is one of the most recent games I've played. For those of you who are new to my reviews, I will be looking at the gameplay, art, level design, replayability, and anything else I can be bothered to add.

Baba is You is an enjoyable game and a fucking struggle rolled into one delightful, minimalist puzzle game. The core of the game is to somehow make your way to the goal by moving your 'character', and manipulating both environment and/or 'absolute statements' within each level, the latter of which changes the rules of the level. An example of this may be a case where connected (movable) blocks state that "WALL" "IS" "STOP", and by moving any one of these blocks out of the sequence, you may suddenly find yourself able to traverse through previously impenetrable walls. Some of the puzzles can take some thinking, though, such as how to move which blocks where, and in what order, to progress.

I bought Baba Is You during the Winter Sale, just before Christmas, though I don't recall exactly when I first played it. I have played for over two hours, and thus far have a single Achievement out of eighteen available... I get the feeling this may be a while.

Art Style

Now, this one is a tough one; Baba Is You has very basic graphics. I'm by no means calling them bad, but there isn't much out currently to easily compare it to. If I had to, I would say it's vaguely reminiscent of the ZX Spectrum (is it still showing my age if the console is older than I am?). Either way, it has a way of sparking a sense of old game graphics, even if you may not be familiar with older game consoles.

Level Design

What can I say about this? The levels are all similar in size, but definitely different in terms of complexity. There may be one where it's a straight shot to the goal, or one where you have to push a single rock out of the way... Then there's one where you have to alter the rules to make something that could kill you movable, move it, then get to the goal... Then there are the frustrating bastard levels, where you have to alter the rules in a very specific way, to be able to get through something that could kill you without rendering yourself 'null' by altering the rule that says Baba Is You... As I said before, sometimes some levels can require some deep thought, if it's your first time seeing them (I went in blind specifically so I could enjoy the puzzle), and this lead me to getting stuck for a little while quite a few times.


I believe this game is playable with a controller, though I haven't tried, and have no real intention of doing so. I find that the keyboard works perfectly for me, and am happy to stick with that method of doing things. Although in this case, things literally consists of moving around the map, and attempting to get to the goal through any means available. There's very little I can really add to this section that I've not already covered, to be honest: It's very simple in terms of what you have to do in game,  but can be very complicated in terms of what you have to do per level...

Replay Value

Replay... Is it worth replaying? That depends. The game is wonderful in its own way, and a fucking bane at the same time. It's not one you can really play idly; sometimes you have to think really hard, and others it might help to just step back a little. It's definitely worth playing, I would say, and there's a lot of potential to do better... If you can memorise, or take notes, I can't see the barrier for entry to speed running being very high. Even if you just want to improve your times for personal achievement, there's plenty of room for that too.

Overall, I'd say it has some replay value, but that depends on how you want to play it, and how frustrated you get/if you get frustrated easily. Of course, I can't say for certain because, as I said before, I'm far from even completing it, so far. Maybe I'll edit this if I do complete it, to explicitly state whether I'd ever pick it up again or not?

You May Like This Game If:

You enjoy puzzles, especially if you enjoy a variety of difficulties within the same game.
You can tolerate frustration if it takes a while to come to a solution for puzzles.
You like 'format screws', or being able to change rules on the fly.
You want something to force you to think.


Baba Is You is fun but frustrating, and I'd recommend anyone who does play it to be aware that they probably will get annoyed from time to time dealing with it. With that said, however, I still have to admit that I would still recommend it if you enjoy pure puzzle/logic games. It will make you think (or cheat by looking up a walkthrough), but it's not a bad game at all. I'd suggest anyone to at least check out a trailer or something on Steam or YouTube, and see what you think of it from an outside perspective before actually getting it; maybe it's for you, maybe it isn't, but I can say that, at the very least, I personally enjoy this game so far.
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Saga of Tanya the Evil, or Youjo Senki, is an interesting anime. It's a tale about a young girl joining the military, climbing the ladder and becoming a high-ranking officer and one of the military's best soldiers. Sounds kind of interesting at first. Now, what if I said that she's was originally a modern-day salaryman reincarnated as this little girl by a petty God after saying he was an Atheist. Wait, what?

Isn't that cute, she just wants to devour your soul
First off, I'm not entirely sure why this is a thing in the first place, but Tanya was originally male. In her previous life, she was a modern-day salaryman, working your standard 9-5 desk job. He was pretty ruthless at that, basically the guy that the brass go to when they want someone fired. Well, one of those guys he fired wasn't really happy about it, pushing him in front of an oncoming subway and cutting his life short. Upon death, he meets God, although he refuses to believe it's God, instead referring him as Being X. The fact that he doesn't believe in God kind of pisses off God, so the guy is punished by being reincarnated in an alternate world as a little girl, retaining his knowledge and memories of his previous life. Being born in the alternate universe equivalent of World War 1, this world has magic. Tanya grows up in this universe's version of Germany, showing signs of high aptitude for magic. Seeing that being in the military is the quickest way to a successful life in this world, Tanya quickly joins the military at a young age, using her knowledge of World War 1 to help with tactics and predict certain events. With that knowledge, the with the fact that she's still cold and ruthless as she was in her old life, she quickly climbs the ranks in the military. However, she wants a cushy life, the life of those high ranking officers that never leave the strategy room. This new life is suppose to be a punishment though, and God is going to do everything in his power to make sure Tanya goes through endless trials until she's forced to believe in him, good and bad. Man, God is kind of a petty asshole.
Tanya herself is quite the interesting character. You quickly forget the fact that she was once a grown man, and see her as the psychotic little girl that she really is. In most shows, you'd hate this character. She would normally be seen as the villain that uses her cuteness to deceive everyone around her. Instead, she's your hero (I guess you call her that), and her levels of villainy reach levels that you'd normally find a cartoon villain, you can't help but laugh sometimes at how ridiculous it gets. The first episode, she decides to nuke the enemy squad because she wants to hurry up and go home to a decent cup of coffee. And the fact that she's a little girl doesn't really slow down her progress. In fact, it often helps her sometimes. Deceiving her rivals in the military, making them think she's just a sweet little girl. She also scares the crap out of the new recruits when they try to get cocky around her because she's a little girl. Also, since she was a bit of a bookworm in her previous life, she studies up on military law, finding all kinds of loopholes to commit all sorts of ruthless acts while still technically not committing war crimes. Taunting rebel civilians into attacking soldiers so that she can legally attack them, she's forced to announce a sneak attack so she uses her childish voice to make the announcement sound like a child's prank (this world has some weird chivalry rules to war). It's kind of interesting to see how ruthless this little girl can go. And another thing that makes Tanya enjoyable, she never really wins in the end. All Tanya wants is to settle down and live a cushy life, she wants to live peacefully in these tough times. However, everyone, including God himself, refuses to let her get what she wants. This little girl can never catch a break.

How can this be the face of a war criminal?
While Tanya is the main character of the series, there's a few other characters that tag along in Tanya's misadventures. Probably the most notable person would be her second-in-command, Visha (I am not going to bother trying to spell or pronounce her name). Now the first thing you might notice about this person is, "Holy crap those eyes are massive and creepy looking", and you'd be right. To be honest, Visha looks like a character that was suppose to be in another anime, but somehow ended up on this show. She's a sweet and loving girl that always sees the good in Tanya, despite how evil that little girl is. And her eyes are massive, they look take up half her face. It's to the point where promotional material released a sexy picture of her, and all I could look at was her eyes. Still, she's an interesting character, especially when paired up with a character like Tanya. It's hard to tell whether Tanya actually cares about her or not, but this moe-faced soldier definitely looks up to Tanya as a war hero.

I know I should be looking elsewhere, but all I see are those eyes
Well, that kind of wraps most of this review up. There's not all that much to this particular show. It's 12 episodes long, there's a chibi short that goes along with each episode that gives some comedic details to certain events in the corresponding episode, and a movie was just announced to be in production. I would personally recommend the sub, with Aoi Yuuki providing the voice of Tanya (Hibiki from Symphogear, Madoka from Madoka Magica), but the dub is still pretty decent if you prefer to not read subtitles. It's a dumb action anime with entertaining characters, and many of my reviews will be a lot of that, I watch what I like, dumb action shows and comedies. And with that, I'll leave you all with Tanya giving a prayer. Thanks for reading. :D

As my username goes, I watch a lot of anime, an unhealthy amount. I've found a lot of shows that were pretty great. I've found a lot of shows that I wasn't super fond of. After being pointed to this part of the site, I figured I'd give this a shot, see how things go. If this goes well, I'll try to put up more reviews of other shows. Now, it's time to raise our determination to fist, I'm gonna start things off with a review of one of my personal favorite shows, Symphogear.

To start off, this is a magical girl anime with tons of over-the-top action scenes, strangely entertaining characters, and catchy J-Pop soundtrack. The show is currently wrapping up it's fourth season and a fifth season is already in the works, so it's clear that this series is going strong. Sure it's not perfect, there's quite a few moments that leave you groaning and rolling your eyes, but the show is just a blast to watch overall. All you need to do is kick back, turn your brain off, and enjoy the spectacle.
One thing that many viewers will notice is that the show involves a lot of music. In order to activate their powers, the main characters must sing in order to synchronize with their weapons, using them almost like a tuning fork, so a good chunk of the cast consists of voice actresses that are also popular idols, such as Nana Mizuki (Hinata Hyuga from Naruto), Aoi Yuuki (Madoka Kaname from Madoka Magica), and Yoko Hikasa (Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD). The music is emphasized so heavily that there are times that the concert scenes seem to have more of a budget than a lot of other important scenes. The majority of the music is pretty catchy though, each character's songs having a different theme. For example, the girl that fights with guns and artillery has a bit more of a rock/metal tone to her songs, while the girl that fights with a katana has more of a classical Japanese tone to her songs.
Another thing you notice about the show as you watch, some of the weapons get kind of ridiculous. Sure you've got your typical weapons, girl with katana, girl who punches, girl who fires guns. However, things start to get strange like sword divekicks and guns becoming massive missiles. There's even one girl that fights with saw blades (I feel that someone watched Gurren Lagann and decided that saw blades will be the next big thing after drills). The main heroine, at the start of the series her weapon is arguably the weakest of them all, that being her fists, but after a bit of training and a few moments where she goes berserk, she quickly gets to the point where her fists turn into giant pile bunkers and she's punching her way through mountains.
As for the story, it's kind of forgettable. The first season feels like it's clearly drawing off the popularity of Madoka Magica, with the series having a bit of a dark and angsty tone to it, an ancient goddess summoning otherworldly... things while trying to build up a tower of babel to take down the moon to end God's curse on humanity and allow her to ascend into godhood (actually I think she's trying to get some of God's D). Okay, so the show starts to get weird by the end of the first season once the villain reveals her true plans, and the show starts to roll with that weirdness when the second season introduces their next villain, a scientist that you can totally trust by the end of the first episode. The mad scientist steals the show with his constant loud and violent outbursts, his twisted desire to become a hero, and by the fact that he's voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki Sakata from Gintama). As the series goes on, the premise continues to get weirder as the threats get bigger, and as a result, the action scenes get bigger and more explosively entertaining.
Of course the show isn't perfect, there's a few parts that aren't that great. I've already mentioned that the first season is a bit angsty and drags on a little as the show kind of tries to figure out what it wants to be. The second season has a few moments where you're kind of bored because the villain might've stolen the show a bit too much. Season 3 has a sub-plot where the main heroine reconnects with her estranged father, the only problem is that he's a dirtbag and the show makes it obvious that we have to care about him. There's also a brief point in the third season where the main heroine is refusing to fight, not exactly something the viewer wants to deal with while watching a show that's popular for it's fight scenes.
So, is the show perfect? No. Is it fun to watch? Yes. I would definitely love to see more people talking about it. I personally love the show for how dumb the story gets and how crazy that action scenes get. The music is catchy, there are enough characters for most viewers to find a favorite (best gurl), and it's always fun to wonder how the show is going to top it's last crazy stunt from the last episode. If you can get passed the rough patches, I feel that a lot of people can come to enjoy this show. I hope I gave a decent review, I hope that I've encouraged some of you to go out and watch this show, and I hope I didn't spoil too much of the plot (however much you care about it).
And before I go, I'd like to leave you all with this. ;)

Pain Indie Ass - Freedom Planet
- 🎶 I want to break free~! 🎶 -
-Second Pain Indie Ass review (two years later...)-

I'm reviewing this game as someone who has both played the entire thing, and earned every... single... Achievement. As before, I will be looking at the gameplay, art, level design, replayability, and anything else that may come to mind as I'm writing this review.

Freedom Planet is a nice little Sonic-esque indie platformer developed by GalaxyTrail. There's a good reason for it seeming like Sonic The Hedgehog: it originally started life as a fan game before becoming a standalone thing in its own right. This game can definitely be a challenge in places, especially some of the Achievements you can get, but for the most part it's a very simple "get to the right of each section as fast as you can" game. The (video proof) world record speedruns for each character are: Lilac - 32 minutes 47 seconds, Carol - 32 minutes 26 seconds, Milla - 30 minutes 38 seconds. I'd been playing it for thirty-nine hours before unlocking every last Achievement.

I don't know how long I've owned this game, or what I paid for it. I'm pretty sure I got it in some bundle or another, or at least a sale, so I know I got it for less than the full price. It's definitely worth at least what I paid for it, though.

Edit: I do not know exactly when I purchased this game or what for, but it was redeemed on Steam, via a code from a third party sale site, on the 24th of March, 2015.

Art Style

Honestly, it looks like some of the older Sonic games, having similar graphics, though possibly a slightly higher quality. It has been far too long since I've played Sonic, but I feel like the comparison is a reasonable one. I actually like that it looks and feels a little retro, it makes me feel kinda nostalgic, I suppose? Overall, if you like the art style of 16-bit games, you'd probably enjoy looking at this. I think it definitely suits that style better. If it looked like some of the modern Sonic games, I don't think it would look as good; the 2D style just... fits.

Level Design

Much like SMB, levels vary in size. All have several separate sections, but some feel longer either because they are, or because you get caught up in a swarm of enemies that slows you down immensely. Especially in later levels, you can get some troublesome to deal with enemies, but overall it's nothing overly taxing.

The level design is is a pretty straightforward "make it to the next section"/"run to the right", for the most part. There is a little backtracking in a few levels, and if you want certain Achievements, or sometimes a decent 'power-up' in a level, you have to go off the beaten path a bit. Mostly, though, it's just like any standard platformer game.

As previously stated, there are enemies in this game, and environmental hazards. Unlike in SMB, there is very little that can one-shot you, thanks to having a health bar. There are only two things that can kill you outright, and both are stage hazards, not enemies.

There are 'glitches'(?) that speedrunners can take advantage of to get through the game far quicker than I feel I ever could, but I've only ever used two. One completely by accident that resulted in a softlock of the game (no crash, but unable to continue), and one deliberately to take out a certain boss far quicker than I could have doing it legitimately. Then again, if it's left in the game, why shouldn't I use little tricks to make it easier/quicker?


As with most games I've played, this one can be played with either a keyboard or a controller. I personally used an Xbox 360 controller to get myself through this game, since at the time I played it, I was used to using it for a certain fighting game that I may review at a later date. I have not tried using the keyboard that much, though I suppose I should make an attempt, in the interests of seeing how it compares...

Gameplay is straight up simple; you only have to use the arrows/WASD and three other keys, or the analogue stick(/maybe D-pad works? I don't use it.) and three other buttons, which I believe you can customise. Avoid or defeat enemies as you run right, trying to make your way past each section of a stage until you get to the boss, then kick its ass. Boom, done. Oh, most stages have mini-bosses too. You have to kick their asses too if you want to get past them, with like... one exception.

There are no special bonuses for completing a level in under a certain amount of time, but there is a way to get extra lives, or bonus 'power ups' at the end of most stages, if you get a certain collectable in that stage. There are, however, Achievements for completing each level in under a set time. Yes, I have them all. Yes, some of them were a total Pain Indie Ass to get. xD

Replay Value

Calling this replayable is dubious. You have three characters available that all handle very differently, along with a few character-specific Achievements, which means if you're going for completion, you definitely have to play the whole thing at least three times, once for each character. There are also (on Steam at least) leaderboards for level time, and crystals collected, so I suppose it could be worth replaying for the sake of improving your time. And certainly you may have to replay it to get all the Achievements, if you take too long on a level, or miss a collectible card, or screw up an Achievement. But I think it's more than reasonable to believe you could get every Achievement in the three playthroughs.

It's not an overly long game, but it is fun. I managed to get thirty-nine hours out of it just going for every Achievement. It does also give you an option to wipe your data (which I haven't tried yet), which means you can try and get all the Achievements again. I assume it only deletes the in game data, not the Achievements on Steam, or Trophies on PS4.

You May Like This Game If:

You enjoy platformers.
You enjoy nostalgia/retro throwbacks/16-bit games/2D Sonic.
You like playing around with a variety of characters with different handling.
You want a nice, easy game to relax a bit with.


This game was enjoyable, and I would definitely suggest that anyone who can play it does. Even if you just try out the demo version or something, if it's still available anywhere. Also, just to let everyone know, there is a sequel currently in development, which should be released some time in late 2017/early 2018; I'm cautiously optimistic, because I liked the first game. It's a great game with a few challenging Achievements, but it's just a little short.

I'm only reviewing games I actually like, huh? xD

(Review edited to follow ToS. Whoops...)
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