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Advanced RP! Come to the beautiful island of Utopian Curse, where characters must fight for survival while trying to uncover the mysteries of this island.

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  2. *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* *Sleep and the land of dreams was no escape for Cassandra either, the harshness of reality always being present whether she were awake or asleep. Perhaps it was even worse when sleeping as reality no longer had any bearing on what happened. Could one blame her for thinking this, given that it was her dreams that first drew the attention of the Church of Utopia, the dominant religion back in her home world. Whether it existed anywhere else, she herself did not know or care. She was just a simple girl, born into a family of healers in a prosperous village some days away from the capital of Sylphenhold. The word 'universe' was supposed to mean nothing to her and yet it did and the fact that she blurted it out earlier was mystifying to her. She was supposed to know nothing of this...or much else. Yet, she did and she possesses knowledge that far exceeds someone of her age and station. How? She had no idea but she did not want to know. All she knew was that it bought nothing but disaster to her and those around her. Perhaps the Church of Utopia was right, perhaps she was the reincarnation of 'the Mother of All Evil'. How else could she have forbidden knowledge? Why else would the Church kill her parents and raze her entire hometown to the ground if it wasn't for that? It would have been better for everyone she knew...if she was never born. At least, they would be alive...that is what she thought. That one thought had consumed her entire mind since the day she saw them all die...and she wasn't even there to do anything. Of course, what could she really do? She was just a normal girl, right? It wasn't her fault they all died right? However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not erase her feelings of guilt or stop the nagging and intrusive thoughts that questioned her very being. If she were honest with herself, perhaps she was jealous of those that died. After all, their suffering was over now. They would join all the others in paradise, she hoped. Though...in all likelihood, they were as damned as she was. Well, according to what she was told...her very existence damned them all. Perhaps only with the grace of their god could they be saved. Surely...that would happen right? They were innocent, all of them!* *In the end though...there was no answer. No matter how hard or how much she tried to think...there was no answer forthcoming. Only sadness and regret...and the spiral of madness. No matter whom she prayed to including the Lightbringer of her parents, there was no one to listen to Cassandra's prayers. As the 'Mother of All Evil, there would be no peace for her for all eterinity. According the the Church of Utopia, the 'Mother of All Evil' was a mistake from their very conception. While it is a divine mystery how they came to be, the holy texts suggest that they predate the creation of this world and were an old foe of Utopia from long ago, banished to Nothingness for reality's good. Though they were banished to Nothingness, due to their powers, they still tried to influence mortals in any world that Utopia created. The era where Utopia was the sole ruling deity in its reality is known as the Era of Perfection. In this era, there was no pain and suffering for mortals and many marvels and miracles occured under the watchful eye of Utopia. All was good in the world and everything in the world was good. Mortals florished under the guiding hand of Utopia, reaching great heights. Though the 'Mother of All Evil' tried on many occassions to derail Utopia's plan, they always failed thanks to the Eternal Hero of Legend. However, despite repeated defeats by the Eternal Hero of Legend, the influence of the 'Mother of All Evil' persisted. In fact, over time, it seemed to grow stronger and stronger...until they Emerged. Rising out of the dark void that the Light of Utopia kept at bay for eons, her existence was and is the very definition of bane and disparity itself. A darkness so deep that even the Light of Utopia could not penetrate or dispel, a being of such evil that even reality could be warped and destroyed by it. Seemingly as powerful as Utopia themselves, their arrival signalled the end of the Era of Perfection where mortals knew no pain and suffering and lived in Paradise Eternal. In fact, the Emergence of the 'Mother of All Evil' signalled the start of the Fallen Age where man no longer could live in Paradise Eternal and all living things were cursed with mortality. Much was lost during the Fallen Age. During the Fallen Age, mortals lost the gifts and miracles they had gained under the protection of Utopia. In fact, they seemed to fall from 'grace' and from the heavens themselves and were reduced to an almost barbarian state. With the light of correct knowledge and the protection of Utopia seemingly lost, mortals were seemingly doomed. Mortals were splintered into many different groups...each fighting for whatever scraps they could find and under whatever banner they could make. There was no longer one god but many different gods and many different goods, all fighting and competing with each other for followers.* *However, as the Church of Utopia maintains, Utopia has their Divine Plan and all mortals are part of their Divine Plan. If it was the case that the 'Mother of All Evil' emerged despite everything, then it must have been preordained as part of the Divine Plan. Perhaps it was punishment for mortals' lack of faith or judgement against mortals for their sins. Whatever the reason, the Fallen Age occured and man was cast from its paradise. Even the Eternal Hero of Legend seemed to disappear during this era. However, Utopia never lost its belief in mortals and despite everything, picked up the pieces of the broken world and started to rebuild. It took ages for mortals to return to a state resembling polite society and it was thanks to The Church of Utopia. Even during the Fallen Age, there were those that still believed in Utopia and maintained its existence. Those people, the great Disciples, would prove to be instrumental in rebuilding the world where Cassie was born...or so was said. Whether it had any relation to the truth as it happened didn't really matter in the end. It served its function of creating a story that justified the order and relative peace the people of Sylphenhold and other cities like it experienced. Under the banner of the Church of Utopia, the mortals of Cassie's world were united once again.* *Around and around her mind the vexacious thoughts went, never stopping and never resting. Much like mortal history, the thoughts in Cassie's mind looped over and over, causing her mind to twist and contort itself to try to hold itself together. Was there any use to this though, her struggle?* *As the storm rolled over and the pitch black darkness of night fell, the cave fell into a maddening silence. Apart from Cassandra's soft breathing as she slept and the wind blowing outside the cave, it was strangely quiet. Sure, there were most likely wild animals and beasts outside but for some reason, none dared to come close to the cave. Even if this was a natural shelter from the elements, no animal seemed to want to venture towards this cave. Was something amiss or was it just good fortune?*
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    Location: On the Northern side of the central Mountain range. Dezrin was not expecting a response from her, and he didn’t say anything more so that she could rest quietly. He kept his gaze on the forest, while keeping an ear out for his companion. He listened as her breathing slowly evened out, indicating that she was asleep. He tore his eyes from the forest to look at her sleeping form. After a moment, he reached up to gently brush some of her hair from her face. He hummed softly, humming a tune that was popular with lullabies. He had composed several himself for his children, but he had no words for Cassandra. He hoped that the tune itself would help calm her and improve her dreams. It was his attempt to let her unconscious mind know that she was safe, and that he was here for her. Even as he hummed softly, he turned his attention back out towards the forest as the thunder began to get quieter, indicating that the storm had rolled over them and was heading further inland. The rain was beginning to let up, and most of what he could hear now was the pittering of droplets raining from the trees above. It began to get harder to see the further the sun sank below the horizon, plunging the world into darkness. All Dezrin could do was remain awake and alert, ready to react to any kind of danger.
  4. *Charming as his smiles might be to other people, they were lost on Cassandra as she was now. The concept of 'charming' no longer existed in her dictionary, as were many other concepts that would ordinarily be there. As bare as her dictionary was of terms, it was not yet empty. For a moment, she wondered if the original inhabitants of this cave would return. Certainly, if they did, they would perhaps be pleased since they would have more food to eat. Whether or not she survived such an encounter did not matter much to Cassandra, death was meaningless here for her as was escape. Though she did not know him long, she hoped if worse came to worse, that Dezrin would escape rather than stay and die with her. She knew not whether he could fight against anything on this island. All she could figure was that she was a burden. Though as tired as she was, she couldn't help but resist the urge to sleep. Sleep was when the nightmares came, when the dreams came. It was those dreams among other things that got her into this mess in the first place. When Dezrin suggested that she should sleep, she almost had the urge to laugh at him. But fortunately, fatigue prevented her from doing anything. Such as her life was now that freedom of choice had no implications for her as she had neither. Perhaps she just just lie down for now. There was nothing else to do...and leaving this cave was no option. It didn't take long for Cassandra to drop off to a seemingly quiet slumber...thhough peaceful it would not be for her.*
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    Aurora is still free as well! I haven't gotten around to discussing any possibilities to roleplay with anyone, but if you have an interest in her then feel free to share!
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    Welcome @SilverGirl20. Feel free to post and get your character into the swing of things. At the moment, as most of my characters are still WIP, Lexi is the only one who is free. Dezrin is busy with Cassandra, and won't be interested in much interaction with others right now as he wants to focus himself completely on her.
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    From the album: SilverGirl20 Utopian Curse Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Aria Age: 25 Gender: Female Species: Human Origin: She is from the future. There was a devastating war that caused the entire human race to come together after every human on earth was nearly whipped out. It knocked the population down to 10,000 people. The new nation considers themselves to be Earthians rather then separating themselves into nationalities, because this divide was one of the reasons for the war. Nationality: Earthian Speciality: Cooking, Gardening, and Scavenging Universe: Futuristic society on Earth Time Taken: 2040 Physical Appearance Height: 5'3 Weight: 130 Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: light brown Physical Description: She looks cute because of her planets advanced technology. The oldest person to date was 280 so she it considered vary young. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: She is cute and innocent or at least she tries to be. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: She is good with a knife and fast. She is crafty. Weaknesses: shes not vary strong or technologically smart. Ambitions: She wanted to open her own restaurant but now she just dreams of getting back to earth. Hobbies and Interests: she loves cooking and crafting things. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Turn ons: being dominated, chased, pinned, bullied, pounded, while she pretends she doesnt like it. Turn offs: having someone submit to her, scat, pee, or hair in her mouth. Breast Size: D Sensitivity: Ass, pussy, and chest Other info: Shes a vergin History Awards/Commendations: She had a degree in health and wellness. Criminal Record: The worst she has done is steal food. Bio: She was 10 when the war started and lost both of her parents to it. The war only lasted 3 years. It ended because multiple nuclear bombs were fired and nearly destroyed the planet. She was forced to servive on her own in a world that was falling apart. She was forced to steal food and live in hiding. When she was 15, she got to whiteness the survivors coming together and forming a new nation. Life was still hard but it got better. To prevent another war from happening all the survivors agreed to never judge each other because of their differences. Those that didnt listen were quickly executed. For the next 10 years, she was trained in her world's version of college and got her degree. Meanwhile she got a job as a maid at a restaurant and hoped to save enough money to build her own restaurant.
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    Location: On the Northern side of the central Mountain range. Dezrin could hear Cassandra shifting around behind him, but chose instead to concentrate on staring out into the forest. Due to the heavy, dark clouds, the forest was dim, preventing him from being able to see that far into the forest. The leaves seemed to shiver as the thunder rumbled in a discontented fashion, as if annoyed that they had managed to seek shelter. He found it quite soothing to listen to the rain and the soft rumbling of the thunder, allowing him to relax. He still remained on guard, though, just in case something or someone attacked them. Cassandra was defenseless right now, and it was up to him to ensure that she was safe. When he heard her voice, he turned his head to look at her. He gave her one of his charming smiles as he shook his head, “I won’t. The clothes look good on you. Really bring out your eyes.” He told her before he looked back out into the rain, “It might be a good idea for you to get some sleep. You’re exhausted, and need the rest now that you’ve had some nutrients. You’ll feel better when you wake up. I will keep watch over you, so that you’re safe.” He looked back at her to see what she would say. He knew she didn’t trust him, but she needed to sleep at some point, and he wasn’t that concerned for himself. He could go several days before the dire need for sleep came to him, and she was in an exhausted state meaning that she was in much more need of it than he was.
  9. *If Cassandra were in the mood, she would have laughed at Dezrin's comment but alas she couldn't even manage a smirk. She watched as Dezrin rummaged through his pack and pile the clothes neatly on her lap. She noticed that the clothes were strangely suited to any gender, which was different to how clothes would be back home. Not that she minded what she was given at this point but it just seemed to add more credence to this man's story like all the other strange phenomenon that she experienced on this island, including the obvious ones. When he said he was going to turn around to give her some privacy, Cassandra was going to ask him why he would bother with such a thing given that she had been naked all this time. But she figured it was just a way to make her feel more comfortable around him, even though Cassandra figured such a trifling thing wouldn't matter. As the man turned around, she decided to put the clothes on as there was really no point not doing so. If the clothes were somehow cursed with some nasty effect, it would hardly matter to Cassandra. It would have to be one hell of a curse to cancel out or override the curses she was already under. She could sense nothing abnormal about the clothes she had been given, it just seemed to be regular clothes. Slowly and carefully, she got up and started to put on the clothes she had been given. She had little idea of the material they were made from but they seemed to be of the light yet hardy variety. The fact that they were also comfortable made her wonder if this material was foreign to her world as well in some regards. Perhaps it was made from material whose existence and presence had been lost in her world. Whatever the case was, at least she had clothing to wear. Now, Dezrin had mentioned that the cloak was one that regulated body temperature. She was still a bit skeptical of that but given everything else he had said had lined up, she had little reason to doubt. She was very sure that the cloak was more than a simple cloak, while she could not sense any magic in it, there had to be something else to it. Probably some sort of technology, which was not available on her world. After she had put on the clothing, including the cloak, she could feel her body temperature becoming more stable.* "...You can turn around now...Dezrin." Cassandra replied in a uncertain tone. "I hope you don't regret the decision to lend me clothes."
  10. Location: Earth, the fast food joint where Leon eat before he is transfered. A buxom blonde is entering the fast food joint and silently follows a brunnete in front of him, which is not other than the most ignorant human in the history, aka Leon Dimitri himself. Few men take their eyes to see this girl as she has a pretty sexy body beneath her pink dress that is quite closed enough. Many know but Leon himself knew but pretend to not know that there is one blonde girl that follows him since he came to this fast food joint. This girl, Claire Graham, is ordering some food and purposedly sitting in the seat table right next of this super ignorant yet super powerful magic user, Leon himself didn't care about her and just eating his food. As long as she doesn't act like a clingy girl and cling on him like always, he will pay no mind on who is who. Leon is a simply too ignorant and maybe this ignorance will bring him something bad. Claire is shaking her hips as a sign of embarassment and try to talk to Leon, she has a feeling that she can't be too far from this Leon guy. "H-Hey, Leo... Whhaaa!!!" She don't even have a chance to greet him. Yet, she is also pulled to that said shining paper, which is the last thing she saw before Leon, his finished foods, and an old man. Claire even dont know who he is, but definitely this old person is a threat both to Leon and Claire herself. At least, she was greatful that God heard her prayers all along, it is to have Claire herself always be with Leon the ignorant magician in his side and always go the same place as his. But she doesn't like the idea of bring brought to another place, which it should have been deadly. She is a pure normal human that only have her body and beauty as her main selling point, and maybe some skills that any normal human woman can possibly have to make a "good house" with Leon. She thinks of Leon as someone that she wants to be and already know him for a good while to make an approach to Leon. Location: Somewhere around the beach in the island She was stranded in some part of an island but she was a quite far away from Leon. She decided to wake up as she is also falling to the island and being like a stranded woman in this place. This blonde starts to search for any resources that she knew and it seems she found a banana and her imagination gone wild as she saw a banana tree. She is imagining something but it is related to Leon any other ways, but she snapped it out from her mind. She does aware that this place is kind of a dangerous place and she can feel many of the beasts are waiting in this island to take on her and kill her. This makes her to remember that... She. Has. To. Find. Leon. Quickly. * It seems Claire may have been to clingy to Leon, but it is for survival. Claire also doesn't know any strong entity and strong person other than Leon himself. But else than that, she just wants to be with him ever since she met him again after few years of separation, like something in her heart refuse any men but Leon. So, being with Leon is the best for her and for himself to. Claire know that she won't be a burden to Leon and will do the best to fulfil his wishes, even the most naughty ones. She is tracking Leon and search for him, and she has a hunch that Leon is nearby and she is more than ready to met him after eating some bananas and drink some water from nearby clean water source that she luckily found but she never knew who was the owner, it is by her own dumb luck. In before she can see a storm being disturbing her, She have to find Leon sooner or she will be sick due to the storm that is happening, but again, she is a normal human so maybe the storm will do something to both Leon and Claire. Leon is sure already in the forest and she just follow the shoe trace from Leon's shoes which maybe she know that he is the only one who came with full clothing else than her, lucky she choose to wear shoes today. "Leon, where are you? I think I really need your help now." She thought, there are some few parts of her life where make her think that Leon is a special one in her heart. *Purposedly became a One Liner for Plot reasons
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    Location: On the Northern side of the central Mountain range. Dezrin didn’t say anything as Cassandra seemed to draw into herself. He had a vague idea as to the kind of thoughts she was saying, thoughts he didn’t honestly understand as to him, they were pointless and quite beneath her. He wasn’t qualified to deal with it, and would prefer to leave that job to his sister, who he hoped would help her through it. All he could do was just be there for Cassandra. He knew it wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing and completely dismissing her. Because despite what Cassandra thought, her existence did mean something, even if she chose to live in denial of it because she preferred the more comfortable and familiar nihilism. She was not the first person to think along those lines, nor would she be the best. It was also why he didn’t react to her strange expression, her choice of words, or the manner in which she spoke, “Well no, of course they don’t fit me. As amazing as my figure is, I can’t fit into clothes of your size.” Dezrin told her as he opened his pack again and shuffled around for the clothes. He pulled the items out and piled them onto Cassandra’s lap. There was a pair of underwear, both a bra and knickers, along with a set of trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. He also gave her a set of thigh highs, along with a pair of sturdy looking boots that looked as if they would be able to weather all kinds of terrain. The last thing he did was pull out a full length Eldyrannth cloak which he added to the top of the pile, “I know I’ve kind of already seen you naked, but I’ll turn and look out the cave while you dress. I advise putting the cloak on; it should regulate your body temperature.” He told her before he shifted so that his back was to the cave, and her, while he looked outside. It was a display of complete trust, as he was still sat with his legs crossed, his hands in his lap and his back completely exposed to her. If she were to decide to attack, he would not be able to respond in time.
  12. *At first, Cassandra did not seem to respond to Dezrin in any way. In fact, it seemed as if Cassandra was not responding at all. Was she comatose or something? If he looked closer into her eyes, it was possible he would notice that she lacked any sort of 'spark' in her eyes. He would be able to tell she was indeed still breathing but perhaps that was about it. He would not be able to easily tell if she registered anything he had said unless he read her mind, which perhaps wouldn't exactly be the best idea as she wasn't in the best state for that. Though if he knew her or at least remembered what she was like at this point in time, Dezrin could make the argument that she did register what he was saying but was choosing to remain silent as there was little for her to do but agree. Would Dezrin be curious as to why she was acting this way? The likely answer was that he already knew why she was acting like this as he stated earlier he was from 'her future' and probably didn't need to be reminded. For Cassandra at this time, it really didn't matter in any sense of the word what she thought or did. She was no 'god' and yet mortals would deny that she was one of them. On this island, wherever it was, even death was denied to her and that was the only 'freedom' she had left. She might as well just be an object or part of the environment, something to be used and exploited...perhaps not even that. Her existence no longer had 'real' relevance.* *When Dezrin asked her if she would like something to wear, Cassandra gave him a strange look...as if he had just said something nonsensical.* "Seeing that you have said the clothes don't fit you, I suppose there's nothing for it." Cassandra replied in a non-committal manner. Perhaps Dezrin would recognise in her non-committal answer some genuine confusion. Why would this man bother asking her, as if she matttered?
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    Claire Graham

    From the album: My Character Album

    Character Identity Information Name: Claire Graham Age/Date of Birth: 21/??-??-???? Gender: Female Species: Human Origin: - Nationality: English Speciality: Being Clingy on Leon 24/7, cooking, cleaning, any thing that normal girl can do, she can do (OPTIONAL)Universe: Same universe as Leon, which is the earth Physical Appearance Height: 165 cm Weight: 52 kg(7 kg alone is from her breasts) Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blonde Physical Description: A girl with a well-known for her huge breasts and curvaceous ass for some people, she has a long blonde hair and seem like your general anime "foreigner". Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Very Very Very Clingy to Leon, she will find him no matter what. Or so does she. She can talk to another people, but not really interested in having romance else than to Leon himself, even when he avoids her like it is the thing he must do 24/7. Very friendly and energetic girl but in the same time, she is pretty clingy to Leon and NEVER EVER allow any girls else than her come to him, but not to a yandere level, she is just like easily jealous if there is one, but not to harassment and killing. No matter how handsome you are or no matter how beautiful you are, you will never ever can make her succumb to your "ehem ehem" wish. Never even once, she would rather to choose death than choosing another couple else than Leon himself. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Finding Leon, and some normal girl things Weaknesses: Can't live with out this one mysterious guy name Leon Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Being Leon's wife Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, Sewing, Do house Chores, and cling on Leon like there is nothing Personal Sexual Information (This whole part is optional) Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual(But only to Leon) Turn ons: Leon himself but she can hold it and hide it(heck, she doesn't seem lustful towards him), and she is very sensitive in her breasts, nipples, ass, and her pussy Turn offs: Another woman, and another man else than Leon Breast Size: 120 cm, P Cup Sensitivity: her breasts, nipples, ass, and her pussy Additional Sexual Information: She won't do anything sexual else than Leon STD History: Clean Extra Information (This whole part is optional) History Awards/Commendations: None since she is just normal high school student and university student before became a private secretary for someone in the office. Criminal Record: Clean (OPTIONAL!)Medical Record: Clean Bio: Just someone who is meeting Leon far far far away when they are still children, maybe once Leon has one untold girl who keeps being in his side but never cling on him like she is doing now. Leon somehow is comfortable when he is with her and so does she to him. One day, they are separated but she discovers the other side of Leon that make him different than any other kids, which is he learns so fast and able to do magic, while she is just normal human. But a normal human that really close to Leon himself, or so does she think so, since Leon now is all about avoiding her all the time. She is conscious about her breasts and ass that make her sexier than any woman and do all things she can to make Leon fall for her.
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    Location: On the Northern side of the central Mountain range. Dezrin continued to look at her with patient eyes. If he was annoyed at her snapping, he didn’t show it. Instead, he rested his elbow on his knee before resting his chin in his hand as he continued smiling at her in a rather boyish fashion. When she apologised, he didn’t wave it aside, but said, “You’re right. You have no idea how my universe works. Just like both of us have no idea how the universe works for the gentlemen who tried to give you that dress earlier.” He paused for a moment to let her absorb his words before he continued, “When I say that the island defies all logic, I really mean that. Logic that you and I find quite reasonable, and grounded in reality in both of our universes, flies out of the window here on the island. No doubt you’ve already noticed things that don’t conform to the universe that you’re familiar with.” Dezrin turned his head back towards the entrance when there was a flash of light, followed closely by a loud rumble that felt as if it shook the very cave that they were huddled in. It was likely to continue for hours. Already the air was becoming more chilled, taking on a sharper quality. He was glad for the clothes that he was wearing that ensured that his body temperature was well regulated. He then turned to look back at Cassandra once again, “But you never answered my question. Would you like something to wear? It’s only going to get colder, and I think you might be a little more comfortable if you weren’t sitting there naked.” He then gave her a friendly grin, hoping that she would relax enough to accept his offer. After all, all she was doing to accomplish by a stubborn refusal is getting sick. It was unlikely to kill her; just be irritating.
  15. *Cassandra's face showed no emotion as Dezrin told her things that she would most likely have no understanding of...if she were normal. Unfortunately for her, she was far from normal and thus had only a partial understanding of what he was saying. Not so much about where he came from, because she had no idea where any of those places were, but some of the things he was talking about sounded familiar. Now, in her universe, she 'knew' that time travel was either impossible or unable to be proven due to Axiom System's Data Consistency checks which functioned as a way of eliminating attempts to go back in time to 'fix errors'. From what she knew of its operation, the Axiom System actively stops attempts to rewrite history by time travel so going back in time was impossible. Of course, it was possible for one to turn the Data Consistency Checks off but that would need Administrative or System rights to the Axiom System and Cassandra herself knew that only Utopia (before her rebellion) and her had that sort of access. However, even thinking about such things at the moment, in her mortal mind made her feel physically ill. In fact, even she couldn't hide it from Dezrin as she looked rather ill. That was just a consequence of accessing parts of her rather unusual memory that were never meant to be accessed by a mortal. Even if it was her, mortals were never meant to be able to recollect past lives. Now, back to the topic at hand, Cassandra still had a rather hard time believing Dezrin but it wasn't because of anything he said or did. It was because up to that point, everything she had known and assumed to be true was turned on its head and destroyed (sometimes quite literally in the case of her family and hometown which was completely destroyed).* "Defies all logic? Maybe you should go complain to management as to how your logic is failing and see what they say." Cassandra replied rather sarcastically. At least in Cassandra's opinion, the gap between what's considered logical and rational and what actually was the case was so wide and vast that the only way to attempt to bridge it was to fill the void with as much bullshit as one could. Sure, one would probably never get to the truth that way but to expect people to want to know that was dangerously naive. Hell, mortals literally killed her over and over again just for existing and creating them in the first place. Perhaps they never wanted to know in the first place. But that mattered as much as her anger did...and that didn't matter at all. "I'm sorry. I should not have said that. I have no idea what your universe works or anything."
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    Utopian Curse

    Location: On the Northern side of the central Mountain range. Dezrin gazed at Cassandra with a rather patient stare, as the sudden barrage of questions didn’t bother him. He blinked, his eyes taking on a rather stormy grey colour that matched the sky outside, “I’ve already told you who I am. I am Dezrin. But if you’re after a more indepth answer then here it is… I am Dezrin Eldyrannth, son of Queen Talivana, Triavana, King Talrin and Crown Prince Temaelrin. I was born on Vorserend, the homeworld of my people and I grew up there with my twin brother Frankrin. And for what I know… I know many things. But what I know about you specifically… well that is a long and complicated answer.” He paused for a moment, looking out of the cave to watch the rainfall against the leaf litter. He then turned back to Cassandra, his eyes now a cobalt blue, “You’ve never met me before however I have met you before. And I do mean you, specifically. Not any of your other selves, or your past lives. You seem to have little, to no idea as to what this island is. My people call it the ‘Utopian Curse’ and it is an island that defies all logic. We’re not sure how it does it, but it pulls people from various time streams and even universal streams. I’m from your future. I know the clothes I have for you fit, because from my perspective I’ve known you for a long time. Even then, if the clothes didn’t fit you, the cloak is sure to be a fine fit. It’s a pretty standard piece of clothing for my people and it’s pretty much one size fits all… well, except for the King and Princes. But they’re unusual.” He smiled a little at her before he then said, “No doubt you’re very skeptical of what I’m saying here. So let me ask you a couple of questions. You’re quite familiar with your home universe and the things within it. Are there any Eldyrannth there? Does any of the surrounding flora and fauna around here originate from your universe? Is there an island like this there? Something as strange as this island is bound to attract attention even in your universe.”
  17. *When Dezrin reached out towards Cassandra to scoop up some of the leftover liquid from the ration that leaked out of her mouth, Cassandra instinctively flinched as his fingers made contact. Her face suddenly reddened a bit from a mysteriously developing blush that was developing on her cheeks. Cassandra had no idea why she was feeling so...awkward around this man and why she was reacting like this. What on earth was going on? Was she so hungry and tired that her brain wasn't working? That was entirely possible and was the explanation she chose to go with. Still...what on earth was this person thinking, touching her like that?! It was WAY too forward and familiar! Something was definitely up though Cassandra could not imagine what. As she tried to regain her composure from that, though trying a bit too hard to act nonchalant about it, she listened to Dezrin explain the odd colour of the ration she was given. Well, whatever was in the ration, it wasn't obviously fatal. She could tell that as she wasn't having any weird aftereffects from it. She knew all about being poisoned..though not seemingly through personal experience. She had dreams that ended as such, dreams that felt so real that...no, there was no way. After listening to Dezrin's explanation of the ration's colour, which was due to a food colouring agent being added to it, Cassandra looked at the second cube that he had left in her hand. While she was still hungry, there were still questions she needed answers to. Still, she was going to have to eat SOMETHING either way so she put the cube in her mouth and bit, this time successfully not spilling any.* *When Dezrin turned the subject towards clothing, Cassandra had to ask something that was bothering her.* "How would you know if those clothes fit me or not, if we haven't met before? Who are you and what do you know?" Cassandra asked, trying to cover herself up as best she could though rather unsuccessfully.
  18. tarox

    Torax Ford

    From the album: Tarox's Characters for Utopian Curse

    Character Identity Information Name: Tarox Ford Age/Date of Birth: 20 - 02/19/99 Gender: Male Religion: Wiccan Species: Human Origin: Ontario, Canada, Earth Nationality: Canadian Speciality: Resourceful with herbs, hunting, and natural remedies. Time Taken: Earth Year 2032 Physical Appearance Height: 5'11 Weight: 183 lbs Eye Colour: Brown H air Colour: Brown Physical Description: A tall, tan skinned beauty, Tarox is a gentle giant. He seems intimidating with dark eyes, a broad stature, and a smirk on his face half the time. His hands are calloused and rough, as are his feet, from his time he spent in the forest. The dark haired man is fit too, having a lean physique. He can often be found wearing a white t shirt, light colored pants with a belt, and calf high boots. He has an 'x' shaped scar on the left side of his face. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Charismatic, eclectic, carefree Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Skillful in the wilderness, optimistic outview Weaknesses: Reclusive, Stubborn, blunt Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To get off the island and become a veterinarian Hobbies and Interests: veterinary services, art, spellwork Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Turn ons: Dark hair, pale skin, stripping, domination play Turn offs: Feet, scat, body hair Penis Length: 5.7 inches Sensitivity: High STD History: n/a History Awards/Commendations: n/a Criminal Record: n/a Bio: Just generally a chillaxed dude.
  19. Leon was walking somewhere else and killing all the bugs using his own fire magic that burns any entity in 5 meters around him. He is also using his own wind magic to drive away waters from him so he can be save from any rains now. He just drinking some coconuts and throw them away before he walks again. "Why my feeling is bad now.... Don't tell me that bitch is coming here and search for me, god dammit..." Leon says in a slight panic mode when he remembers a certain woman in his old world. He remember how clingy she was when they are in universities and it only happens because of one coincidence moment. A moment where he saved her far back then it's just was a coincidence, yet, this particular lady refuses to leave him alone. Leon is scared of Valentines and White Days because he will remember this clingy woman who always get near of him every time she got a chance of doing it. Remembering her makes him feel uneasy and he feels that he will meet this "particular" woman that will always take chance to be always on his side. His mind was tortured, but he could use his spells to avoid her right? If not for his "nerfed" status right now, he will prepare his hiding thing. Maybe he could use his water manipulation to manipulate the water around him and make them as a reflective mirror to hide himself away from that one clingy woman and meditate in emergency for the sake of himself hiding from her. If he sense her nearby, he make one spell just to avoid her. That spell is to alarm him once she is on 5 kilometer radius to him, a mental alarm that is. Lucky that this woman is just an ordinary human, or else he will be in trouble hiding from her and heck he could hide from her forever. He just keep walking, cutting things, and killing nearby bugs if they dare to disturb him, the solutions and else also burnt without leaving any ash or steam or anything. Mana Use: 0,05%(For his wind and fire magic)
  20. Neptune

    Utopian Curse

    Location: In Cassandra and Dezrin's little cave, south of the island Dezrin smiled a little at Cassandra’s question, pleased that she was putting in the effort of engaging in some kind of conversation. He reached out, scooping up some of the liquid and beading it along her lips to encourage her to lick it up, but the gesture was non-sexual and didn’t seem dominating in the slightest. The moment it was done, he pulled back and offered her the secondary cube, “Yes, an emergency ration. It’s filled with everything that you would need in a day. It’s not very filling, though, so it won’t fill your stomach. But that, and some water, will get you through some tough times. They’re also used in medical situations, for people who aren’t able to stomach food. As for why it is purple…” Dezrin couldn’t help but to chuckle a little at this, “It’s purple because of a food dye that was put in it. The dye is from a fruit that actually grows on the island. It looks a little like what… I’m not sure if you have dragonfruit in your universe… but this fruit looks like a purple version of that. The fruit flesh itself is hallucinogenic. Don’t worry, there is nothing of that in these cubes. The dye is within the skin of the fruit itself. A non-toxic dye, that’s all. It’s chosen because we like purple.” Dezrin chuckled a little self-depreciative, knowing that it might sound unusual to Cassandra at the moment but he tried to explain a little, “It’s basically our national colour, used on our flag, and purple is one of the colours of our King and Queen. It’s a little complicated to explain, but I understand why it doesn’t look appetising to you.” He gently placed the second cube within Cassandra’s hand before snapping the contained with the others shut. Anymore of them and he would overdose Cassandra, “I’ll try and find some fruit or something when the storm has died down.” He then said, tucking the small container away in his bag. He then looked back at her and said, “I have some spare clothes that will fit you. Would you like something to wear? It will keep you warmer, if nothing else.” He didn’t want to just pull the clothes out and throw them at her, as she was skittish enough to refuse the offer, but he hoped that she would accept them as he had brought something just for her.
  21. *Cassandra couldn't do much to stop Dezrin from picking her up, not even complain. Though she wasn't exactly enthused about the idea of being picked up like a toy, she knew she had little option since she could hardly walk. This just made her more frustrated at herself for being so weak. Then again, the question could be asked whether or not she'd be happy even if she could move by herself. She figured that the answer to that question would be no. Thus, even asking that was pointless. Now, she noticed that she was being held rather close to this man, perhaps even intimately so. Was this man this possessive over his new 'conquest' or was there perhaps something else to this? Cassandra could not answer that question though she assumed that this man would have his way with her soon enough. Whether it came now or later didn't matter to her. It took them a while for both of them to reach the cave, no thanks to the storm that was raging over the island. Still, despite that, this man made good time reaching here which made Cassandra wonder how strong this person was? They looked quite feminine in her mind and yet was deceptively strong. She had little idea what nature of species they were but she thought that she would need to be careful. After all, she was vulnerable. She saw parts of her remains amongst some of the leaf litter on the floor. It didn't really bother her at this point, after all she was pretty much someone else's food at any time in time. Whichever way she was eaten, death would certainly follow. Cassandra couldn't be bothered telling Dezrin about the fact that she died here. Perhaps it would be better if he didn't know. Goodness knows what would happen if he knew...and many scenarios went through Cassandra's mind...none of them good. When Dezrin put her down on the ground, she watched as he cleaned up the cave a bit. Now, Cassandra couldn't exactly tell what kind of powers he was using..mostly because she was so hungry but did it really matter that much? If this person wanted to, they could do anything to her and there was not much Cassie could do. All Cassandra could do pretty much was watch and observe. As she watched the man put his bag of belongings down, she saw that he was trying to be as nonthreatening as possible. Why she would ask them if they were out of their mind for making themselves so vulnerable to attack, Cassandra knew she could not do anything anyway. So perhaps there would be no reason to be 'defensive' around her...seeing as she couldn't really be a threat. She continued to quietly observe Dezrin, trying to figure out what their game was. When they took out a small container of purple cubes, Cassandra wondered what kind of stuff that was. She couldn't name many things that were naturally purple at the moment. She saw Dezrin eat one of the purple cubes, before he instructed her to eat it.* "Why is it purple?" Cassandra asked Dezrin. "To tell you the truth, it doesn't look that appetising..but I suppose it's some sort of ration, right?" *Cassandra gently took one of the cubes that Dezrin offered her before trying to examine the purple cube. After a while, she went and put one in her mouth, which resulted in the cube exploding in her mouth. While she wasn't expecting that at all, she did manage to get most of the liquid down...though a little managed to escape and leak down her chin.*
  22. Welcome to Palm Beach (Artist Unknown) Palm Beach is a beautiful beach along the shore of the Utopian Curse island. It is a perfect place for roleplayers to come and discuss their characters and plots. If you are new to the island of Utopian Curse, then this is the best place to come and introduce your characters, and request for plots or roleplaying partners. Please note that things discussed in this thread may not be known to a character, so you cannot have one of your characters somehow knowing something that was discussed in this thread, unless they were exposed to it within the roleplay. Please enjoy your stay on the beautiful Palm Beach. Relevant links: Utopian Curse Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  23. Welcome to the Utopian Curse (Photograph of Saint Martin (island). Photographer unknown) Blinking against the harsh light of the sun above you, you awaken to find yourself on an island. An island you have no recollection of travelling to or arriving at. Scanning the area you can tell only that the island is a tropical location, with palms trees swaying gently in a light breeze, and the fresh smell of the ocean on the clean air. Unknown to you is the fact that you have been taken by beings to this strange island, taken from your bed and planted here on this small tropical island. But what for? There are no clues, so you are left to only guess as to your reason of being here. A dream, perhaps? An experiment? Perhaps merely a kidnapping? A strange occurrence comes about when you meet other ‘survivors’ on the island. It becomes apparent that the time space continuum is being crossed. People are being taken from planets and time lines not of this world, and placed here alongside you. But why? Upon this tropical island there is limited technology. Resources are only what the island can produce for you to survive. Other ‘survivors’ litter the island and some may possibly not be as friendly as you would assume, or even dare to hope. Survival is the priority. Teamwork a secondary point. Will the ‘survivors’ of the island come together to survive and build a community to ensure safety and peace? Or will they fight for space and resources, shedding blood upon the golden sands of the tropical island? What will be YOUR tale in this strange, yet beautiful island? Skill level: Expert Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, characters cannot come along and expect to live with the Epsian’s without agreeing to their terms. This is a strict rule I will not budge on. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave the RP immediately with little chance of returning. No character can magically get off of the island, without my permission. There is only a single island, so a character cannot sail off and magically find another one without my express permission.
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