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Welcome to the Extra Information for Utopian Curse

This forum is filled with topics that contain additional information about the Roleplay, such as notable places, a new species profile, and general RP intel. Anyone is free to create an extra information and post it up. If it is a location within the Utopian Curse Island, for example a certain camp, then it may be added to the main list of information if it is detailed enough. The main purpose of this forum is to provide you, the roleplayer, with a place to shove bits of information to make the RP feel more alive and larger than it is. 

If the extra information is irrelevant to the roleplay, or the roleplayer becomes inactive, then it may be removed at the owners discretion. This also includes information that breaks the rules and lore of the roleplay, such as a location that's actually some strange shop that sells technology from the future. To become familiar with the roleplay, it is best to read through as much of the extra information as you possibly can.

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  1. Neptune

    Native Species Guide.

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  2. Neptune

    Utopian Curse extra information

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  3. Neptune

    Guide: Species Template

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