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Native Species Guide

While this Island may look similar to Earth, it will have some differing species living and breeding upon the island. Do you have an idea for a plant or animal? Maybe something peaceful and tamable, or something deadly to spice things up a little? Just reply to this thread with the information below. You can either fill it out as a form, or do a description of the creature. Once an creature has been posted up, then anyone within the roleplay may reference them.

Name: The name of the animal, or plant
Habitat: What kind of home do they live it? The sea? In the trees?
Diet: What do they normally eat?
Description: General look, behaviour, special characteristics, etc
Intelligence: How intelligent are they?
Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: What kind of strengths do they have? What are their weaknesses?
Danger: Are they hostile? What kind of a danger do they pose? Remember, they don't have to be hostile to be dangerous. For example; a Poisonous plant
Edible: Can they be eaten?

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Name: Cinnamon Coffee Tree (No current alternative names)

Habitat: Usually seen growing close to a fresh water source such as a stream, river or lake.

Diet: It's a tree, so water, sunlight and air.

Description: The Cinnamon Coffee tree grows as tall as 12 metres. The trunks are usually about a metre circumference. The leaves grow at the very top of the tree, in thin, narrow leaves. The leaves are dark green and grow outwards from the very tip in a circular fashion. The leaves can be broken off and either beaten down to a paste like substance for flavouring (Tastes likes Rosemerry), and also has a secondary function of acting like a weak starch. The bark is a dark brown in colour, and tends to be rather flaky so much of it can be found on the ground around the tree, and smells a lot like coffee. When ground down to a fine powder, it can be added to hot water and mixed in to create a drink that tastes like coffee. It is slightly less bitter and has the faint aftertaste of Cinnamon, hense the name.

Intelligence: N/A

Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: N/A

Danger: None.

Edible: Yes.

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Name: Star Dust Moth.

Habitat: All around the island, only seen active during the night.

Diet: Nectar from flowers, and sap from trees.

Description: A moth white in colour with some dark grey markings. It is about 7cm in length and is seen active at night. It is attracted to light, so will be attracted by any fires that are burning at night. 

Intelligence: Not very bright at all.

Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: While they don't have any real special abilities, if the dust from their wings is inhaled or digested, it can cause intense hallucinations. This has evolved as a way to distract predators away from eating them. The hallucinations are generally nice, but how the hallucination plays out depends on how the user is feeling. A foul mood tends to make hallucinations take a bad turn, while a happy mood makes the hallucinations take a good turn. The dust on the wings are replaced over time, so the moth sheds them while flying. So just being near a moth can cause hallucinations.

Danger: While the moth itself isn't any danger, the hallucinations can cause the affected to do things such as jump off cliffs or to cut themselves up because they saw something crawling underneath their skin. But these only occur during bad trips.

Edible: I suppose so, yes. But I doubt that they would taste nice. The dust can be sprinkled into food, or eaten directly.

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Name: Coconut
Habitat: More Warmer Parts of the Island with a Majority Sand to Soil Composition. They tend to absorb any water, although the roots are specially designed to extract only water, filtering the salt, unless needed.
Diet: N/A
Description: Looks exactly like a coconut. Because it is a coconut. Tree is slightly more advanced in terms of evolution but otherwise it's pretty standard. A variant of it seems much larger, like it contains about 2L of liquid. 
Intelligence: N/A
Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: They're somewhat versatile. 
Danger: Coconuts are classed as Level 1 - Very Safe in the EPSI Federation. However these haven't been classified. 
Edible: Yes. The shell isn't however. But what's inside the shell is fine. 
Additional information provided by the EPSI Federation:
Health Benefits: Immune System Boosting (They're Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Parasitic. Perfect if you're feeling under the weather). Contains a lot of Fiber, Vitamins, Miners and Amino Acids. Contains lots of Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium as well as 'Electrolytes'. Extremely Anti-Oxidant. Bone Strengthener. Can be used for cosmetic purposes, and healthy for the hair. 
Similar To: Dragon Fruit
Narcotic Content: Nil.
Use: Food/Cosmetic Item.

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Name: Neptune's Spaceweed (Cannabis from Neptune's Soul. The bud is green with blue hairs and purple-blue crystals the plant also gives off a Purple-Blue glow - Biolumencent.)
Habitat: They can practically grow anywhere, providing there is enough sun light, nutrients and water. However soil consistency and other conditions affect yield. They require a deep planting.
Diet: N/A.
Description: The leaves are green and purple, which gives it the Nickname Aymar's Choice after 4200. The bud is usually green with blue hairs and purple-blue crystals. It's extremely vibrant to look at. The whole plant has uses for renewable fuel to raw material such as string. It's also nicknamed the survivalists choice which the Aymar are certainly survivalists, so it was pretty synonymous by 4205. It's said to smell extremely strong and the bud is usually very sticky. In the night it glows, the bigger the plant the more powerful the glow, these can obviously be used as lights while they're growing. They require 6 hours of daytime level sunlight minimum to be as efficiently bright as possible. The bud will continue to glow in the dark for sometime after it's dropped off the "Swamp Tree", this merely shows how fresh it is.
Intelligence: N/A
Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: It's a strong plant, that grows to at least 8ft high after just a month. The buds can be picked and repicked and they produce seeds if sexed properly. This fruit behaviour means that when the bud is ready to be smoked, it will fall off on it's own accord. They usually flower at least three times a year. As soon as it gets sunlight it grows, it's stopping point however is about 12ft. This quick growth often means the ground will need replaced nutritional materials if grown in confined ground. They're extremely versatile. 
Danger: They pose no danger, and are classed as Level 1 - Very Safe. Overdose is impossible. The plants seem to repel insects except for pollinating insects. They were Level - 0 Extremely Safe but they're Genetically Modified (Through Selective Breeding), Technological Genetic Modification is illegal under EPSI Federation Law. The plant is Anti-Radioactive. 
Edible: Yes, barely. It doesn't taste very nice at all, special methods need to be done to combine it to fat molecules, before being put into food. Even then it's highly recommend that it's flavoured prior to eating due to it's rather unpleasant taste. Smoking is fine although it's obviously better to smoke it in a device that filters everything but the drug itself. It can also be stripped down and turned into a vapable.
Additional information provided by the EPSI Federation:
Health Benefits: Combining this with a Monounsaturated Fat Molecule will boost it's effectiveness (Weight Loss). Antiemetic. In 4200 - Cannabis has been officially linked to the following: Cancer Fighting Properties, Masking Tourette Syndrome, Masking Certain Aspects of Nurlogical/Autistic Tendancies, Antipasmodic Properties, Painkilling Properties, Helping with; Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, ADD/ADHD, IBS, Crohn's, Alzheimers and Premenstrual Syndrome in Tau'ri (Human). When digested, the plant is knwon for weightloss, anti-cancer properties are improved, deduce heart attacks in Tau'ri by 66% and insulin dependent diabetes by as much as 58%. It's a powerful Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant. This particular strain is notiably very powerful in Neutralising Free Radicals as well as removing radioactive particles from the body [Anti-Radioactive] 
Similar To: Cannabis [it's tall and tree like Sativa, but bushy and hanging down like Indica's.]
Narcotic Content: Around 16.66% of the plant is covered in THC. [Extremely High even by EPSI Federation Standards]
Use: Recreational Drug / Medicine. 
What is Anti-Radioactive: Good question. [Doesn't exist in real life] Anti-Radioactive describes an exotic particle that's good for you. They neutralise Radioactive Elements in a similar way that Anti-Matter neutralises Matter, except not quite as dramatically. This is called Anti-Radiation, and is a discovered off shoot to Radiation that's used in medicines to treat RAD sickness. Anti-Radiation works with special nanties (Canna-nites) to repair damage caused by radioactive particles and to find them and neutralise them. If a person doesn't have nanites this process will be slower, and repairs might not happen. It was theoretical in the year 2013, and proven in 2144, by 4200 there has only been 104 discovered Anti-Radioactive Elements. There is a mystery involved with Anti-Radiation; how does Anti-Radioactive Elements end up in the plant? Wolfie Mako'demeri theorised that perhaps something was happening with the Bio-luminescence process. 
This was brought to the planet by mistake, but it was purposefully planted by Wolfii Keza'maraki. Currently SHE is the only one with a supply of this. [she's open to trading!]

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Name: Zeta Fruit
Habitat: More Tropical Parts of the Island, Wet but hot summers, warm and wet winters. They're rare outside of this environment. However they seem to thrive around a goldlocks area, where the soil composition has some sand in it.
Diet: N/A; It's a fruit that grows on a Zetacid/Zeta Fruit Tree.
Description: Looks like a dragon fruit, but purple. They taste, smell, and have the same effects as a Zetacid discovered in 4189 in the system now called Aymar Prime. It's unknown how this got here though. The LSD seems to be naturally made and not genetically altered. They look strange and mysterious yet inviting to eat. 
Intelligence: N/A Although people who've consumed it have reported the tree's spoke to them. But it's most likely a joke made at the expense that the fruit has hallucinogenic qualities. The Zeta Fruit has been known to play on the pleasure centres inside the brain, because of the LSD content. 
Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: It's a fruit.
Danger: They may make the consumer unaware of dangers as the pleasure centre's are being targeted by this specific form of LSD (As well as the usual centres). It's believe that another two drugs is in the fruit which is capable of this called Cinequosine and Anafloxisus-Chopreine [Or CaAC] otherwise it's classed as Level Two - Safe, which means it's safe for most Carbon and Silicon based life forms to consume. 
Edible: The fruit itself, yes. The skin not so much. Although a Zeta usually eats it whole, most people scoop out the insides. It's sweet tasting, but not overly so. Rather it has the Dragon Fruit's flat taste when contrasting it to it's visual looks. They're not addictive physically but psychological addictions have been recorded in the EPSI Federation. But then you could be Psychologically Addicted to Bacon. So it doesn't have any weight as a Narcotic. Whilst it's sweet, it has a mild acidic taste to it, as if it's slightly citric. The skin tastes very bitter, but it's got health benefits. 
Additional information provided by the EPSI Federation:
Health Benefits: Cancer and indigestion fighting properties. The LSD in this fruit is known to give: Positive Effect on Mood and Outcome of Life (Anti-Depressant), Insights into self, other and world, treatment of cluster headaches and migraines, addiction treatment, reducing end-of-life anxiety, aid in cancer treatments. The Cinequosine and Anafloxisus-Choprepine in this fruit is known to give: Extremely Positive Effect on Mood and Outcome of Life (Anti-Depressant), Mental and Muscle Relaxation (If the person has nanties they use this time to detox muscle tissue and optimise and repair the body), Slightly increased mental capacity (Some people call this Information Sponging), Cancer fighting properties for Tau'ri, Quickened healing of wounds when digested, even quicker if you eat the skin. The skin also contains Iodine the insides do not. 
Similar To: Dragon Fruit
Narcotic Content: 425 mics (0.425mg) (d-Lysergicia Acid Diethylamide), 91 mics (0.091mg) to 266 mics (0.266mg) (Cinequosine and Anafloxisus-Choprepine)
Use: Recreational Drug / Medicine. 

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Name: Redfruit or Sunset Fruit

Habitat: Spread through the island in forested areas.

Diet: Nutrients from the soil, light from the sun and air.

Description: This plant grows in large vines that cling to other plants, especially trees. The leaves are a broad oval shape, deep green in colour. When flowering, the vine becomes covered in delicate little white, five petalled flowers. When pollinated, the flowers develop into a fruit. In the centre of this fruit is a hard seed that appears wrinkled in texture. The fruit skin is a bright red in colour, and it is about the size of a tennis ball. The flesh inside of the fruit is a deep red around the seed but as it gets closer to the skin it is a deep orange.

Intelligence: Non-sentient.

Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: The vines can be stripped into fibrous strands which can be made into a fibre. This fibre can be twisted together to create a rope. Either that, or when the leaves, blooms and fruit are removed from the vine, then the vine itself can be used as a versatile rope however it does begin to decay after a while. It has a tendancy to choke trees that it clings to, however this means that it is easy to grow the vines on poles.

Danger: None.

Edible: Yes. The fruit has quite a tangy taste to it, that can be quite sharp and yet leaves a pleasant aftertaste. It is said that the taste alone can help bring anyone to alert. The flesh is soft and very juicy, making this fruit perfect for creating thirst quenching and refreshing drinks from. While the leaves and vine are perfectly edible, when they are eaten raw they have a bitter taste. However when boiled, it can add a subtle taste to any dish that is faintly like mint.

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Name: Fire-lizard

Habitat: While they can live in a variety of climates and environment, they are usually seen along sandy beaches in warm, tropical climates. 

Diet: They can eat a wide range of food from fruit and nuts to fish. The best diet for them, though, is red meat, especially during the first few weeks after hatching. 



Fire-lizards appear to be small dragon like creatures, with three sets of limbs. One set of forelegs, a set of wings and a set of hind-legs. The wings are bat-like, with thin, long fingers with a delicate membrane between them. Its eyes are made of thousands of small facets that move around under the surface of the eye. Each facet glows in a variety of colours, which is an indicator of the fire-lizards current mood. The speed of the facets are whirling around the eye determines the intensity of that mood. Their hide is very smooth to the touch, feeling like suede to the touch. They have eye ridges that help protect their eyes, that sweep back into two small nubs that are almost like two small horns. They have neck ridges that run from the top of the head, down their back and halfway down their long tail, which ends in a fork. A fire-lizard can grow up to 24 inches in length, from the tip of its nose to the tip its tail.
There are five primary colours of this species:

  • Gold: This is the egg-laying female. She is the largest of the fire-lizards, and produces young of all five colours. As there is only one gold per clutch, the gold is the rarest of the fire-lizards. A gold fire lizard usually is the leader of a fair of fire-lizards and she commands them like a little queen. She lays her eggs on sandy beaches, and is never far from them. She is fiercely protective of them, preventing predators from eating the eggs of her unhatched hatchlings. She will try to protect her clutch from people, however it does not take much to scare her away. The gold is very loyal to the one they are Impressed by, usually sticking very close. They would only accept food from their handler, although if the owner had a deep emotional bond with another person, the gold will be more welcome towards the other person.
  • Bronze: They are the largest of the male colours, and the ones that primarily mate with the golds. Like the gold, they are very loyal to their handlers, and are usually never far from them. 
  • Brown: They are the medium sized male and while they may not often mate with a gold, there have been cases where it has happened. They are quite loyal to their handler, usually being close to them but often leaving for a time. 
  • Blue: They are the smallest of the males. They often make up a good portion of a fair, and are not as intelligent as the larger males or gold. They are usually quite playful, and while it will sometimes be around its handler, it often disappears for a while. However they will defend their handler if they feel that they are in danger.
  • Green: The smallest of the fire-lizards, they are female and are mated by all the males. However, their clutch is very small in size, and only hatch other green fire-lizards. The green fire-lizards usually lay their eggs on a sandy beach and then abandon them. Usually the eggs are eaten by predators. The green are the least intelligent of the fire-lizards and are usually quite childish unless trained properly. They often disappear for long periods of time, but like the blue, will defend their handler if they feel that they are in danger.

When breeding, the female (either gold or green) will catch some kind of live prey such as a fish and eat it, to give herself a boost of energy. Then, when they are ready to mate, they begin to glow slightly. They then launch themselves in the air and the males have to attempt to catch them. Being larger, the gold is able to fly higher and further than the green, which is why only the largest of the males can mate with her. Once a male has caught the gold and mated with her, then he becomes the alpha male of the fair. Several weeks later, the female will lay their eggs of up to 40 eggs for a gold, and 10 eggs for a green. While the green will then abandon her clutch, a gold will remain by hers until it hatches, defending them from attack. Golds will mate twice a year, while greens can mate up to four times in a single year if the conditions are good. 
At first, eggs are soft to the touch, but they harden over time until they become rock hard when close to hatching. When the eggs are ready to hatch, the golds fair respond by giving a humming croon of welcome. The browns and blues gather seaweed that they place in a circle around the clutch. They then, along with the bronzes, gather food to offer to the hatchlings. A clutch only takes a minute to hatch, with the hatchlings starving upon emerging from their shells. They will eat anything in front of them.
During the first few minutes of emerging from the shell, a fire-lizard can be ‘Impressed’, which means to form a bond with a person. If a person was to feed a fire-lizard, while having hold of it, then it will imprint itself on them and become their loyal friend. Fire-lizards have a limited telepathy with their handlers and are able to show them images as well as basic urges and moods. So when a fire-lizard is hungry, the handler would often feel hungry themselves. When a fire-lizard feels the urge to mate, the handler would be aware of it as well, often reacting in a similar manner themselves. Often, if the two fire-lizards that mate, are both Impressed by different people, then their handlers often end up mating as well. It is often described as an intense experience, as they often feel like they become melded with their fire-lizards. 
For the first week of its life, a fire-lizard hatchling requires a lot of care. They require feeding every few hours, but between feedings they usually sleep. This is because during the first week, they grow to almost their full size, so they are growing rapidly. This rapid growth causes their skin to become patchy and if left untreated, can cause damaged skin which can crack and become painful. When the hide becomes patchy, it simply needs to be smoothed down with oil to make sure that the skin remains in good condition. While the full size is achieved in several weeks, both Golds and Greens do not become sexually mature until about two years. 
When they have been Impressed, a fire-lizard is a very loyal companion. They are very affectionate, loving and protective of their handler. They respond very well to affection and love, and are quite intelligent and easy to train. However, if a person mistreats their fire-lizard, then they tend to disappear and might never return. Wild fire-lizards are very shy and will never approach a person, even with tame fire-lizards about except in exceptional circumstances. An attached fire-lizard will defend their handler if they feel that they are in danger. For example, if their handler is being attacked by a dog, then the fire-lizard would attack the dog and drive it off. 
They make a variety of sounds from chirps to bugles. When in distress, such as frightened or angry, they will let out piercing cries. When happy and content, they will give off little chirps and croons. When fire-lizards are near fire-lizard eggs that are about to hatch, they will give off a hum deep in their throats, as a welcome to new fire-lizards. The main indicators of their moods, are their eyes, which will change depending on what mood they are currently experiencing. The faster their eyes whirl, the more intense the emotion. Green/Blue is a general colour, and can indicate contentment. Red usually means anger, or hunger. Yellow is a range of emotions, such as fear, worry, anxiety (a pale yellow) and confusion (flecks of yellow). Purple usually indicates stress and worry although when near a hatching egg, their eyes will turn a purple-red.

Intelligence: Quite intelligent. They are quite self-aware, but have the understanding of a five year old child. They can understand orders, and can be trained very easily. They can solve simple problems, such as putting shapes into the correct holes and using water displacement to get at what they want. When Impressed, they are fiercely loyal to their friend. They will try and defend them when they are in danger, or help them in whatever capacity they can. However, if they are mistreated, they will leave the person that Impressed them. They may return after a time, however if mistreatment continues then they will disappear and not return.

Strengths, abilities and weaknesses: 
Telepathy and Empathy - If a fire-lizard is tame, then they can share a weak telepathic bond with them. It is very limited, as they can only flash images into their handlers mind as well as basic emotions. They can also share images and emotions with other fire-lizards, wild or tame. Unfortunately, these images can be too limited for a handler to understand, as they can only project what they themselves understand, and while fire-lizards are intelligent, they can only understand so much. They are also very receptive of the emotions around them, regardless as to whether they are tame or not. If the emotions are strong enough, they can easily pick up on it. 
Flight - Due to the two wings emerging from their back, fire-lizards are capable of flight, and can fly quite fast for their size. They can hover in one place, as well as dart about.
Teleportation - Fire-lizards have the ability to suddenly disappear from view as they teleport away. This evolved as a defensive mechanism, however they sometimes use it to get some one place to another. They can be trained to carry messages and small items, which will arrive within seconds.
Fire breathing - Fire-lizards, once fully mature, can chew a phosphorous rock that they swallow into their second stomach. The reaction causes a gas that is flammable on contact with oxygen. Their fire is limited by how much of this rock that they chew and swallow and they usually have to train to do it effectively. After several hours, they regurgitate a grey, wet sand that smells horrendous. 

Danger: Usually fire-lizards are friendly, curious creatures that pose no threat. However if you were to startle, harm or pose a threat to their eggs, then they will attack with their claws that are sharp enough to cause injury. Usually, however, wild fire-lizards will not remain long around people, usually disappearing between, usually before they are even seen. 

Edible: Yes, but the meat is quite tough and chewy. 


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    • Akira
      By Akira
      Character Identity Information
      Name: Isaac Yamasaki.
      Age/Date of Birth: 17
      Gender: Male.
      Religion: Antiquorum's follower.
      Species: Human.
      Origin: Born in Tiloga.
      Nationality: Ashaean.
      Occupation: Supernatural Detective.
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 1,77 meters
      Weight: 73 kg
      Eye Colour: Light blue.
      Hair Colour: Silver.
      Physical Description: Isaac himself isn't very different from a normal guy of his age, asside from his hair maybe. He doesn't really like getting attention, so he normally wears common clothes along with a usually grey hoodie. He was never really good at sports, which is why is somewhat skinny when you look up close. Overall, Isaac's appearance is pretty damn normal, allowing him to "blend with the crowd" so to speak and he likes it better that way.
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Isaac is an overall calm guy. He hardly loses his temper even while under dire and stressful situations. He greatly values true bonds of trust and friendship and likes helping people if possible, but only when it involves something serious and/or important, which is why he decided to become a supernatural detective. Thanks to his powers, he can easily deal with pretty much any danger that comes his way. He doesn't like hurting people he doesn't consider to be deserving, however, under certain circuntances he will kill evil spirits and maybe even people. That's very unlikely, thought.
      When it comes to his friends or people he actually like, Isaac is very loyal and like to make bad jokes whenever he can to lighten up the mood. It might take him some time to go from a professional relationship, or any kind of relationship, to a more personal one. He likes people he can count on and he has a soft spot for strong and badass woman.

      Strengths, Skills and Abilities: As a kid, he learned karate and eventually mixed that knowledge with his powers to create his own fighting style. Isaac can also summon a few Yokai spirits to help him in many situations. Those spirits can't be killed but if they take enough damage they will be forced back into the Yokai world. Some spirits can be summoned in a "etheral" state, they'll be invisible to anyone but Isaac and will be able phase through any non-enchanted object and even interact with small items. Yokais summoned in their normal state can be seen by anyone.
      Isaac can also use his link to the Yokai world to draw power from it. Said power can be used for many things such as replanishing his stamina. To defend himself, Isaac uses his energy to manifest very thin and sharp blue strings from the tip of his fingers (which CAN be seen by normal people). Said strings can be used to hold, entangle and even cut almost anything, with enough force that is. They can't be cut by normal blades, only enchanted ones. In the case of Yokai spirits, those strings are among the few things capable of actually destroying the core of said spirit, which are small orbs usually located in the torso, basically killing them. If not destroyed, the core will dissipate and return to the Yokai world.
      Isaac can enter the Yokai world through a portal he can manifest using his strings. There, he has a modest house along with a field where he cultivates food, such as fruits and vegetables. The part of the Yokai world in which he lives is a very pretty and fullbof life green field near a forest. He can always get get meat in the human world if he wants to. Should he trust someone enough, he can bring other people to the Yokai world with him.
      Yokai spirits:
      Isaac's go to Yokai spirit, Yoshitzune is incredibly fast, agile and strong. He can deflect bullets and slice through titanium with his swords. He is the Yokai whom with Isaac has the deepest bond of all. So much so in fact that he can manifest itself without Isaac's conscent if necessary, but doing so greatly reduces his power and only allows him to manifest for a few seconds, 2 minutes at maximum.

      Weaknesses: Isaac is still human, meaning he has all the weakness a normal person would. Very few Yokai actually have healing capabilities and even then, said capabilities are somewhat limited.

      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): With his Yokai friends by his side, Isaac wants to improve the bond between humans and Yokai, maybe even create a world where both can live in harmony.

      Hobbies and Interests: Isaac has a deep interest in art and music. He likes playing his guitar when he can. Reading books is also something he really likes doing, specially detective stories and shows.
      Personal Sexual Information:
      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
      Turn ons: Actual love and afection, big breasts, thigs and butts.
      Turn offs: Humiliation, pain, BDSM.
      Sensitivity: Normal.
      Aditional sexual information: he is sterile.
      STD History: Clean.
      Extra Information:
      Father: Ichirose Yamasaki.
      Mother: Lucy Yamasaki.
      Siblings: a little sister named Marie Yamasaki.
      Grandparents: unknown.
      Children: none.
      Grand-children: none.
      House: He has a house in the Yokai world.
      Car: none.
      Pet: none.
      Additional information: Upon exiting the Yokai world, Isaac will always be teleported to the same area in there human world from which he entered.
      Isaac was born with a mysterious link to the Yokai world, ever since he can remember, he has spoken with many spirits. His parents thought they were nothing imaginary friends, but usually those are incapable of helping kids at physically beating bullies. Of couse, some of those spirits alao had bad intentions, but hia will power and spiritual friends kept him safe on that regard. Since he always had Yokai by his side, Isaac never was the social type. Even now he has some trouble socializing with most people.
      When he was 12 he entered the Yokai world for the first time. It was then that he met Yoshitzune, who took a liking on the boy due to his pure intentions and strong willpower, the marks of a true warrior just like him. Over the years, Isaac created a really special bond with the warrior Yokai and made a pact with Antiquorum, one of the two godesses who created the Yokai world and it's habitants. The other sister believes that happiness is only achieved by absolute freedom, therefore she allows some Yokai to slip into the human world, while Antiquorum belives co-existance, but with a few restrictions. Isaac's job is to bring any Yokai that causes problems to the human world back to the Yokai world. In a few cases, when there spirit has done something beyond redemption, he will kill said spirit. As such, Isaac is a sworn follower of Antiquorum and the good Yokai.
      Not long after completing 17 years of age, Isaac heard rumors of weird cases happening in Blackberry Falls, as such he decided to move there and have a look by himself.
      Awards/Commendations: becoming a fairly well known detective in the region.
      Criminal Record: clean.
      Medical Record: nothing relevant.
      Bio: nothing else to add.
    • abagel2
      By abagel2
      So, I came here looking to do more rps after getting a taste. Specifically adult rp's featuring ENF. I like to play a friend or someone opposite the girl going through it. I have an original female character I play opposite but I'm also open to any scenario we can dream up with any character, real or fictional.
      Really want to try this and jump into this new world I discovered. Don't be shy!
      As for the character, her name is Liv! 
      She’s a college freshman with a sort of old-fashion/hipster aesthetic with deep brown eyes, a slight tan and she’s a brunette. She’s a little clumsy but very enthusiastic and friendly. She hangs out with a lot of the guys and goes to concerts and is really involved with the music scene even though she doesn’t sing. My idea is that she went to a psychic show where there was a seance and ends up bonded to this promiscuous spirit who was a nudist. And so even though Liv is in control this spirit tries to make her get more comfortable (aka totally naked) for both of them. And it leads to lots of embarrassment, especially if it eventually forces her to stop wearing clothes altogether.

    • LucidREM
      By LucidREM
      Hello, there stranger yes you. im talking to you.
      (((I use (  -action- dialogue ) format in Ooc only ))
      Hi im LucidREM or Lucid Or Rem how ever you prefer to call me. I am still working out where things are and stuff but this is pretty cool. Ive been role playing for like 4+ years, So I would like to think im competent, But you can check out my profile, and preference sheet, I have given an example of how I like to rp and such. I used to rp on an app called amino, i mean I still do but its mostly just ooc, no one really rps anymore on there, so I was looking for new places, to get my daily dose of role play. And i found this place, crazy right? Well maybe not to you but to me its pretty crazy. Any way Im still trying to make friends finding some partners to rp with so hit me up. Ill show you a good time, you just have to take my hand -winks- Come on just take my hand I don't bite,  -taps my lips- well i do bite not gonna lie, only in bed though .-laughs- 
      Oh I almost for got to give you your invitations - Pulls out a Red envelope and holds it out to you.- 
      Just hand me the invitation if you should wish to engage in a wonderful dream.
      -Laughs and blows a kiss - see you around cutie.
      ((disclaimer lolz i feel like im giving off such top energy, but im a switch btw. Im cool with all kids of rps, polyamorous and monogamous, etc. ))
      Thanks for reading. 
    • xakdbe
      By xakdbe
      Hello. If you have ideas and want to rp then i can rp. Only things i won't do is Yaoi and Male on Futa because i'm not into them. Also i won't rp as a Female because i'm not comfortable with it but i maybe persuaded to rp as a Futa if you have a Female character. Also some other restrictions apply as well. You can text me or comment in this post.
    • _euphoriaX
      By _euphoriaX
      I have been enjoying dark roleplays such as these a lot recently. Here are the two ideas. Though, between the two ideas, I can say that I like the first one more than the second.
      The Bride Market (Dark Level: Medium)
      The Bride Markey is a wonderful place for parents to sell their attractive daughters off to wealthy older men. The older men prefer to buy girls still in high school, and still virgins. You, for instance, want a busty high school girl, who is indeed a virgin, and very flexible. You want the girl to also be a blonde, pretty girl- someone who is smart, but also sexy. You want your wife to be submissive, to obey your every command. At the Bride Market, you were walking around, enjoying the many girls around. But soon, your eyes fell upon one girl only.
      Alice is a 16 year old student at Medan High School. She's blonde, busty, smart, and definitely a virgin. Her parents have made sure to keep her a virgin so she sells high at the market. She isn't really excited about being sold off, but she knows that she can't fighr tradition. Her mother has taught her how to be a good little housewife and to obey a man's every command, and how her job is to please her husband. Her mother made Alice wear some nice, black lingerie and some heels.
      You saw Alice walking alongside her mom, her blonde hair flowing lightly behind her, occasionally resting against her back. Many guys were going to be offering lots of money for her, bidding on her. But you knew that you had much more money. You're downright rich and powerful, and Alice waa going to be your little housewife. You were already planning getting her pregnant with many kids early. 
      Now, it's just time to buy her.

      Into the Woods (Dark Level: High)
      You are downright insane, really. You're a 27-30 year old serial rapist who enjoys going after young girls. But, none of them have genuinely interested you. You just want a girl you can keep as yours... forever. You own a little, secret bunker in the woods, odd, yes. You even have specific drugs to make the girls be submissive, and do whatever you say. Though, you like to watch them plead for you to stop in the beginning. No one has been able to track you, none of the girls were being believed with their stories. They had no evidence once you let them go.
      You currently didn't have any girls, though. You wanted one badly, you were itching to release yourself inside a young one, and finally keep her forever. 
      Anna, a 17 year old pink hairee girl, has always been a bit of a adventurer. She likes to stroll through the forest by her house, not knowing of the man that lives in there. One day, she didn't realize just how much her life would change.
      Anna was strolling through the woods, phone in hand, grinning. She was listening to her music, not paying attention to her surroundings. Everything happened so fast- you had found her, managed to capture and subdue her, and soon enough, you were dragging her to your secret bunker. You're quick, able to do things such as kidnapping without making a single sound.
      When Anna awoke, she was still wearing her school girl uniform. Though, her wrists and ankles were tied to the bed she was on. Her heart beat fast as she looked around, "wha... what the fuck?" She whimpered to herself, fear building up in her quick.

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