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Rules & Notes (Please Read This First)

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  1. Length of posts are required. You have to be able to write a minimum of ONE PARAGRAPH or FIVE SENTENCES. People cannot move a story along if a segment is just your character nodding. Remember, we are all writing this story together. Let's make it entertaining for us an any outside readers.
  2.  If you join the group RP, you must make some kind of character. Player creation is done within the Bios topic section. Lurking is not appreciated as it inflates the groups numbers. If you're just wanting to read the rp as it progresses, that can be done without inflating our numbers. If you do not make a character within a week of joining, an admin will message you about it to help you out. If you do not intend to make a character, you will simply be removed. 
  3. Do not God-Mod. Sometimes, instead of smut, fighting happens between characters. This means being fair with both your character and other player characters is paramount. If a fight is to occur and you are unsure of how things should go, please double-check with the other player before doing something that prevents any sort of opportunities for retaliation. If a player god-mods and they do not edit their response after being called out by you, please contact the Leader, @Matty, or the GM, @nicjomo, and they will mediate on behalf of the roleplay experience.  Everyone gets three chances, which is more than enough time to learn from your mistakes. An "Offense" in these regards is if you are caught god-modding and do not fix the mistake. Mistakes happen, but if you do not own up to the point where an admin must be called in, that is an "offense". Three time offenders will be kicked from the group rp for the benefit of others. Remember, just like smut, fighting should be a fun & exciting time, not an annoying & stressful time.


  1. After you join, we highly recommend that you post an introduction in the topic Planning to Unite Kingdoms. It can be a simple "Hello" or something more in depth. This is not required but it sure is a nice way to start things off, as player communication typically makes for a better atmosphere and roleplay experience.
  2. The topic Planning to Unite Kingdoms is also were players can communicate ideas openly with one another, such as side stories or plot points. There is no judgement there and compromising on ideas, as well as brainstorming with others, is very encouraged. 
  3. Character creation is very open, leaving just about all of that in your hands if you are wanting that level of freedom. Introducing a new character can include creating a new faction or kingdom in the group rp to accompany their creation. Or, if you prefer something more streamlined, you can create a character in an already existing kingdom or even just play a minor-role as an NPC by taking one of the open slots. You could even make your own minor character slot! Anything from an annoying animal character that follows someone around, like the main character Eddie, or a farmer who likes to keep to themselves. The world is your oister! If you want to introduce something that isn't already in the rp, simply run it by @nicjomo or @Matty and they will work it out with you~!
  4. Character death can happen but that does not mean that is the end for your character, unless you wish for it to be. If a character is to die, that will need to be worked out between any of the involved parties. Deceased characters will likely be brought back in either the Chaos Divine faction or the Order Divine faction, unless you decided otherwise.



The "Rules & Notes" topic may be updated or changed as the group rp progresses. If any updates or changes are made, a post will be made in the Planning to Unite Kingdoms sections letting the players know.
If you have any questions about the Rules & Notes, just message @nicjomo or @Matty and they will answer any questions you might have.
Thank you for reading & have a great time writing together!

Edited by Matty

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