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How should a guy with less language skills good in roleplay


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Study, is the best tip I could possibly give.

Erotic role plays can be difficult, communication is essential with your partner, things can be going great and then suddenly one wrong response and they ghost, if you can't keep their mind stimulated they usually won't stick around. Some do, and those are generally your exceptional partners.

Erotic role plays depend on language to stimulate the mind, word choices generally have to be carefully selected and even when your language skills are moderately good to exceptional it still isn't terribly easy. I like to role play with as many partners as I can to get inspiration from different writing styles and learn from them, not just in an erotic sense but just writing as well.

Check out a few clubs, there's some pretty good role players and some pretty detailed sex scenes that you can read over and get a good feel for it or inspire your own ideas. 

Best of luck, I hope you can learn from a lot of role players.

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read and practice. also learn to use commas......comma's could save your mother's life.

"Let's eat Mother" vs "Let's eat, Mother" mean two completely different things. well......three completely different things. but that's if you're incestuous of course.

or you could quit, never come back and never bother to read anything which looks like what you decided to do anyway. either way good luck to you.

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I have found it is extremely important for both partners to be up front with what they want before even starting.  This includes deciding little details that might not seem much, but they can help create a much more immersive experience.  It's also very important for you to let your partner know that while you might not meet their expectations you are trying to learn and become better.  I think most partners would take that and help you with their feedback, not all but most.

As for the grammar and language, you can download grammarly onto your chrome browser for free and It catches most spelling and punctuation errors.  If you find yourself having writers block because you can't think of a word, or you find yourself using the same adjective or pronouns every other sentence, go ahead and open up a tab for a thesaurus website.


And last of all, good luck!  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to DM me ^.^

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