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When Venus returned from the stores, she  doubled back and bounded up the ladderwell to the quarterdeck.

Talia tended the wheel, and surveyed the deck while the captain and boatswain had been below decks.

22 hours ago, LeonaFair said:

"We'll be in Marjia's Port in a few days time. Given the wind is on our side." 

"We need to make it by tomorrow, love." Venus replied to her first mate. "Lavule and I just checked the rum stores and sundown tomorrow, we'll all be strung from the yards."

Venus clapped Talia on the shoulder, "Monster will get us there, you'll see to it. I'll call the crew for a vote when we get there - we need a new quartermaster."

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Talia nods in agreement," Aye aye Captian, That we do need. Maybe a few more fellows to board the ship to tame some of these wild women." 

She gives the Captian a playful wink as she feels a hard breeze blowing behind her heading into the sails giving a ship a hard tug forward. 

Talia laughs," Looks like the breeze agrees with ya. At this rate we'd be there moon high tonight!" 

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"See we make it afore 'morrow noon is all I ask." The captain replied with a nod.

Venus crossed to the ladderwell and turned back to the first mate, "You in the market for a new man, Talia? Break the last one? I told you he looked scrawny."

A storm of blonde hair shook off any answer with a smile. "Save it. I want you an Lavule in my quarters at the night watch."

She slid down the polished hand rails on her hands. At the bottom she turned into her cabin.

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"Aye Aye Capt," Talia says and checks her compass to be sure she was still on course. 

As she put her compass away she thought of the man that she broke and sighs thinking she maybe cursed due to how she'd broken him. 

As night was falling she met with a helms mate letting them know of their course before laundering off to the Captain's Quarters. 

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