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Let's start being honest about sex!

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On 19/02/2021 at 02:14, Imouto Kanna said:

I've read hypothesis that it has something to do with evolution.

Yup, it's because it expands the surface area and helps to spread more pheromones!

On 19/02/2021 at 02:08, Imouto Kanna said:

That's how I keep my pubes, I shave around both openings but usually keep a tuft on the pubic bone area.

^ this!

On 19/02/2021 at 02:26, Buio said:

You'd probably get just about everyone assuming you were a lesbian though 😛

😄 didn't know that purple armpit hair was an official sign to show that you're into girls.

I actually had my first time with a girl - she was my best friend, we were really drunk and yeah, ended up having sex. I didn't like it so much though and never slept with a girl again.

On 19/02/2021 at 02:26, Buio said:

North American porn is quite fond of the full shave look for all their actresses and most of their actors

It's the same in Germany, and when I was younger you would not find a hair on me. But as I grew older I started to keep some of my pubic hair. It's not even that I am lazy. I do shave some parts of it. I simply prefer the way I look with pubic hair.

On 19/02/2021 at 02:26, Buio said:

haha, it's as they say 'no one likes to floss while they eat' 😛

😄 I don't know about that. I think it is all about communication. If a guy wants me to suck his balls and they are the most fuzzy, I'll probably tell him that it would be easier to do that if he at least trimmed his pubic hair a bit. But honestly for women you can simply spread the labia a bit. There is no hair growing at the clitoris and that's where most of the attention will be dedicated to anyways. And I also think that some people just don't bother so much. I mean if you are into more "natural" people, you'll probably not be surprised if they do not shave or do not shave completely but that just goes with that type of people 🙂

7 hours ago, Buio said:

This is particularly true for losing your virginity, girls. A depressing amount of media and 'common knowledge' will tell you that your first time always hurts, and that your hymen is supposed to be torn and bleed.

that is complete bollocks.

The hymen is not a 'seal' over the vagina that needs to be pierced in order to penetrate. It's more like an arching hood that, if handled with care, will stretch as much as any other part of you.

The myth of 'popping your cherry' is one that has developed through millennia of uncaring male partners just forcing themselves without grace on their wives and other female 'conquests'. it is a product of the historical patriarchy mixed with the lack of sexual education that permeated most societies.

So I can (obviously) not speak for all girls, but: I agree on the pain part. My first time did not hurt. There was blood but there was no pain.

I don't know about the hymen stretching, but I know that it can be torn even before you have sex for the first time, for example by certain types of sports.

Back to the pain part when you're having sex for the first time: I understand that if girls are nervous and are expecting it to hurt, this might leave you so tightened up that it makes you feel uneasy. I remember using tampons for the first time and I did not manage to fit them into me because it felt so weird and I was so tightened up. If I had tried to have sex in this moment, it would probably have hurt. However, do people feel pain having sex for the second time? Because basically there is no change in physiology. It's not (as some people actually still believe) that you will stretch or that you will get loose when you have had sex. It's actually the opposite since you are training the muscles of your pelvic floor.

But again, I can not speak for all women here, and I do not want to say that it does not hurt for some of them. And some women even suffer from vaginismus, leaving them unable to have sex without having pain because their muscles can't relax.

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oh lord, I've had some beer (and sparkling wine) with some friends and I feel that it is giving me such a hard time writing proper English sentences! Don't judge me please :D
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It boils down to the same thing it always does: there are all sorts of people in this world.

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