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Yakshi Leanan's Room


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The room of Yakshi, the lust daemon. She had arrived as early as Ironclaw would allow her and so her bags have already unpacked with copies of playmonsters folded out to the big page along with other items. For a lust daemons, she didn't exactly have a lot of erotic stuff as she recently hadn't really actually played with anyone in that kind of way. In her closet though, were a plethora for her to change into from original looking kimono's that would elegantly hold her form, maid outfits that were a bit on the naughtier side~, gym clothes for physical activity, heck she had a more official looking uniform of a white shirt and black skirt that she could wear to playact as a  teacher or something. Unknown to most but Yakshi was actually a pretty skilled weaver due to the fact that she ended up having to edit a lot of clothes she get through the mail since a four-armed species with wings and a tail were a bit of a rarity so the uniforms she ends up wearing don't exactly fit her comfortably. Thus, she took up the matter of making clothes herself after a lot of trial and error in the form of buying clothes from the interweb and then seeing how to add sleeves, wing holes, and a tail hole along with other things that she found interesting to experiment with. 

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