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Amelia Lehmann's Room


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Amelia opened up the door to her dorm room and took a long whiff of the scent of the clean room. "Ahhhhh~" She sighed loving the clean room smell. "Hopefully I can keep this smell." She said as she held in her hands her packages and began to organize her room. Her room growing from an empty shell to a currently being lived in vibe. As it was her first year here, she didn't bring too much that would accentuate an 'Amelia' vibe. She only brought a few spare clothes and a few of her novels along with a few cleaning supplies in case she accidentally made a mess. . . which she did. During the process of making the room into her room for the year, she fell down a number of times that suffice to say. People who might've been watching her from the hallway would've had plenty of upskirt shots of her clean panties and the tentacles that writhed underneath her maid like clothing. 

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