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Umbral and Lumians House

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On one of the streets of the Village of Moony Lake were a rather large house. Once, it was used for the poor and to help those with low income however became condemned due to a bug infestation. Years pass and the infestation died, and with inspection and removal of any leftovers from the previous inhabitants. And years later, a family of five; three uncle's and their two nephews, now own the house and recently moved in.


The home was refurbished and cleaned of any dust and remnants of vermin, the outside repaired of any broken or shattered wood and glass. The black iron gate and fencing that once surrounded the home were removed and it's metal used for other things. Here, the White family have permanently established themselves, knights, soldiers, and anything of the like here to love a new life from conflict... If said conflict were to be avoided, and given the younger of the two brothers, Lumian, somehow trouble was stirred about. 

Inside there were many bedrooms, a sizeable kitchen, two storage rooms and a massive basement used for whatever that includes a wine cellar and its own kitchen. The house was supposed to possess a secondary building until the infestation came about, then any plans were tossed away. And now after many years here it was, open windowed to allow the cool breeze in at a table in the dining room were an set man, rugged yet masculine, sitting and sipping a cup of freshly brewed tea. Across from him eating a piece of bread and dried venison, a mug of cool milk in one hand, was the older brother, Umbral. 

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