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Hello everyone this is the start of the announcements channel. I will make important announcements in here that affect all in the rp. So please follow this topic so you are pinged when a new announcement is made.



Today I would like to ask people with werewolf characters to start trying to move their scenes on to get to a point where they can segway into the first event that will happen. Which that event will be the start of mating season.


When the event starts I will make an event thread that will be used for. Everything that happens during that event. As events are more fast paced it will be hard to keep track of everything in a bunch of smaller threads. So as a heads up to those who have scenes to try to move them along. I will give some time before starting the event. Bit once I start it your characters will be part of the event starting from where they were last located.

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Revitalization Project and Expansion Announcement


This is going to be a Project to renew and streamline this campaign. Some changes will be made to this campaign. Some of it is regarding some of the specifics of functions with certain dark mythos creatures, one of the species under consideration for restructure is the vampires themselves. Although I have a specific set up for them right now and this set up will remain as  a variation even after the restructuring. Below I am going to detail some changes that are planned. 



So I plan on fleshing out a much larger world and a general history for this iteration of Earth. Right now there is planned that there will be 3 major Era's in this world as of so far. These eras will be connected but will have different feels to them and could fall under different genres of fantasy even.  I have made mentions of an alternate history before in this roleplay but I never managed to actually work on it and flesh it out.  However this will be a bigger project to deal with and I may want some help with this. This new fantasy world will be called the Lost Fantasy World. The 3 Major Era's are as follows

The Wild Era (Name may be subject to change): An era  where the world was vast and had regions that have yet to be explored. A world where there was many species such as elves, dwarves, tieflings, Taewari, and more. During this era Magic was free and extremely common. This is your typical High Fantasy like setting.

The Great Purge: A time period spanning a few centuries. During the early years of this time period the humans went to war with the other races. They began to search through lands they owned and conquered, executing any non-human they found and grinding up their bones. As this time period progressed eventually magic was banned and the humans went through destroying magic texts. Eventually humans developed a strict religious system and would rewrite history to make it appear that these other races, old gods, and magic in general never existed.

The Modern Era (Name also may be subject to change): The era after the purge. and the one that Spruce Moore take3s place in. Most knowledge of fantastical creatures and people has been suppressed by the humans. Monster are disregarded as myth and things such as magic and elves or more are regarded as fictional imagination, with most people unaware that these were based in truth.. In the early days of this era hunting guilds were made to hunt remnants of the older days that had survived somehow such as vampires and werewolves. However now very few of these guilds still exist and now many members of these groups are chastised as being insane or crazy. By the modern day any survivors are so deep in hiding that it is believed even by the church and it's secret societies that humans are the only race left.  Even human governments do not know about the previous existence of such fantasy elements, But this calm that was formed can become upset at any time.


As you may imagine fleshing this out may be difficult especially in a forum such as this or other forums that I plan to run other roleplays connected to this joint world. Because it will be a mess to pin every topic and then to get things lost in pages of threads where you have to tediously click through it isn't too efficient. This leads to the next point.


World Anvil Integration:

To keep all this lore and information I plan to make a world anvil database that is open for viewing. Where people can read information on whichever subject they are looking for. World Anvil works similarly to a Wikipedia or an encyclopedia but designed for world building. I already set up the work space on World Anvil for Lost Fantasy, the world that Spruce Moore takes place in. Here I will work on information for the world starting with things that are most necessary right now. Such as information on vampires, werewolves and other elements that we are touching on in this roleplay. I plan to put a link for this database in the description of the roleplay.  There will not only be information on races, history, lore, and such. But also I plan to even feature some artwork for characters and certain items as well. However any character art will have to be original character art of that character and not of a pre-existing character that is used for general appearance reference. With all of this put on world anvil it will be possible to have roleplays on various platforms all using the same reference material.



So vampires in general are some what confusing as they are highly inconsistent depending on which material you are looking at. So I decided that I will introduce multiple varieties of vampires that will have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the type. I will detail the specifics about this at a later time.



I plan to add normalish humans to be playable in the roleplay as there will be humans who still believe in some fantasy elements and some who may want to hunt them down or some who may want to help. If the human is not aggressive towards vampires or werewolves then a reason that they know of these races existing will need to be given. Hunters that we will be dealing with would likely assume that these creatures are out there even without proof. Humans could either just do their own thing or they could possibly join one of the factions. I was originally against this at first but now I am deciding to implement it. As far as how magic goes for humans they will have the capability but it will require a lot of practice and use for their mana pathways to work again as magic has somewhat atrophied in humans since they have not used it in so long. so most humans would not be as skilled in magic as vampires will be due to the increased difficulty and the short life spans.


Character Limits:

As of now I will be limiting characters to 3 characters per a person max that can be distributed however you want. This will allow people to have one of each (1 werewolf, 1 vampire, and 1 Human) or they can use these slots however they wish. As such I plan to remove any extra characters or inactive characters as well.


Possible Discord?: 

I don't know if I plan on making a discord related to the Lost Fantasy world. At least for now If I make one it will be primarily used for anyone who is aiding me in the construction of the world and it's lore. If anyone is interested they can ask if they could help and I may need to see maybe an example of their writing and works to consider them. If I do make a public discord in the future (A big if since right now the group is somewhat small and I don't think it will grow much larger at least on Ecchidreams,) then I will post that as well. Basically the thought has come up but it is not even remotely necessary at this time.




Any suggestions will also be appreciated. And if there is a question feel free to ask me. I obviously don't have everything thought out just yet, but I will try to answer the question if possible. And sometimes just asking will cause me to think of an answer. That answer may get tweaked but it will be a general idea of where I want to go with that.

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