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o/ gubbins says hello!


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Hello all! New to this particular part of the interwebs but not new to roleplaying - I come from the era of neocities and angelfire, AOL and wild horse herd roleplays. Which is where I got my start, coincidentally!

I like fandom and fantasy (though not medieval, too boring, I like me some frontier fantasy/weird wild west!) and what matters to me most is characters and their development. I have a generally... odd taste in characters. I love exploring ethical polyandrous (that's one female, multiple men) relationships as well.

I've been around a while and have long searched for a place to settle down when it comes to collaborative storytelling. So far I haven't found it, but here's hoping EcchiDreams is the place!

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I hope you will get to meet a lot of our fun and creavity community members and have a wonderful time 😄

You are, of course, always welcome to hit me up, if you wish ❤️

I totally do not have over 500 shortstack images in my galleries, most of them gobbos 😉

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