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  2. Harmony Frost

    Harmony Frost

    I’m trying not to stress but geez Louise, why would my sister quit her job? Now we’re going to be trying even harder to pay bills...

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  4. Akira


    Hey everyone! I just want to let everybody know that I am back! I might not be 100% just yet, but I am officially back at RPing in this website I love so much! xD

    SO, that means you don't need to cry anymore and-  Oh wait.... nobody cryed? okay then.... xP

  5. Akira

    MegaCity 1

    "Tch. Fine then" Soma clicked his tongue and replied in a somewhat irritated tone. He wasn't really surprised by the fact the AI was unable to give him the info he desired. After all, pretty much every single company with a considerable value has it's fair share of secrets to keep, and as the CEO of one, Soma understood that very well. Still, it was farely annoying for him, since he doesn't really like to act without a good grip on what was happening. His calculist and cautious nature was something he was actually quite proud of. Soma decided that, for now at least, it would be best to forget the subject and focus on understanding more about this new found digital world and what he could or should do while there. While he was pretty sure that he had the basics on how to operate the Hero OS thanks to his knowledge and experience with computers and video games, he was also curious to find out how exactly he would be putting the loadout he had select to use. "Very well... please go on then. I am curious to learn more about this program" he replied in his calm tone.
  6. kingddude

    Hard domination

    nah sorry I think I'll pass but thank you. have a nice day but hey at least we bumped it
  7. Kittyslave01

    Hard domination

    I roleplay as a Male so is it still good?
  8. kingddude

    Hard domination

    Okay bitch I can fuck you the slut you are if that's what your asking for?
  9. kingddude

    Lost at sea. A island romance.

    do i post my guy here or pm you?
  10. Reven


    Would anybody like to rp? I have couple ideas in mind. Just feel free to ecchitext me 🙂

  11. TheSourestPatch


    L-.. Lady Ann..!?


  12. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    I moan louder as I feel my cock stimulated by the slime. I open my mouth then kissed back and my eyes widen as I felt several tongue entering inside my mouth. It felt so good that my cock was getting hard and it started twitching for more attention
  13. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    she giggled, willing the slime to wiggle and contrack around his now exposed cock, she deepened the kiss, forcing his mouth open and letting hundreds of small slime tongues into his mouth, violating him greatly.
  14. TheMonikan


    I kind of am already with @Aurelius
  15. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    I moan softly as the slime melt my clothes and touches my body . As I sink inside the bed, I smile enjoying the feeling of being swallowed by a slime, I then see her body straddling me and kissing me. I kiss her back waiting for her permission to let my tongue in play in her mouth
  16. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    She smiles, "Oh, I won't eat you, but I am going to feed on you!" her slime clothes melted away as the tendrils reached out and encased his body in a thick layer of slime, slowly holes formed in his uniform as it disolved into the slime, leaving him nude and his body seemed to sink into the slime bed, leaving him encased. She leaned down, diving into the slime bed, and straddled him, pulling him into a slimy kiss.
  17. Dr. Caring

    • Dr. Caring
    • Rayearth209

    Hi, and welcome.  I looked over your preferences, and I have a number of things I'm sure we could write.  I tend to like modern and real life, rather than fandom or fantasy. I'm not into violence, abuse, and imprisonment   You preferences are many, and we do share many, but what are you favorites. (You an go to ecchiapps (at the top of the page and look at roleplayer preferences , and look at mine.)   

    PM me and let's talk. 

    Meanwhile enjoy!

  18. PsychoSexual

    • PsychoSexual
    • ashly

    Welcome to the site!

  19. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    I smile and slowly start to moan softly as you rub me, my cock getting excited and lively. I look at her and say "I am all yours to eat mistress"
  20. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    she smiled laying next to him as more of her tendrils spread out from her body and the bed to coil around him, stroking his body all over, "Mmm~ you seem to be a delectable little morsal~"
  21. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    I smile as you pet my head and then I see the bed and I lay down in the bed "slime is so comfortable mistress"
  22. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    "Mmmm~ what a good boy~" she praises, as a tendril of slime pats her face "Lie on this bed for me~" she commands, the slime at her lower body explanding out and forming into a bed.
  23. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    "Of course mistress" I smile and approach to you then I get on my knees submissively showing that I was ready for anything
  24. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    Sitting in the room is a slime carrier, her bod is that of a human girl, but dressed in semi transparent clothes and sitting on a bed of slime. She reaches out with her hand, a tendril of slime coiling around it and reaching out to him, "Ah, there's my cute little Slave~" she says, with a seductive smile "Come here, I wish to get aquainted~"
  25. Laroy


    Agreed!~ the four of us could do it!!~
  26. Kittyslave01

    Alice captures a new servant

    "Yes Mistress I will do as you say" I bow then open the door and get in saying softly "hello I am Alex, I'll be doing anything you ask to satisfy you so please do not refrain to satisfy any wishes you have" I bow
  27. TheMonikan

    Alice captures a new servant

    Alice stops infront of a door "Through here one of my clients are waiting, you're going to show them a good time, do as they ask."
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