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    Life is too short; I'll try pretty much anything at least once (read: Good luck trying to find something I won't RP ). I don't care about the gender of the person I'm RPing with, so if you feel the same way, I'm happy to discuss something. Also, I will say that there are probably things not on this list that I'd do, so if you have an idea not involving any of those preferences, feel free to bring it up; there is pretty much no way, at all, that you'd scare me off. I tend to give as good as I get, or at least try to, in terms of length of posts. I'd like to consider myself more than competent with spelling and grammar, and would prefer if a partner is at least fairly competent generally speaking, but that depends on what kind of ideas and enthusiasm you can bring to the table; I'm also more than happy to try and help you improve if you need/want my help doing so. Two general rules that I don't usually like: People 'playing' my characters. This includes but isn't limited to: moving my characters, assuming their responses, etcetera. There are exceptions, like for example if my character is injured, or it could reasonably be expected your character could move them, I have no problem with it (though it doesn't hurt to ask anyway). Making assumptions on what their reactions might be is fine too, but don't assume that is what they did. 'Abandoned' RPs. I don't mind if you don't wanna RP any more, but please do tell me. I'd rather know than wonder. Along the same lines, not finishing one and wanting to start another kinda bothers me too, excluding things like having more than one going, or temporarily setting one thing aside in favour of another. As an aside to this; I understand real life gets in the way sometimes. Hell, mine does. So as long as you understand you might not get immediate responses, you equally don't have to apologise if you've been gone a while. Anyway, feel free to bother me any time. Please do remember though, as a disclosure, that RPing with a Staff Member doesn't mean anything special, and doesn't exempt you from the ToS. If we RP, I would want you to think of me as an RPer rather than Staff in that setting, but if you break the ToS on the forums, I will deal with it if necessary. I'm an RPer... And a friend... But I'm still Staff...
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    ▪DON'Ts • Godmodding ▪ADDITIONALS • Public Sex - Yup! To those who are also interested in this to spice things up- yup!~ ;3 • Spanking - I'm also into that~ Roleplay must have a story, not only about sex.
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    A little background: I've been RPing for a few years now. I wouldn't call myself a great RPer, but I would like whoever decides to RP with me to at least post 1-3 paragraphs. Of course, more isn't prohibited. Restrictions: If possible, I would like for the RP to be written in 3rd person, preferably using OCs. I don't mind RPing males, females or futas, but would like my partner to RP as either a female character or a futa. In the case of futa, while I've nothing against homosexuality or the like, I won't RP a male being anally penetrated. Furries are also out of the question. Lolis are debatable. Permissions: While I didn't choose any animal options, I'd like to note that animal people/monster girls are completely acceptable. Examples would be cat girls, fox girls, etc. You can find what I'm talking about on the MGE Wiki (Monster Girl Encyclopedia) Specifications: While I RP as male, female or futa, I prefer to RP as a male. While most Monster Girls on that wiki are acceptable, not all are. Please remember not to get upset if I decide I won't like to RP with that species. When it comes to Futas, I will only RP with Futas without a ballsack. Extra Information: I can be a bit picky about character pictures, so please don't hate me. If you're willing to do a private RP where we both have more than 1 character, let me know. I'm still trying to figure out a lot of stuff on this site, so do bear with me please!
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    I strictly RP as Super Sonico, and this is a SINGLE character account. If it was a multi character account, I would have stated otherwise and added mini bios and characters to my other albums. Again, this is a SINGLE character account. Not a multi. This happened not only here, but with an account for a different RPing site where multiple people asked me when it was right there in my bio on my profile. Please guys, don’t ask me again because I’m sick of having to explain myself.
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    Open to a lot of roles and contend, so just ask.
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    So, things I didn't put are up to debate. I noticed pegging is not here, don't like that. I prefer to play as Female/Futa but can also play male. Some of the things I didn't put or may say I don't like I may not be knowledgeable about and simply have no interest in it. For those who know about HH I don't like the Ugly Bastard Genre either. My favorite is inflation, Impregnation/Pregnant and Futa. The other stuff I just like normally. I usually go with Fantasy settings but I can work with some others too. I suppose Chikan is kinda like Exhibition but I like that too. Oh and Animals...Furries are okay and Furries having animal genitals are okay to, but animals themselves are a no go...Weird right?
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    If you have anything to ask me then ask!
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    Hey Ecchidreams! Super excited to start roleplaying. I suck at roleplaying dominant, though, so keep that in mind. I'll roleplay fluff, angst, or just straight-up smut. But what I love even more is roleplays where the characters are enemies. Like a War, or something. Totally into rping torture. Some of my favorite types: - Master/Servant - Kidnapped - Prisoner of War - Anything Medieval - Princess kidnapped or something with a princess - Pirates - Caught Thief - Angels and Demons - Assassins and Mafia - Neko/Elf slave - Fairy - Spy - Superheroes - Mad scientists - Any interrogation scenario - Literally anything historical, fantasy, or scifi My Fandoms - Hetalia (I love this one and I really wanna do a rp for it.) - Star Wars My F-List: https://www.f-list.net/c/sola haze
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    If you see that a tag is not listed in the “I will do this” and “I will not do this”, that means I don’t necessarily like it, but I may be fine with it. Fandoms I Know Of (May be more that I don’t quite remember, thoughts simply ask and I will answer!): -Homestuck -SAO -Overlord -Fate Series (Apocrypha, Stay Night, Zero, Grand Order) -Persona 4 -Chunibyo, Love, and Other Delusions -Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid -RWBY (Volumes 1-4) -Fire Emblem (Fates, Awakening, Echoes) -I got reincarnated as a Slime -Goblin Slayer -Rising of the Shield Hero I also can do plots you or I come up with, and as long as it’s suitable enough, I shall do the plot that was mastered! So don’t be afraid of asking for help when it comes to what sort of plot you got in mind. Before going one, I will say that roleplays May be limited for me! So if I can not accept a roleplay, please forgive me for that, or if I have not relied for a while. Currently in a time where I am naturally busy. Although, you can ask me for a roleplay. I may not be free most of the time, but I can write pretty decently enough! Please note that I am an open minded person. If you need to ask me about preferences not listed, do go on to tell me. Also note that I’m actually a VERY open minded person, and often have difficulty actually making decisions. Therefore I shall leave at least most decisions to you unless it’s something specifically for me.
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    I am a devout Christian, so there are very specific guidelines I follow when it comes to the roleplay I am willing to do. While I am very open to all sorts of kinks and fetishes, I will only allow certain ones under certain contexts. I will never, under any circumstances, participate in a roleplay that glorifies sexual immorality. However, I will be okay with roleplays involving sexual immorality if: The act leads to some sort of consequence (unexpected pregnancy, lost job/relationship, etc.) OR The act is portrayed as horrific (rape, torture, etc.) I want my stories to reflect Christian values. Sex will be used only with a purpose to advance the story in a meaningful way. This is why I will never, under any circumstance, agree to participate in a sex-only roleplay. This doesn't mean that my stories have to take place in a world where God exists, although depending on the type of story being told I may be adamant on the existence of God being left open-ended. It simply means that I don't ever want a story I'm writing to "inspire" anyone to commit sinful acts. I want immoral sex to be surrounded by feelings of guilt and/or fear either during or after the fact. A character I play as may enjoy having sex and even become addicted to the pleasure it brings her, but by the end of the roleplay that addiction will slowly take over her life and transform the story from an erotic fantasy to a horrible nightmare where her life spirals out of control. A story like that could be given a happy ending if she manages to escape her addiction and allows her experience to change herself, or it should simply stay a tragic tale of a girl who lost everything she had. But I would never write a story where such a girl would receive a happy ending without changing to avoid sexual immorality. As for my roleplaying style, I like to write a lot. I love creating new and unique worlds. I have a tendency to create an original character for each roleplay, even in fandom roleplays. Although sometimes I may reuse a previously created character if I really liked them. If you want to roleplay with me privately, I will give you a heads up that I tend to prioritize my public roleplays when it comes to effort. When I roleplay with others, I also have a tendency to try and match their level of detail. If I feel that our roleplay styles just aren't meshing very well, then don't feel bad if I send you a message telling you it won't work out. I don't like participating in roleplays where I feel limited in. If my partner isn't contributing anything, then I take it that they're simply bored with the story and I just don't want to continue anymore. I would much rather my stories end abruptly and hopefully one day pick up again when enthusiasm is back, than have a roleplay drag on for a year with absolutely nothing substantial happening. If you're a stranger looking to roleplay with me, please do not simply send me a message asking immediately. I would like to consider myself very approachable, but I would really like to get to know somebody before roleplaying with them. After all, it's really awkward to start a roleplay and then partway through realize you're just not compatible with each other. If you're trying to actually make conversation and be friends, then please don't open up with a message that literally only says "hi," or any other generic greeting. If you don't know what to say, tell me what about me caught your attention! If I just get a generic greeting, it feels like it's been copied and pasted to a hundred different people and I'll just ignore it like junkmail. That said, if we're already friends, you can always suggest your roleplays with me right out the gate and if you just want to chat, a simple "hi," is more than welcome! ^^
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    I'd love to be your maid! But I am also always up for new and interesting stuff!
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    Small change here, if it isn't in the 'Yes' section but also not in the 'No' section. Then it is a 'Maybe'. Example: Rape: This largely depends on the story elements, but I will not do Rape as a Sex Only plot.
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    Im open to a lot of Roleplays, gentle or really rough, Dominant or sub, anything so don't be shy. Use me however you like, or I'll use you~
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    I"m generally ok with anything other than a few exceptions. send me a text if your are interested in a rp i prefer if we generally discuss a plot so can both get what we want
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    Most of the things on my preferences are relative, so under the right circunstances i might be able to try something different from what is in there... Overall, really big fan of soft/vanilla hentai~
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    I am a very open minded girl when it comes to RP, up for trying anything new. Although I absolutely do not like any RP with too much violence, scat, or overly harsh degradation. That's about it I think, hope we can have fun sometime.
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    I mainly prefer erotica and roleplaying with furries/neko, but will make exceptions. I do not have to be a furry if you don't want me to be. I enjoy famous cartoons or anime characters and/or video game characters (mainly from Capcom), such as: Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil, Darkstalkers, Street Fighter and Megaman series. Characters I'm used to playing are Jill Valentine, Felicia, Rainbow Mika, Rouge the Bat, Samus Aran, and Tsunade. Short and sweet replies that are straight to the point, slightly descriptive. Something like this pic as well
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    I like to consider myself an Experimentalist - so I'll try things at least twice before I decide whether I like them or not Aside from my distinguishable disinterests I'm open too many things I'm also a switch, meaning I can be top or bottom depending on what my partners are looking for I really prefer doing descriptive RP's: (3) Paragraphs minimum Lastly, I'm usually afc due to working full time and attending classes but if you're willing to be patient with me I promise to be an amazing partner (P.S: Also looking for friends to talk to )
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    (✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫・*。 Kind of RP that Ely's Addicted To (Make sure to read this to get the best experience out of me) Netorare, Mindbreak, Male Domination, Rape, Orgies, Threesome, Slave, Cheating, Pet, Getting fucked by men with big cock. I dont have any character. That is too advanced for someone new like me. So, I will roleplay as myself (╯✿◕益◕)╯︵ ┻━┻ Quite busy lately so please expect me to be here like only on weekends. Do click the pic to visit my profile and say hi to me~
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    hello! here's my thingy. If there's something not listed in yes or no, then i just don't rly think of it....but if it's in no, then, yeah, NO. Also, really, I don't play as men, it weirds me out a bit, and, really, i'm just not in to adult humanoid men. If you wanna talk about a roleplay, feel free to message me thanks for looking?
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    Im willing to have fun while we do some kink stuff XD, i dont mind experimenting but there are some above that i wont do due to personal preff, other than that, fun is all we need (and lust) XD
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    I generally prefer to roleplay a dominant male character, and I typically look for submissive feminine characters. Not necessarily strictly female though. Though if its not, I do prefer them to be submissive, with feminine features, traits, or similar. There are things that are sacred to me. Universally. Consent, cooperation, and acceptance. To elaborate, I personally really prefer things to be done out of free will. That really includes sex as well. I want to work together with my partner/s in order to make the best experience with what we have to offer. And lastly, I accept folks for who they are as people, including their preferences, and wont see you as anything but an equal, if you do the same in turn. (At least an equal outside of the sheets anyway xD) To sum up, I'm a young Dane, hoping to build some good experiences with a lot of other friendly perverts out there xD 'Hope to see you around!'
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    Hello, my name is Kassandra Kain and I'm looking to write stories together with likeminded individuals! A little about myself: I'm 21 years old and I've been roleplaying for around 3 and a half years now. You could say I'm pretty new at all of this. I'm here in Ecchidreams to explore my sexuality and my limits. I want to be tested! I want to try new things and experience different roles with new and interesting people! A lover of all things creative and strange, my favorite settings are always filled with fantasy elements. That said, let's talk about sexuality. A long long time ago, I would have firmly stated my preference as a dom. Nowadays, it's a little more murky. I find myself drawn closer to submissive roles. It's been something of an identity crisis, but it also makes me willing to try just about anything once. If there is one thing I draw the line at, it's scat. In short, I'm a young and curious girl looking to discover herself through writing! 'Till we meet again~.
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    EDITING! WORK IN PROGRESS!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I almost always play a shy innocent female sub! Is there anything around those lines you are willing to play? I am ok with almost any fetish or kink and I have several characters for you to choose from! For each of my characters I have a character sheet which I will reveal with whatever roleplay we do! ~~~~~~~~~ I have ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 kitsune! - Legal Loli (Isn’t really underage just a sideaffect of having eternal youth) Name: (Partners Choice) Age: Was one of the first beings to walk Gender: Female Personality: Shy, Easily embarrassed, Vulnerable, Peckish Occupation: Minor Diety Bio: Once a proud and powerful son of the Nine Tailed Fox he went and did many things to help the human race and races of similar origin. Only in it for the fame and fortune he lacked compassion and was cruel to those who served under him. He only let women work under him because he was sexist and thought that the purpose of women was to be there to reproduce, give men pleasure, take care of children and take care of chores and cleaning one day he had talked down to a more powerful deity for being a women saying that they aren’t really good for anything other than grooming his tail and being a servant. She then cursed him to make him lose most of his power and live as a young fair looking girl for eternity. This was devastating to him because he was once a testosterone driven man who lived to prove his worth. Now without his/her physical strength matches that of a small goblin! Now SHE must fend for herself in a cruel and unforgiving world where the women are out for revenge (violent, verbal or sexual) and the men want some money (slave trade). There are a few though who seek more... Pic:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Neko! 1 is a Loli Name: Yuko Age: 8-14 Gender: Female Personality: Energetic, Naive, Playful, Impulsive, Occupation: Middleschool or highschool Bio: To be determined Pic:   There is 1 that can range from 7th grade age to her early 20s Name: Aria Age: 13-23 Gender: Female Personality: Shy, Innocent, Sensitive, Nervous, Introverted, Occupation: To be determined Bio: To be determined Pic:   and 2 that can go from ages 16 to 26! Name: Miku Age: 16-26 Gender: Female Personality: Naive, Shy, Innocent, Caring, Sensitive, Gullible Occupation: Gardener/Florist Bio: To be determined Pic:  Name: Haruno Ayano (Neko form) Age: Gender: Female Personality: Occupation: To be determined Bio: To be determined Pic:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Human Name: Haruna Ayano Age: 16-26 Gender: Female Personality: Shy, Hesitant, Innocent, Occupation: To be determined Bio: To be determined Pic:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Furries all of them are 18 or older but younger than 30 Name: Serenity Age: 17-28 Gender: Female Personality: Occupation: Bio: To be determined Pic:  Name: Aela Age: 18-28 Gender: Female Personality: Occupation: Bio: To be determined Pic:  Name: Keira Age: 16-28 Gender: Female Personality: Occupation: Bio: To be determined Pic:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Any preferences? I am really good at adapting to different types of roleplay as long as I get to use one of my own characters! Also, all images belong to there respective owners and all that lol
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    "I may play the fetishes that are not checked by both the 'Will Roleplay: Fetishes' and 'Will Not Roleplay: Fetishes' sections as experiments to see if I like them or not. Same goes with the 'Genres' and 'Types of Roleplay Characters' sections. I'm not very picky about how long your sentences are, but please have fairly decent grammar. Other than that, I'll make sure to have fun here!" "I am the proud owners of four species: Bahira'mantailawbura (Eternal Entity) Unversed (Angel/Demon Hybrid) Hagorath (Basically Vampires. Species shared with @Neptune) The Mēfwa (Click for species profile) "I hope that we can have fun together ^_^"
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    Im pretty open to anything and everyone. Just message me and we can figure thinks out. One of my biggest kinks/fetishes is Feet. Footjobs, feetplay, soles, toes. Whatever. I just love it. I know its hard to use it in a RP but dont be afraid of trying if your Roleplaying with me :3 Also, ima big fan of Slice of Life x Romance x Teenage Drama RP´s. I do other Genres too, but this is just my favorite. Of course i also mix them with supernatural stuff etc. But if your into the kind if ´standart´school RP, im your man Other than that, just message me
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    I prefer rolepaying as a female, and I love it rough and degrading I prefer dominant and sadistic partners due to my submissive tendencies. I love 'bad ends', corruption, innocence lost, etc. scenarios being done to me. So if you want to do some punishing, grab me and make me beg to stop until I eventually cry out for more
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    Hello there people this is just my list of preferences for roleplaying, I want to expand my rping experience and pretty much rp with a lot of dreamers here so have a good one and hope to rp with you
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    My Kinks : being called babygirl, being pinned, forcefulness, excessive cum, getting tied up, getting mind broken, hardcore stuff, non-con to enjoying it, breeding, stomach bulging, monster play, nekos, getting dominated in between : Pet play, master, footjobs, Absolutely Not : degrading name calling, weird bodily fluids, hurting me physically or otherwise, age play younger than 17, being Dominant, gore My name is Silver and I absolutely adore role-playing with anyone who will treat me like the submissive toy I really am. Message me if you want to RP or even just to talk! A couple facts about me; I have a natural breast size of 42 H, I have brown hair and blue eyes, I'm strictly here for role-play only, I'm Pansexual, and I firmly believe thick thighs save live cause I have them , I enjoy watching anime and reading manga.
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    Preference towards race/racial play and hardcore action. Dirty talking is a must, the nastier the better.
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    Hiya, folks! Platina here, a beginner in the world of lewd RP. I hope that I get to know a lot of people here and experience a wide slew of depraved things~ I am still a bit shy, so I will only do RP in private, at least for now. So, if anyone finds this lass interesting, give me a call
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    Hi! I'm Taffy, a bisexual (but leaning towards ladies) gal who is a vet tech major. I'm very much into futanari and other things but those can be discussed when we talk ;) I also enjoy romance to the highest degree and just...really need someone to hang out with haha. I can talk on this (I think). (Offsite Contact Details removed) Thank you very much for looking at this!
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    I love sexual roleplay(obviously) so if you're interested I actually PREFER private over public as that's just me because it's no one else's business don't be afraid to message me! ;)
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    Hi❤ Looking to RP with male or female. Will do almost anything and I love to have fun❤ Please write soon❤
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    My characters are mainly preferable nekos so i will rarely make any human profiles unless my mind has randomly changed occurding to my mood xD
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    I’m okay with about anything, as long as it isn’t too brutal or bloody.
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    Of course, I can be flexible on some things and I confess that there are a few left unchecked simply because I don't know what they are. Also, here are some fandoms/genres I would love to roleplay: -Harry Potter *especially Hermione/Snape or Draco/Hermione -Marvel *Loki and Captain America are my favorite. -Bleach -Regency/Pride and Prejudice era -Vampires -Criminal Minds: I love Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner -Sleepy Hollow *Ichabod/Abigail -BWWM Couple "Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it is okay to go ass to mouth."
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    I love BDSM, Bondage and being a naughty submissive slut or slave. ^-^
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    This is my first time on a forum like this, but I am certainly no stranger to roleplay or smut roleplay. A bit rusty on the latter, so bear with me. I should also clarify I am fine with doing het roleplays (some of my 'fetishes' are basically het only-- they only apply for roleplaying of course ahuhu) , but anything yuri will usually keep my interest the longest. (I'm a big fat gay I'm sorry weeps). Ah but if you any questions please go ahead and message me, I'm excited to get rolling. EDIT: Changed a few things to more match what I do. Things that aren't listed at all you may approach and ask if I would do it or not!
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    Been roleplaying for a fairly long while, however as of late its died down as all my old RP partners are either tied up with life stuff, or we pretty much exhausted each other and nothings a surprise anymore. Pretty much exclusively private, not a fan of public. If something you like is neither on the Will Roleplay or Will not roleplay lists, chances are I'm willing to do it, because I'm either not scared off by it, or I just missed it while selecting. Feel free to send me a message, though remember I am new and so this website is still very much confusing to me.
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    I am willing to try out the things that i know about but havent really tried~ not willing to try or attempt to try any of the following that i wish not to participate in~
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    Just nothing too strange. I don't like vore, scat, watersports and gore. I don't mind furries, as long as you're good at it. I'm straight, so males only. I find grammar to be sexy. I take a while to reply cause I kinda got a busy life. If I take a while, don't assume I dropped. If If I dropped, I'll tell you. I accept images and pictures of all kinds, I dont mind. I use asterisks to represent actions and parenthesis to speak off-character.
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