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Eros Angel

Character: Cammille-      (note: if you don't want the story and just the sex scenes go to my thread GM Angel's Story (just the sex scenes) I'll add them as I work.



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Eros Angel

"So you've known Karen since she was a girl?" Cammille asked the farm girl while she lit a joint, carefully rolled to look like a cigarette to passing cops, as she pulled out of the farm girl's dirt driveway and out onto Route 39.

The farm girl, Sammy, nodded but didn't say anything, neither answering Cammille nor commenting as pot smoke slowly filled the old silver Honda Civic.

Cammille, everything about her appearance, manner, and possessions New York chic except her car, stared at the woman for a long moment but noted how she seemed to keep her eyes downcast and away from  her own.

Shy or Introverted, I guess. She thought. It wasn't a problem for Cammille, she was on her way to L.A. from New York to attend her friend Karen's wedding. She had decided to buy a cheap car  and drive cross country to see the continental U.S. at least once in her life. When she had told Karen of her plans Karen had encouraged Cammille to try it. Karen had been all over the world and encouraged others to experience the wide world as often as she could. After a few hours Karen had called her back with a thought that perhaps on her way she could pick up her childhood friend Sammy in Beldam's Arbor in Iowa on her way as her friend didn't have an easy way to attend her wedding.

Cammille was extremely easy going so she agreed and got the details, now two months later she had picked up her passenger and they were on the second leg of Cammille's epic trip.

Though the silence didn't bother Cammille at all she could tell her passenger was feeling the awkward tension of feeling like she should respond in some way to Cammille. Reading this in her body language, Cammille turned on the radio and some old jam from the 70's, long, long before either of them had been born, filled the car and Sammy, recognizing the gesture's purpose looked up at Cammille briefly with a thankful half smile.

Cammille grinned back at her with a wide pearl smile of her own then turned back to the road.

Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits warbled out as the Civic sped off to the horizon.


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Eros Angel

"I need to pee." Sammy suddenly announced after four hours of travel.

Cammille was almost startled, they were the first words the woman had spoken since she had briefly introduced herself on her porch earlier that day.

"No problem." Cammille told her as she turned down the radio. "I could use some coffee anyway. Gas station ok?" She inquired of her passenger.

An odd look of tension passed across Sammy's face that Cammille didn't understand but Sammy nodded curtly.

Twenty minutes later Cammille pulled into a Kwik Trip and the pair got out as they entered. A teenage boy behind the counter, face full of fresh pimples, greeted them warmly as they came in. Cammille was about to respond when she caught Sammy's flinch. The waves of awkward uncomfortability she projected in that moment had the boy's happy smile turning down and his face falling as he suddenly felt awkward himself, afraid he had done something wrong.

"Go ahead and use the bathroom, I'll get some coffee." Cammille said, touching Sammy's arm. As Sammy rushed off behind the food shelves toward the building's back bathrooms Cammille flashed the boy a winning smile that informed him non verbally that he had done nothing wrong. His smile rose again in response.

Cammille found a series of spouts that poured various types of cappuccino in the coffee area and chose the french vanilla one, full fat, full sugar, though both other versions were available. Filling up the largest cup size Cammille tasted the piping hot brew.

"More sugar!" She declared then pumped the french vanilla flavor pump almost a dozen times, like a crazy person. She turned her drink into an almost syrupy nectar, something only she would like. She needed tons of caffeine and sugar to counteract the cannabis she had been smoking off and on the entire day. She never worried about driving intoxicated and the deadly crashes that engendered, not because she was some fool that had convinced herself she could drive fine, or better than normal even, smoked up, but because of her little secret that allowed her system to handle it without actually slowing her reflexes, the same secret that let her drink things like the abomination in her hand without gaining a single bit of weight. Still, she wanted to feel up right now, not down and relaxed like she had all day.

Back at the counter she paid for her drink while the teenager made an obvious conscious effort to look at her face and not her breasts. To reward his attempted chivalry, and also tease him a bit, she reached out and ran a finger over the back of his right ear as he looked down at the register.

He nearly jumped out of his skin and as he looked up, she said to him; "Thank you for your service." In a tone that huskily suggested he had just done a wonderful sexual favor for her instead of just friendly counter service.

As she turned away from him she saw Sammy standing near the exit, staring at her speculatively. Cammille glanced back at the boy, who was holding his ear like it was some newly discovered treasure and staring at her still, his lips parted slightly.

"What?" Cammille asked Sammy as she walked by her to the exit.

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Eros Angel

Back in the car, radio blasting Katy Perry's Dark Horse, and singing loudly along, Cammille drove her Honda entirely too fast as the Iowa farm lands whipped by in a blur.

"...Because I'mmmmmm, capable of anything, of anything, and everything!" Cammille's beautiful singing voice filled the car, even louder than the music she was singing along with.

Sammy hadn't said anything in the near hour since they had left the gas station but she finally looked over and stared at Cammille with a rather blank look on her face.

Cammille was tapping the steering wheel and joyfully bouncing her head left and right when she noticed Sammy looking at her.

She turned toward her and smiled happily. "...So you wanna play with magic?! Boy you should know what you're falling for!" She continued singing.

"You really like to flirt, huh?" Sammy asked abruptly.

Cammille flinched a moment, then turned down the radio to near silence. She felt a flush of irritation at the cold way Sammy had said it, wondering if she was being judged, but she decided to give Sammy the benefit of the doubt. The girl was obviously not the most socially graceful.

"Yes, I love to flirt!" She kept her tone kind and engaged and would until she was sure of the woman's intentions, at which point, depending on what this was about, she would have an appropriate response.

"Why did you flirt with that man at the gas station?" Sammy asked, her tone no longer abrupt but thoughtful now that she had managed to spit out her first question successfully.

Cammille relaxed, no harm intended, just social difficulties. "Just because I wanted to." She replied.

"Yes... but why?" Sammy hesitantly asked.

"I just told you..." Cammille responded.

Sammy was quiet for a bit after that. Cammille considered just turning the radio back up but decided to answer more in depth.

"I like the thrill of it, I'm easily bored and...I dunno. Plus I enjoy the attention and worshipful gazes, it makes me feel...more like a cherished, valuable human being I guess. ...and finally, I'm just trying to be nice in my way. In a world full of easily accessible porn many men forget the genuine experience of a beautiful woman's touch and attention, however brief. I expect I filled his spank bank with at least a week or two's worth of material."

Cammille laughed happily at that last thought.

"I guess I'm kind of a narcissist, I like the idea of men's heads being filled with thoughts of me. I enjoy it much more than most women I expect."

"Yeah?" Sammy asked.

"Yeah, most women walk around terrified of men in their secret hearts, too afraid of potential stalking, obsession, even rape and murder!"

Sammy gave her a long, considered look. "You aren't afraid?" She asked, responding to the tone in Cammille's voice.

Cammille, watching the road now, idly replied; "Ninety percent of men are as kind and loyal as the family dog in truth, and if I run into a creep who wants to hurt me, well..."

Sammy wrinkled her brow, obviously not sure what Cammille was implying exactly, but  feeling confident Cammille could take care of herself.

The Honda Civic raced on into the slowly falling evening.



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Eros Angel

The silence lasted awhile and Cammille began to reach for the volume again, but that gesture seemed to prompt Sammy to talk again.

"What I mean to ask is...why that man specifically? What about him made you want to flirt?"

Suddenly Cammille intuited what she was really asking. She was trying to figure out the hows and whys to tentatively explore if Cammille would flirt with her.

"Some people are just adorable!" Cammille said smiling, then reached out to playfully run her fingers along the rim of Sammy's outer ear.

Sammy blushed fiercely and froze in her seat. Beyond that reaction she was affectless and Cammille suddenly felt like maybe she had made a mistake and completely misjudged what was happening.

There was an awkward silence between them that stretched uncomfortably long.

"I'm not gay, I'm straight." Cammille finally said lamely.

"Ok." Sammy said simply in reply.

Despite the limited response just hearing Sammy's voice was something of a relief.

"I just like to flirt." Cammille continued.

"It's ok." Sammy said.

Cammille felt a large rush of relief hearing a bit of pleasure in Sammy's voice now that the initial shock had receded a bit. For a moment visions of the nearly week long car ride still ahead of the pair had stretched out in all it's awkward glory in Cammille's head followed by Sammy commenting at Karen's wedding; "So your friend is kinda hand-ZZZZ girl, why didn't you warn me?"

Sammy turned to Cammille and smiled softly, her expression much more open then Cammille had yet seen it.

"Radio?" Cammille asked.

Sammy nodded.

This time as the radio blared Sammy's soft voice added to Cammille's as the pair sung along.


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Eros Angel

The pair had decided that Cammille would drive through the night this first night and that they would stop tomorrow at a hotel.

Cammille had the radio off as she drove through the darkness with Sammy sound asleep on the passenger side. They had left Iowa behind some time ago and were cruising through a forest, the darkness complete this far from any cities or light pollution. Cammille imagined that above the forest canopy the stars mostly likely shown bright, but in these woods the only light came from her headlights.

In silence, little visible outside the bubble of the car's lights a strange sensation came over Cammille, a sense of isolation and timelessness.

Her thoughts wandered to another time and place, another forest, and the strange place that rose above it perched on a mountain side.

Suddenly her headlights revealed a man standing on the side of the road. In that brief flash she recognized him. She considered that she could just keep driving but no, she would have to deal with this sooner or later, might as well get it over with.

She slowly pulled over to the shoulder of the road and exited the car quietly, making sure not to disturb Sammy's sleep. She sighed, then began walking back through the darkness to the waiting man.

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Eros Angel

The man who stood before her wore a jean jacket and pants, a heavy pair of workman's boots and little else. His broad muscular chest was tanned and exposed and his brown hair close cropped. His face had a vague resemblance to some hollywood actor or another, though she couldn't quite place it.

She walked up to stand directly before him, her slim body greatly out-sized by his muscular bulk.

"Give it back!" He demanded hoarsely. Though he was at the peak  of physical health she could perceive what they had done to him, and it was not good.

She crossed her arms over her ample breasts and replied; "I didn't take it, they did."

"Because of you!" He roared in rage and desperation.

"They rewarded your loyal service with betrayal, and my betrayal with far greater gifts, have you honestly not understood anything about them in all your time? It's terrible what they've done to you and I'm sorry but I have to look after my own ascension." Cammille sighed, her pretty oval face tipping to one side as she considered him, her long blonde hair falling down her shoulder in that direction.

"Please...just a taste..." He moaned.

"No, I won't surrender even one inch of the ground I've gained." She said flatly.

He growled in sudden hateful anger. "Just a bit of the power will see me through."

Cammille sighed, he really did deserve better. "I'll let you have one desire, whatever it may be, but no power."

The look that crossed his face was one of hurt incredulity, but suddenly his face twisted in rage and he grabbed her around her swan like neck with one huge hand. He did not squeeze however.

"And what if what I want is to fuck you into the dirt?" He snarled.

Cammille sighed, he had always desired her and knowing what was in store for him, a fate she could easily help him avoid if she would surrender just a bit of her power, she felt sorry for the noble man whom had been reduced to this dying evil brute. And, after all, she really had stolen everything from him after a fashion.

"I'll let you fuck me one time, understand? Do what you want but then I never see you again." She informed him.

"Agreed." He hissed. He took his hand off her neck then forced two of his thick fingers into her small, well formed mouth, she choked in surprise as they stabbed the back of her throat.

She recovered from her surprise then rolled her eyes. It would be like that, she supposed.




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Eros Angel

The man pushed Cammille to her knees and unbuckled his pants. Withdrawing his saliva covered fingers from her mouth he tore both her blouse and bra open with one powerful movement. Her round firm breasts, her small pink nipples already hard, bounced free. He squeezed each one in turn then forced her to the ground. Kneeling over her with one knee placed on the ground under each of her armpits he drew his huge cock out of his pants and lay it in the furrow between her breasts, using one hand to gather her nipples together to make the flesh of her breasts tightly hug his dick.

He began pumping away wildly, his cock sliding fully into and out of the valley of her tits. He was squeezing and lifting her nipples painfully as he used her for his pleasure and she tried to arch her back to relieve some of the pressure and pulling before his ever increasing thrusts stabbed his cock under her chin in the throat hard enough to make her gag.

She just went limp after that, finally, after a series of rough thrusts he came on her breasts and throat, gasping as he finished.

He paused for a moment, breathing heavily as his thick semen pooled in the hollow of her neck and dripped down her breasts as she too caught her breath.

She gave him a judgemental arc of one of her thin blonde eyebrows as if to say 'Satisfied'?

"I'm just getting started!" He roared, dragging her by her thick blonde hair to her knees and aiming his still hard cock at her mouth.

"We won't be done until I've fucked every hole in your body!"

She hissed in pain as her hair was pulled but then just glared at him. She would live forever as a god where as he would suffer a fate far worse then death. What did this matter? All his power was hers now.

She didn't say anything but her eyes said, go on, do your worst.


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Eros Angel

He pushed his cock between her full pink lips, past her tongue and banged the head of his cock against the back of her throat. She gagged slightly but then just met his eyes with her annoyed glare as he thrust into her mouth.

He grunted as he fucked her mouth, looking down at her pretty oval face, fine long blond hair, and her eyes that sparkled with barely restrained annoyance.

He grabbed her by the ears and pulled her head deeper onto his cock until her chin rested on his balls and his dick slide halfway down her throat.

Gobs of saliva mixed with his pre-cum dripped out of the bottom of her mouth and splattered across her exposed breasts, painting her round firm orbs with a mess. As he pulled and pushed her head on his dick, pleasuring himself with her warm, wet mouth, the dribble became a stream and soon even  her small pink nipples had ropes of slimy mess hanging from them.

Finally he came with a growl and Cammille's eyes shut tight as she choked on his thick cum. He held her head all the way down on his cock till he finished then finally released her.

She swallowed some of his semen, coughed and spit a thick gob of pearly jizz onto the ground with most of the rest. She gasped as she worked to regain her breath.

He reached for her, intending to move on to the next fuck hole when she raised a finger to him to halt him.

He did as she finally regained her breath and spit another gob of semen and saliva on the ground.

"Enough, I'm done." She told him.

One look in her eyes convinced him it was true. He sat on the ground, now looking sad rather than furious.

"Thank you for that small mercy." He said. "Now I can feel slightly less used and betrayed as you let me have that. One last thing before you go?"

She coughed and glared at him.

"No more of that....just, kill me before you leave?" He inquired.

She smiled.

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Eros Angel

Sammy awoke with a start as she heard the car trunk slam shut. She looked around with bleary eyes. It appeared they had stopped on the side of the road in a forest.

A moment later Cammille opened the driver's door and got in.

"Mmmmm?" Sammy murmured.

Sammy noticed Cammille was wearing a new blouse and had redone her subtle make up. She smelled vaguely of anti-septic wipes and there were dirt stains on her knees and faint, slightly crusty looking stain dots on her skirt.

Cammille looked annoyed at first but when she turned to Sammy her eyes lit up and she smiled.

Sammy felt a warm feeling, that feeling when someone seems to really like you, and she faintly smiled back.

"Had to stop to change the tire. Got freaking filthy, can't wait for the hotel so I can take a shower!" Cammille told her.

Sammy nodded and smiled and then as they began to pull away and continue down the forest road she felt sleep take her once more.



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Eros Angel

Sammy awoke with the rising sun lighting the car from behind her. She sat slumped in the passenger seat of the Honda and as she opened her eyes and looked out the windshield she caught the soft light of the rising sun illuminating field after field, interspersed with houses and barns every so often.

The view was bland in some ways and beautiful and picturesque in others. She was about to comment on it to Cammille when she heard Cammille crunching and chewing on something.

She turned to her to find Cammille putting her pretty blonde head back and pouring some orange Tic Tac's into her mouth. Cammille chewed them, seeming to swish them around her mouth, then swallowed and put some more into her mouth, repeating the task.

"You really like Tic Tacs?" Sammy asked and giggled just a bit.

Cammille turned toward her and smiled. "I have a bad taste in my mouth I can't get rid of." She responded.

Sammy smiled. "Well what do you expect? It seems like you smoke pot all the time! I'm sure all you taste is ash!"

Cammille looked like she was going to disagree but then shrugged.

"You seem like you're coming out of your shell abit, I like it!" She responded.

Sammy felt herself instantly clam up. It was true she was getting more comfortable with Cammille but now that Cammille had pointed it out her social anxiety added expectations to be cool and open in her mind, causing her to freeze up.

Cammille caught the tenseness but just smiled easily and reached out to rub Sammy's ear again.

"How about I turn on the radio again?" Cammille asked, smiling.

Sammy, feeling flush, nodded.

Cammille turned on the radio once more.

Cardi B's Bodak Yellow fills the car as the farms flash by the speeding vehicle.


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Eros Angel

Kevin had been plunging the toilet for almost two hours and no luck, his maintenance job at the Hotel Barrio was shitty and he was thinking of just leaving this clogged toilet and going home to play World of Warcraft. He was pretty sure no one would notice.

As he left the restroom into the hotel's lobby, with its brown floral patterned carpets and glossy everything, from the front desk made of fake black marble to the treated glass windows and doors, he saw two of the prettiest woman he had ever seen enter the Hotel.

One was a slim blonde with a gorgeous oval face, long blonde hair, and a petite body everywhere except her bust, the only truly round parts of her. Her legs where skinny but beautiful and her skin the silkiest white.

Behind her stood another gorgeous woman, about the same height but with a much rounder build.

Well not that round. Kevin thought. She has a completely flat belly.

Still the woman had long legs, round hips, a bust bigger than the other woman and a heart shaped face that was gorgeous.

She had long brown hair that was pretty plain, but that, and the shy look on her face, made her feel approachable in a way really pretty women seldom were.

He just stared at the pair as they talked to the clerk and ordered a room.

The blonde suddenly looked his  way, feeling his eyes on her, and brought a fist to her cheek; pumping it while using her tongue to push her opposite cheek out like she was sucking a big cock.

The clerk was looking down and didn't notice but the brown hair woman did, though she had no reaction.

The blonde woman mimicked giving an epic blowjob while looking directly at Kevin, suddenly ceasing as the clerk looked back up.

She smiled at Kevin then turned back to the clerk.

Kevin turned around and went back into the men's bathroom, his rock hard dick pressing painfully against the inside of his pants.

He had something to take care of before he got back to work.

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Eros Angel

Cammille was feeling better after her rough encounter and she felt twice as good as she finally got to their hotel room, stripped before the wide eyes of Sammy and got in  the shower.

The hot water was both soothing and cleansing and her body relaxed under it's rain. Cammille began massaging her breasts and nipples, not in a sexual way but to give them some TLC after their rough use by the fallen man. She opened her mouth and let the shower water fill her mouth. Everytime she swallowed a man's cum she had a slimy feeling in the back of her throat that made her want to cough for the rest of the day. She gargled and spit then turned so the shower head poured soothing hot water on her neck and back.

She let her mind drift as the hot water massaged her and loosened her muscles. She thought of the fallen man. She thought of the dwellers whom lived beyond the forest in that bizarre place and their leader. What was he really? Was he God? The Devil? Nothing so human and understandable she suspected.

A knock at the door jerked her awake and she realized she had been standing in the shower for longer than she realized.

"Um, I need to use the bathroom and there is only one bathroom?" Sammy said from outside the door.

"Well I'm not even close to being done so just come in and use the toilet." Cammille shouted to her over the noise of the shower.

There was no response for a long time, then the door creaked open.

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Eros Angel

Cammille soaped her body as Sammy came in and sat on the toilet.

Cammille spent quite awhile cleansing herself until she realize Sammy was still there.

"Are you alright?" She shouted out of the shower.

"Yeah, It's just hard to go to the bathroom with you in here." Sammy replied.

"Well, I'm almost done, then you can have the bathroom to yourself." Cammille informed her.

There was silence for a long time so Cammille just finished up and turned off the water. Reaching for a towel she dried her face then opened the shower curtains while drying her body.

Sammy was no longer in the bathroom.

Camille finished up her routine, brushed her teeth again and dressed in grey flannel pajamas before she  stepped out of the bathroom.

Sammy was sitting on one of the beds watching Conan O'Brien dance around on his late night show.

"Did you finally manage to go?" Cammille asked her and she nodded in the affirmative.

She plopped down on the same bed as Sammy and lay back.

"Whoo, this is nice!" She exclaimed and Sammy laughed.

The pair spent much of the night watching old bad movies on the hotel's channel before both drifting off to sleep curled up next to each other in the same bed.


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Eros Angel

Sammy awoke just before dawn to find Cammille's sleeping arm sprawled over her head. She carefully took Cammille's arm and removed it in such a way as to not awaken her companion.

As she held Cammille's thin arm she looked at the woman's slim and manicured hand. It was the hand of a Princess, held out as to beckon a kiss, followed by a marriage proposal perhaps. She had the sudden almost overwhelming urge to do just that, kiss her hand. Cammille was exactly the kind of girl Sammy wanted to marry someday. Beautiful, intelligent, high class and fearless. She sighed and put Cammille's arm down without molesting it.

It didn't matter that Sammy was transgender and her soul was that of a man trapped in a feminine body, she had girl parts and Cammille had clearly stated that she was not gay. Cammille was forever beyond her reach but how her heart had began to ache for the charismatic woman and the way Cammille made Sammy feel so good about herself.

Sammy stood and crossed the room to sit on the other bed. She slid one hand down the front of her pants and began playing with her vagina. It wasn't a sexual act per se she simply probed and prodded her own womanhood imagining with great desire and amusement that someday a big strong cock would be hers and with it, her dreams would come true.

Cammille would want her when she had a big manhood, she would be far more confident and people would treat her with respect.

With the cock comes respect, with the cock comes power, with the cock you fucked rather than got fucked.

She sighed. She had looked into breast reduction surgery and gender reassignment but both were terribly painful procedures with not so great results. The "penis" modern science could grant was either a tiny barely functional thing or a larger but non functioning thing. She had once heard a doctor crudely claim that it was easier to dig a hole than to build a pole and that's why modern science could build truly beautiful vaginas for Transwomen but couldn't do shit for Transmen.

She wondered if it had more to do with the fact medical science was always focused on men's needs over women's even when men wanted to become women.

She sighed, she had been born a beautiful girl and that had it's advantages so it was easier to stick with that than try to change even when in her heart it all felt so wrong.

She gathered her thoughts then and considered further.

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Eros Angel

Sammy had come out as Transgender quite young, her mother nearly disowned her but her father was calm about it and just let her know she was loved. She had dressed in boys clothes and had watched men carefully and took up their hobbies in her quest to understand just quite what it was to be a man.

Her community was surprisingly accepting of her even though they had virtually run a boy who knew he was a woman out of town just the year before.

She found that while boys who wanted to be girls were somehow inherently threatening to the masculinity of many of the towns good old boys she was treated like a favored lad. A girl who wanted to be a boy was almost a noble thing in the town's eyes and mechanics and farmers taught her alot while treating her with respect as a kind of honorary boy mascot.

Eventually pressure from her mother had her dressing as a girl again and she was known as a desirable beauty but one with a strangely crude and aggressive streak as she would make the dirtiest jokes and get in peoples faces when they crossed the line in her eyes.

Over time however this faded as living as a girl created great pressure in her mind and the absolutely crippling social anxiety had come.

That was when things started to get really bad.

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Eros Angel

Sammy dragged her mind away from the bad times and into the present as her eye caught Cammille's sleeping form. One of her breasts had come out of her flannel pajama shirt partway. Sammy couldn't see the nipple but most of the firm pale mound was exposed.

Sammy stopped probing herself and just began rubbing her mound in firm wide circles. Her clitoris was extremely sensitive to touch but this kind of outside massage stimulated it just right. Her cheeks flushed as she realized she was masturbating to her unconscious friend.

Annnnnd now you're a creeper for sure. She thought to herself, staring at that beautiful half exposed breast. She looked at Cammille's pretty sleeping face and her half parted full lips.

"Mmmmmmhmmmm." Her brother would have commented upon seeing lips like that. "When God made her he intended for her to suck dick all her life, she has the perfect little mouth."

Sammy rubbed herself a bit harder and faster. Had anyone observed her they wouldn't see much of a show. Just a pretty girl with her hand down the front of her pants making the same circular motion over and over again. The steady movement slowly built Sammy's pleasure and when the time came to cum it would be thunderous.

She imagined she was a boy and took Cammille out on a date, they would have  a fine diner in a nice restaurant where they would talk and laugh and Sammy would charm her. Later they would sit in the back of a movie theater watching some dumb movie and Sammy would pull her big cock out and ask if Cammille wanted to  suck it. Cammille would be delighted and impressed by Sammy's cock and would give her a blowjob deluxe and swallow all her cum when she released into Cammille's mouth.

Sammy moaned softly and her wet pussy made faint squelching sounds as she massaged it. Her mind jumped quickly through a dozen fantasies of Cammille until her eyes just came to rest on that teasing breast again. She then looked at Cammille's mouth and was suddenly glad she didn't have a dick, for in this overwhelming moment if she had one she would creep over through the darkness and insert it into her friend's mouth, and won't that make for awkward conversation the next morning?

"So, ah, I'm sorry I mouth raped you in your sleep last night Cammille, can we still be friends?"

Yeah, right.

Some women got loud as they approached orgasm but Sammy was the opposite, she got quiet as a mouse except for her heavy breathing and as she looked at Cammille's half exposed breast and she rubbed herself fiercely she came with a little shudder, her thighs instinctively clasping hard around her massaging hand.

Sammy gasped as she came then collapsed back on the bed. She pulled her hand out of her pants and saw the ends of her fingers had gotten wet. Thick strings of her of wetness trailed between her fingers and she put them in her mouth, tasting herself.

God, I'm such a creep. She thought guilty.


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Eros Angel

Cammille had slept like the dead and when she finally awoke the sun was shining in through the windows. She sat up on the bed and stretched her thin arms over her head yawning. The bed was a mess but Sammy wasn't in it and Cammille looked over to the other bed to find the girl curled in the fetal position in the center.

She felt a surprisingly strong sense of rejection at that but tried to brush it off. "So, My bed ain't good enough for you then?" She drawled with mock seriousness. Sammy just slept on.

Standing Cammille realized she felt good, clean and well rested. She went to her bag and removed her weed, sitting on the bed she rolled a few joints while watching the TV on very low volume. She lit up and considered what to do about food. They had the hotel room for two nights and she didn't feel like going out so maybe she would just order a pizza.

Eventually Cammille noticed Sammy had awakened and was staring at her with a look of intense shame on her face.

Cammille looked directly back at Sammy with  a joint hanging out of her mouth and said; "Yep, I know what you've been up to, sticking your thumb up my ass while I sleep."

Sammy turned bright red and gaped as if that was exactly what she had been up too and Cammille rolled her eyes.

"You're strange kid, but I like you. Want to order some breakfast?"

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Eros Angel

The pair spent the morning lounging and goofing off. Sammy was really anxious for awhile for no reason Cammille could understand but the blonde just kept joking with her and sharing snacks and the like and she loosened up soon enough.

They sat in their PJs and watched random movies on the TV. Cammille still hadn't ordered breakfast but she soon would despite the snacks as her constant intake of weed was giving her an even bigger hunger.

They were watching The Scorpion King when Cammille mentioned what a tall drink of manhood the Rock was.

"You like him?" Sammy asked with that far too intent look on her face.

"Yes weirdo, I think he is quite the paragon of masculinity." She took a long drag on her joint. "No way I'd fuck him though."

Sammy looked at Cammille for a long time considering then asked the obvious. "Why not?"

Cammille look over at her with bleary stoned eyes. "Two reasons I guess; one getting fucked by a man that size is kinda scary, that's a lot of man coming at you, even if he is gentle I'd be kinda afraid that wall of muscular manhood would squish me flat like a train."

Sammy wrinkled her nose as she considered that, it wasn't really anything she had thought of before.

"And two what looks good to the eye and what feels good to the touch are often opposite things, that's why I like fucking fat boys. No hard painful edges or rough tough meat."

Sammy looked startled and had a look like she wasn't sure if Cammille was teasing or not.

"Seriously, I won't let them get on top of me cause, you know, the squish problem again, but they are so soft and wonderful to the touch, they often have girl smooth skin." Cammille continued.

"Hot boys are great and oh so sexy but often they get mean as a snake after you fuck them, cause you are just one worthless conquest among many for them. A fat boy will treat you like a goddess and worship every square inch of your body, pleasure them regularly and you have a loyal friend for life who will always be there for you. Plus I've noticed they are much better at licking your pussy, not sure why."

Sammy looked startled again, but it seemed to make at least a little sense to her, though she still wasn't sure if Cammille was teasing her or not, it was just the type of weird shit Cammille would say.

"I'm starving." Cammille said and bounced to her feet, walking over to the phone and picking it up.

"What do you like on your pizza?"




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Eros Angel

Cammille answered the door for the pizzas to find a tall black man standing there with the pizzas, bread sticks and two liters all ready to hand over.

She took the items one at a time and took them inside then paid for them, slipping him a twenty as a tip.

"Thank you." He said as he saw what she had given him.

She looked him up and down then nonchalantly ran a hand along the inside of her top to create a V shape with it over her breasts and belly, not exposing her nipples but showing much of her breasts and the flesh all the way down to her belly button.

"Do you have a...tip for me?" She flirted.

He looked her up and down but, unbeknownst to her, the Pizza Boy, whose name was Mike, was as gay as the day is long.

Looking at her slim form and high, firm breasts he said; "Yeah, you look like someone nailed two cantaloupes to a stripper pole, you should eat pizza more often, you need some meat on you girl!" With that he was back off down the hall.

He hadn't meant it in a mean way but Cammille knitted her eyebrows and closed the door in a huff.

What was with all the rejection today?

She brought the food back in and set it on the rooms one table as Sammy climbed off the bed and moved forward to open the boxes.

"It smells good!" Sammy said then froze when Cammille turned towards her and she saw the V shaped plunge in Cammille's flannel shirt.

A rush of psychic warmth flooded through Cammille as her ego was stroked by Sammy's amazed and borderline lustful gaze.

Cammille tilted her hips a bit and tossed her long blonde hair as if she didn't notice Sammy's look but was just being naturally sexy.

Sammy swallowed and looked away but Cammille was happy again, her ego reaffirmed of her own desirability.


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Eros Angel

Sammy ate a piece of pizza and a bread stick and was full, but she watched in amazement as Cammille ate one entire pizza and half of the breadsticks, washing it down with a two liter of Dr.Pepper that she drank straight from the big bottle with out even using a cup.

"Holy shit, what are you? A Saiyan?" Sammy laughed at Cammille.

Cammille looked at her confused then swallowed a mouthful of pizza.

"A Sayin' about what?" She inquired.

Sammy just shook her head and laughed.

Cammille finally stopped eating and had left a goodly amount of pizza and breadsticks but Sammy had the distinct impression it was because she was leaving Sammy "Her Half" of the Pizza and not because she couldn't have eaten it all with ease.

"You know your metabolism might handle that now but in ten years you will be as big as a whale." Sammy joked with Cammille. She was feeling a bit more comfortable now, even though it was hard to keep her eyes off of the low cut V of Cammille's top.

"I really don't think that is going to be an issue." Cammille replied, looking down and not meeting Sammy's eyes and there was something almost dark in her tone as she said that.

Suddenly afraid that she had offended Cammille Sammy began to apologize when Cammille looked up suddenly and smiled widely.

"Want to have some real fun?" She asked Sammy and stood and went to one of her bags. She took out a vitamin B bottle that had the B crossed out and replaced with a marker drawn E and poured two capsules into her small hand.

"Do you trust me?" Cammille asked and Sammy nervously nodded that she did.


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Eros Angel

Within an hour Cammille was rolling hard and they were watching some old cartoon movie called "The Last Unicorn." and damn if Cammille wasn't super invested in this unicorn's journey.

Bliss poured through Cammille's veins like liquid love as the drug did it's work and her whole body felt like her clit, just one giant pleasure machine.

She glanced over at Sammy and saw she was intently watching the movie too.

"How do you feel?" Cammille asked her.

"Oh I feel fine, I don't really feel anything, I don't think that pill works on me." Sammy responded but when she turned to look at Cammille her pupils were large black saucers in her eyes, her eyes dilated open to their full extent.

Cammille burst out laughing. "Well maybe I can change that for you, I'm pretty sure the drug's working."

Cammille got up and went to her bag and withdrew a long folded blue cloth.

"This is Mister Silky, and he wants to touch your skin." Cammille informed her.

Sammy looked at her uncomprehendingly as Cammille unfolded the cloth but jumped as it was rubbed gently against her arm.

Sammy's face lit up, her eyes wide, her lips parting as the fabric trailed down her arms in the steady guiding hand of Cammille. It was the face of someone who was discovering orgasm for the first time and felt like whole new vistas of pleasure and experience she didn't even realize were possible were opening up to her.

"Oh yeah, we are just at the tip of the iceberg now, wait till you see what's next." Cammille whispered to Sammy.

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Eros Angel

As Cammille danced the silky clothe across Sammy's arms, shoulders and neck and Sammy writhed her body on the bed sheets she turned her eyes to Cammille, the orbs glassy and distant while somehow being entirely present as well.

"I love you Cammille." She stated simply.

Cammille laughed.

"I know you do, that's what this drug does, makes you feel pleasure and love far more intensely than you can possibly feel in normal life." She Informed Sammy.

When Cammille had first taken Ecstasy, the real stuff, not the far weaker Molly that would hit the streets later, her mind had been blown but she was somehow disappointed in life itself after. It had made her realize that love, that most rare and deep and sacred emotion of mankind, could be not only replicated but enhanced far beyond normal imagination by something as simply as chemicals. While she knew that that's what experiences were, electricity and chemicals shooting through the brain, it had made her sad on some level as her conception of herself and her emotions changed a bit.

"No, you don't understand, I love you." Sammy insisted.

Cammille smiled faintly.

"We've only known each other two and a half days Sammy, you...don't actually know much about me."

Sammy sat up suddenly.

"Then tell me about yourself!" She eagerly insisted.

"Don't fall in love with me Sammy, I'm not a good person." Cammille asked of her simply.

"Yes you are." Sammy told Cammille, looking directly into her face, her expression open and honest and not afraid at all.

"If you won't tell me about yourself, then let me tell you all about me!" Sammy declared and began to share everything with Cammille.

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      ((M seeking F partner.  Ecchitext me. ))

      She went for a night out on he town with friends.  The’d just finished midterms and it was the start of spring break. They were going to drink and dance away the stress they’d put themselves through the last few weeks. 
      It’s several hours later after their exuberant arrival and she is out on the dance floor. She’s dancing with some friends as well as some stangers when she would feel a presence behind her. It was both familiar and strangely not. She glanced over her shoulder. She stopped dead in her tracks when a strong hand tangled itself in her hair and then pulled. She felt a warm voice in her ear making her shiver.
      “Do not turn around, little girl.” The dark deep masculine voice warned her. She tensed slightly but obeyed. The hand left her hair, trailed down her neck to her back, then along her side. Both of his hands lingered on her sides trying to make her squirm. His hands stopped on her round soft bubbly ass. He squeezed the flesh there and chuckled deeply in her ear. “Fat ‘n perfect.” 
      Both of his hands disappeared from her body altogether but only for a moment before the touch returned in the form of a hard spank on her right ass cheek. She attempted to open her mouth to scream but he stifled it by covering it with his other hand. 
      “Not a sound, Little Girl...”
      She just whimpered which caused his hand to tighten around her lips, but the scream already died in her throat. No one had noticed their little interaction because the crowd was too wrapped up in their own drunken haze. 
      There was a smirk on his voice when he spoke again. 
      “Good, Little Girl...” his whisper against her ear was mocking and condescending. He knew that her body had positively responded to his demeaning statement. She would hate that.
      He waited several minutes before he spoke again. He held her again from behind. His body pressed against her backside. They focused on their dancing like that. He guided her body to match his and how he wanted her body to be. Left hand tightly gripping her bubbly ass the entire time, and always poised to smack it again. His right hand did all the wandering...along her back, around her neck and shoulders. He felt the warmth as she blushed in humiliation. His large calloused hand squeezed her excess along her stomach. 
      “Fat. Perfect.” 
      He imagined her getting wet with shame at his comment.
      Suddenly his right hand was again in her hair. Pulling it swift until her head snapped back. He let go and both of his hands were on her waist spinning her to face him. The move was quick enough to make her tumble in his arms. He provided a deep brusque chuckle. He saw her blush even more. He let her right herself, but then his arms caged her in so her soft heaving breasts were pressed against his rock hard chest. 
      He watched her reaction...partially taken back by the man she saw. He’d been stalking her like a predator all night. He’d been leaning against the wall when she came out of the bathroom earlier. He walked her back against the wall trapping her there before offering a whispered “Pardon me...” and disappearing into the men’s room. He’d been at the bar when she’d gone over to get a drink. His gaze penetrating her as she walked away from the bar.
      His arms were now wrapped tightly around her, her own arms trapped between their bodies. He felt the shivers run down her spine. Was she simply terrified or was that lusty adrenaline?
      The shivers spiked when he leaned down to her ear and gave a whispered growl. 
      “You will meet me outside in fifteen minutes.” He turned around and was gone.
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