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Hey there folks. Every so often I get inspired and decide to write a short story. So, while I have the time and inspiration, I figured I'd put together a thread for some such stories. I have one or two others I wrote some time ago I might post here later, but for now I'll start with a brand new one.

Note that I don't enjoy roleplaying as the opposite sex, largely because I'm never sure I'm doing it right. However, I find it more interesting for my solo stories to try and get into the head of the female character, to experience the world through her eyes. So, don't be surprised if many of the focal point characters are women instead of men. In addition, feel free to provide feedback in this thread. Comment, critique, what have you.



The strawberry daiquiri was supposed to help deafen Eliza to the pulsing of bass in this dimly lit reception hall. The fruit-flavored rum drink instead seemed to amplify the pounding beat within her skull, the sounds reverberating throughout her cranium only to slam in the back of her eyes. She leaned forward, resting her chin and cheeks within her palms propped up by her elbows, staring at the succubus in the mirror of the open bar. A pair of red horns poked through her neatly combed blonde locks, the golden hair cascading over her shoulders and nearly concealing her obnoxiously large E-cup breasts squishing against the counter-top.

Eliza had no clue why Stephanie had seen fit to invite a succubus to her wedding. True, they were co-workers, each a secretary at the Goldman & Bergenstein Associates law offices. Stephanie was perhaps one of the only cordial women Eliza had ever known, in fact. Yet she was a gossip, and that meant she no doubt dished plenty of insults and stories behind the demon woman’s back. They were co-workers, acquaintances, occasional drinking buddies after wasting their Friday nights in the office, but they weren’t friends.

Despite all that, Eliza still sought out a dress that could somehow fit her five-foot-five hourglass frame, going so far as to get it tailored so it wouldn’t showcase too much flesh. It had a halter-top design to it, leaving her shoulders and upper back bare, but required modifications so the sides of her heavy bosom wouldn’t be exposed. This is nothing to say of the smaller waist yet still generous hips and thighs. Trying to conceal her natural assets without wearing a potato sack of a dress cost quite a bit of money, and as usual, no shortage of glances and side-eye from the staff.

It had been three years since all the succubi had been cast from the underworld, exiled to the human realm like some devil king’s discarded trash. None of them even had a clear memory of the hell or hades they’d been booted out of, let alone why. It had caused quite a stir at first, especially amongst the world’s various religious groups. There was even a moral panic not just at the existence of demons, but sex demons at that. Yet they’d managed to find themselves a little home in this world, though one which treated them like second-class citizens. Though adorned with a set of horns and a prehensile tail, their physical attributes were often enviable by the artificial modifications of porn stars. Naturally heavy breasts, slim waists, and asses you could bounce a silver dollar off of, let alone a measly quarter. At least the nasty looks from other women could be ignored, though. It was the men that were most irritating. Any social interaction was overshadowed by the stench of their lust, viewing each of the demon women as an opportunity for pleasure.

Eliza trembled as if from a chill, but it was more akin to a stomach growling. It had been almost seventy-two hours since her last feeding, leaving her very bones feeling somewhat hollow, as if they could hardly support her fleshy body. Her throat felt as if it were lined with cotton, absorbing any moisture and leaving her thirsty for the thick cream of a cock. Her sex seemed to pulse like a radar, pinging for dicks that might yearn to take a plunge. Her thighs closed and she suppressed a groan as she stared at herself in the mirror. Most of her demoness friends had taken up jobs working in legal brothels, strip clubs, or pornography. Some of them even made a career out of the amateur scene. Eliza did not want to be defined by her hunger, but it was moments like this that she regretted her decision to take on a more “respectable” career. The green dress she wore looked good on her, tasteful yet with its own appeal, but it felt wasted here at this wedding reception filled with older couples, children, and the occasional drug addict or two that happened to be her age.

“And what the Hell is this ‘macaroni’ song, even?” she grunted out loud, watching as the other invited guests had formed a series of rows on the dance floor, hands stretched forth then back, then on their hips before waving their asses side to side. A pop song of sorts that had hypnotized regular people into a ritual dance of butt shaking nonsense. It had become too much. She needed to get some air.

Slinging her purse strap over her shoulder, Eliza stepped from the bar stool, swaying slightly in her clacking heels. Normally she could hold down a single strawberry daiquiri much better, but her hunger clearly left her more susceptible to the rum’s mind altering properties. She took a second to steady herself and then proceeded to walk the perimeter of the dance floor, avoiding eye contact and keeping her tail as concealed beneath the dress as she could. It wouldn’t prevent the light from glinting off her horns, but those still managed to attract less attention.

Within moments she was stepping outside, flinching and squinting her eyes at the still bright sunlight. “Ah,” she grunted, holding her hand up before her eyes.

“I know,” a deep voice spoke beside her, “really stings after coming from inside that PG-rated rave party.” Almost immediately the polluted scent of cigarette smoke assaulted her nostrils, causing them to flare in distaste. Her hand waved before her reflexively to send it away, allowing her eyes to readjust to the light.

“Sorry,” the man said with a smile, placing the cigarette back between his lips. He continued his bad habit, but stepped across to the other side of her, the subtle breeze carrying the smoke away from where she stood.

“It’s no problem,” she shrugged, beginning to cross her arms just so she could do more than hang them at her sides. Trying to cross them in front of her breasts was just… awkward, so she settled for crossing them beneath, turning herself away from the stranger so that his eyes wouldn’t immediately be drawn to the manner in which her bosom lifted beneath her arms. He had a nicely trimmed goatee from what she could tell, giving him the look of a classic devil. His brown hair was curled but cut short, eyes piercing blue. The light gray suit he wore padded his shoulders, giving him a more imposing appearance despite the light pink of his tie.

“I can’t stand weddings either,” he smirked, taking another drag on his cigarette. She turned her head towards him, giving him another look. This was actually her first time attending one. Succubi weren’t really invited, and they most certainly weren’t viewed as the sort to vow a permanent and exclusive bond with another.

“The music is too loud for me,” was all she responded, her eyes turning out towards the parking lot. The breeze blew a bit more strongly, the air chill compared to the stuffy warmth of the reception hall. She could feel the goosebumps rolling across her flesh, her fingers lifting up to caress her arms.

“I prefer something with double-bass and relentless rhythm guitar myself,” the man spoke behind her. She could hear the soft clack of his shoes against the pavement, the soft rustle of a garment. Before she knew it the thick and heavy jacket of the man’s suit was placed upon her shoulders. She turned her head reflexively, looking up at him, smelling the nicotine from his breath and his clothing. He smiled at her like a villain in a Disney film.

He wants to fuck me.

“I’m Curt,” he said with a smile, his fingers remaining on the shoulder pads of the jacket, letting his presence be known.

“Eliza,” she said softly.


She moaned deeply as her tongue caressed the taut flesh of his rock hard cock, lips pulling up its thick stalk towards the sensitive glans. Her fingers gripped the base and stroked upwards after her mouth, smearing her saliva along the length. Somewhere within her mind she was shouting, angered and outraged to be giving into yet another man looking to use her for his pleasure. Yet it seemed to her, in this moment, that the flesh of a cock never tasted so good in her mouth as it did now.

“Just like that, Eliza,” Curt gasped, leaning his head into the back seat of his SUV. It was rather odd looking, both of them still clothed, his jacket still draped over her shoulders, yet the dress hiked up her thighs to expose the smooth flesh of her legs, prehensile tail lifted up and swaying side to side in joy. Her heavy breasts crushed against his thigh, squishing out and in with each dip of her head into his lap. His erect cock burst upright through the fly of his pants, her tightly gripping fist careful to catch any loose spit so that it wouldn’t ruin his clothing. She moaned again as she dove down, her throat welcoming that bulbous tip with a tight embrace, “gag reflex” a foreign and unheard of concept to a succubus such as herself. She turned her head, twisting her throat around the crown before immediately pulling up. She swirled her tongue around the ridge once, twice, thrice before flicking at his slit. His thighs spread further apart, his muscles tensing as his abdomen clenched from the pleasure. Then, her lips popped free, her hand continuing to pump along the rock hard pillar of lust, twisting her wrist so that her palm rubbed his crown with each jerk.

“Cum for me,” she commanded, her chest heaving with deep breaths. He nodded, one hand resting between her shoulder blades, fingers flexing and trembling as her fist moved in a blur over his throbbing dick, the other pressed to the car door. She began to lean back down, lips opening back up to take the length once more before pausing. “Oh, and make sure to keep an eye out.”

She didn’t wait for any acknowledgement on that last part. For many humans there was an excitement to being watched or caught, but for her it’d just be another reminder to the human race that she was a demon of sex. “Slut” wasn’t an accurate enough word to describe her. Sluts didn’t hunger as she did. Sluts had a choice.

The salt of precum smeared along her tongue, alighting her taste buds on fire. Her nostrils flared and she moaned in whorish delight as the cock slid back into her throat. She twisted and turned her head from side to side, reveling in the thirst-quenching feel of the precum against her throat. She almost didn’t hear the sharp intake of breath, his hand sliding down to grasp hold of her ass. Eliza had told him that was off limits, touching her ass, her breasts, or her head. This was about her hunger, not his pleasure. Yet she couldn’t bring herself to care. All that mattered now was that seed.

She wrapped her thumb and forefinger into a ring around his base, keeping it steady as her head began to bob rapidly up and down his shaft. She opened her maw with each dip down, swallowing as she pulled back up, the vehicle filled with the sound of slurping and swallowing as he panted more and more heavily. His hips began to buck, pushing back into her mouth, his crotch slamming a bit uncomfortably into her teeth behind tightly sealed lips. It didn’t matter. She could tell he was close. Her remaining fingers reached down, caressing at his scrotum through the pants, moaning a plead for them to release their wonderfully satisfying cream.

“Oh shit!” he suddenly exclaimed, his free hand grasping the coat hanger handle of the car. His back arched, body quivering. She immediately dove her head down and held herself there, even before his hand broke the rule once more and curled through the locks of her golden hair. Warm, thick, salty semen splashed into her throat, immediately swallowed before another burst flooded in. She just continued to swallow and swallow, moaning between each burst until it became a steady trickle. Beneath her his body relaxed, his thighs and abdomen loosening up and his hands falling to his sides.

“Oh-ho shit,” he moaned softly, her head beginning to slowly, softly bob on the thick, upright member. It would begin to soften shortly, but before then she wished to savor it a bit more, her tongue tracing every vein she possibly could, flicking against the frenulum, softly cooing as he trembled at her pleasurable ministrations. The more she caressed that crown, however, the more swiftly it began to soften, until each tug of her lips stretched the member. Finally she released him with an audible pop, letting out a sigh of appreciation. Already her bones felt less hollowed out, the dry thirst of her throat gone. There was still a bit of a quivering eagerness within her sex, but that could easily be ignored.

“Thanks for the meal,” she said with a light smile, wiping at her lips with the back of her hand. Curt smiled that confident smile and nodded, his fingers deftly slipping his cock back into his pants. She watched, neither glad to see it concealed once more nor upset to see it gone.

“My pleasure,” he sighed, one hand reaching into his pocket to fish something out. She quirked an eyebrow for a moment, expecting him to withdraw his wallet. Wouldn’t be the first time a man thought it “polite” to pay her “for her service”. She was ready to roll her eyes when instead they widened, a wedding band withdrawn instead. He fit it snuggly back onto his ring finger. “My pleasure,” he repeated, the grin still on his face.

Eliza swallowed once more, the look of shock a fleeting moment lost in a blink. She put on a smile as her stomach felt like a ship tossed about in the middle of a typhoon at sea. “Well, I’d best get going,” she nodded, peeling his jacket from over her shoulders.

“Yeah,” he nodded, “probably best no one sees us go inside together, right?” He winked at her. “Don’t worry, I know how these things go.” His hand reached out, taking the jacket as she slipped it from her smooth shoulders.

“I’m sure you do,” she replied softly, hoisting the strap of her purse back over her shoulder before opening the car door.



Eliza stared into the bowl of the toilet, panting heavily, the adulterer’s cum floating about the water with the red and pink of a strawberry daiquiri and some of her own bile. She could feel the trail of tears rolling down her burning cheeks, her stomach and chest heaving with each deep breath. The flavors of salted rum and acidic strawberry burned her taste buds and caused her lower lip to quiver.

That should be all of it, she thought to herself. Reaching forward she flushed the toilet, lifting herself back to her feet. She wobbled, light-headed once more, but not from the strawberry daiquiri. The hollow feeling returned to her bones, and her throat was not only dry, but burned as well. As she stepped out of the stall another woman stepped into the bathroom, pausing in absolute shock at the now disheveled succubus.

“Oh honey, you look like a mess!” the middle-aged woman exclaimed. She looked to be in her fifties, a bit heavy set, possibly a grandmother by this point. “What happened?” Her expression and words spoke of concern, but her eyes glanced at her horns. She kept her distance.

“Just a bit too many drinks,” Eliza smiled, her nose a bit stuffed up. She approached the mirror, her mascara running down her cheeks and strands of her blonde hair standing frazzled above her head. She twisted the knobs of the tap, letting the water run a moment as she slipped her purse from her shoulder. “Nothing a bit of freshly applied make-up and a tylenol won’t fix.”

“Well, just be careful on the way home, dear,” the woman nodded. “If you need to, be sure to call an Uber. Better to be safe than dead on the side of the highway, am I right?”

“Yeah,” Eliza chuckled half-heartedly, “no doubt about that.” The middle-aged woman stepped into a stall, taking a quick glance back before closing the door. Eliza let the smile fall from her face, her gaze watching as the water poured through her hands. She looked upon her own ring finger, bare. Her hands trembled. A chill climbed up her spine, causing her to shake. Her body felt so heavy, weighing down hollowed out bones.

Immediately her hands began to wash the water over her face. She’d find a gloryhole on the way home. She didn’t like it, especially as she didn’t have a change of clothes and this dress was too nice for such a place, but she needed to feed. If she went another night without eating she’d wake up delirious. No, better to please a stranger she couldn’t see than a mortal devil like Curt again.

Eliza paused, looking into the mirror. Thinking of herself on her knees, sucking on some random cock through a hole in the wall, wondering if a ring would adorn that man’s finger as well.

She sank her teeth into her lower lip and bit back her tears. Not worth thinking about. Out of sight, out of mind.

Just… get yourself some food, Eliza.

After several minutes of face washing and mascara mastery, she found herself back out in the reception hall. She’d have a dance or two. Put on a fake smile for Stephanie and congratulate her on her union. Make small talk.

But first, she’d need another strawberry daiquiri.

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This is my first attempt at a Tell Me a Story challenge. Lesson learned: I need to follow the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep It Simple, Stupid. I ended up with a lot of story here, enough to be considered self-indulgent. Plus, if I were to critique my own work, it would be filled with logic issues designed to create the opportunity for the story to happen as it does (hand-waving excuses for just one guard, for example, an unclear method of infiltration, not enough focus on an escape, etc.) All of that aside, though, I had a lot of fun writing it.

I don't imagine many reading it, but those that do, I hope you at least enjoy the character and sexual interactions to be found within. I've split it up into several posts in case reading it in chunks would make it easier to digest over time, rather than a whole bunch at once.



The leather of Lenny’s gloves creased as he stretched his interlocked hands out, the knuckles cracking loudly in the otherwise silent hallway. He tilted his neck, another violent-sounding snap that would have caused any nearby to have flinched in assumed pain. Instead, there was no one to be found in the dimly lit subterranean hallway, and the loud crack was instead followed by a groan of satisfaction. The guard’s heavy boots echoed with each step, reverberating against the blank, pale walls as he continued his patrol route. The cap on his head bore the symbol of Adamah Corporation Security, a golden emblem in the shape of a shield with skyscrapers etched upon it and crossing swords behind. Beneath his thick, heavy bulletproof vest bore a similar golden badge with a single star at the emblem’s bottom. It denoted his status as a Senior Security Officer of the corporate campus…

...and yet he was here, pacing the hallway like some common rent-a-cop scrub.

His fingers patted the holstered pistol at his side, thumb circling the button fastening the leather case closed. The only thing on this floor, three basement levels below the surface of the headquarters, was an elevator. The only elevator that went to the lowest floors and therefore the most secure projects. Though Lenny was performing a task that any of his subordinate officers could perform, the bosses seemed intent on someone with experience. You’d think they’d want at least one other officer, but there was a celebration going on upstairs and he drew the short straw.

Adamah had not only shipped their latest project, but they reported record earnings of the fiscal quarter. This product launch would guarantee them continued profits into the next quarter, if not the next year. So everyone was up in the main hall, getting drunk and celebrating. Most of the security force was ensuring no idiot drunks found themselves falling out the window or breaking the company property. The highest ranking officers? Playing bodyguard to the highest paid executives and making sure no photographs were taken as they snuck their intoxicated employees back into their private offices and bathrooms for a bit of private partying.

The only reason Lenny was even pacing so much was to kill some time. It’s not like anyone was going to try to sneak in. There were way too many people in the building, way too much attention from paparazzi trying to sneak a scandalous NetVid outside, and anyone entering the basement would immediately arouse suspicion and-


Lenny went stiff, fingers pausing over his pistol, the hairs of his mustache bristling from the slow exhale. The common elevator down was right around the corner, and as if to prove him wrong, the sound of the doors sliding open filled the hall like a roaring engine. He continued to wait, listening for anything. He heard a clack upon the cement floor, then another. A pause. Then two quick clacks.

“Shit,” a female voice cursed. One more clack and he saw a short-haired woman wearing a studded leather jacket stumble into view, her gloved hand scrambling for the wall. Her feet tilted to the side, her ankles tilting in her high-heeled boots as she stumbled against the gray surface.

“State your purpose,” Lenny grunted, thumb circling the button of his holster. He knew appearances could be deceiving, and he wasn’t sure he was buying a young woman dressed like that not only being invited to the party, but somehow coming down here by mistake. Why would anyone willingly head to the basement.

“Oh, hi,” the woman said, trying to stand upright, her legs wobbling a little. Dark locks fell before her eyes. She reached up, fingers combing them back, revealing a bright set of eyes. They widened, her gaze scanning him up and down, a smile slowly spreading across her face. “Oh, hi,” she repeated, though this time followed by a giggle.

“State your purpose,” Lenny said once more, though his hand began to ease away from his pistol. She was certainly behaving like a drunk, but that wasn’t enough to explain why she was down here. He kept his stance as her hand rested against the wall, her wobbling legs carrying her closer.

“I was supposed to meet some guy down here,” she chuckled, pausing a moment to swallow. She took a breath, steadying herself once more. “But he certainly wasn’t as… big as you.” Her eyes scanned him once more, her giggling grin flashing pearly white teeth, like a jungle cat gleefully spotting their prey.

“You’re no employee here,” Lenny stated. She most certainly wouldn’t be in that outfit. Too casual, and even at a party, the Adamah employees would be dressed far more formally than this. Still, his eyes couldn’t help but watch the manner her breasts wobbled with each shaking step, as if any bra she wore underneath was for decoration than practical purpose.

“I’m one of the hired girls,” she said casually, fingers running through her hair again. The locks simply fell back before her gaze. Her other hand left the wall, trying to take a few confident strides forward. “Paid to ensure Adamah’s employees are kept quite ha-ah!” Lenny’s arms reflexively reached forward as she stumbled, her face planting into the padded vest over his chest, his strong arms reaching beneath her own. Unfortunately his physical protection kept him from feeling the soft spread of her breasts against him, but he could certainly feel her delicate fingers sliding up his muscular arms as she regained her balance.

“Mmm, thanks stud,” she said with a smile, keeping her body pressed to his own. Her lids were half-closed as her eyes gazed up towards him, her frame a full foot shorter than he was even with her heels. She kept her body close, wrapping her hands beneath his arms. He could certainly smell vodka on her breath. “Y’know, I don’t see that other guy anywhere around, and, well…” Her tongue began to trace her upper lip, her hand pulling back from behind him so her finger could draw circles over his chest.

“Are you sure he said he’d meet you down here?” Lenny asked. He knew he should release her, but he instead kept his arms wrapped about her waist. There was a light throb in his crotch, his lust awoken.

“Yeah,” she said softly, her finger tracing downwards. “He said level B2…”

“Well that’s your problem,” he stated plainly, keeping his eyes on her own as her finger continued to trail down. “This is level B3.” Her grin widened as her eyes turned back up towards him, her finger leaving his abdomen while her hand continued to slip lower.

“I guess I’m more think than I drunk I am,” she giggled, flashing those pearly whites up at him. His mouth opened to respond, but instead a shocked grunt emerged as her fingers clasped around his growing member, the inner thigh of his pants beginning to bulge out from her close proximity. “And you are certainly… bigger… than he seemed to be in every way.” Her palm gently slid down, fingers curling over the crown, his length seeming to stretch out with her caress. His chest lifted, nostrils flaring as he inhaled deeply. “Mmm, and still more room to grow…”

“Why don’t I escort you to the security office on this floor,” Lenny stated. His voice was firm, but beneath that vest his heart was pounding with excitement. He knew this could still be some sort of trick, an effort to get him away from his post. It had been some time since he got to “enjoy” himself, however, and this drunk whore of a woman was certainly getting him excited. His own hands reached down, thick, strong fingers wrapping around the curve of her ass, squeaking slightly as they dug into her tight leather pants. She gasped, her fingers squeezing onto his hardening member even tighter. Then her giggles resumed, mouth forming that smile once again as her fingers gently stroked up and down.

“You need to… process me?” she asked, her middle finger circling over where his crown was. His back arched slightly, the tight confines of his pants and the boxer shorts beneath growing increasingly uncomfortable. His fingers loosened on her pert rear, only to spread further apart and dig right back into the soft flesh, the squeeze almost lifting her onto her toes.

“And it might even take all night,” he groaned softly. His fingers finally released her ass, grasping her hips to turn her about. She wasted no time pressing back into his groin, letting that rounded posterior glide against his aching erection as it began to prod more intently against his pants. His hand slid to the small of her back, helping lead her towards the office. Her arms wrapped about his bicep, cradling it against her heavy bosom, leaning heavily on him as her steps still wobbled.

The cement floor echoed with the stomp of his boots and the clack of her heels, amplifying the emptiness of the third basement floor. They walked down to the end of the hallway before turning the corner, and steadily the echo of their shoes faded into silence. There was a stillness left behind, an absolute quiet and emptiness to the hall that left it as abandoned as a tomb.

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It was minutes later that an odd, metallic echo could then be heard. Slowly it grew louder, until the sides of the air ducts above began to ripple and bend, the metallic pang reverberating down the hall. Were the guard to have continued his patrol he’d have heard it clearly. Instead, the sudden clang against a grate in the vent went unnoticed. Another clang and a corner popped free. Then with a final clang a hand had pushed it through, the grate clattering against the cement floor below.

There was another series of metallic ripplings in the duct, followed by a pair of booted feet slipping down. Jared, a young, blue-haired gentleman, grasped tightly onto the duct above him as he softly dropped to the ground, almost silent as the rustling grass in the breeze. Crouching, his eyes scanned his surroundings. He had landed in the middle of a hallway, what should have been the Eastern branch. This floor was largely just a square, with the standard elevators throughout the building on the southern end, the security officer’s station in the north-eastern corner, and a doorway to the central elevator on the north and south sides.

He perked his ears, listening for any sound of boots pounding into the ground. He made a lot of commotion getting in, but if all went according to plan then Caitlyn had already knocked the guard out back in his office. Satisfied, Jared stood and creeped forward, moving in close to the wall before peering around the corner. Ahead he could see the elevator back up, climbing towards the highest point of the skyscraper. Excellent, he had landed in the correct spot. He turned and made his way back towards the way he came, only he continued to sneak like a feline stalking a rat, all the way down the hallway. As he peered around the corner he could finally hear some sort of sound, a commotion from within the security guard’s office on the opposite end of the hall.

Crouching down, he slipped to the far wall and made his way along it, trying his best to decipher the ruckus in the office. There was a banging, the sound of a smack here and there, and a few very loud grunts. It sounded as if it could be a fight going on, but given that this was Caitlyn he was talking about…

He managed to sidle himself down beneath the windows of the office. If he lifted his head he could peer inside, but anyone within would just as easily be able to see him. He heard something get knocked to the ground, objects on a desk scattered to the floor and a feminine grunt. Holding his breath, his fingers flattened to the wall as he prepared to peer through the window and see if his partner needed assistance.

The sudden pounding of flesh into glass caused him to fall backward onto his rear, gazing up wide-eyed as Caitlyn’s bare breasts squished into the window. Her fingers spread apart, palms flat to the surface as her eyes rolled back into her head, mouth open in ecstasy. Her shirt had been tugged down to expose her hefty bosom, her jacket removed and her pants pulled down to her mid-thigh. From this position Jared couldn’t see the security guard, but the manner in which Caitlyn kept getting shoved into the now rattling window made it clear that she was getting pounded pretty fiercely from behind.

“Don’t stop,” her muffled voice cried, “don’t stop!” Her eyes lowered, spotting her partner on the ground, causing her moaning mouth to spread into an even wider grin of pleasure.

All she had to do was knock him out, Jared sighed internally. Shaking his head, he pulled himself back to his feet, keeping his crouched position as he crawled beneath the window towards the door. He peered slowly around the corner, getting a full view of the pantsless security guard grasping onto Caitlyn’s hips tightly, his teeth grit as he thrust himself as fast as he could, his balls swinging like a pendulum and clapping into her crotch with each push into her. The combination of smacking flesh, her moans, and his grunts were deafening. Unfortunately, as distracted as the guy was, Jared wouldn’t be able to sneak on over to the desk without being seen. It was perpendicular from the opposing wall, the guard’s pants crumpled at the foot of the office chair. No doubt Caitlyn had intentionally begun her task on her knees in order to remove his pants, though it didn’t seem to last long considering all the papers and decorations that were once on the desk now scattered across the floor.

Caitlyn’s hair flourished through the air as her head spun, turning to face the other way, towards Jared once more. Her eyes met his for a split second, and without hesitation her arm reached towards the back of the guard’s head. For a second Jared had expected her to finally inject the cocktail into the man’s neck and finally knock him out, but she instead arched her back, her breasts bouncing around more wildly as she pulled the guard in for a kiss.

Whatever, it was all the break Jared needed. He dashed from the doorway to behind the desk, the moans muffled by the locked lips and intertwining tongues of his partner and the guard. He immediately fished in the pockets of the pants for the guard’s key fob, a pale stick that contained all of his employee information and permissions upon it. Peering over the desk to make sure he was still unnoticed, he reached his fingers into his pocket to pull out a handheld electronic. It had a single screen, a keypad, and what seemed to be a flat, blank surface on its back. He held the key fob over this blank surface, transmitting all of its data onto the handheld decryption device. Streams of binary flashed by as it interpreted the information on the key fob, copying the information into something that could not only be used, but examined and modified.

Beyond the desk Jared watched, the flesh of Caitlyn’s rear and thigh rippling with each powerful impact of the guard’s cock inside of her. His hand reached forward, beyond her hip and up her waist, fingers reaching beneath her large breast, squeezing it tightly, hefting it before his palm slid further upwards. Their kiss broke, his teeth tugging at her lower lip, fingers spreading around her neck. Caitlyn’s mouth parted wider, but the high-pitched noise that emerged was delighted. Her fingers clutched onto the hair on the back of the guard’s head, her other hand smacking against the window as her eyes clenched shut tight. The guard’s other hand slipped forward, fingers reaching between her thighs and towards her clitoris.

Shit, Jared thought to himself. He’d seen that look before. She was nearing her limit, which would no doubt slow things down. He looked back down at the handheld, the binary digits passing by like cars speeding past on the highway.

“Ah!” she squeaked, mouth spread wide open, her fingers trembling against the window as she tried to pull the guard’s face into her neck, his own grip still firm on her throat. The guard growled something into her ear, but Jared couldn’t hear it over the sound of clapping flesh and more squeaking gasps from Caitlyn. The screen on his handheld flashed just as a high pitched scream burst from her, every inch of her body trembling, the smacking of flesh on flesh becoming more wet. All the data interpreted and copied, Jared shoved the key fob back into the guard’s pants pocket. He glanced up, watching as the guard’s fingers released their grip on Caitlyn’s neck, easing back down towards her breast. Immediately Caitlyn’s hand pulled at the man’s hair, pulling him into another kiss.

It wasn’t meant as a distraction this time. She was high on her orgasm, yearning to ride it out further if she could, expressing her satisfaction by wrestling her tongue about his. Yet it was all Jared needed, dashing from behind the desk and out of the office, clinging to the wall beneath the windows once more. He took two steps before there was more commotion. He risked a glimpse, and could see that Caitlyn, though her body still trembled from the high, was shoving the guard onto his back on the desk, peeling her pants off completely before hoisting herself up on top of the man.

She must really be enjoying this guard’s dick.

Jared just shook his head, creeping himself down the hall back towards where he came. He’d need to reach the elevator from the opposite side of the basement floor, away from where the guard might notice. Caitlyn was proving to be an excellent distraction, but there was always the chance the guard would notice some movement out of the corner of his eye. Would have been better if she had just knocked the guy out, but the drug only lasted about twenty-to-thirty minutes. This method at least bought them a bit more time, even if it came with its own risks.

Jared completed his circuit around the basement, reaching the large set of metallic doors. “CLASS-A PERSONNEL ONLY” was written across them, a panel to the side designed to scan key fobs. Pulling the handheld device from his pocket once more, Jared punched the commands up that would allow it to imitate the guard’s key fob. He then held the flattened part of its surface towards the door scanner, and after a brief moment a red light flashed green. The doors slowly parted, revealing a small room that contained nothing more than a clear, cylindrical tube. The elevator down.

He didn’t know who had hired them, but they certainly had the correct blueprints of this building. Jared punched a few more digits into his device and confirmed that all security cameras on the third basement level and below were streaming recycled, empty footage. Satisfied, he marched towards the elevator and pressed the lone down button.

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Neither he nor Caitlyn knew what it was they were stealing tonight. The man who hired them had only gone by the name Masquerade, his distorted face a collection of polygonal fragments that created little more than a pixelated abstraction of the human form. He simply informed them that it was indicative of the depravity that Adamah Corporation was willing to sink to. With such little information he and Caitlyn would have normally rejected the job, especially considering the dangers it posed. However, the man was able to deposit a vast sum of money as an advance, enough that the two could have just taken it and fled.

The problem was that they’d never given him their account information. They hadn’t even used their real names. He found them real easy, and if he could do that as payment, then he’d be able to find them wherever they ran.

So he stepped inside of the elevator and pressed the button to descend. The trip took longer than he expected, indicating that it was far more than just a single floor below. Whatever they were working on, they wanted to make sure no one could access it through traditional means.

The sinking feeling had halted, a soft ping echoing and the doors opening. Registering sudden movement, the lights to the lower laboratory began to activate. Jared stepped forward, the room filled with tubes that looked to contain a variety of human organs and body parts. Oh, I so hope this isn’t what we’re stealing, he groaned, a sudden churning developing in his stomach. Beyond the chamber of floating limbs and innards was another door, one that opened automatically at his approach. Within this chamber were several computer terminals, all forming a circle around another cylindrical tube in the center.

Only this one didn’t just contain body parts or organs. It was a whole human. A woman, looking to be in her early twenties, seeming to slumber within the clear tube filled with a blue liquid. She had a tube hooked into her mouth, her naked breasts rising and falling steadily, as if in complete slumber.

“The Hell…?” Jared whispered, standing in complete confusion at first. She just floated there, suspended in the fluid, naked, her form everything a healthy man with an appetite could want from a woman. Which was, to Jared, the problem. Why was she here? Why was she naked? What was this all for?

...what… was he here for?

Immediately he lunged towards a computer terminal, fingers attacking the keyboard with a ferocity as his eyes scanned any and all text that appeared on the monitor. He breathed a sigh of relief as the organs and limbs weren’t harvested, but were in fact based on stem cells. Some attempt to assemble a person? Not quite a clone, but something… hollow.

“Adamah Corporation Report number 47, Vessel E,” a man with a smokey voice spoke. Jared pulled up a video featuring a man with a receding hairline and a salt and pepper beard, his voice rasping slightly as if he hadn’t had a drink of water for a long time. “We may have finally created a successful body capable of housing a human consciousness. See our documentation on Vessel A regarding failures for the body to assemble whatsoever, and Vessel B report 21 and Vessel C report 33 regarding the complete collapse of internal life systems. Vessel D report 37 observes the corrections made to ensure the body remains whole and functional, yet report 41 chronicles the Vessel becoming self-aware, resulting in a panic attack and ultimately led to cardiac arrest.

“Vessel E, however, remains in a coma. There is enough brain activity to indicate a possible consciousness, a self-awareness that could awaken, but we have managed to keep the subject in a coma-like state until the personality transfer is complete. We believe that, within twelve days time, we will be able to insert the personality of the President’s late dau-”

That was enough of that. These people had created a human being, yet they were just going to overwrite its individuality. Jared didn’t really get it, didn’t understand how you’d put someone else in another body, but he did know that if someone were to rip him from his own and replace it with another, he’d be…

Well, it’d be as good as being dead.

So his fingers sped across the keyboard in a blur, popping open a terminal window and selecting shortcuts to seek and discover any programs he could use to wake this “vessel” up. With a stroke of a key the lights on the cylindrical tube lit up, the sound of fluid rushing through pipes filling the chamber as the liquid suspending the woman began to drain out. He then cut the gas flowing into the mask that was keeping the woman unconscious, though ensured her oxygen supply would continue. As the fluid lowered, so did the woman, her body beginning to slump against the glass of the tube. He pressed a key releasing its locks and then leaped from the chair, rushing towards the rising glass so that he could wrap an arm around her body. Carefully he reached for the mask, releasing the clasps so that he could slowly slip it from her face.

He paused, the full view of her gorgeous face stunning him into hesitation. Jared shook his head slightly, examining her lips and nostrils, noting that she continued to breath in on her own. He lowered the mask to the floor, removing his gaze from her for just a moment. When he turned back, her eyes were open and upon him. He paused, going rigid, swallowing nothing as he prepared for her to begin thrashing, screaming, or something. Yet she never did. She simply looked into his eyes, as if waiting. Then her gaze lowered, seeming to take in the shape of his jaw, the strands of blue hair that fell down around his ears, the collar of his coat. Her eyes continued to wander him until she finally began to sit up, fingers reaching out to run down along his pant leg. They paused a moment, pressing into the loosened section of the material, feeling his solid calf beneath.

She then immediately stood up, looking about the room, not at all seeming to mind how naked she was. Jared attempted to keep his own cool, but he couldn’t resist a quick examination of her backside, so perfectly shaped. Whoever put this woman together was clearly a horny fellow, that was for sure.

Hey, Jared?” Caitlyn’s heavily panting voice chirped over his ear piece. The sound must have carried through the silence of the laboratory as the woman looked over her shoulder, eyes back on him. Jared reached upwards for the ear piece, tapping the button for transmission.

“I’m here,” he said, though his eyes remained on the young woman.

Guard’s out,” Caitlyn sighed with satisfaction. He imagined her laying back on the officer’s desk, her clothing still a disheveled mess. The young woman -- the “vessel” -- reached up with a finger to her own ear. When she found nothing there her gaze shifted, looking straight ahead, no longer taking in visual information as her mind clearly began to flood with questions and curiosity. “Almost thought I wasn’t going to need the drug, but he began talking about needing to do another patrol.

“That’s fine,” Jared nodded. “We, um… we have a bit of a… thing.” His fingers flexed and balled into fists as he continued to watch the young woman, opening her mouth, a light noise escaping. Did she even know how to speak? Did she have any knowledge of language?

Don’t tell me I gotta fuck another security guard,” Caitlyn sighed, exasperated. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, this dude got me to orgasm twice and I loved it, but even I need a breather, ya know?

“Not like that,” Jared shook his head. The young woman began to slowly walk the perimeter of the room, pausing every so often to look at a monitor, or the blinking of lights on a panel. “We’re um… I think we’re supposed to steal a woman.”

There was silence on the other end for a moment. “What, you mean, like, kidnap a lady scientist down there or something?

“No, I mean, what they were building down here,” Jared began, watching the young woman continue walking the room. She reached forward, her finger tapping on some keys to a terminal. “They built a person.”

The silence continued. Jared stepped forward, reaching out gently as the vessel kept pressing keys. His hand wrapped around her wrist, gently urging her hand away. Her eyes turned to his, no objection, no question, just… studying him.

That doesn’t make any sense,” Caitlyn said across the comm. It sounded as if she had a cigarette in her mouth as she spoke. The pause indicated she was lighting it. “You don’t build a person. Are you sure it isn’t a really, really convincing fuckbot or something? And who would pay us so much to steal something like that?

“She’s not a machine,” Jared said. There was no way someone would program such behavior into an android and forget to give her speech capability. No, her behavior was something all too different. Especially now, as her fingers suddenly rose, tracing over his lips. She opened and closed her own mouth, making no noise, but seeming to experiment with her lips and tongue, soundlessly trying to create speech. “This is definitely a person, albeit a… strange one.”

That can’t be right,” Caitlyn groaned. “Are you sure you got the right floor? And that’s not just some really, really, really, really convincing fuckbot?

“Look, just-” Jared began, almost gagging as suddenly the vessel’s fingers reached inside of his mouth, pressing down on his tongue. He jumped backwards, pausing only to watch as the woman’s mouth spread into a smile, a light chuckle causing her chest to bounce up and down. Immediately she plunged her fingers into her own mouth, only for her eyes to immediately widen before lunging forward, a gag spilling from her mouth.

“Yeah, not so great, is it?” Jared coughed, wiping his arm against his mouth.

It was!” Caitlyn objected. “You’re totally ruining my orgasm high with this fuckbot shit.

“Not you,” he grunted. The vessel stood back upright, but there was still a big grin on her face. At least, for a moment. Her brow furrowed slightly as she looked towards Jared’s chest, then down at her own. “Look, do you think you could sneak upstairs and find a woman whose clothes you could steal?”

Are you fucking shitting me?” There it was, Caitlyn’s angry voice. Things weren’t going according to plan, they had to improvise, and improvisation was an inconvenience. Especially when she was experiencing that post-coital relaxation.

“Look, our best bet,” he began, pausing as the vessel’s hands suddenly reached forward to pat down his own chest. “Our best bet is to get this woman clothed and hope you can walk out with her, two hookers arm in arm.” The vessel’s fingers went back to her chest, gripping it, bouncing it slightly, an expression of curiosity wiped away by mild surprise as her fingers discovered her own hardened nipples. She looked up at Jared, almost awestruck, as she continued to caress and feel the buds.

You owe me for this,” Caitlyn groaned. “I’ll meet you out front the elevators for B3.” With that her radio was off. Jared let out a sigh, reaching for his own ear piece to deactivate.

“Well, that’s tha-AH!” The vessel’s hands suddenly reached forward for his shirt, trying to strip it up his torso. “Hey, no! No!” he objected, reaching for her hands and pulling them away. She looked up into his eyes once more, though this time with clear confusion on her face. Jared sighed, his gaze back into her own, trying his best to figure out what he ought to do.

“Okay,” he began, then placed his hand on his own chest. “Jared,” he stated. She watched his motion, and when she failed to respond, he repeated it once more. “Jared.” She watched once more, then took her hands to her breasts, bouncing them in her hands.

“Ja-red?” she questioned back. He shook his head, waving his hands.

“No, no,” he groaned. He then patted his chest once more. “Jared,” he stated, then pointed to her. “Eve,” he named her. Vessel E, Eve, it seemed to fit.

“Eve-uh!” she repeated, but bounced her breasts once more.

“No, dammit!” he shook his head. “Would you stop it with the tits?” He reached out once more, holding her wrists to get her to stop bouncing them around so much. Of all the times that I’d love a woman to be showing her tits off to me like this, he groaned inwardly, this is not it. He then began to pat her head, her shoulders, arms, hips, doing his best to avoid looking towards her private parts or touching anything too sexual. “Eve!” he repeated over and over. “Eve! Eve! Eve!” He stood upright, pointing at her one last time. “Eve,” he said, then placed his own hand on his chest. “Jared.”

She had been watching him with a blank expression, watching as his hands patted down her body, as he stood back up and declared their names. There was another moment of silence before her mouth spread into that wide grin of hers. Her hands reached out, palms cupping his cheeks.

“Ja-red,” she stated, then reached for his own hands. She wrapped his palms around her own cheeks. “Eve-uh!”

I guess that’s good enough, he thought to himself, and nodded. “Yes,” he repeated, taking her hands and placing them back on his cheeks. “Jared,” he said, then placed his hands around her cheeks. “Eve.” She grinned once more, just as satisfied to have discovered some form of common communication as he was.

“Now let’s go,” he sighed, exasperated. The longer they were down here the longer they risked getting caught. Eve let out a startled yelp as he pulled her along, but soon kept up with him as he walked her from the laboratory. Once they began to pass through the chamber filled with tubes of organs and limbs, however, she slipped from his grasp. He turned to watch her stepping from cylinder to cylinder, eyes bright as they observed the different things within them. She finally paused at one that seemed to contain an arm, her fingers spread over the glass, looking between it and her own arms.

“That’s not-” he began, reaching for her hand once more. He kept his gaze on the arm himself, however, letting out a heavy sigh. Even if she knew how to speak he’d be struggling to explain this. Not that he really understood it himself. “Let’s just go,” he said softly. There was a new expression on Eve’s face. It wasn’t blank as before, nor did it have the curious furrow of the brow. Yet her eyes studied him intently, absorbing some sort of new information.

They stepped onto the elevator and Jared hit the button to ascend. He closed his eyes, leaning into the cylinder, trying to calculate the odds of them being able to escape. The security cameras were taken care of, but were there alerts regarding the use of the elevator? Or even emptying that tank? There had to have been other security measures they weren’t aware of and their employer hadn’t taken care of.

He was tugged from his thoughts as Eve suddenly lifted his hand, her eyes seeming to examine it closely. She spread her palm against his, examining how his fingers were larger than her own.

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Then the elevator reached the top, her attention drawn away from his hand and towards the opening doors. He took her hand in his once more as they stepped out of the elevator and towards the exit, where he momentarily jumped. There was Caitlyn, a skimpy looking dress in her arms and a foul expression on her face. An expression that shifted to shock and then absolute outrage.

“She’s fucking naked!” she harshly whispered.

“Ah!” Eve exclaimed with a grin. She lunged forward, hands out and grasping at Caitlyn’s now covered breasts, her clothing back on.

“The fuck?!” Caitlyn exclaimed, stepping backward as Eve grasped and bounced the woman’s bosom. “Get the fuck off me!” the dark haired woman cried, shoving Eve’s arms away. The vessel stepped backwards, looking up towards Jared with an expression of fright.

“Look, calm down,” Jared growled, stepping closer. “I just had a Hell of a time trying to get her to figure out names, all right? She’s…” Jared took a look back at her, that blank expression having returned as she studied the exchange between him and Caitlyn. “She literally doesn’t know anything.”

Caitlyn’s eyebrows rose and she shook her head. “Whatever,” she sighed. “I take it this is why you needed a dress?”

“Yeah,” Jared nodded, gesturing over to Eve. “Just… get it on her, would ya?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Caitlyn sighed, stepping towards Eve. “C’mere, toots.” The vessel looked towards Jared, but he turned his back. It wasn’t right that he’d been able to see her full body this whole time, and it was amazing that-

“It’s amazing you didn’t pop a hard one walkin’ around with her,” Caitlyn commented, completing his thought. “Even I can tell she’s a look- she’s a loo- would you quit moving?” Jared risked a look over his shoulder, watching as Eve was far more interested in examining the dress and its fabric than putting it on. He smirked, glad to see someone else join in his suffering.

“I named her Eve,” Jared noted. “She was referred to by the lab coats working here as Vessel E or something, so…”

“Creative,” Caitlyn sighed, finally making headway into the dress fitting. “So what’s your plan?”

“Pretty much the same,” Jared replied. “I creep back out through the vents, escaping the same way I got in. You gals stumble on out like a pair of drunk prostitutes.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Caitlyn yelled. “What makes you think she’ll play along?” The dark-haired woman gestured towards the vessel, who then grinned.

“Eve-uh!” she smiled, patting herself on the collar bone. She then stretched her hand out towards Jared. “Ja-red!” she exclaimed. Her hands then clasped onto Caitlyn’s cheeks.

“What th-?!”

“Caitlyn!” Jared shouted, jogging to the pair. The dress wasn’t fastened onto Eve, but it at least was covering her up. “Her name is Caitlyn.” The leather-clad woman’s eyebrow rose, glancing over to Jared in search of an explanation.

“Kay-lin!” Eve grinned, then released her cheeks, leaving the woman flabbergasted as she looked between Jared and the vessel woman.

“Right,” Caitlyn sighed, “we’re getting out of here, I’m getting a stiff drink, and then I’m getting a stiff dick…”

“Again?” Jared asked reflexively, trying to help finish zipping Eve up in her dress.

“Trust me,” Caitlyn sighed, pushing Jared aside so she could take over the final fittings. “I’m gonna need another.” Eve’s eyes widened as the dress suddenly fit a bit more tightly, gazing downwards to watch as it lifted her breasts together before clinging around her stomach. Her fingers slid down the slick red material, shifting her legs as she observed the sway and caress of the material against her. She peered back over her shoulder as Caitlyn stepped away, reaching down to the floor where there was a matching pair of red high-heel stilettos.

“I don’t think-” Jared began.

“I know,” Caitlyn curtly nodded. She took one of Eve’s hands in her own, hooking her fingers around the back of the heels. “I’ve got to make it look like she’s walking around tired of wearing heels while carrying my drunk ass out of there.” Eve examined the heels closely, ignoring the manner Caitlyn took her arm and wrapped it around her shoulders. “Hopefully the security guards up there are idiots enough not to question why she’s walking around barefoot without at least having some sort of stocking or something on.” Eve continued to examine the shoes, giving them a quick sniff before looking at Caitlyn. The two women gazed into each other’s eyes a moment, and then the vessel gave a big grin. “Jesus, help me…” Caitlyn groaned.

“Well, it’s the best option we got right now,” Jared sighed. “I’ll meet you two on the outside, back at the hideout.” He reached for his goggles, pulling them down over his eyes. “Good luck,” he finished, jogging off towards the air duct he had crawled out of.

“Gonna need more than that,” Caitlyn growled over her shoulder. With a heavy sigh, she reached forward and pressed the button to summon the elevator. She gave another exasperated look over to Eve. “You ready for this?”

“Eve-uh!” the woman grinned, tapping her collar bone with her hand gripping the shoes. She then leaned forward, touching her nose to Caitlyn’s. “Kay-lin!”


Caitlyn wasted no time. Once those elevator doors parted she lunged forward, hooting, almost dragging Eve down with her. The woman’s eyes spread wide in shock, barely holding the dark haired renegade actress up. Caitlyn then flung back, a hearty laugh bursting from her mouth and almost causing the two of them to fall backward. It was just enough to confirm their surroundings, which fortunately was nothing more than a single rent-a-cop level security officer and a few employees.

“What a pa-party,” Caitlyn mumbled, her feet shuffling. She was supporting Eve as much as the speechless woman was supporting her, but somehow they managed to make it look as if the girl in the stolen red dress was more sober. “Lesh keep goin’.” She finished the slurring statement with a hiccup, a brief pause as if she were keeping her drink down.

The two managed to stumble around the corner, away from the elevators and into the lobby. It was not the center of the party, but there were plenty of revelers from the company here still. As the two hobbled and wobbled their way towards the entrance a group of more heavily armored and equipped guards approached. Shit, Caitlyn thought, what if they know what whatever she is looks like?

Fortunately that did not seem to be the case, as the soldiers marched right past. Eve, unfortunately, was curious and decided to turn and watch, at which point Caitlyn pushed off with her foot, making it seem as if she were the one wildly swinging about.

“Them’s a nice asses, eh?” she slurred loudly. The spin continued, and she nudged into Eve slightly, causing them to march diagonally towards the front door. “Eh? Y’know what I mean…” As they reached the front door she saw one of the security guards speaking into a walkie-talkie. This one seemed to be of similar rank to ol’ Lenny boy sleeping downstairs. It looked as if an alarm had certainly been flipped, and they had been getting out just in time. They just needed to continue selling it.

You are pretty good lookin’,” she said, nearly stumbling into the guard. His jaw clenched, fingers gripping his walkie talkie, clear irritation on the man’s voice as he was interrupted. Caitlyn tried very hard to make it seem like Eve was tugging her away. “You should come pa-part...party with us,” she stuttered between restrained hiccups. Finally the two were through the door, though certainly being watched still. “C’mon girl, lesh get us a caxi tab.”

She continued the act as they descended down the concrete steps, imitating a close call or two as she wobbled down towards the sidewalk. Eve seemed to spontaneously giggle at their antics while simultaneously pausing to just look at all the bright lights surrounding, nearly leading Caitlyn to stumble for real. They finally reached their destination, Caitlyn waving a taxi down.

With a heavy grunt she managed to shove Eve into the back seat of the cab. The woman seemed desperate to keep looking around, exchanging a rather displeased look with Caitlyn as she settled into the seat. However, that look soon turned to curiosity once more as she immediately began to examine her new surroundings.

Okay, Caitlyn sighed internally, the tough part is over for us, at least. She allowed herself one single glance back at the building. You’d better make it back to the hideout, dork. Caitlyn then stepped into the back of the cab and instructed the driver of their destination.

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