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Advanced RP! Craethiel Kingdom is set in the year 1200BC in the mythical, dangerous land of Craethiel Kingdom with a medieval, fantasy adventure theme.

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Roleplay Club
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  2. "Sure thing" Izanagi quickly replied to Deadrin's request in his usual calm tone before doing as he was asked and getting the pot and the other necessary things. Deadrin was right. Having a nice breakfast before a long journey really sounded like a great idea and would surely make the rest of their day a bit better. He placed the pot on it's rightful place over the campfire and placed oats beside Deadrin so he could cook. After all, Izanagi wasn't nearly as good as his friend when it comes to cooking. He knew the basics and was honestly quite good a cooking meat, but other than that he didn't have much going for it on that regard. After everything was said and done, the demon took a seat near his friend around the campfire. Izanagi was a bit surprised by his friend's question. He knew who The Watcher was, but only because he had read about her before. As for meeting or even talking to her? Nope. Never. He didn't know if Odium could said the same, though. "Well, I remember reading about her before. I know who she is and what she does, according to the books at least, but I never met her or talked to her. As for Odium..." *Same as you. I know who she is and what she does, but I've never seen or talked to her* the demon replied as on cue "...he said the same thing. Why do you ask? Did something happen?" Izanagi was originally planning on talk to Odium about that dream he had, but it would seem that it had to wait until they they were throught with this 'Watcher business'.
  3. Sex is amazing! It doesn't hurt at all anymore! I think I could get addicted to this. Slick wet noises filled the air, joining the slapping of flesh and the creaking of her small bed. A bashful smile appeared upon the bunny's face, followed by a brief giggle. They were both getting into the groove of things and she doubted it was going to be ending any time soon. In fact she wondered if they'd get any sleep at all! Then again the one thing that could stop them early would be if the potion wore out. It was certainly possible! And it'd be a little awkward if he turned back into a bird mid-fucking. Also pretty silly. But then she really wouldn't mind either. It was a possibility to keep in mind. Besides, she had a couple more batches of it brewed! The pace picked up. No longer were either of them content with the slow, gentle movements from earlier. Each quick, powerful thrust sent the head of Raeghan's cock slamming right into her tiny cervix. Sharp breaths and gasps were followed each time by the joining of their loins. Whenever she pulled her hips back in their set rhythm it ended up threatening the Human with pulling out completely! But thankfully her tight pussy always seemed to secure some sort of hold upon him and, at the moment, they were both pretty well in sync. Despite the rapid rolling of hips together the two managed to share a romantic moment. Eyes locked together, instantly drawing heat to the bunny's cheeks. When their lips touched she shivered with joy and pressed her own up against his. Arms held the Human close to her small body. Legs locked around Raeghan's. Was this what love felt like? She didn't know! But she was going to enjoy this just as much as he seemed to be enjoying it.
  4. "Hehe, I know I know," Natia urged after seeing Baellator's reaction to being called a horse. "And you're a beautiful Aelda at that~" She continued, continuing Rowan's correction with some added flattery. She nodded in agreement to Rowan as he proposed they walk the rest of the way. She had no objections. As much fun as it was riding on the Aelda's back, she felt a little silly and childlike doing so in such a large crowd. And she didn't really appreciate all the eyes on her from being up so high. Plus, getting on and off of Baellator was a bit of a hassle, given her... limitations. With Rowan's arm around her, she snuggled up into his side as they turned down another street. It was a relief to see the crowd parting to avoid Baellator, and she couldn't help but giggle at the sight of Rowan's hair being blown by the Aelda's snort. She reached up to gently pat his hair back into place, though as they continued to walk. Natia had her doubts about the food being particularly good, having been spoiled on the pure fresh fruits of her home, but it didn't change the fact that she had been growing quite hungry since they'd arrived at the town. Now that she thought on it, there were lots of different scents floating around the marketplace, presumably from a variety of food being sold... They were all strange, not unlike the bread she'd shared with Rowan before. Still, if Rowan insisted the food at this inn is good, then it certainly must beat the porridge they'd been eating up until now. Besides, she'd come to terms with the fact that she had no room to complain with Rowan taking care of her. "I would love that! You are too good to me..." She trailed off as she looked up at the handsome man protecting her. How did she ever get so lucky...?
  5. Location: Village of Ryn’tur. Baellator let out an indignant sounding snort when she called him a horse, causing Rowan to chuckle softly, “Well, he’s an Aelda. Not a horse, my love. I’ll explain the differences a little later. I don’t think Baellator minds us riding him; for him it would be like us carrying a stuffed doll.” He gave Baellator a rough thump on his shoulder, causing the animal to lift his head and snort. He stomped his large feet for a moment, looking quite smug. It was clear that he was very proud of his physical strength but then he made a horse look quite small and puny in comparison. Rowan then went on to say, “That said… I think I would prefer to stretch my legs a little. We’ve been riding all day, and a nice little walk will help ease stiffened muscles.” Keeping his arm around Natia, he turned them down the street and began to walk. Baellator fell in step behind them, his nose lightly touching Rowan’s shoulder. The square was still quite busy, but people easily moved around them due to the huge beast that was trailing the two. Rowan glanced around before commenting, “Well, that’s certainly one advantage to a big guy like you, Baellator.” The Aelda snorted, sounding almost amused as the air from his snort ruffled Rowan’s hair. Thankfully, the street that they wanted was not far away, for which he was glad for. He knew how uncomfortable Natia was with crowds, and he didn’t particularly want to push his way through them. As they stepped onto the much emptier street, Rowan said, “The Inn I’m taking you to is quite a nice one. If you’re hungry, we can get something to eat. The food is pretty good. Hopefully the stable master there will also have a saddle that will fit Baellator.” He frowned a little, a little doubtful on that fact as horses never came in his size. When he got home, he was going to have to have a special saddle made for him. If the sabblemaster didn't have a saddle large enough, he was going to have to stick with riding bareback.
  6. Daedrin looked up when he heard Izanagi stirring. The sun had already been up for a while, and he was beginning to wonder when his friend would awaken. Clearly he needed his rest if he had slept this long. He picked up another stick and snapped it in two, throwing it into the fire as Izanagi got up to put his sleeping bag on his horse. He picked up some more sticks, building the fire up a little more. He had kept it low during the night to help prevent anymore unexpected visitors, but the morning had turned quite chilly so he wanted to warm up before they left, as well as have a bowl of warm porridge. He looked up when Izanagi directed a question towards him, “Good morning. It is better, but it will still take a few days before I’m able to put weight on it without discomfort… do you think you could do the favour of getting the cooking pot, as well as the oats for porridge? It would be nice to have something warm to start the journey back to Selil on.” He then fell silent, gazing into the fire. He wondered if he should tell Izanagi about the visitor last night, and what they had said about him. This Watcher person had not told him that it was unwise to tell Izanagi any of what they had spoken about, and despite his heritage, Daedrin had a strong sense of justice. It seemed like something that Izanagi should know about but at the same time, Daedrin didn’t want to influence the man's actions. For all he knew, speaking about it to Izanagi was what caused him to go ahead with it anyway. After debating with himself for a few moments, he asked, “Izanagi? Or even Odium? Do you know of someone that calls themselves The Watcher?”
  7. Raeghan was aware of the subtle shift in Luna, hearing her breath hitch in his ear as she tightened her grip on him. He could then feel the muscles of her tight, hot cavern gripping even tighter as she started to indulge in an orgasm. The tightness made Raeghan’s head spin from how intense it was, but he didn’t let up on his thrusts. It felt as if her body was simultaneously trying to suck him in deeper, while trying to push him out of her body. He tightened the latch on her neck as he continued thrusting into her, speeding up his movements. Due to the recent orgasm he had, had, he wasn’t close to cumming again. Thus he was quite happy in fucking her throughout her own. With how tight she was, he could feel her feminine juices coating his cock before squeezing out around him. It caused her pussy to become wetter, and slicker allowing his cock to glide easier into her. He could sense when the orgasm died down, when the muscles weren’t contracting so suffocatingly around him. He could also feel her hips redoubling in their efforts to thrust up into him. He pulled away from her neck, pleased with the bright red mark that had been left behind. He then smirked down her face, enjoying the look of pleasure that was plastered across her face, “You weren’t kidding when you said you were insatiable. I guess I’m going to have to step up my game.” He told her, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. Now that her pussy was wetter, he began to speed up his thrusts. He would pull his hips back, and thrust hard into her as her hips came up to meet his own. He quickly matched the new rhythm that she had set, and soon the sound of bare skin slapping against each other filled the room. Most of Raeghan’s concentration was on the movement of his hips, to ensure that neither of them faltered in their rhythm as they made passionate love to each other. He shifted himself again, wrapping an arm around the top of her head so that she seemed almost enclosed beneath him, as if he was keeping her safe from the world. His free hand moved down from her ear to her cheek where he tenderly stroked it before he pressed his forehead lightly against her own so that he could look deep into her beautiful, shimmering eyes that captivated him. In contrast to that rather rough thrusts he was now slamming into her, he gave her a small, tender kiss on the lips.
  8. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    Yes, I remember that lol He is her Prince in shining armour. Fuck Knight in shining armour xD But I think that might have tripped me up as well. Thanks for editing it. I'm doing a posting round now, so will be getting to it.
  9. I think there was a point Natia ironically called him her prince that tripped my up. At least I seem to recall that. It could also be that I recalled myself thinking ahead. Either way, my bad. I edited the post now!
  10. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    He tends to avoid telling people he's a Prince if they don't know. He doesn't like people fawning all over him. At the moment, the title is more of a hindrance than a help. Natia will find out, just not yet.
  11. I thought he'd revealed that already, my bad. It's been a while, I'll go back and edit it but it shouldn't affect the action so you can go ahead and reply if you want.
  12. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    @Aura It's not been revealed in RP to Natia that Rowan is a Prince, so that's not a piece of information she would know. He said he was a merchant, which is actually true since he has his own business (As he prefers being a merchant over being a Prince). He just didn't tell her the rest.
  13. Natia watched curiously as Rowan pulled the coins out of his purse. The concept of currency still baffled her. They were just tiny slabs of metal. Sure, they were pretty and maybe rare, but they didn't seem to have any practical value beyond that. It's not like these coins were used to decorate or wear... what did people need money for so badly that they'd do so much for it? Even with Rowan's explanations, it was an issue she just couldn't wrap her mind around. After all Glenda had done for them both, it felt wrong to only offer these coins as compensation. The Aequu would often exchange favors with favors, they didn't want to see another of their kind falter so they would simply help without question. It seemed that both Glenda and Rowan held true to those same values, yet their lives still revolved so heavily around these pieces of metal... It just seemed so... restrictive... Regardless, she could tell that these limitations hardly seemed to apply to Rowan for one reason or another. He didn't seem to hesitate to spend lots of money at once... But it made her worry about the well being of hard workers like Glenda who have to deal with creeps like that man from before. She shuddered at the thought and before she knew it, the group was exchanging farewells and then Rowan and her had made their way outside where she was met by Baellator's eager face nuzzling against her's. Natia let out a giggle and daintily wrapped her arms around his snout. "Oh? If it's not too far, I think I can walk... Baellator deserves a break from carrying us, I think. Isn't that right?" She softly patted the horse's cheek. "You're such a good horse." She smiled up at the loyal creature.
  14. In his dreams, the demon was a open green field. It was quite the beautiful place to be really and he wasn't alone there. Odium was also present in that place. "Well well, I'll admit I wasn't expecting such a calm place. Then again, we are in your dreams" he said in a somewhat sarcastic tone. Izanagi chuckled a bit before responding. "If you wanted to talk, you didn't have to invade my dream, you know?" he shook his head slightly before asking in a sarcastic tone "So? To what do I own the pleasure of your presence?" "It's about the future. Do you know what will you do after we get back?" Izanagi wasn't sure on how to reply. There were many things he could do, thanks to his powers. He could become a mercenary of sorts, but he didn't like the idea of simply hurting people for money. His main idea was to maybe work for Deadrin collecting those rare materials that can only be found in dangerous places where most people have no chance of survival. It would be a good way to walk around different areas and posdibly find more hell relics. Of course, he would have to make that proposal for him later. "I am not sure... maybe I could work for Deadrin... why do you ask?" "Because we should go after the other sins. Not all of them are in the human world. Some are still in hell, but we should find them befo-" Odium was interrupted, however, by Izanagi waking up. After a couple of hours sleeping, Izanagi found himself slowly waking up by himself in his sleeping bag. He blinked a bit and, after his eyes had adjusted to the light, he noticed he was allowed to sleep a bit more than usual. He streched his arms lazily before getting up. Izanagi was feeling rather refreshed after being allowed to sleep so well. "A good night sleep sure does wonders" He rolled his sleeping bag before approaching Lucky and placing it on her saddle. On his way there, he took the opportunity to talk to Deadrin. "Hey, good morning." he said in a calm and gentle tone "How is your leg? Feeling any better?"
  15. Instantly Luna's face brightened once more. He had all that he wanted? For her it was such a romantic response! But perhaps she was also rushing things. After all there was going to be plenty of time for something a little more active! Could one blame her though? This was her first time. She wasn't well versed in any of this! It wasn't long before their movements were in sync with one another. As she rolled her hips back so too did Raeghan, only for the both of them to converge once more. Comfortable in their erotic dance the pace was quickened. Gentle wet slapping noises were made whenever the Human's pelvis made impact against the little bunny's, sending his sack smacking between her legs and his cock thrust against her cervix. Every gentle push drove the air from her lungs and sent a dizzying wave of pleasure through her mind. Lips smacked against her neck, delivering soft kisses upon the smooth porcelain skin. Another little whimper of pleasure left her. There would certainly be a mark left behind by the action, but that wasn't all that was created. No, it was a little sensitive and, combined with everything else going on, Luna simply could not hold on any longer. Her breathing picked up, arms and legs clung more tightly to her lover, and then suddenly she buried her face into the man's shoulder as her entire body shook with bliss! Hot flesh tightened its grip all along the Human's length. Her hips shuddered, jerking back and forth with quick little thrusts as a wave of moisture coated the intruding meat. Her pussy only seemed to constrict more firmly around Raeghan's cock, holding it still in place with the incredibly powerful muscles Luna held in her core and lower body. However despite enduring a quick orgasm Luna never stopped moving her hips, grinding them in little circles to assist the Human in his own release! Still, at least she didn't seem to be tired. In fact if nothing else she seemed to be getting even more energetic!
  16. Location: Village of Ryn’tur. Rowan blinked when he felt Natia’s arms hooking around his arm. He looked down at her as she looked up at him with a cheeky smile, and he returned the smile with one of his own, “I can look again, can I?” He jokingly asked before pulling his arm from her and instead wrapping it around her shoulders so that he could pull her close to his side in a hug. He then shifted to look at Glenda as she had followed Natia out from behind the screen, “I don’t think I have any suggestions right now. So when can I expect her dresses to be finished?” He asked. “I should have the other dresses finished for you by tomorrow morning, dear.” Glenda assured him with a smile. “Grand. We’ll come by just before we leave town, then. Thank you very much for your help, and I hope that other patron doesn’t cause you any additional trouble.” Rowan said with a slight bow. Glenda flickered her fingers at him, “Think nothing of it, dearie. He needs me more than I need him. I’m the best in town, so if he wants the best then he can’t do anything to me.” She assured him with a smile. “Even so, if you have any trouble, let me know.” Rowan said, pulling his coin purse from where it was hidden within his clothes before opening it up and pulling out several gold coins which he handed to Glenda, “A little extra, for the help you’ve given us.” He said. “That’s mighty generous of you, sir. I greatly appreciate it.” Glenda said with a smile as she accepted the money. Rowan then looked back at Natia and said, “Come on, we should get ourselves a room at the inn and maybe something to eat.” He bowed his head against at Glenda before he lead Natia out of the small room and onto the main floor of the shop. He gave Glenda’s daughter a smile before they left the shop itself, where they found Baellator nervously waiting for them. He snorted when he saw the two, and Rowan could almost sense his relief. The large horse shoved its nose towards Rowan, to which he petted him gently before Baellator moved to nuzzle Natia which caused Rowan to smile, “Do you want to get back on him, or walk to the Inn? It’s not too far from where we are.” He then asked Natia.
  17. Raeghan was pleased the note that, as he was gently thrusting into her, the slight pained look slowly dissolved to that of a pleasured one. Her moans were soft, and gentle, and he found that he quite liked it. What he liked even more was when she started to move her hips, matching his movements and fucking him back. A fair number of women that he had bedded, would often just lie there and make no effort at all to be engaged in the act itself. He smiled a little when she told him to not be afraid to do as he pleased. He stroked her ear more as he told her, “Don’t worry; I’m already doing what I want.” He knew that there would be more time for hard, furious fucking later. Right now, he just wanted to take things a little slower, so that they could both enjoy it. He wanted to take the time to study her reactions, and to enjoy the fact that he was giving her pleasure. His hips continued their gentle thrusts, his hips rolling slightly so that his cock ground deep inside of Luna, matching her thrust for thrust. Each time his shaft was swallowed by her, he could feel those velvety walls clamping down around him as if trying to suck him deeper and preventing him from being able to pull out. As if her body was begging for them to remain joined at the hips. The sensation almost stole his breath away, but he fought against the siren song. The rhythm of his thrusts sped up a little, but not to the point where he was furiously fucking her. His thrusts were still gentle, as the last thing he wanted was to thrust too quickly and too far, because he would only cause her pain. He could feel her cervix each time he thrust into her body, as a pressure against the head of his cock. He longed to be able to bury himself in deeper, but he restrained himself. Raeghan shifted his head, pressing his lips against her neck as he kissed it gently, brushing his lips against her soft skin. He then opened his mouth and latched it onto the smooth skin of her neck where he began to suck at her soft skin to leave a love bite, to ensure that she would be left with a mark that would take at least a few days to clear up.
  18. Natia was relieved to see Glenda return with a bag to conceal her clothes. She wouldn't have to be embarrassed walking out anymore... She allowed her eyes to surf the selection of clothing with curiosity, but the majority of clothes weren't likely going to fit her... She was certain that looking hard enough, she could find more dresses she liked, but she didn't want to take too much time. She was quite excited just to get back to try on the ones she'd already picked out! Rowan had already selected some casual dresses for her earlier, so she didn't have anything to worry about on that front. When finally prompted with the question, Natia glanced back at Glenda before looking up at Rowan. Of course, she wouldn't forget that Rowan had important business to take care of, too. They were here mainly just to get her clothes, not to look at these... 'exotic' dresses. "Unfortunately, I do think we should probably be on our way... but!" Natia put on a bright smile as she met Glenda's eyes. "I'll definitely come back another day! And I hope to spread the word of this lovely store! Er... probably not this part of it, though..." she trailed off a bit awkwardly before gently hooking her arm around Rowan's and hugging on to him. "For now, though, unless there are any suggestions...~" She looked playfully up at Rowan, still hanging off of his arm like a child with her signature cheeky grin.
  19. Owie owie owie owie owie! Ooooh that stings! I can't believe he fit so much inside! This is amazing! I! Can! Do! It! With a sniffle and a smile Luna nodded her head, nuzzling it into the hand which caressed her fluffy ear. Their chests brushed against one another. Jolts of pleasure raced throughout her body, helping with the pain slightly, but every little bit counted in this situation. Besides, she could feel his heart hammering against her chest! Raeghan could undoubtedly feel the same from her. "I'm glad it feels good. Please don't worry about me. Don't hold back." A kiss landed against the corner of her mouth. She giggled, returning a quick peck to the center of his. And when he told her that he was going to start moving again she simply responded with another timid nod. She could do this! After all it could only get better, right? The little rabbit let loose a hushed gasp as Raeghan's cock pulled free from her suckling insides. As the throbbing rim of Raeghan's meaty helmet dragged against her sensitive insides Luna's back arched slightly, toes curling while legs pressed in against the back of her lover's shins. A slow push back into her body only forced out another breath of air, although this one was followed swiftly by a soft whining moan. It hurt slightly, yes, but enough pleasure was provided that such things mostly melted away. By the time Raeghan's third thrust was made she was only feeling bliss. Her hips started to roll, doing their best to follow the Human's movements. Eyes closed while she focused on her breathing. Occasionally her tongue lulled out from her mouth, usually to be followed by another gentle moan. Whenever Raeghan pulled out from her body she pressed her hips against the bed in an effort to assist, only to roll them in towards the man when he started to push in again. "P-please! D-don't be afraid to. . .ah! To do as you please!"
  20. The moment Daedrin spotted the figure, he was on his feet with his sword gripped in his hand which he held up in a defensive posture. His eyes homed in on the figure and he frowned a little as they were wearing a robe that covered them completely. His lip twitched and his blood red eyes narrowed a little when the figure greeted him, calling him by his name. That made him feel a little uncomfortable, and his gut was recoiling from this figure, His iris of his eyes turned black when she expressed the desire to speak to him about Izanagi, “What about?” He asked, his tone closed. He shifted, moving himself so that he was stood between her and Izanagi. He then frowned as they introduced herself as The Watcher, someone that apparently watched and documented the lives of Mortals. His eyebrow then raised a little as she sat herself down next to the fire, making herself appear less of a threat. Even so, he didn’t sit back down himself, as he had, had his fair share of people who seemed friendly only to pull a dagger the moment his guard was relaxed. His eyebrows then rose even further when she said that Izanagi had the potential to bring the end to the war between the demons and angels. He figured that the ones she was talking about, were the ones that were tied to earth, and not the Daedra and Celestial’s he was more familiar with. He knew little of these angels and demons, because they had never been on his radar before, other than the incident where some of those angels came chasing after Izanagi. He continued to hold his sword as he allowed the figure to continued speaking, explaining at how Izanagi was special and that both angels and demons were terrified of them. Honestly, he could see why. He had found that it was always the way with extreme ideologies like in this instance, they were scared of anything that could topple the status quo. One would have thought that the angels would be happy about war ending between them and the demons. But the fact that they were scared of Izanagi themselves, proved otherwise. Clearly they benefited from the war in some manner, or despite their apparent virtuous nature, they actually hated the demons with a hate so strong they wanted to continue their slaughter. Quite a poisonous way to go about things, in Daedrin’s opinion. His expression turned a little unimpressed as she continued speaking, explaining that if Izanagi confronted this Sin Lord, he had the capability of losing himself and becoming one of the four riders of the apocalypse, at least her version. He knew for a fact that there were other versions, as even the Daedra had their own. But this whole situation smacked very much of ‘Only this single individual could save the universe’, and he hated such cliches. Anyone else would be nothing more than peripheral. But honestly, he had absolutely no interest in this war between these angels and demons, or even any interest in this Sin Lord. If this person was telling the truth, and these events were going to come to pass… he would only be helping Izanagi simply because he liked the guy and considered him a friend. Nothing more. He watched her disappear once again with an intense, dark gaze. Only when she had completely gone from his sensing range, did he relax. He blinked, his eyes returned to red before he moved to sit back down. This time, he kept his sword on him just in case he had anymore unannounced visitors. He hoped that there wasn’t; his leg ached from standing while the strange figure was talking. Daedrin glanced around, before looking back at the fire as he sat, waiting for Izanagi to wake up on his own merit.
  21. Raeghan couldn’t believe how tight Luna was. She was the tightest woman he had ever experienced. He could not remember a woman being so tight. He had to close his eyes as his head spun from the intense sensation. He could feel every twitch of her hips, causing the velvety walls of her white hot pussy to caress his cock. He continued pushing into her until he felt pressure against the tip of his cock, suggesting that he had reached as far into her as possible. Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked down at her, seeing the slight pinched look in her eyes. Other than that, she gave no other signs that it was painful, although he knew otherwise. Being careful not to move his hips much, he shifted his upper body a little until his chest was pressing flush against her own flat chest. He kept himself up by his elbows as his fingers ran through the silky strands of her hair, before settling on her ear where he stroked it tenderly. He figured it was a good way to help keep her calm, “I know it likely hurts a bit right now, but it will feel better, I promise.” He then held his breath for a moment before saying with a slight grin, “Although for me… you feel amazing. So tight and hot.” He chuckled a little, before kissing the corner of her lips. He allowed her several moments longer to adjust before he warned her, “I’m going to start to move again.” While some might think that he was being condescending, he usually found that it helped his partners when they were new to all of this. Because he kept them informed as to what he was doing, thus they were more relaxed. Raeghan pulled back his hips slightly, causing him to shiver a little as the cooler air of the bedroom brushed over the slick skin of his cock that had been heated by her insides. He rolled his hips slightly before pushing back inside, being careful not to push too hard against her cervix. He wished he could push further in, to fully bury himself in her and allow them to be joined hip-to-hip, but he wasn’t going to risk hurting Luna. He liked her far too much to do that. So he settled for a slow and gentle rhythm of pulling out and pushing back into her hot body, while watching her face for her reactions.
  22. Deadrin's quiet night was suddenly interrupted when a mysterious figure approached the camp site. Said figure came out of the woods and walked calmly towards the campfire while wearing a white overall robe that made pretty much impossible to see who was under said clothes. "Hello Deadrin." a calm yet firm feminine voice came out of the strangers lips as she began to speak "Please don't be alarmed. I am here simply to give you a message, a warning if you will, and it's about your friend there" she said looking the sleeping demon on the sleep sack before turning back to Deadrin. "First things first. Allow me to present myself properly. Over the millennia, I was called many things by the mortals of this world, but I believe that the most familiar one for you will be 'The Watcher'. My job is to watch and document the lifes of all mortal beings" she then took a seat near the campfire on the opposite end of Deadrin. "Now then, your demonic friend here has the potential to bring an end to the war between demons and angels. Should that happen, there would also be a positive impact on the human world, which was cought in the crossfire." Even as she explained all of that, she was able to keep her physical form an absolute secret and voice tone was kept neutral throughtout the explanation. "You see, throughtout the millennia I registered the lifes of countless humans. On very rare cases, one of them survives the process of becoming the vessel for one of the seven deadly sins. On even rarer cases, they are able to keep their own will as well, but Izanagi was able to go even beyond that. He is the very first who was also able to form a bond with one of the seven. Essentially meaning that he has the raw power of a demon combined with the seemingly endless evolutionary potential of a human. That makes him dangerous. In the eyes of the demons and angels, far too dangerous to be kept alive. Their hatred for him is nothing but fear in desguise. That said..." the goddess then paused for a brief second before continuing, but this time in a more serious tone. "...all that fear does have a good reason to exist. One day, maybe not today nor tomorrow, but one day, he will seek confrontation with the Sin Lord himself. His intententions are pure, but there is a very real risk of losing himself in the process. If that happens, he will likely acquire a unsatiable thrist for power which, combined with his evolving potential, can result in him becoming the Crimson Raider. The very personification of war and one of the four riders of the apocalypse, bringing untold destruction to this world. Which is why I am telling you all of this." now she was focused straight on Deadrin. Even though her face was well hidden by her robe, she was clearly addressing Deadrin in a very serious way now. "I made a vow a long time ago that keeps me from interfering in the mortal world, but you are different. Izanagi clearly respects you, so when the time comes, it would be in your best interest to keep him from losing himself" Finally, she got up and headed towards the woods again. Just as fast as she appeared, she was gone. Leaving Deadrin to the quiet night once again.
  23. Heat washed across her body as Raeghan positioned himself over her. It was actually kind of comforting. Raeghan was big and strong, kind of like she felt with Miss Rayvenne! He was also very kind and gentle with her. She did always feel a little better around people who she knew could protect her. Sure, she could use magic, and sure, she had some powerful legs, but combat was never a pleasant experience for her. It always scared her just a little bit. With these two she didn't need to worry so much, and with how careful Raeghan had been with her thus far she didn't need to worry about a bad sexual experience either. Again she nuzzled into the Human's hand, returning his sweet words with a timid nod. Her throat felt a bit dry despite what she'd just done. But she knew she was just really nervous. After all Raeghan was really big and she was really small! Besides, she'd never gone this far before! But she trusted him with introducing her to this experience. Who knows? If she enjoyed it enough maybe she could start doing it more! A hand trailed down along her body. As it ran over her chest Raeghan could feel her heart beating rapidly within her chest. She shivered at the touch made against her nipples, already perky with excitement. Her hand was gripped in his for a moment, his reassuring squeeze returned in kind with her own. Digits continued to work their way down until, at last, he traced them along the gentle curve of her mound. Luna sucked in a quick breath, shivering yet again when the man brushed across her cleft and parted the pale lips enough to make contact with her little clit. The heat coming off her healthy pink flesh was intense! Their lips met in a passionate kiss. She closed her eyes and leaned into it. Briefly her tongue dipped out, a gasp let loose when a finger pressed its way between her soft folds. Her tongue rubbed excitedly against her lover's, still quite timid but gradually melting into the same sort of affections given to her. Still, it was all enough to distract her. With ease her legs parted, relaxing open wide enough for Raeghan to position himself between them. When the kiss was broken she was still in a haze, only breaking out of it with a nervous giggle as the man planted a quick peck against her nose! "I trust you. A-and don't worry about, um, finishing inside. I got something for that so there shouldn't be an issue. Just please enjoy yourself." Sparkly orbs darted down, widening when she noticed the head of Raeghan's cock pressed against her slit. The brush downwards caused her hips to wiggle a bit. Hands reached up, gripping upon the Human's shoulders, fingers kneading against the muscles nervously. Then he started to push in towards her. It's going in! The bunny winced, ears perking up while her grip intensified. As her tiny hole stretched open upon the intruding meaty helmet Luna let loose a quiet whimper. Moisture gathered at the corners of her eyes. But she didn't fight against it. No, she was doing everything she could to relax! And as the head of Raeghan's cock settled within her incredibly tight folds just a hint of blood trickled out, body shaking while it adjusted to the intrusion. It's okay! It'll be okay! It's gonna stop hurting eventually, right? Then it'll feel good! You can do this! Inch by inch Raeghan sunk into her body, a faint bulge within her pelvis marking just how far he'd gotten. The occasional gasp or whimper left her, but she gently rolled her hips in an effort to assist his journey. It was perhaps needed too: her insides clamped down with quite a bit of force, suffocating the man's dick with hot, moist, squishy flesh. But he was strong enough to wedge himself inside with enough effort. He hadn't managed to stuff himself completely within her before he ended up settling against her cervix. At this point she finally let loose a hushed sigh of relief. That's all I can fit. I think? It feels so warm. I can feel it throbbing. It still kinda hurts, but it kinda feels nice too.
  24. Raeghan watched as Luna scooted back on the bed before laying down so that she was in the centre. He noticed that she still seemed quite nervous, as if she was unsure as to what to expect. He watched her for a few moments before he climbed up onto the bed and crawled over to her, positioning himself so that he was hovering over her. He gave her a charming smile, stroking her cheek tenderly with the back of his forefinger, “Don’t worry, Luna. I’ll be very gentle.” He said before he allowed the hand to move down her slim body. He allowed his fingers to brush lightly against her erect nipples. His hand then moved down to her stomach, where he lightly gripped her twiddling fingers and gave them a reassuring squeeze before his hand moved down further to her shyly peaking cleft. He pressed his fingers gently against her smooth mound, feeling the heat already coming off of her. Raeghan rolled his fingers over her clit before they moved down further into the moist folds of her pussy. Already she was quite slick, and the smell of her arousal was heavy in the small room. It smelt delicious, and he once again noticed that it had a rather unique carrot taste. To help her relax even further, he leaned down and began to kiss her deeply once again. He made the kiss slow and leisurely, while he continued to gently work on her pussy to encourage her legs to open for him. He could taste that sweet carrot taste, but this time there was a secondary taste; his own cum. They mixed very well, and he very much enjoyed kissing her once again. He used his hand to gently spread her legs wide enough to allow him to slip between them. Raeghan pulled away from the kiss, looking down at her. Giving into an urge, he then kissed the tip of her nose, a feature he found absolutely adorable on her. He shifted, allowing his still rock hard cock to glide up the folds of her pussy. The lips seemed to meld against the shaft, as if giving it a kiss of their own as his cock became covered with her sweet feminine juices to mix with her saliva. “I’m going to push in, now. Don’t be afraid to tell me to stop, or slow down.” Raeghan said in gentle warning before he shifted his cock down her slit once more. The moment he could feel the small entrance to her pussy, he began to slowly push his hips forwards. There seemed to be resistance against him for the first few moments before his cock began to slowly glide into her. He could feel white hot walls clamping down around him so tightly that it made his head spin, and he had barely gotten the head into her. He closed his eyes, letting out a soft pleasured groan as he had to hold himself back from just slamming balls deep inside of her in one movement. Instead, he controlled himself and pushed in inch, by agonising inch.
  25. Yay! I did well! Floppy ears perked up with happiness! Not even any pointers?! Perhaps she could even make a business out of this! Some people did, after all. Heck, being an alchemist might help too! But she'd rather focus on her current occupation. This was more of a 'for fun' sort of thing. Then again if she came across more people she could help like this then perhaps she'd consider lending her services to them as well! Might as well help people if I can, right? When a palm cupped against her cheek Luna closed her eyes, nuzzling softly against it. Raeghan was so kind to her. And he was being very gentle! She had definitely picked a good person for her first time. Better than some bandit who might not be so considerate, right? If anything she was very lucky in those regards. A few times such a thing nearly occurred! And it had been a bit scary! But this wasn't scary. "Okay." With a slight scoot backwards Luna laid down upon the center of her bed. Legs squeezed a bit nervously together. Still, she kept them flat enough to show off her little cleft, not wishing to cover herself. Hands settled together upon her belly, fingers anxiously twiddling with one another. You can do this! He's big but it should be okay! Maybe! I kinda wish Miss Rayvenne was here! I mean maybe that would be a little more comforting, right? I dunno!
  26. Location: Village of Ryn’tur. A soft laugh escaped Glenda as Natia wrapped her arms around her ample hips. She hugged the girl back, petting the top of her head, “You’re very welcome, child.” She said in a gentle voice before adding, “And don’t worry, child. This will be our little secret. You wouldn’t believe the kinds of secrets I keep in this little shop of mine. Yours will be just as safe. I will put your new outfit in a nice secure bag.” She hugged Natia a little tighter before she gently pushed the small girl back. She then winked down at Natia before she left behind the screen again. She went to a corner cupboard, pulling out a plain fibre bag. She had cottoned on very quickly that customers that came back for the more risky clothes, always wanted to keep them hidden from the public eye. So she made sure to keep a supply of bags back here so that even within her shop, their secrets were safe. She came back around the screen and very carefully put the clothes in the bag. Once they were safe, she put the bag down on the stool again, “Now, was there anything else you wanted, child?” She asked. She knew that the sweet little semi-transparent dress was likely ruined for her on account of the interrupted earlier. But perhaps there was something else that might have caught her eye that she might want.
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