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Advanced RP! Craethiel Kingdom is set in the year 1200BC in the mythical, dangerous land of Craethiel Kingdom with a medieval, fantasy adventure theme.

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Roleplay Club
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  2. "Indeed. Seems like only time will tell if this prophecy is real or not..." it was at that point that Izanagi noticed the spoon stiring their breakfast without anyone touching it. Was it not for the knowledge that Deadrin has some crazy mind powers, the demon would probably think he himself was going mad or that they were dealing with some sort of creature. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. So he didn't bother at all. Intead, he once again found himself thinking on how useful and versatile Deadrin's powers can be. "Thanks." Izanagi replied with a slight nod as he picked up the bowl his friend handed to him and began to eat as well. Deadrin's question was something Izanagi was sort of expecting to come sooner or later. Especially considering that they never really talked about that subject before. The demon couldn't really blame his friend for being curious. "The Sin Lord is... uhm... how should I put this...?" Still, Izanagi had to consider a bit what he should say. Not because he himself had any secrets to keep regarding that subject, but because there are tons and tons of unnecessary details here and there that would be too much to explain. Especially considering that Izanagi would have to deal with the Sin Lord by himself. So giving Deadrin too many useless details to process would probably not do them any good. "The Sin Lord is basically hell's king. It is every single Sin in a single body. Which makes it so powerful, that every demon that doesn't have strong enough willpower will obey it's orders without questioning. That is how it keeps the demons attacking both angels and humans alike." He then took another spoon full of his breakfast, enjoying the great taste Deadrin's cooking skill could offer even under such limitations, before continuing his explanation "The Sin Lord is also the result of a brutal cycle hell goes through once a few thousands of years. It always begins with one of the embodiments of sin defeating and absorbing one of the others, becoming more powerfull. Then defeating and absorbing another one. The process repeats itself until there is only one remaining." Another spoon full and a slight break took place before he continued. "The remaining embodiment of sin then gains the right to challenge the current Sin Lord to a one-on-one battle for the crown. One of them always dies at the end, regardless of the result. After it is all over, a new generation of demons is born as the new embodiments of sin, so the cycle may repeat itself". Izanagi finished his explanation along with his bowl of podrige.
  3. A soft giggle left the rabbit. It certainly was worth it! Still, she could fix it easily later. There was bound to be a spell in her book for it, right? If not then she could always just try her best by hand! Heck, maybe Rayvenne could help! But then getting her help would be a little embarrassing too. And what if it made the woman feel bad? It probably wouldn't. Rayvenne didn't seem like the type to care about this stuff, but Luna still couldn't help but worry about it! Wait what? Sparkly eyes widened and lit up with glee as Raeghan's hips slammed against her pelvis. Air was forced from her lungs with a sound between a sharp gasp and a surprised moan, although the pleasure endured was obvious. As the man's sack slapped against her body Luna felt the tip of the Human's cock ram against the back of her womb which, in turn, caused her entire body to tense up and clamp down around the intrusion! Of course this in turn only caused the head to drag even more relentlessly against the poor girl's sensitive tunnel. Oh goodness yes! Eyes clenched shut while thin arms clung around her lover's head. Her legs lifted up, doing their best to wrap around her larger partner's body. She held on for dear life, although she still did her best to at least wiggle her hips whenever Raeghan thrust himself into her body! There was no way she was going to make him do all the work. Still, it wasn't easy when she was beneath him like she was. It was however quite enjoyable as she enjoyed the feeling of snuggling up to someone bigger and stronger than she was. "I-if you become. . .uncomfortable. . .ah. . .mmm. . .w-we can t-try. . .something. . .new!" Each word left her lips in a hurried, nearly breathless squeak! But then that was all she could manage given the situation.
  4. The longer Natia stared up at Rowan, the deeper in love she fell. It was like a trap she'd stumbled into and yet didn't want to escape from... She didn't care what the passers by thought. She hadn't even noticed the looks they'd been receiving. Nobody had ever made her feel this way before. And as he drew her in with his warm, tender embrace, she just melted into his chest with a wide smile of satisfaction painted across her face. She could fall asleep like this. Nowhere in the world did she feel safer than in the arms of her hero. With her soft head pressed against Rowan's chest, she could feel his heart rate which beat in unison with her own at a much faster rate than normal. Maybe he was nervous just like her... or maybe he was just excited. Either way, she was relieved to know she wasn't the only one with her heart beating out of her chest whether Rowan would admit to it or not. With a soft kiss, a matching soft blush spread across Natia's rosy cheeks. Then he brought up the bath, which made her blush for a much different reason. She hadn't even considered that they both must have smelled pretty badly. She'd grown so used to the smell of the wilderness at this point because of how long the two of them had spent in the wilderness without her magic to keep herself clean and tidy. She was a total mess when Rowan found her and though she'd taken the opportunity to clean up, she never was quite able to get that musty smell off of her using just the river. However, before she was able to respond to Rowan's suggestion, she was startled by the voice of the maiden at their table. The girl was very pretty and much larger and well-endowed than herself. Not that she was jealous at all, she was just interested. Natia was very curious as to whether or not her body would grow to look something like this one day... The woman reminded her of a beautiful mother and that fact alone brought a smile back to Natia's face. As the server began listing off the options, Natia couldn't help but feel a bit dazed and overwhelmed. There were so many words she didn't understand, or at least wasn't able to correlate the human words to the items they referred to. Before she knew it, Rowan had placed his order and all eyes were on herself. Natia shrunk down in embarrassment. "Can ah' getcha somen'?" The woman asked looking down at her. "U-u-mm... I-I'll just have the same thing!" Natia blurted out without much thought. She didn't know what she'd like in a place like this, but she knew that whatever Rowan ordered, she'd be content having the same. "Ah'rite, we'll 'ave that right out for ye!" She explained after jotting something down. "Happy honeymoon~" The woman cheered as she turned and walked off, leaving Natia puzzled, her head cocked with curiosity as she watched the woman. She had no clue what a honeymoon was, but it must have had something to do with her position on Rowan's lap.
  5. One of Daedrin’s eyebrows rose when Izanagi mentioned that his rambling was fun. The corner of his lips twitched up a little in amusement, pleased that Izanagi didn’t get annoyed with his slight tangent. It was an unfortunate habit that he had inherited from his fathers, and not everyone had the patience for a long-winded tangent that had nothing to do with the subject. The thing about the Angels bugged him so much that he had slipped into that very habit. But it seemed that Izanagi not only agreed with him, but offered up an explanation as to why the Angels were so obsessed with this war, and were afraid that Izanagi would shut it down. It made him grimace slightly.. While not exactly the same situation, the Eldyrannth had fallen into the trap of thinking that only fighting would solve the war. Granted, they were always on the defensive, as they never actively invaded the Daedra but they were always fighting back. His fathers sought a very different end to the fighting. To truly rid one, of one's enemy is to make the enemy one’s friend. Or, in their case, take them over and slowly bring them back to a path that followed Universal Rights. As he returned his attention back to Izanagi as he explained that a confrontation with the Sin Lord was unavoidable, Daedrin decided to utilise his telekinesis to cause the spoon in the pot to stir its contents. He couldn’t be bothered leaning forwards to do it himself, and Izanagi had seen his display of kinesis before, so he didn’t think his friend would get overly upset by it. He nodded his head in agreement to Izanagi’s prophecy comment, “I agree. Which means it is often poorly worded, hard to divine the meaning of and can be attributed to any number of things. I’ve known a number of prophecies that have come true in my lifetime, but they are an absolute pain in the arse to deal with, especially when about ten or twenty events can be explained by that prophecy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.” He then paused for a moment before asking, “Who, exactly, is the Sin Lord?” As he asked, he spooned out the porridge into their bowls, handing Izanagi his while he sat back with his own and began to eat.
  6. Location: Village of Ryn’tur. Rowan blinked in surprise when Natia had the confidence to crawl up on his lap in front of the other patrons of the Inn. He saw a few glances in their direction, some with admiration, and others with open envy. It made Rowan feel quite smug, and he felt lucky that it was he that Natia was looking at with those beautiful eyes filled with love. Granted, he had saved her life back in the forest, but his gut was telling him that she would have liked him without the heroics. He chuckled slightly, a soft sound deep in his chest before he wrapped his arms around her. One of them moved along the curve of her arse, pulling her closer towards him so that their crotches were lined up perfectly. His other arm wrapped around her back and cuddled her close. He let out a soft sigh of contentment, “Mm. I like this.” He said softly, so only she could hear him. Pulling her flush against his chest, he rested his chin on the top of her head after giving her a soft kiss. He then told her, “After we’ve had something to eat, I’ll rent a room. If you want a bath, I’ll hire the services of their bathing facilities. I think other than that shallow swim in the river, neither of us have bathed.” He wrinkled his nose, hoping that he didn’t smell too offensive. After all, he had been the one to swim in the river as a wolf, which had no doubt given him a bit of a ‘wet dog’ smell. Just then, a young lady stepped up to their table, “Is there anyhin’ I can get for ye?” She asked, her accent quite thick. “What do you have?” Rowan asked, stroking a thumb along Natia’s back just in case the sudden appearance of the barmaid had startled her. “We ‘ave a stew on the fire, and some bread fresh this mornin’. We also ‘ave some steak with some roast potatoes, and greens.” The young woman replied. “I’ll have the steak.” Rowan told her, before glancing at Natia to see what she wanted. (Feel free to control the barmaid. She’s a rando NPC)
  7. Natia was in pure bliss, not paying any mind to the teasing from Baellator, as she was coddled so closely with her love and they were on their way to the inn where she would enjoy her time alone with him. Of course, there was still a sense of unease inside her. Sure, they were about to spend some time relaxing and having fun together, but Rowan was going on a dangerous mission not long after... But he would handle it. He didn't want her to be worried about something like that right now and she didn't either! Now was the only time in a while they'd probably have a chance to be together in a comfortable room. They'd had so much fun out there in the wilderness... just how intense would things be here? Of course, they had to drop Baellator off. Natia was very curious about this process. She stood silently by Rowan's side as he handled all of the business while her eyes wandered along the various horses inside the stable. She would have thought that, in such a confined place, they'd look miserable. But they all seemed to be surprisingly content. She was sure the horses back home would never be happy in a place like this, but she supposed it just went to show just how different of worlds they were from. She was awakened from her train of thought by Baellator's giant head nuzzling her, nearly pushing her over since she wasn't quite paying attention. Still, she just giggled and hugged the sweet horse back. "We'll be back soon, Baellator! I love you~" She planted a gentle kiss on his muzzle before releasing him and watching him walk toward the stable which seemed to shrink as he got closer... she started to wonder if he would even fit inside... When it was suggested to her that it was time to eat, Natia nodded in agreement and happily reached out to hold Rowan's hand, practically skipping with joy as the two wandered into the inn. Of course she loved having Baellator around, but it was also nice to actually have some alone time with Rowan. Baellator seemed a bit too intelligent for his own good sometimes. The two took their seats in a small table in the corner. Rowan patted the seat next to him but, the mischievous girl had other plans. She crawled into Rowan's lap and draped her arm around his neck, giggling happily as she took her place. Maybe she'd have to get off to eat, but for now there was no reason she couldn't be as close to Rowan as possible...
  8. Izanagi made sure to keep himself quiet and paid close attention to Deadrin as his friend explained, in great detail, what had happened while he was still sleeping. Apparently a god decided to interfere in the mortal world, but not directly. Giving Deadrin a supposed explanation about what might happen in the future, which sounded like all too convenient from Izanagi's point of view. All of that sounded like some sort of prophecy and, in his experience, Izanagi had reached the point of not believing is those anymore. In his opinion, they are nothing but convetional bullshit to make people believe that something will happen regardless of their actions, and the demon hated the idea of simply sitting his butt around doing nothing and waiting for the world around him to change. Deadrin seem to think the same thing, in a way. Izanagi didn't fail to notice the constant use of the words 'apparently' and 'claimed'. Not to mention the little ramble there, that caused the demon to smile a bit in response. Izanagi didn't really mind about them very much, as they could be surprisingly entertaining. Especially in this case, since Deadrin was ranting about how stupid the angels really are. Needless to say, Izanagi agreed very much with him. Once Deadrin was done with his explanation, Izanagi finally decided to respond. "Well, first of all, those ramblings of yours are actually quite fun in a way." he began to say with a slight chuckle before getting a bit more serious "Second of all, the angels are as much to blame for the war as the demons." Izanagi broke another small stick he found on the ground nearby and threw it into the fire "In their eyes, demons are nothing but scum that must be completely destroyed, and this war is the perfect way to do it. The only real difference between them and the demons, is that their pride keeps them from seeing humans as a tool to be used in the conflict. Which is why the don't harm the people in our world, but I am pretty sure that if the situation get's dire enough, they might change their minds" Izanagi had to take a deep breath there to keep himself from getting angry just from thinking on the celestial assholes. "As for the rest... well, I guess a confrontation with the Sin Lord is sort of unavoidable. After all, one of the reasons why I am going after the relics is to defeat him, thus greatly reducing the number of demons harming innocent people, but the whole 'Crimson Raider' thing sounds a lot like prophecy bullshit to me" he replied honestly.
  9. There is one guy wearing a piece of full plate armor and brings a piece of shield and long sword which the most materials were made by the mix of orichalcum and mythril, giving him the best defense for a while or maybe there is some thing better than it. This guy just walks away from the two people who are chatting while bringing a bag full of dead goblins to be changed to few bags of gold coins as his loot. He seeming doesn't care about anyone or any who which was taking and just walking and passing by as wind flows. He is currently walking towards a guild to submit his loot which consists of dead goblins, most were used as a cheap magic materials maybe. He just happen to finish his missions on killing all goblins in their cave and leaving no children or baby goblins behind, he happened to kill all of them before hand. Well, his walk is slightly tattered since he is killing that bunch of goblins with no magic at all since he is just an ordinary human behind his gallant yet strong English style armor. He just walk away from them with his tattered feet that he hide behind his armor, maybe it was happened due to the cuts that he experienced due to facing a huge number of goblins directly in their nest.
  10. Raeghan was pleased when, despite her clear inexperience when it came to things like kiss, Luna responded with a passion and enthusiasm that matched his own. It assured him that she was enjoying the contact as much as he was. Raeghan didn’t think he would have liked anyone else to share such an intimate moment with him, especially in his first time being human again since his previous mistress had made him into her familiar companion. It had been so long since he enjoyed this kind of female companionship, and Luna was both eager and responsive. That made it even more enjoyable to spend this time together, and he hoped that she would be open to doing it more often in the future, especially with the potions that she had made for him. He was torn from his musings by a sudden cracking sound. Instinctively, he clutched Luna closer to him before he felt a sudden jolt before the two of them suddenly seemed to fall. His breath then caught in his throat as the two came to a sudden stop, and he felt his cock slide even deeper into her body. He could now feel the quivering lips of her cunt gripping around the base of his cock, as the entire length of the hard shaft was buried inside of her. He could feel a very tight pinching around the head of his cock, as if her very cervix were now clutching around him, ensuring that he would claim every inch of her womanhood, including her womb. The sensation made him feel dizzy from the sheer pleasure. It was only magnified when he felt the muscles of her pussy clenching around him as if trying to not only pull him deeper, but push him out as if attempting to milk him of everything he had. He felt the gush of her juices like a river across the sensitive flesh of his dick and making her already hot and slick cunt even slippier. It took him a few moments for his brain to register the words she said, and he took in a sudden gasping breath. So intense had been the sensations of their joined bodies, that he had not even noticed that he was holding his breath until that moment. It was then that he took stock to the fact that they were lower than he remembered. He glanced around and noticed that the bed had broken, causing the two to fall slightly. But it seemed that, if Luna did notice, she had other more important things on her mind. He felt a mixture of pride and guilt that he had broken her bed. Pride, because it sometimes took a lot to break a well made bed, and guilt because now her bed was broken. He figured he would help her fix it… later. But right now, it was the last thing either of them wanted to worry about. He glanced back down at Luna with a smirk, “I guess breaking the bed was definitely worth it?” He asked before chuckling softly before adding, “I guess I don’t need to worry about being too gentle anymore.” He then drew his lips back before ramming them forwards in a hard, solid thrust, burying his cock balls deep inside of her once again. It felt so good to be able to fully enjoy the depths of her body. He wasted no time in falling back into a rhythm of thrusting into her hot and willing body, ensuring to give her the full length of his cock on each thrust. He held her body close to him, helping keep her in place to make it easier for him to slam his hips against hers. This time, their wild and passionate sex was not accompanied by the ominous creaking of the bed.
  11. Heat and pleasure were the only things Luna could feel anymore. Raeghan's cock drove in and out of her body, tugging upon the flesh which gripped around it, however their forms moved together as one. The pleasure that Luna felt was undoubtedly close if not the same as her lover's. With a proper rhythm even their breathing might end up shared! And with someone of Luna's size could she help it if she found herself lost within the larger Human's loving embrace? None the less they could certainly use a bath after this! But then that could lead to more. Still, at least they could wash off easily if that did become the case, right? Not that she was able to even think that far ahead at the moment. So filled with lust was her mind that the little bunny could think of nothing but making love to the man looming over her. In fact so distracted was she that she didn't really even take note of the gradual destruction of her bed! While the Human's hips thrust more vigorously between the rabbit's loins their movements did slow a bit. The kiss shared between them was further deepened. Luna quickly adapted to it despite her lack of experience. A tiny tongue gently flicked around her partner's larger muscle, lips suckling against it whenever it entered between them. Luna let loose a quiet, muffled coo of pure bliss. CRACK! The rabbit's bed had served honorably, but it simply could not hold up to the vigorous Human's movements. One unlucky powerful thrust sent the two of them dropping with the bed. It wasn't a long fall, but it had the effect of sending the meaty head of Raeghan's already formidable length plunging right into the minuscule opening to Luna's womb! A sharp gasp left the girl, kiss broken as her head hung back. Eyes clenched shut, toes curled, and her entire body shuddered beneath her lover's as another orgasm flooded their loins with more lubrication and her mind with more heat! At last she was able to feel the Human fully sheathed within her body, but such a sudden intrusion did require a brief moment of recovery. "I-it's all in. W-wow!"
  12. Neptune

    rp: ooc Creaky Tavern

    I imagine so, but no ones come up with such a place. You're more than welcome to set up a mercenary or adventurers guild for characters to get missions and such from.
  13. I'm just confused with some RP infos, I don't know a place where mercenaries or adventurers came to take mission and to give the items for rewards, like a fantasy setting like this should have one right?
  14. Mr.X

    Rald Jericho

    From the album: My character Album

    Character Identity Information Name: Ralt Jericho (Read: Ralt Yeriko) Age: would rather to not say anything about this but he is a 25-ish Gender: Male, 100% a male Religion: Legally, he is a roman catholic. But he never go to church and praise Blessed Virgin Mary or do any holy rituals since he is 20 Species: Human, a 100% ordinary human Origin: Craethiel Kingdom Nationality: Craetharian Occupation: Just your daily mob adventurer Rank/Title: Just a normal knight, but he is a freelancer Physical Appearance Height: 180 cm Weight: 75 kg(minus his armor) Eye Colour: Black Hair Colour: Black Physical Description: Just a tall man with his muscular body, a sign of a trained knight that became an adventurer Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: "A knight should be clean from any corruption and bad will. A great knight never surrenders to its bodily lust. A knight's justice must follow his heart to choose whether it is true or false. A knight must choose their people first and foremost, nobles, kings, and kingdom high ups are the last. A knight's heart must not corrupted by its lust" -True Knight Words- He is a gallant and hardworking person, to be a knight from a normal civilian needs a hell damn lot of an effort and preseverance. Most of his comrades came from noble bloodline and he is the only "country kid" from his ranks. He compesate them with harder training, harder working, and giving more ask less. He is a one humble knight that lives a simple life and never asks for a greater lifestyle. As he says, "We will always have anough money for food but, not to lifestyle.". He keeps himself far away from 7 deadly sins and keeps being a faithful knight. He doesn't like anything that is not pure and good but he never disturbs the people unless if he ordered to. About making friends, he is kinda interested in making one but not too many. He is a knight but he isn't a leader, he only cares about the people well-being and maybe he could attack a noble manor or two for the sake of the people(if the noble is corrupt). Don't expect he would go to brothels like any "spoiled noble kid(as he says)" knights, he won't ever go there, knowing that there will be an STD or such and it's an not pure place for a great knight. Asking him to have sex when he doesn't married to the woman who asks for that is kinda a "haram" thing for him. He isn't your daily dose of a Kirito character that will let his head being shown to the world like that and asking him to open his helmet is near to impossible. He will always wear his helmet except when he is sleeping but if he sense a danger, he would do so. Strength: 1. Peak Human Condition: His harsh training is already paid off and he already reach his peak condition as a human, he works harder and does his thing harder than anyone else in this world. This makes him became someone is above some normal humans, but less than any enchanted entities alive. 2. Adrenal Activation(Not Always Active): In live or death situation, he has his own adrenaline rush to make him more stronger for a mean while and he could swing his sword faster than anyone else in this world using a two handed sword in one arm, even an expert samurai will ashamed seeing the speed of his swing. In some cases, he could be a One-Man Army. 3. Indomitable will: His main weapon from time to time is indomitable will that he himself have since he was a little and that was the thing that make him a knight now. 4. Weapon Proficiency: His will to learn weapons make him could use any "weapons" that he himself can see as a weapon, including his body. 5. He could survive in most places and extreme places and he also knows how to cook and how to do basic living things. 6. He could do any types of maintenance of his weapons. Armor: Just a normal piece of armor that made by a mix of mithril and orichalcum, he get it from a gift from his general who likes his hard work. Its a set of full english armor from bottom to up. This makes him could move much while he doesn't sacrifice any points of defense. He has a chain mail and chain leggings made out of the same material beneath the dragon skin outfit that he wear beneath his armor. Weapon: 1. Longsword, just a normal piece of english longsword, made out of a mix of mithril and orichalcum, 80 cm long with 15 cm grip length, both have 4 centimeters of width 2. Combat Shield, just a normal piece of combat shield, made out of a mix of mithril and oricalcum, in a shape of a reversed pentagon, has a Craethiel Kingdom symbol in it, 30 centimeters tall and 15 centimeters wide. Only serves as secondary weapon and a defense item. Weakness: 1. Without his armor and weapons, he is a normal human with extra talents and his indomitable will, he only has 10% of survival rate in harsh lands if so 2. He has NO MAGIC, heck even a single bit of mana he will have. No mana means no magic. (Holy maidens usually have a little bit amount of them) 3. Too blinded by his own justice and Chivalry 4. A bit too professional and stiff 5. Asking him to open his armor and especially his helmet is more impossible than Goblin Slayer, except when things are peacefull Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): "live my life as a knight with my chivalry code and survive" Hobbies and Interests: (404 Not Found, for a while) Personal Sexual Information (This whole part is optional) Sexual Orientation: HETEROSEXUAL Turn ons: Too bad, he is a knight, a knight must be clean from any corruption. He has done so much training and he will turned on ONLY to his wife and not her impersonator or such. Also, he likes being a dominator in the play, he likes big breasted and big assed girls(prioritized breasts) but that doesn't make him succumb to his lust, he is too trained to be succumb to such "trivial things(as he say)". Turn offs: Brothel girls, "traps", non-straight, he hates them, due to his own sense of justice Penis Length: 27 cm when turned off, 32 cm when turned on Penis Width: 5 cm when turned off, almost 9 cm when turned on Sensitivity: Highly not sensitive! Too bad, especially brothel girls can't make him turned on. Only his wife(that get by love) that will make him turned on. Additional Sexual Information: Has a huge amount of sexual stamina and he can't be "aroused" that easily, also he needs a long while before he "lets out a liquid(you know what I mean)" Background History: -(None) Awards/Commendations: Successful being a knight maybe(?) Criminal Record: None, "Being a knight must clean themselves from being a criminal and not dwell in corruption." he says. Medical Record: Perfectly Healthy Bio: Just a normal country civilian that trained as a knight, he has a normal family consist of his parents and a normal little brother. He doesn't meet them often and give 40% of his monthly rewards to his family via a courier. He doesn't have any special story to tell with from the beginning since he is just a normal civilian that got a knight status from his hard work. He never likes any brothels since it's the place of heathens he say. He just happen to adventuring in his own conquest of free roaming and self-discovery by doing what he wants. He got his set of armor and weapons by the gift of his respected general that respects him as a knight with a chivalry. The general thinks that someone like him is rare and near-to-extinction, this weapons is a purely a gift and he make sure to make the best use of them. Most of the noble kids are "spoiled brats" that too much dependent to their magic swordmanship skills and loses to him by no magic at all. As a country kid that came from a farmer and breeder family, he never blessed with any mana and he managed to enter the knighthood by his own pure hardwork, which some teachers took interest in. He lacks of table manner, politeness, and curry favoring skills but he has more chivalry than anyone else with no magic people said. Some kids tend to bully him because of his status and no magic, but all is useless to him and he didn't break any sweat to repel them. -Assumed appearance when he is not wearing armor (An ERP counterpart of one of my OCs but with Goblin Slayer's mind)
  15. Mr.X

    My character Album

    Well, I will use more than 1 chara if a slime is "useable" here. But, I will stick to one first.... OP? No, he is just an ordinary human with peak human things only. Compare to humans, he maybe stood in all of them, compare to the monster out there, he is a medium size threat or less(to their leader, he is just like an ant)
  16. Location: Village of Ryn’tur. “Only as good as you deserve, my love.” Rowan said with an easy grin down at her as he hugged her a little tighter against his side. Baellator, once again showing that he was far more intelligent than what he appeared, seemed to snort softly and roll his eyes as if in exhasberation at Rowan’s rather cloyingly sweet attitude. Rowan chuckled, as to him he could practically sense Baellator’s amused annoyance. With his free hand he reached up to gently pet the soft nose of the Aelda. He then came to a stop when they came across an Inn. The building looked in very good condition, and looked relatively clean compared to the market. The heavy, polished oak door was open and they could hear some laughter drifting out of it. On the side of the building stood a stable, where a stable master was busy sweeping up some hay from the flagstones. Rowan moved again, leading them over to this man who looked up as they approached. The man cast an appreciative glance over the hulk of Baellator before commenting, “That’s a fine beast ye have there, if you don’t me sayin’ good sir.” “Thank you. I would appreciate it if you could take care of him while we’re inside. He’s pretty smart; he’ll follow you to a stall.” Rowan said, glancing down the row of stalls where they could see a horse head peering out of one of the stalls and looking at them with interest. He looked back at the stable master and added, “And if you’re able to find any saddles large enough, I would be grateful.” The stable master looked at Baellator again, before he looked a little unsure, “I can try, good sir. But I’ve never seen a ‘orse that big afore. Not sure if I can find anythin’. But I’ll try.” He said. “Thank you.” Rowan said with a smile before he reached into his coin purse before passing over a few coins that caused the mans face to light up, “Thank ya, kind sir.” The stable master said happily, his fist clenching around the coins. Rowan then smacked Baellator on the shoulder, “Go with the stable master now.” He said. Baellator snorted, nudging Rowan a little in return before he nuzzled Natia. He then turned and followed the stable master towards the stalls. “Right, while he’s being cared for, we can get something to eat.” Rowan said to Natia. A little reluctantly, he turned away from Baellator and headed into the Inn itself. As they stepped in, it was immediately noticeable that it was warmer inside than it was outside, but not unpleasantly so. It also wasn’t that busy, as most people around this time of the day were out at work. It was unlikely to get busy until the end of the work day, where people came to relax and spend time with their friends. Still holding onto Natia, he took her to one corner of the common room that was the least busy. It also allowed them a good view of the entire room, and he figured that Natia would be far more comfortable with her back to the wall, where no one could be hovering behind her. He sat down on the bench with his back against the wall, patting the bench beside him with a smile, “Come and sit down, love.” He encouraged. He glanced around, spying that the bartender was busy with a few patrons thus it was likely to be a few minutes before they were served.
  17. “Thank you.” Daedrin thanked his friend with a slight nod as Izanagi put down the pot and oats. He quickly set up porridge, using water as the liquid base as they had no milk as it would have easily spoilt by now. Once he had put enough in the pot, he stirred it to ensure that it was properly mixed together before he allowed it to begin heating next to the roaring fire. As he sat back, he turned his attention to Izanagi as he spoke. He had rather expected that response. His long fingers drummed against his thigh for a moment as he considered how to answer the man. Finally, he said, “I had a visitor last night that claimed that they were The Watcher. Said that their job was to watch and document the lives of all mortal beings. They claimed that you had the potential to bring an end to the war between demons and angels. Apparently both sides are shit scared of you because of this. Although one would have thought that if the angels were as benevolent as they claim, they would welcome a chance to bring an end to such a conflict.” He shook his head when he realised he was rambling a little. He couldn’t help it; that detail bothered him. It was like the Celestial’s all over again with the sweet, innocent and kind visage of an angel that harboured a core of hatred and corruption. Getting himself back on track, he said, “This Watcher claimed that you will one day seek a confrontation with the Sin Lord himself. But there is a danger to you in that, as you run the risk of losing yourself in the process and become the Crimson Raider. One of the apparent horses of the apocalypse. She claims that she had vowed to not interfere with the affairs of the mortal world but decided to make an exception this time because you respect me.” Daedrin was observing Izanagi with a sharp gaze before he said, “You may have noticed that I said words like ‘apparently’ and ‘claimed’ a lot. That’s because all I have to go on in the claims of this person. They were clearly not a human, but I’ve never heard of this Watcher person before and believe me, I have been around for a very long time and heard many, many things. So needless to say; I’m skeptical of what she’s saying.” He then paused to see what Izanagi would say to that information. He broke another piece of stick and threw one half in the fire as he twirled the other half in his hand.
  18. Raeghan felt very pleased when Luna reacted to his tenderness by wrapping her arms around him, pulling him close while her legs wrapped around his waist. It prevented him from being able to pull back away from her if he attempted to. Not that he wanted to, not with how incredible Luna’s tiny body felt wrapped around his cock. As their bodies pressed together, he could almost feel her heartbeat through her chest. He discovered that he quite liked the fact that she was flat chested, as it allowed him to be closer to her. He could feel a thin layer of sweat on their bodies, as the room grew heated from their passionate embrace. But that seemed like a secondary concern; he wasn’t so hot that he was uncomfortable. The heat came from the effort of rolling his hips to meet Luna’s as he thrust his cock deep into the heated core of her body. He felt as if he could keep doing this forever. He was drowning in the pleasure of it, and his body just didn’t want to stop. It had been so long since he had, had the simple pleasure of enjoying the body of a woman. He was glad that Luna had been so receptive to spending this time with him. Right now, he couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else. He didn’t want to be with anyone else. He deepened the kiss. In contrast with his hard thrusts, the kiss was slow and tender. He loved the feeling of her soft lips against his own, and the sweet taste of carrot on his tongue as it wrapped around her own. His hips increased their pace slightly, as a soft groan escaped him. As the head of his cock was driving into her cervix, it was pinching around the head slightly. It wasn’t painful. If anything, it was the complete opposite. It almost felt as if her cervix was trying to wrap around him, to draw him deeper. He was all too willing to try, to slide his cock as deep into Luna’s body as physically possible. While in the back of his mind, he knew the risks involved in unprotected sex like this, he didn’t care. The feeling of her hot, tight pussy wrapped around him banished any cares from his mind. All he wanted was to continue holding Luna in his arms as he ploughed her senseless into her bed, not caring for the groans of protest from the bed as they vigorously made love to each other.
  19. "Sure thing" Izanagi quickly replied to Deadrin's request in his usual calm tone before doing as he was asked and getting the pot and the other necessary things. Deadrin was right. Having a nice breakfast before a long journey really sounded like a great idea and would surely make the rest of their day a bit better. He placed the pot on it's rightful place over the campfire and placed oats beside Deadrin so he could cook. After all, Izanagi wasn't nearly as good as his friend when it comes to cooking. He knew the basics and was honestly quite good a cooking meat, but other than that he didn't have much going for it on that regard. After everything was said and done, the demon took a seat near his friend around the campfire. Izanagi was a bit surprised by his friend's question. He knew who The Watcher was, but only because he had read about her before. As for meeting or even talking to her? Nope. Never. He didn't know if Odium could said the same, though. "Well, I remember reading about her before. I know who she is and what she does, according to the books at least, but I never met her or talked to her. As for Odium..." *Same as you. I know who she is and what she does, but I've never seen or talked to her* the demon replied as on cue "...he said the same thing. Why do you ask? Did something happen?" Izanagi was originally planning on talk to Odium about that dream he had, but it would seem that it had to wait until they they were throught with this 'Watcher business'.
  20. Sex is amazing! It doesn't hurt at all anymore! I think I could get addicted to this. Slick wet noises filled the air, joining the slapping of flesh and the creaking of her small bed. A bashful smile appeared upon the bunny's face, followed by a brief giggle. They were both getting into the groove of things and she doubted it was going to be ending any time soon. In fact she wondered if they'd get any sleep at all! Then again the one thing that could stop them early would be if the potion wore out. It was certainly possible! And it'd be a little awkward if he turned back into a bird mid-fucking. Also pretty silly. But then she really wouldn't mind either. It was a possibility to keep in mind. Besides, she had a couple more batches of it brewed! The pace picked up. No longer were either of them content with the slow, gentle movements from earlier. Each quick, powerful thrust sent the head of Raeghan's cock slamming right into her tiny cervix. Sharp breaths and gasps were followed each time by the joining of their loins. Whenever she pulled her hips back in their set rhythm it ended up threatening the Human with pulling out completely! But thankfully her tight pussy always seemed to secure some sort of hold upon him and, at the moment, they were both pretty well in sync. Despite the rapid rolling of hips together the two managed to share a romantic moment. Eyes locked together, instantly drawing heat to the bunny's cheeks. When their lips touched she shivered with joy and pressed her own up against his. Arms held the Human close to her small body. Legs locked around Raeghan's. Was this what love felt like? She didn't know! But she was going to enjoy this just as much as he seemed to be enjoying it.
  21. "Hehe, I know I know," Natia urged after seeing Baellator's reaction to being called a horse. "And you're a beautiful Aelda at that~" She continued, continuing Rowan's correction with some added flattery. She nodded in agreement to Rowan as he proposed they walk the rest of the way. She had no objections. As much fun as it was riding on the Aelda's back, she felt a little silly and childlike doing so in such a large crowd. And she didn't really appreciate all the eyes on her from being up so high. Plus, getting on and off of Baellator was a bit of a hassle, given her... limitations. With Rowan's arm around her, she snuggled up into his side as they turned down another street. It was a relief to see the crowd parting to avoid Baellator, and she couldn't help but giggle at the sight of Rowan's hair being blown by the Aelda's snort. She reached up to gently pat his hair back into place, though as they continued to walk. Natia had her doubts about the food being particularly good, having been spoiled on the pure fresh fruits of her home, but it didn't change the fact that she had been growing quite hungry since they'd arrived at the town. Now that she thought on it, there were lots of different scents floating around the marketplace, presumably from a variety of food being sold... They were all strange, not unlike the bread she'd shared with Rowan before. Still, if Rowan insisted the food at this inn is good, then it certainly must beat the porridge they'd been eating up until now. Besides, she'd come to terms with the fact that she had no room to complain with Rowan taking care of her. "I would love that! You are too good to me..." She trailed off as she looked up at the handsome man protecting her. How did she ever get so lucky...?
  22. Location: Village of Ryn’tur. Baellator let out an indignant sounding snort when she called him a horse, causing Rowan to chuckle softly, “Well, he’s an Aelda. Not a horse, my love. I’ll explain the differences a little later. I don’t think Baellator minds us riding him; for him it would be like us carrying a stuffed doll.” He gave Baellator a rough thump on his shoulder, causing the animal to lift his head and snort. He stomped his large feet for a moment, looking quite smug. It was clear that he was very proud of his physical strength but then he made a horse look quite small and puny in comparison. Rowan then went on to say, “That said… I think I would prefer to stretch my legs a little. We’ve been riding all day, and a nice little walk will help ease stiffened muscles.” Keeping his arm around Natia, he turned them down the street and began to walk. Baellator fell in step behind them, his nose lightly touching Rowan’s shoulder. The square was still quite busy, but people easily moved around them due to the huge beast that was trailing the two. Rowan glanced around before commenting, “Well, that’s certainly one advantage to a big guy like you, Baellator.” The Aelda snorted, sounding almost amused as the air from his snort ruffled Rowan’s hair. Thankfully, the street that they wanted was not far away, for which he was glad for. He knew how uncomfortable Natia was with crowds, and he didn’t particularly want to push his way through them. As they stepped onto the much emptier street, Rowan said, “The Inn I’m taking you to is quite a nice one. If you’re hungry, we can get something to eat. The food is pretty good. Hopefully the stable master there will also have a saddle that will fit Baellator.” He frowned a little, a little doubtful on that fact as horses never came in his size. When he got home, he was going to have to have a special saddle made for him. If the sabblemaster didn't have a saddle large enough, he was going to have to stick with riding bareback.
  23. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, Heterosexual sex. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. Participants: Raeghan and Luna Description: During their quest to find a dragon for an ingredient for Luna, she created a potion to turn Raeghan temporarily into a human. One of his desires for when he was human, was to have sex and Luna had offered to help him with just that. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Raeghan smiled at her nervous question, his thumb stroking against her cheek again, “Well, you relax. I have more experience than you, even if I haven’t done it in a long time. So it would best if, for this kind of dance, you let me take the lead.” He said. Before she would be able to respond, he pulled her face closer before kissing her once again. This time, he deepened it by pushing his tongue past her lips and into her mouth to explore the sweet cavern. Now that she was closer, his other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her towards him, pulling her up onto his lap. It allowed him to lean back a little, and be more leisurely in the kiss. It was quite passionate and heated, but he did it slowly to allow her to get used to the sensation of a deep kiss. He then pulled away from the kiss, tilting his head a little at her. Now that she was sitting on his lap, her head was almost level with his. A fact that quite pleased him as it made it easier for him to kiss her. Going along the theme of being her teacher, he told her, “Sex isn’t just about the pleasure of the one person involved. It’s about the pleasure of all. I know you want me to feel good, but I want you to feel good as well.” As he spoke, one of his hands moved up her thigh, his fingers ghosting on her pale skin before they dipped slightly under her garment but not fully, as he wanted to tease her a little. He once again kissed her lips with a full kiss that only lasted a few moments before he pulled away and pressed his lips against her throat, planting tender kisses along the unblemished flesh. A lot of women he knew liked this, as it sent tingles of pleasure through them. And he quite liked watching their reactions. Some would sigh and tilt their head for more, while others wriggled and moan. He was very curious to know what Luna’s reaction was, if there was one. He hoped that, even as she fulfilled his desire for this kind of contact, that she would get something out of this as well.
  24. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme violence and gore. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread. Participants: Daedrin and Izanagi Description: After Izanagi found a mysterious sword in the forest, he approached Deadrin to have it repaired however lacked the funds required to repair the sword. So the two came to an agreement that if Izanagi went into the Rosayia Forest and got his hands on Kraerhil, a rare exotic metal used in sword making, Daedrin would pay him for however much he retrieved. After some discussion, Daedrin agreed to accompany him on this quest as well to be a guide through the forest as well as to get their hands on more. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Once Izanagi joined him, Daedrin gave him a nod to show his approval before he turned back towards the forest. It seemed a little too quiet for his tastes, and he already had a gut feeling that they were going to encounter something very soon. But then he had inherited his Fathers tendency to get into trouble. He snorted a little in amusement at that though, the sound soft enough not to be overheard by Izanagi. Daegrin stirred a little restlessly, and Daedrin stroked his neck gently, “Daegrin senses that there’s something nearby. Let’s move, and keep an eye out.” Daedrin said in warning as he kicked Daegrin’s flanks lightly causing the Aelda to move forwards slightly, heading along the river. Daedrin pulled out his sword, not wanting to be caught completely off guard. He could cut their travel time down by cutting through the forest, but it was rather dangerous due to the fact that the more dangerous monsters lived deeper inside the forest. He didn’t fear being lost, as his sense of direction was as good as any Eldyrannth, allowing him to navigate the forest with ease without being caught in never-ending circles. Daedrin cast an eye up at the sun, seeing that it was the mid-afternoon so they had at least a few hours of travelling time left in the day before they even considered settling down for the night. His eyes returned to the forest, watching it carefully as he strained his ears for anything. In the end, he wasn’t able to see or hear anything. But he could smell something with his sharp nose. He opened his mouth slightly, inhaling sharply before snapping his mouth shut as he resisted the urge to evacuate the contents of his stomach. The stench of rotting flesh pervaded the air, getting stronger by the moment. Daegrin stirred again, snorting in a challenging manner. Daedrin looked over at Izanagi, “We have company. There are ghouls nearby…” He said, before casting his mind out around them, careful to avoid going close to Izanagi’s just in case the man could sense the touch of telepathy. He could sense at least five of the bastards that were homing in on their direction. He pulled his mind back, shifting the grip on his sword to be more comfortable. There was a sudden growl from the bushes as something leapt out towards Daedrin. The figure was completely naked, and was so emaciated that it would have been mistaken for a reanimated skeleton if it wasn’t for the rotting pieces of flesh that clung to its body. Its hands, although human-like, looked like claws with filthy black fingernails. Its cheeks were gaunt, as its eye sockets were sunken into its face as the eyes gave them a gormless look that was filled with an insatiable hunger. Its jaw was hanging low, only attached by a few thin threads of flesh, as its tongue dangled from its mouth. As it flew through the air, Daegrin jumped to the side as Daedrin swung his blade in an arch. The silver blade easily sunk through the flesh of its neck, chopping its head off. The body tumbled to the ground as the head sailed further through the air before rolling into some bushes. The remaining four ghouls appeared, snarling at the two of them. Daedrin glanced at Izanagi before returning his gaze to the rotting creatures. Two of them completely ignored him and leapt towards Izanagi, leaving Daedrin dealing with the remaining two. One of them leapt forwards, but Daegrin danced out of the way before twisting around and kicking out with his powerful hint-quarters. Daedrin could hear the snapping of bones as the ghoul was kicked back at its companion, knocking them both to the ground. Daegrin turned around just as the two scrambled to their feet and lunged again. Daedrin brought down his sword, the sharp blade slicing down through its skull and into what remained on its brain causing it to become limp and drop to the floor, dead. Unfortunately, his blade seemed content to remain lodged within its skull despite how hard he tugged it. The third creature leapt up towards him, intending on pushing him out of his saddle. Daedrin tugged at his sword more, but it refused to move. He turned his head towards the creature, intending on using telekinesis to deflect it however Daegrin reared up with an angry whinny. He lashed out with his front legs, knocking the ghoul down onto the floor. Before it could even get up, Daegrin brought his polished hooves down and began to stamp the monster into the ground until it lay lifeless beneath him, as if the Aelda took the danger it posed as a personal affront. This gave Daedrin enough time to pull his foot from his stirrup and use the strength of his leg to push the ghoul off of his sword. He then turned in his saddle to see how Izanagi was fairing.
  25. Welcome to the Creaky Tavern (Age of Conan concept art) Welcome to the Creaky Tavern, a place for roleplayers from all over Craethiel Kingdom to come and gather to talk about their characters and any of their plots. If you are new to the Kingdom of Craethiel, then this is a good place to advertise your character. The Creaky Tavern is perfect to explain a plot that you wish to do inside of the roleplay, and want to invite other roleplayers to join. So, come by and talk to your friends over a drink. Just please remember that things discussed within the Creaky Tavern cannot be known by your characters inside of the roleplay. Come and have fun at The Creaky Tavern. Relevant links: Craethiel Kingdom Roleplay Extra Information Character ID
  26. Craethiel Kingdom (Photographer Steve Highfield) The Craethiel Kingdom is a wild, and untamed land where the monsters and animals of the land rule with an iron fist. Where legends stalk the lands like giants, and myths are the way of the world. A land filled with beauty and wonder, that the unwary traveller would find enchanting and irresistible. A land where the Eldyr’s travelled at will without fear. A land that had seen wars that would strike fear into the sturdiest of souls. It is unwise for an adventurer to strike forth alone for there is little protection beyond the walls of the Great City of Selil, or any of the towns and villagers that dot this harsh and unforgiving land. To the North, lies the huge, imposing peaks of the Therarr Mountains that tower high into the air, as if striving to touch the very heavens themselves. A perfect symbol for the land of Craethiel. Beautiful. Enchanting. Untamable and traversable by only a few. To the East sits the Dynx desert. A barren land of blistering heat and little water. The desert is nearly uncrossable at times due to rolling sand storms and below freezing temperatures at night. To attempt the feat is almost as possible as climbing to the very tallest of the Therarr peaks. To the South lays the forest of Rosayia, a deep thick curtain of darkness that seems to go on for an eternity. Hidden within its depths, are mysteries beyond comprehension, and creatures that would make your nightmares seem tame. For citizens, and travellers alike, this land is filled with wonder and danger. For some, it seems that there is nowhere safe. Be wary, dear traveller, of the land that sings its siren song. You might just meet your end... Skill lever: Advanced Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility. No one can RP as the human King who owns the land. If he is needed for anything, then I will roleplay with them providing that it’s a good plot that doesn’t ruin the flow of the RP. If you want a location put onto the map, then you’re going to need to message me with the details. If I don’t think the suggestion is good enough, or that the extra information you provide is lacking, then I might refuse.
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