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Advanced RP! Craethiel Kingdom is set in the year 1200BC in the mythical, dangerous land of Craethiel Kingdom with a medieval, fantasy adventure theme.

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  2. Izanagi made sure to pay close attention to every word coming out of his friend's mouth. He could tell that Deadrin was indeed very serious about what he was saying, not that Izanagi would think otherwise. After all, Deadrin wasn't really the kind of guy who would make jokes all the time, especially when it come to something so serious as this. "Don't worry, I promisse you that I won't tell anyone" Izanagi replied to his friend's warning in a equally calm yet firm voice tone. He wanted Deadrin to be absolutelly sure that he wouldn't have to worry about him spreading rumors about his real identity. That simply wasn't something that he would do to a friend since, as Izanagi himself had said before, he doesn't have many friends, so values the few one he actually has immensely. Plus, he also has his fair share of secrets to keep. After so many years travelling around the world and fighting against all sorts of creatures, Izanagi thought he had already seen a little bit of everything, but not even he was ready for what came next. Deadrin explained that his human for was nothing but a simple disguise to keep undesired looks away from him. He then gave a slight display of what he was talking about by momentarily changing the form of one of his ears and explained that he was actually an Eldyrannth, which was a race that Izanagi had never heard about. As if all of that wasn't enough, his friend finished off by explaining why those damn cultists were so certain that killing him would bring their false god back. Deadrin was the son of whoever maneged to take down Torak. It was a lot to take all at once, so much so in fact that Izanagi actually stopped mining for a few moments and took at a seat on the ground, hoping that it would somehow help him to process all of that "Wow... that... sure is a hell of a secret..." Izanagi replied as he tried to absorb all that info. He stood in silence for a few brief moments, rocolecting his thoughts on the matter. Soon, he got up again and shot Deadrin a firm and reasuring look "Well, I wasn't really expecting all of that..." he began to talk again with slight and playful chuckle at first "... but that doesn't change anything between us. Even if you are a El... Elderan- whatever. Even if you are not human, you are still my friend. And hey, I guess that means we are both outcasts right? I mean, I am also a freak and a impossibility for most people, so... heh I can't judge you" He joked a bit, trying to lighten up the conversation a bit.
  3. Location: North-East of Kalath, En-Route to Enutpen’s Glory Of course being the bunny that she was Luna had incredible hearing. Her ears had been perked up during the process of cleaning, mostly to listen for predators or bandits. With ears raised she did manage to hear some speaking, listening to the conversation as it'd started. But they quickly lowered as she'd figured it'd be rude. Thankfully her mind had also been busy with other things! Still, as she made her way back the worrying started up once more! She knew already what Rayvenne's answer would be to her question, after all that wasn't the point of it. No, it'd simply been her way to work her courage up, to ask her about what might really be bugging her. Unfortunately she hadn't heard the conversation that actually took place, else she might have just let things go. It wasn't really easy either to simply come out and ask! Rayvenne enjoyed her solitude and she clearly didn't enjoy sharing too much about her past. Asking her what was bugging her seemed like it'd touch upon a sensitive issue. But would it be better to ask, or would it be better not to ask?! "I k-know. It just. . ." Luna drew in a deep breath. This wasn't easy at all! "It just seems like you're upset about something a-and I wish I could help" she stated, looking towards the woman's back. "Are you sure everything is okay? I don't wish to step on anyone's toes or anything of that sort. N-not that I'm saying I am! Just, I dunno! I just don't wish to irritate you, o-or, you know, do something that might upset you, or get in the way of anything!" Smooth. There! I asked! Oh gosh I hope everything works out fine!
  4. Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory When Luna had moved off the clean the dishes, Raeghan turned his head to look at Rayvenne where he asked, “Are you alright? You’re being more… withdrawn than usual.” She swivelled her head around to give him an intense look before she shrugged one shoulder and looked away. Used to her mannerisms, he waited patiently, watching her with a slightly raised eyebrow. He knew after a few moments, that she would say something. He was the only person in the world that she had cautiously given the title of ‘friend’ to, as he had earnt her trust and confidence. Sure enough, she finally said in a quiet voice, “You kind of look like… him. Except the eyes, of course...” Raeghan frowned, and it took him a few moments for him to realise who she was referring to. He then winced and said, “Oh. Well… that kind of sucks, because I like this body. It’s pretty good looking.” Rayvenne turned her head back towards him, now looking amused, “Yes… it is pretty good looking. Part of his charm, after all. I’m not angry, or annoyed at you… or Luna. I just wish-” She suddenly broke off when Luna returned, so that the bunny-girl was not privy to their conversation. She turned back to tending the fire as Raeghan smiled up at Luna with one corner of his lips quirking up slightly. At Luna’s question, Rayvenne shook her head in denial, “This is a job you paid me to do, Luna. And I will do it. Just go and enjoy yourselves.” “Don’t worry about her.” Raeghan said to Luna, adding, “She just likes to be by herself, sometimes. You wouldn’t believe the number of times she would kick me out of the camp just so she could spend time alone.” “That’s not entirely because I want some time alone. You’re sometimes that irritating.” Rayvenne shot over her shoulder, causing Raeghan to chuckle and wink at Luna before assuring the bunny-girl, “She’s fine. She can handle being on her own for the night. She’s been doing that for years now.” He said, in the tone of someone sure in their conviction.
  5. Location: North-East of Kalath, En-Route to Enutpen’s Glory So many things were taken for granted! Tasting. Burping. Eating. Many sensations in general. Perhaps even mating. Had he ever mated as a Raven? She'd have to ask him later, figuring that Rayvenne probably didn't want to learn about that. But Luna did! Ever curious was she. And if he had mated as a Raven what would it be like in comparison? I suppose I might find out later! Oh gosh I can't believe I just thought that! The idea briefly flustered the poor bunny, but she tried to ignore it while she collected the dishes. A flick of her finger even levitated the emptied pot so that she wouldn't need to carry it! "I'll be right back" she exclaimed, skipping away to the stream nearby. Upon arrival she settled each dish into the grass save for the pot. That she dipped into the water, both to cool it and to rinse it out. It'd be less energy intensive if the dishes were already mostly cleaned. Each received a dip and their fair share of time within the running water before they were bundled together and, with the snap of a finger, all were made spotless! I love magic! With dishes cleaned she returned to the camp, settling the items back into their proper travel locations. Then she moved on over, sitting next to Raeghan. "Are you sure you don't want help keeping watch? I could take a shift! I feel kinda bad about having you do all the work." Of course she felt a little bad about maybe having sex with Raeghan too when Rayvenne was so obviously uncomfortable with the idea. But then she didn't know whether it'd be better to bring it up or simply drop it. Surely Rayvenne would speak up if she actually had issue with it, right? I hope! I mean for all I know maybe she secretly has feelings for him? That'd be really bad if I slept with him then, right?!
  6. Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory As they ate, they did so in silence until the last drop of strew was eaten from the bowl. Rayvenne looked up when Luna spoke, promising to do the dishes. She accepted this with a nod. She wasn’t going to refuse the offer. She didn’t particularly like cleaning up dishes, so was more than happy to delegate that task to someone else. At the next question, Rayvenne gave a little shrug, “I’ll be doing what I was paid for. Keeping watch. I slept last night, so I can easily go without tonight without any trouble.” “Is there any stew left?” Raeghan asked, causing Rayvenne to look into the pot before holding out her hand to him. With a grin, he passed his bowl back and she scooped up the remains of the stew before handing it back to him. He took it back from her, licking his lips as he said, “It’s interesting… food tastes so different as a human. This stew tastes so much better than it would have if I was still a raven.” He scooped some up onto his spoon, now a little more proficient than he was when he first started eating, before stuffing it into his mouth. “It’s a different mouth. I find it hardly surprising.” Rayvenne said, picking up a piece of cloth and taking the handle of the stew pot before she set it aside so that it could cool down a little so that Luna wouldn’t burn herself on it. She picked up some of the sticks in their firewood pile and broke them into smaller pieces before adding them to the fire. When Raeghan had finished, he held the bowl in one hand as he patted his chest with his free hand, causing him to let out a soft burp, “Oh, that was a curious sensation.” He commented as he put down his bowl, ignoring the way Rayvenne was giving him an unimpressed look, not pleased that he had not really bothered to muffle his burp.
  7. Location: North-East of Kalath, En-Route to Enutpen’s Glory And so plans were made. Potentially romantic, even possibly lewd plans! Tonight she would be learning plenty of things, and this did make her excited. She loved to learn! And she loved to help other people! It accomplished both in this case. But that didn't make her any less nervous either. She'd not even kissed or held hands with anyone! Well, not on purpose. There had been a few close calls in the past involving people who were, for lack of a better term, touchy. But this was entirely different. This was something she was willing and honestly sort of looking forward to doing! I hope Rayvenne won't be too upset. She looks totally upset! Should I talk to her about it first? But she said it was okay! I dunno what to do! Suddenly a bowl of stew was settled before her face! The bunny jumped slightly! Multi-colored orbs widened, snapped out from a gaze into the abyss, pulled up towards Rayvenne's face! "A-ah! Um, thank you!" she responded, reaching out for the food. "It smells very delicious!" Bread was carefully utilized as a spoon, scooping up stew to be blown upon and then slurped down. Whenever a piece got too soaked she simply ate it with the delicious soup. And while it was perhaps a little rude she couldn't help but to giggle when Raeghan ended up messing up the simple act of eating. However she quickly hushed herself up, simply listening in on the two while they exchanged words. I wonder if I could fly? Maybe I could create a spell for it! Oooh, maybe my familiar can help? I'll have to remember that for later! It wasn't too long before she'd finished her dinner, letting loose a content sigh. "It was indeed delicious! Thank you again Rayvenne. I'll handle the dishes." After all it'd be as simple as snapping her fingers! Simple cantrips were the best! It'd be especially easy with the river nearby. "Um. So do you have any plans?" she asked, just a bit hesitant to actually come out and ask whether she was okay with the plans she and Raeghan had made. The least Luna could do was bring him into her wagon, perhaps even into her workshop! Then Rayvenne at least wouldn't need to listen to them. I'd have to move some stuff around though. But that should be simple!
  8. Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory “Fantastic.” Raeghan said with a grin, enjoying how much Luna was blushing and squirming with embarrassment. He found it endearing, and very adorable. It made him wonder if she was this cute in bed. He then had to tear himself away from those thoughts just in case he gave himself an erection. The blanket that was pooled around his waist only gave him so much protection against such things. There was plenty of time for that, especially as it had only just started getting dark. Rayvenne poured out some of the rabbit stew into a couple of bowls before she stood and carried it over to the two, handing one bowl to Luna, and the other to Raeghan. She also handed them a chunk of bread each so that they could scrape the sauce from the bowl, or dip it into the stew if they wanted. She returned to the fire and sat down, dishing herself out a bowl full before she quietly began to eat. Raeghan watched her for a few moments before he imitated her motions in scooping some of the stew onto his spoon and sipping on it. He felt so awkward doing it that he laughed after he had swallowed his mouthful. When Rayvenne looked up, to look over at him with a raised eyebrow, he said, “I’ve been a bird for so long I’ve forgotten how to do something as simple as eating with a spoon. The things you take for granted…” He shook his head with a chuckle of amusement as Rayvenne said, “There are some things you take for granted, such as flying. Most people can’t do that.” “That is very true. When I’m a raven, it’s not something I need to consciously think about. Much like you and your eating.” Raeghan said with a grin. He scooped up some more of the stew, careful not to spill any as he said, “Although… it’s a lot easier for me to learn how to use a spoon than it is for you to learn how to fly.” He then ate his spoonful as Rayvenne made a displeased sound, deep in her throat but shook her head and did not argue the point.
  9. Location: North-East of Kalath, En-Route to Enutpen’s Glory The little bunny's eyes lit up, sparkling with excitement! "I can?! Thank you! I mean it's obviously very important to make certain that your body is working properly, but usually I don't get a chance to take detailed notes about the results of my new potions! Usually people buy them and then I just hardly ever get to know anything!" Of course Raeghan had meant to give the comment a sexual edge, but Luna was, for the moment, still in professional work mode. Also nobody ever said she was the most aware about that sort of stuff. She was honestly just happy to be of help. One ear perked up at Rayvenne's comment. She looked over towards the woman and then back towards the former bird. The words were mulled over within her mind for a few moments and it was only at that point did she get what he was really saying! Suffice it to say her cheeks warmed up. She also returned her hands to her lap, fingers fiddling together. It's not like he's asked for company or anything! I mean like, in that way. Not directly. With a smile she scooted towards the fire, checking on the food. Of course Rayvenne had just checked it and when Luna remembered this she returned to her spot next to the half naked man. A worried glance was shot towards the woman's back. She really didn't seem to be taking this well despite her comments earlier. As a result she planned not to bring up the subject. And then she heard Raeghan's next comment. That's direct! Instantly her face went red, ears flopping back behind her head. Her gaze shot down towards her lap, fingers fiddling together just a little more excitedly. The flustered rabbit's pale legs even unconsciously pressed together. Was he asking her to bed with him?! He totally was! Heck, he even said she was beautiful! That meant she would at the very least suffice for such activities. And she had said before that she'd help out with things, including that! Luna wasn't one to go back on her words! Okay! Okay! Just calm down! He said bed! Maybe it'll just be cuddling? And even if it's not it can't be that bad, right? It'll be fine! You've already prepared for this! And thought about it! Omigosh he's actually asking! Aaaaaaaaaah! "U-uh. Um! S-sure!" she squeaked out, passing a glance first towards Rayvenne's back before finally settling it up towards Raeghan's face! Tonight certainly was going to be some new experiences!
  10. Location: Village of Ryn’tur. Rowan chuckled a little at the question before he said, “It’s a hot drink, made by pouring boiling water on tea leaves. It is left to steep for a little, before it is poured into a cup, while filtering out the actual leaves. There are some other kinds of teas, made from other plants like herbs, or flowers. Some can be pretty nice, although there are some that are used for medicine. I have a friend that had an entire herb garden that I think you would love. She often makes teas from them that are absolutely delicious.” He knew that Natia would absolutely adore Erikavana’s herb garden that she grew at the palace. It had many herbs, and flowers that she tended with as much loving care as he imagined Glenda did. He then looked up at Glenda and asked, “What kind of tea is this one?” “Camomille. I grow some of the flowers in my garden. It’s pretty relaxing, and soothes many ills.” Glenda said with a smile. Rowan made a low noise in the back of his throat, although whether it was approving or disapproving, was not clear. He turned to look back at Natia, “So that particular one is made steeping flowers.” “It will make you feel better, dear. When you’ve drunk it, we’ll go back to trying on clothes again. Then you’ll be back to yourself again.” Glenda promised with a smile as she stroked the top of Natia’s soft hair. Rowan raised an eyebrow slightly at this. If he wasn’t careful, she might insist on adopting Natia into her family. It was clear that the woman quite liked the small girl, and he honestly couldn’t blame her. He did wonder what this other girl looked like though, and how similar they were to one another. Natia was the only Aequu he had ever met, and he wanted to see more of her people to see how they generally were. Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory Raeghan felt small hands rubbing along one muscular arm, and he turned his head to watch as she gently massaged it. It felt good to have her fingers kneading the muscle. He watched the little fingers for a few moments before he looked up at her when she spoke again. He grinned down at her, “I think everything is where it should be. You can have a proper inspection later if you’re up for it.” With the wink, it was hard to take the suggestion as anything bug sexual. Rayvenne rolled her eyes before she shook her head, muttering under her breath, “Worse than teenagers, I swear.” She stood up and went to the saddlebags where she retrieved three bowls and some utensils in which to eat with. She brought them back to the fire, sitting down and resolutely turning her back towards them so that she didn’t have to watch. Raeghan glanced at her before looking back at Luna and saying, “Ah, she’s just envious that she doesn’t look as great as I do. Even so, if you’re interested in being my lady for the night, I’m not going to complain. I wouldn’t be interested in anything less than beautiful and you fit the bill.” He then grinned charmingly at her.
  11. Natia didn't react much to Glenda's words. She found the woman's embrace comforting, though. And though she didn't know what this 'tea' was, it sounded like some sort of medicine that quite possibly could help her feel better. Before she knew it, however, she had somehow found her way back into Rowan's tender embrace, reminding her of where she felt right at home. Of course, the broken look in her eyes remained, but she nodded slightly in agreement as Rowan asked for her to bring some tea. Something about Rowan's voice when he tried to soothe her, however, made her a bit uneasy. It felt like he was holding something back. She didn't like the idea that she may have upset him with her problem. She trusted Rowan's judgment, though, so she decided not to press him any further. He was likely holding it back for a reason. She just remained silently in his arms. It wasn't long before Glenda returned with a hot cup of tea in her hands. Natia looked at the steaming cup with surprise. She'd only ever seen hot water when Rowan used it to cook. The idea of drinking something hot was bizarre to her. Regardless, she soon found herself accepting the tea silently with a soft smile forced onto her face. She nodded as if to say 'thank you,' before lifting the cup with her fingertips and sniffing the odd drink. She could smell a faintly familiar scent, but she couldn't quite put her finger on why. "Um..." She started, a little embarrassed to ask, as this 'tea' thing seemed to be quite a standard feature of everyone's lives in this society. "It may sound strange, but... what exactly... is tea?" She looked up at Rowan with a quick glance to Glenda.
  12. Location: North-East of Kalath, En-Route to Enutpen’s Glory The little jab only heated up the bunny's already red face even more! But a nervous giggle also escaped from her. "U-um, well, I don't really see much. Uh. I mean. That. Y-yeah." At least she was honest! She hadn't said that she didn't like it, after all. That was good enough! Although Rayvenne's comment also drew another giggle from the flustered girl. He thinks I'm pretty! "Oh! Yes! Um. I have plenty enough for that! Just that one bottle would last you an entire day, should you desire." Of course the connotations of him spending the night as a Human usually would fly over her head, but then she'd already expected him to potentially make such a proposal! Thankfully he was covered now. Her ears gradually straightened up above her, although her fingers continued to fiddle nervously with the fabric they held. Her eyes darted back and forth between Rayvenne and Raeghan. They were kind of like an old married couple! It was pretty cute. "Is everything feeling okay?" she asked, scooting closer to the man's side. Curiosity drove her over, hands reaching out to feel along the closest arm. Soft fingers worked over the skin, squeezing in a gentle massage. Mostly she was inspecting her handiwork, making certain that it turned out properly! But she also wanted to help him relax into his body. Also doing these sorts of things with someone was new as well! But, again, mainly it was a professional curiosity. Besides, she'd get to more properly look him over later when she measured him for clothes! And of course if he ended spending up the night with her, well, there was that too. "It seems like everything is where it should be! I think!"
  13. Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory Raeghan looked over at Luna to see that she had hidden her eyes with her bunny ears and he couldn’t help but to smirk, especially as she was peaking every now and again. He chuckled a little as he took the sheet and pooled it around his waist so that it hid his goods from show. To his relief, at least things looked quite respectable down there. At least he won’t embarrass himself when it came to getting laid for the first time in a few hundred years. The smirk hadn’t left his face as he asked Luna, “Like what you see, huh?” He then winked at her. “Already?” Rayvenne asked in exasperation, looking up from where she had been stirring the pot with a frown. Raeghan shrugged and said, “Hey, I’m a handsome guy, she’s a pretty young lady. Why wouldn’t I? Besides, it’s not like my chances of getting laid with you are particularly high. We’re friends, and we’re pretty happy with how things stand between us.” “You’ve got that right.” Rayvenne said, turning away to tend to the meal. Raeghan watched her for for a few moments with an unreadable expression, before he turned to Luna with a dazzling smile, “So, more of this potion? So I can spend the night like this?” He asked, his smile widening. He flexed his fingers out before closing them into a fist. It felt so good to have human hands once again. While he loved being a raven, and the freedom the flight gave him, he still missed being able to use his arms to hold and manipulate items. It then made him wonder if he was going to have to re-learn how to actually eat as he was so used to eating as a raven. His old body had been quite crippled close to death with him unable to use his hands, and his wife had been caring for him.
  14. Location: North-East of Kalath, En-Route to Enutpen’s Glory "Oooh. Okay! And don't worry, the traps will give them a pleasant sleep until morning. We don't have to worry too much about picking them up right away! But I suppose baby steps are good too." To be honest she was really excited to see whether or not the potion would even work! Of course it should. She had her information correct. Probably. But this wasn't one she'd ever made before. She did reach over, brushing a hand along the raven's head when he scooted in to rub on her leg. A smile also spread across her face. It was good to know that she'd made the potion sweet enough! "Awww. Thank you! Also I did bring some sake out if either of you would care to enjoy it. I didn't know if you'd like to celebrate or not. And, uh, I was bringing out the saucers anyways." The bunny's sparkly gaze never once left the raven when the transformation was set into motion! She wasn't about to miss even a single detail. In fact she was making mental notes, already adjusting within her mind aspects about the potion. Less dilution should create a faster transformation. It would mean a smaller potion though unless she added a few more of the ingredients. But then the taste would also suffer. Beyond all that however it seemed as though it worked out fine! Really fine. Ears perked straight up. Red filled the poor girl's cheeks. Raeghan was Human again! And he was naked! Also he didn't look bad. Not at all. Fingers fiddled nervously with the hem of her dress while multicolored orbs traced up and down the man's body. Of course she did stop a few times down below for obvious reasons. Then she remembered the sheets! They were snatched up and held right in front of her face. Her ears even drooped down, covering her eyes, although one occasionally peaked just a slight bit to one side. "U-um! I-in case you'd like to cover up! Not that I mind! I definitely don't! I m-mean! Um!" She'd fumbled over her words enough, suddenly going silent at that point.
  15. Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen’s Glory Raeghan tilted his head to the other side, his wings rustling as he listened carefully as she explained how long the potion doses would last him. He let out a caw of amusement before he said, “I am not a fussy man when it comes to clothing. Anything that fits would be suitable.” “Our next stop off will be Kalath again, after returning from Enutpen’s Glory which will be a while.” Rayvenne then said as she pilled the freshly cut meat into the stew to simmer. She then stood up and walked over to the stream where she washed her hands. Raeghan shifted his head towards her for a moment before he looked back at Luna, “Then… I would like to try it for eight hours, tonight. Hopefully by the time it wears off, you’ve caught your owl. Then we can next try it properly when we’re next in Kalath… so I can have a nice strong drink!” He cawed a little, hopping a little closer to Luna to rub his head against Luna’s knee before he stepped closer to the saucer that had a little bit of the potion in it. He tilted his head, looking at it with one blood red eye before he took the plunge and dipped his beak into the liquid and drank it down. It didn’t taste as foul as he was expecting. In fact, it tasted rather pleasant. He pulled his peak away as he commented, “You make better tasting potions than Maed ever did.” “It’s a good thing she’s not around to hear you say that.” Rayvenne said, returning to the campfire and sitting next to the food to keep an eye on it. Raeghan cawed softly before falling silent again as a tingling sensation ran through his body. His eyesight seemed to blur for a moment, as it felt as if various parts of his body were being pulled and compressed until he felt himself shifting form, his wings changing and his legs morphing into something more familiar to the other two. After a few moments, the raven was gone. In his place was a human, of medium height and looked to be in his early thirties. His skin was pale, and he was well muscled especially around the chest. His hair brushed past his shoulders and was a black as dark as his feathers had been whereas his eyes were blood red. He reached up, touching his hands to his chest before feeling his way up his face, “Wow…” He said, in a rather deep voice that caused his hand to drop down to touch his throat, “This is… certainly different. How do I look?” “Not as bad as I was expecting.” Rayvenne said, taking a moment to take a cursory look. Honestly, she had been expecting him to turn into an old looking man, rather than a middle-aged man that would no doubt get a fair few glances from the women in local towns. She then turned her head to avoid looking at his nakedness, and turned her attention back to tending the food.
  16. Location: North of Kalath How long would it last? While a glance was spared towards dinner's preparations she pondered upon the question, one hand moving up to rub at her chin. "Well a single sip will last a few minutes. Enough time for you to drink more as a Human. A quarter of the bottle should give you maybe eight hours? Yeah. Around that much. So just go based off that! And I have four more bottles in the wagon tucked away." She nodded a couple of times. They should last that long! "A-and I brought the sheets so you can cover up. Um. I mean. Unless you like being naked. I don't mind! I always sleep naked when I can. But I guess that is kind of different, huh?" she asked, head tilting just a bit. Rayvenne had allowed it so clearly it was okay! Maybe? "But tonight I can take your measurements and we can pick you up some clothes at the next stop! Do you like anything specific? Perhaps a favorite color?" It was difficult to know what to pick out for him. After all she'd never seen him in his Human form before! And besides, it was better to wear what one was comfortable in. After all one only needed to look at her and her crazy little outfit! It certainly was not normal. Even so she was very eager to see what he looked like, and so she allowed her gaze to return to the raven.
  17. Location: Village of Ryn’tur. When Natia broke down crying again, Glenda held her, letting out a soothing croon-like sound, “It’s alright, sweetheart. It’s alright.” She said, stroking the girls soft hair. Rowan watched, a frown once more twisting at his lips. He didn’t like seeing her crying, and it made him want to destroy the source of her grief. But that wasn’t something that was going to be feasible. At least not immediately. He was more than tempted to bring the man down, to destroy his empire. The only problem was, that someone would come along and take his place. For all he knew, the next person might be someone even worse. If he were to do something like that, he would need to do it in such a way that the person that replaced him would be someone in his own pocket. Someone he could watch and control. Thus, if any slaves such as the Aequu came into their possession, they would pass them along immediately to Rowan to deal with. Rowan only dealt in those willing to be slaves, so he would attempt to ensure their safety if he was unable to find a way home for them. Glenda’s voice broke through his thoughts as she said, “I know what you need, dear. A nice strong cup of tea. That fixes many ills.” Rowan raised an eyebrow at her claim before shaking his head with a soft snort of amusement. He reached out, deftly removing Natia from Glenda’s arms and pulling her against himself, “Then please get some.” He told her as the matronly woman stood and left the small room, closing the door behind them. He knew the tea itself would not make Natia magically happy, but the act of drinking it would hopefully be enough to distract her. Rowan sighed, stroking his fingers through her soft hair as he murmured softly, “It’s alright, Natia.” He didn’t want to tell her his temptations, just in case she either took it as a promise or told him off for wanting to do that to another person. Since he could ruin the man, and make him no richer than a beggar on the streets. Glenda came back with a smile and a cup of steaming tea on a saucer here, “Here you do, sweetheart. Get that down you, and you’ll start feeling much better.” She said. Location: North-east of Kalath, en-route to Enutpen's Glory Once Rayvenne returned with dry wood, she set about making a campfire for them, snapping the longer sticks down until she could easily pile them on the small flames until she had build a decent fire. She then stood up and moved over to Maedoc, glancing over at Luna who was building her traps. She turned back to her horse, waving Raeghan off of the saddle before she removed it and lead Maedoc over to the stream so that he could drink his fill. Once that was done, she gave him a quick brush down and left him where he could contentedly munch down on some of the grass around their camp. She picked up her bow and arrow and left the campsite. She knew that Raeghan would alert her if danger came along, threatening Luna. So she felt safe about leaving her. Her steps were silent through the forest, like that of a stalking predator. Thus it wasn’t long before she returned with several rabbits. She set up the cooking pot for a stew and began to skin and gut the animals just as Luna bounced over to the fire and sat down. She spared her a glance before looking down at her work. Her knife then froze as Luna spoke, before she looked up with a slightly unimpressed look, “That’s something we forgot to get. Some clothes for Raeghan. I doubt many people would appreciate a naked man running around.” She said as Raeghan skipped over, cawing in amusement. “Nonsense, Rayvenne. They’ll love it!” He claimed, causing her to shake her head before bending down to her work again. The blood eyed raven then looked over at Luna before his head tilted towards the potion, “How long will this last me? Because I’m not sure if I will be able to help you with your spell when I’m human, so I would like to enjoy being human for a little bit before returning to this form so that I can help.”
  18. Natia just stared into Rowan's eyes for a good several seconds in total, blissful silence. She loved every moment. Maybe they were wasting valuable time, but it was nice to even have the time to waste in the first place and, in Natia's eyes, any moment spent with Rowan was a moment well spent indeed. She couldn't hide the stupid smile on her face as Rowan stroked her cheek with that gentle caress of his thumb she'd grown all to familiar with. It made her heart flutter with joy. When Glenda returned to the room, Natia truly felt at ease. Her motherly aura just shrouded her with love the moment she walked in. Her mention of money, though, bothered Natia tremendously. It all came back to her own misgivings about society. Many people felt very strongly about their only perception of reality, but as expected, it seemed that money really was the root of all evil in society, or at least most evil. It bothered her that something so meaningless could drive a sweet woman like Glenda to have to put up with such a horrible monstrosity. Natia just shook her head and smiled up at the friendly woman. "It's okay, I'm more sorry about the way he was treating you... like some sort of slave... but you're so much more than that!" Despite her attempts to deflect her own attention, of course, she couldn't quite shake the intense feeling of dread knowing her dear friend was likely in danger. And it seemed even Glenda had a hard time shrugging it off as she simply went right back to pitying her. Seeing Glenda respond like that was just a bit too much for Natia. The look in Glenda's eyes just reminded her of just how pitiful she must have seemed. She had to look away, if she continued to look at Glenda's face and hear her voice... No, it didn't matter what she'd do. She was already past the point of no return. "I'm fine... I-... I-... I just... I..." As she spoke, she sounded like a record player. Glenda's concern had only risen up her own anxiety again. She started to tear up to the point where she couldn't even see her surroundings anymore before finally just throwing herself into Glenda's arms and letting out the loudest, most pathetic sobs like a wounded animal. "I'm... I'm not..." Why? Why was this happening again? She'd just gotten over it and now it was right back again. Was she just doomed to face this endless cycle of anxiety until her concerns were cleared up? Her ugly sobs filled the room as her pretty face was stained once again by her constant flowing tears.
  19. Location: North of Kalath "Oh. Well, alright." Rayvenne wasn't really a magic user, but Luna figured she'd at least see if the woman had any other ideas or, perhaps, something specific she wished to do! As it turned out she had nothing. The next few hours passed relatively quietly. She figured Rayvenne would enjoy that. Luna kept quiet and, whenever possible, pushed Lucky into a faster trot along the road. Maedoc certainly did seem restless, after all! Besides, it was a clear beautiful day and it wasn't too warm. Thankfully the journey remained just as safe and peaceful through to the evening hours. A nice little clearing was spotted, right next to the forests in fact. And as it turned out this would be the last stop for finding owls. She'd probably want to set up even more traps than she'd been originally planning if that were the case. Not that she didn't have the materials or the time, it'd just take most of her sleeping powder supplies and a hefty chunk of time. At least they weren't difficult and, on their own, didn't even take all that long! The stream nearby was also a nice little touch. "Alright! I'll work on setting up the traps!" First things first: setting up Lucky! After unsaddling the horse and feeding him a carrot Luna ventured into her wagon. She gathered up a few flasks of purified water and a couple bags of sleeping powder. Sticks were picked up while she ventured along the forest's edge, seeking out good places to set down her traps. Whenever one was spotted Luna gathered some leaves from nearby, formed them into a fake squeaking moving mouse toy, and settled it upon a runic circle sketched with one of the sticks. A few branches were added, some purified water, and then a tiny pile of sleeping powder atop a small circle settled within the larger runic trap. A quick chant and a surge of magical energy set it up for action! This she repeated, moving a little deeper into the woods. A total of twelve traps were set. She figured Rayvenne would handle dinner tonight. Well, hopefully. It only took her about an hour, at which point she returned to the campsite! Immediately she ventured into the wagon, grabbing some bedsheets and a small sake saucer. She didn't plan on drinking originally, but then she grabbed a bottle, figuring that Raeghan might wish to enjoy some as a Human. A second and third saucer were also snatched up for both her and Rayvenne, just in case either of them wished to join in. Afterwards she returned outside, sitting down near to where the fire would be! One of the potions were retrieved, a little bit of the contents poured out into a saucer. She set it down next to the sheet's she grabbed. "Potion is ready! Uh, I mean, if you'd like to try it! Also some sheets in case you do! Um, to cover yourself. And I brought something to drink with dinner!"
  20. Location: Sheridan Manor, on the outskirts of Lathulla The only warning Lucius had, was a sound so slight that he had ignored it, before he then had arms and legs wrapped around him. His nose was then assaulted by the sweetest of scents that automatically made him relax and a smile to curve his lips. He reached up, his hand grasping her arm as he squeezed it affectionately, “You got me.” He said, his tone affecting a playful defeat. The fact that she was already here sent a wave of relief through him. It also made him think that she had not seen their mother, and thus not been dragged down in pointless arguing like he had with their father. He bent his head and kissed her arm, before unwrapping her from around him. He turned and instead gathered her in his arms as he held her close, enjoying the close presence of his sister. The sweet scent became stronger within his nostrils, causing desire to well up in his chest which he resisted with every ounce of his will. He knew it was the result of the magic that had been weaved on her when she was a baby that had yet to see the light of day. Thus he wasn’t sure if it was his desire, or the magic doing it to him. Shaking that thought from his mind, as he really should not be thinking of his sister in that manner, he pulled away from the embrace and smiled down at Ciara, “I have some good news. Father’s given his blessing.” His smile turned into a cheek smirk, “Father has always been bad at arguments with me. He had no choice but to submit to my superior points.” He then chuckled a little before asking, “Did you manage to speak to Mother?” He raised his right eyebrow as he tilted his head down at her as the corners of his lips twitched in amusement as he had already guessed her answer.
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    Location: Sheridan Manor, on the outskirts of Lathulla Ciara Buckled her her black boot straps tightly against her leg, her boots going half way up her, one of the leather straps connecting with her short spider-silk dress. She clipped on the black leather straps around her chest and left shoulder, placing her throwing knives into each of there holders. She wiggled her small soft fingers as her leather glove slipped over her hand, feeling its tightness and durability. She wore an impish grin on her face as she placed her traveling beg full of equipment from her fathers private guards chambers, one last act of rebellion before leaving the sorry sod behind for good. She set the lock back into place upon leaving the guards room, making it appear that it was never broken into. She had a joyous bounce in her step while walking through the castle towards the stable. She was going to leave, to see the world and all it's wondrous glory! Her hand dropped to her belt, feeling one of the two identical daggers resting in there place at her side. They were each 8 inches long, the material obsidian laced with silver, a Kraken etched in to blade, It's tentacles wrapping around itself forming the handle. I smile fell as she felt it against her finger tips, a painful grimace appearing, her eyes ghostly and haunted. A memory flashed inside her minds eye, seeing herself stab her mentor over and over with his own dagger, his blood spraying up on her face as she cried, her teeth gritting together in rage. Her face twitched, going a little pale, remembering was his twisted face looking up at her, the life leaving his eyes. She pulled out her flask and took a long gulp, pressing the memory out of her mind, shoving her feelings inside herself. She marched forward, thinking about what creatures her and her brother might see, her crooked grin again returning at the prospect of there upcoming adventure.She wasn't sure what her father would say about her leaving, she knew he would want to stop her, but this time, she would leave with her brother no matter what, she had enough of his games, his 'Plans' for her. While she knew her father loved her, she also knew he had her for a purpose, to raise the families standing through marriage, the thought made her shake her head in frustration. Marry some goodie two shoes prince? No fucking way! She gave a loud harumph to herself. She's getting out of here one way or another... She looks around the castle corners, not wanting to be spotted by her mother. She felt guilty leaving without saying goodbye, but she didnt want to hear her mother try and convince her to stay, making her feel ashamed to leave. She loved her mother dearly, having a great amount of respect for her, and wanting to say goodbye, giving her a big tight hug and kiss her on the cheek telling her how much she loves her. But she doesn't want to hear the protests, she was tired of being stopped. She sneaks carefully into the stable, not sure if Lucius will convince her father, and preparing for the worst. She climbs one of the beams of the stable, up onto the rafter, covered in shadow. She pulls out her lucky coin, flipping it about in her fingers, feeling its texture through her gloved hand. She shoots the coin up into the air, grabs it and plants it on her other hand. Heads. She smiles, heads is always lucky, things were going to workout, she was sure of it. She saw her brother walk inside the stables, looking around for her. She nearly calls down to him to get his attention, before a devious thought enters her mind, her crooked smile growing a little. She knows this is serious, but she cant help herself, her brother doesn't see her, and the temptation is too strong for her to resist. She quietly sneaks just above him on the rafter, then hangs down from her arms, just a foot above his head. She knows he might hear her, but she is incredibly sneaky when she wants to be. She lets go dropping down and quickly wrapping her arms around his neck, and legs grasping around his waist from behind, squeezing him tightly, shouting, "Gotcha!" while giggling wickedly into his ear.
  22. Location: Town of Kalath Rayvenne shook her head slightly, “No, no I do not.” she answered in response to her question about having something else in mind. She then added, “It seems like you have things well in hand, and I have no intention of interfering. For a start, it’s not my place to, and honestly I wouldn’t even know how to advise you. As I said; magic is not my thing.” She then nudged Maedoc forwards, positioning herself at the front of the wagon in a protective manner as they delved deeper into the forest. Luna seemed pretty confident that she knew what to do, so Rayvenne didn’t think there was much more she could add to the conversation so she proceeded to lead Luna along the dirt path through the forest. Maedoc was displeased at the slow walking pace that Rayvenne had set for him, and it showed in his impatient snorting and pawing of the hooves as they walked through the bright forest, the light of the sun shifting as it broke through the leaves of the tree. It was a bright and sunny day, with little cloud in the sky. A perfect day for travelling, especially as it was warm but there was a pleasant breeze that prevented one from getting too hot. They barely saw Raeghan throughout the day, other than a dark shape drifting through the trees every now and again. He did not rejoin them until later, when Rayvenne lead Luna to a good place to set up camp for the evening. It was a small clearing, well surrounded by trees. There was a small stream running nearby, which would provide them with clean water. The sun was still hovering a couple of handspans above the horizon, ready to disappear within the hour. Rayvenne pulled Maedoc to a stop, waiting for Luna to catch up before she said, “This is a good place to set up camp. We will be out of the forest tomorrow, so this will be your only chance to catch an owl. I doubt they are as common in the grasslands.” She swung herself down off of Maedoc just as Raeghan swooped down and landed on the saddle, “Not very common, is the answer to that.” Rayvenne glanced up at him before nodding slightly before turning and walking off into the nearby forest to look for dry wood to be used as fuel for the campfire. Location: Sheridan Manor, on the outskirts of Lathulla Lucius tilted his head up, peering towards a man several decades older than he. The man sat behind his large, polished oak desk. He was looking over at the younger man, his grey eyes flashing in suppressed anger, “I understand that you’re all set, and eager to go on these… damn adventures of yours but why, why my son, do you insist on taking your sister with you!? She-” “Ciara-” Lucius stated in a firm voice, causing his father to look at him in surprise as he had never been this rude, or interrupted him before. Lucius’ eyes narrowed a little before he continued, “-wishes as much as I do to go on adventures. To travel the land that we live in. We’ve only seen as far as the town itself, and that is not enough to sate our curiosity.” “There are plenty of books!” Edward argued, his brows drawing together in a scowl. Lucius shook his head, feeling disgust curling in his stomach. He had to resist all urges to stand up and shout at the old man, remembering that this was his father and thus he deserved a basic level of respect. He took a deep breath, calming the anger that was beginning to boil inside of him, “Books are poor substitutes for the real thing, father.” He replied, trying to put as much reasonableness into his voice as possible. But again, Edward shook his head and stated, “It is far safer for her, here! We have plans for her, and going out with you is not it!” It took all of Lucius’ will not to burst out laughing in the older man’s face. He shook his head before asking in a quite voice, “Do you really think it is safe here, father?” He lifted a hand and pointed at his left eye, covered by a patch that hid the scarred hole from view, “I think this proves otherwise. It was I who slayed them, not you, and not the guards you have hired. Ciara will be far safer with me than she will staying here.” The two stared each other down, neither backing down. For several long moments, they remained like this, before Edward suddenly averted his eyes and leaned back in his chair with a sigh, “Must you?” He asked, and from his tone, Lucius knew he had won. “Yes. I think it is for the best.” He said, suppressing the urge to smirk. Edward sighed again, slowly shaking his head before he waved a hand dismissively, “Fine. Be gone with the both of you.” He said, sounding defeated. Lucius stood up, pushing his chair back slightly before bowing slightly at his father, “Thank you, father.” He then turned and strode out of the large study, closing the double doors behind him. As soon as he was out of sight, a huge grin split his lips and a chuckle escaped him as he made his way through the house. He had not thought that he would be victorious in convincing his father to allow Ciara to come with him. He knew his parents had other plans for his sister, and privately it angered him that they would plan her life out like that. A part of his anger came from the fact that he was in the same boat as she. They had certain expectations and demands of him. While he had no trouble meeting them, he still hated the restrictions put upon him. He couldn’t wait to get out there, to escape their home and to travel the world like he had wanted to do for years. And he would bring Ciara, whether he had their parents consent or not. But that would result in them having the guards chasing them everywhere they went, and Lucius would prefer not to have any of that. He had told his sister to meet him in the stable in an hours time, packed and ready to leave. He just hoped that their mother did not delay or stop her. But then their mother was a little understanding on their adventurous streak than their father. And yet, at the same time, their mother had the same aspirations for Ciara. If his sister wasn’t there at the appointed time, he would go and look for her. In the meantime, he would saddle her horse so that it was ready to leave as soon as Ciara arrived. He loved and adored his little sister, and the last thing he wanted to do was to leave her alone with their parents as they tried to mold and shape her into what they wanted. For the sake of her sanity, and his reassurance, he had to get her out of here.
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    Lucius Sheridan

    From the album: Neptune's Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Lucius Sheridan Age: 20 Gender: Male Religion: Catholic Species: Human Origin: Lathulla, Craethiel Kingdom Nationality: Craetharian Occupation: Adventurers Rank/Title: Noble, Duch heir Physical Appearance Height: 180cm (5’11”) Weight: 62.5kg (9st 12lbs) Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Blond Physical Description: Lucius is quite a tall man for this era, standing almost six feet tall. He has the lithe frame of a fighter, with a broad muscular chest going into muscular arms that show that he is quite physically strong. He has a trim waist going into long, lithe and muscular legs. So overall he has a strong and healthy body shape that indicates his skill as a fighter. His blond hair is quite long, going down to his waist. He has some that curls around his face, cut shorter than the rest. The rest is usually tied back with a red bow and spills down his back. His hair has an incredible amount of volume and thus it can often seem to be wild and all over the place. He has quite a handsome face, with a slender jawline and well shaped lips. He has a nose that fits well with his face, as well as sharp and an intense blue eye. His left eye, however, is covered by a patch to hide it from view. He tends to dress in quite a rich manner, with expensive materials. He likes to make himself look very presentable and is somewhat vain when it comes to his appearance. He also has a set of armour that was created by Daedrin, in Selil. It was very expensive, and the metal is darker than a standard steel armour. That is because it is a steel alloy with another metal called Glaedian, a rare exotic metal which strengthens the steel. Lucius has a necklace that hangs around his neck at all times. The main part of the ornament if shaped like a dragons head, with what appears to be a red glowing triangular point underneath it. It appears to be a dragon's scale, and he values it greatly as it was a gift from his mother. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: At first glance, Lucius comes across as a serious and proper young man. He has a golden tongue, and is flawlessly polite in front of the correct company, including his parents. However behind closed doors and in front of the right people, such as his sister, he is less proper and polite. He sometimes swears just for the pleasure it gives him. He often dislikes the kinds of expectations and responsibilities levelled on him by his father, and sometimes chafes at his restrictions, sometimes leading to rebellious behaviour that can cause headaches for his father. He is very adventurous, and loves going and seeing new places. He takes every opportunity to do so, and he has a desire to travel from one end of Craethiel to the other. He faces challenges head on, and does not become stressed easily when faced with a new situation. He is quite a confident young man, easily looking others in the eye, and never letting failures bring him down. When he sets himself a goal, he can sometimes forge himself ahead with a single mindedness that tends to exclude everything, and everyone around him. Thus he has workaholic tendencies, and it is not uncommon for him to spend several days in his lab, not sleeping or eating, when working on a particular project. He is quite observant, often noticing things that others do not. This is more of a developed trait due to his training as a tracker and hunter. He needs to be able to observe the smallest of details in order to hunt someone or something down. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Physical strength: Lucius is very strong, and is far stronger than the average human male. While it may pale compared to creatures of magic, it is enough to serve him very well. Lucius has been taught from a young age to be able to fight, and thus he has been given numerous lessons to give him the following combat skills. Swordsmanship: He has been trained from the age of four how to handle a sword and how to fight with one. He has been taught to use a variety of swords from two handed longswords to one handed short swords. He is also proficient in the use of daggers. Archery: He has known how to use a bow and arrow since age of six. He has spent long hours practicing, and can shoot the arrow off of someone’s head at thirty paces. He can also fire arrows with quite a bit of accuracy from a moving horse. Hand to hand combat: When weapons are unavailable, he utilises his fists and feet. He is quite good in a hand to hand combat situation. His natural physical strength greatly helps him. Tracking and Hunting: From a young age, Lucius has been taught how to track things, from hunting game to humans. He can track someone days after they have passed through an area, by looking for signs that they have passed through such as footprints or damage to foliage. He is quite skilled and thus few can cover their tracks enough from him. Science (Chemistry): In his spare time, Lucius sometimes like to pursue scientific goals. His particular area of interest and expertise is Chemistry. He knows how to do a variety of things with chemicals, including create primitive explosive devices although he doesn’t tend to carry them around as they’re usually quite unstable. Weaknesses: Lucius is still human at the end of the day and he can be killed in a variety of ways such as being stabbed in a way that damages major organs. The human body has numerous weak points that can be exploited. If he encounters a fighter of superior skill, he can be overwhelmed by them and be at their mercy. Due to the fact that he has no left eye, he has a blindspot on his left side that can be exploited. He also doesn’t know any kind of magic, thus he is weak to magical attacks. He also has a bit of a weakness for good booze and beautiful women. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To go on adventures all over Craethiel. Hobbies and Interests: He loves hunting, as he loves the challenge of tracking animals and then being able to successfully hunt them. His main hobby and love is his science, and will spend hours locked within his lab doing experiments that do sometimes, literally, blow up in his face. He also loves stargazing, and will spend hours glued to his telescope (very primitive compared to modern machines), charting the stars. He also quite enjoys music, and knows how to play the violin. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Turn ons: Unprotected sex Being dominant during sex Being rough. He loves pinning his partner down and fucking them roughly. This often involves hair pulling, choking, nails digging into flesh and spanking among other things. Oral, mainly receiving although he does like to give it to women. Having multiple partners, and being able to fuck them all deep and hard Having sex with someone he doesn’t love, or even know. He loves the illusion of intimacy. Turn offs: Being in extreme pain The thought of being fucked Scat, and watersports Gore and Vore Penis Length: 11” Breast Size: N/A Sensitivity: Average Additional Sexual Information: His neck can be a little sensitive at times, meaning that if someone were to kiss or even give a love bite, it can cause his cock to become hard. He also likes having his back scratched. Even though it can be painful and pain is a turn off, the pain induced by a female scratching his back during sex causes an increase in his lust, thus encouraging him to fuck them harder and faster. STD History: Clean Extra Information Father: Edward Sheridan Mother: Mary Sheridan Siblings: Ciara Sheridan Grandparents: Franklin and Lauren Sheridan on his father's side. George and Jayne Willow on his mother's side. Children: None Grand-children: None House: He loves on his parents estate, out the outskirts of Lathulla. It is a large mansion with extensive grounds that he will one day inherit. It is called the Sheridan Manor. Pet: A white stallion by the name of Aeris. He has raised this horse since he was a foal, and he is fifteen hands at the shoulder. Additional information: He has a sword, that he calls Draden, which roughly translates to Dragon’s Tooth, as the colour of the blade matching the scale on his necklace. The blade was made by Daedrin, in Selil, much like his armour and is infused with the metal Mangenarr, which gives the blade its unique red colour. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Clean Medical Record: He lost his eye in a skirmish. Luckily he survived the wound, but lost his eyesight in his left eye. Bio: Lucius was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His parents were quite rich, but they tended to give over his care to a nanny rather than look after him themselves, thus he didn’t form a very close relationship with them when he was a young boy. All he knew of them was that they were distant authority figures that expected him to study hard and to get all of the questions right. He was given a teacher that taught him how to read and write, and drilled manners into him. When he was two years old, his younger sister Ciara came along. He instantly loved her, and would spend his free time playing with her, when he was allowed his free time. However due to the different expectations laid down on them, they were forced to spend most of their time with their respective tutors. He was taught swordsmanship from a young age, and would be made to spend hours practicing to help bring up his skill with his blade as well as to train his body. As he grew older, this extended into archery, when he was finally strong enough to be able to draw a bowstring. They attempted to teach him how to use a crossbow, and while he accepted the lessons, he much preferred the bow. While it wasn’t as powerful as a crossbow, it was far more maneuverable with a greater rate of fire. His parents also hired a local hunter to teach him the skills needed to track and hunt game, a skill that he can also put to use with people as well. His adventurous streak caused many headaches for his parents, as he would often wander off out of the estate, often taking Ciara with him as she thirsted for adventure as much as he did. Sometimes it would be to the surrounding wilderness, despite the dangers, but it was often to the town of Lathulla. He liked meeting new people, and learning new things about them. He especially loved meeting the sailors from the ships, who often told him about distant towns, cities and countries. He loved to learn as much as he could, and he became well known in the taverns as the questioning young man. His father often tried to confine him to the estate, but failed as much with Lucius as he did with Ciara. His mother was not so upset with them, as she seemed to understand their desire for adventure. A desire that she, as she once admitted to Lucius, once shared in her youth. But she had traded her adventures away to marry their father, to settle down and start a family. When he was sixteen, a band of robbers broke into their estate home with the intention of stealing their valuables. Lucius refused to be cowed by them, and fought back fiercely, using all the lessons from his youth. He killed most of them, however the last bandit was able to stab him in his left eye before his death. Lucius almost died from the wound, but his mother never gave up and called in healers from all over to tend to him. He recovered from the wound, but he has lost his left eye and thus has a blind spot on his left side. This incident did little to hamper his adventurous tendencies, and he is even worse than ever. He argued long and hard with his father, as he wanted to go out and see the world, while Edward wanted to keep his children nice and safe within the estate. Eventually, he won the argument, mainly because he argued that they clearly were not safe on account of the bandits, and their father finally gave permission for him to go on adventures. He had every intention of taking Ciara with him.
  24. BadWolf

    "The Fool"

    From the album: BadWolf Characters

    Character Identity Information Name: Ciara Sheridan (pronounced keyrah) Age: 18 Gender: Female Religion: The law of Luck Species: Enchanted Human Origin: Lathulla, Craethiel Kingdom Nationality: Craetharian Occupation: Aspiring adventurer Rank/Title: Noble Physical Appearance Height: 5'3 Weight: 120 Eye Colour: Bright light blue Hair Colour: Ashy blonde Physical Description: Her skin is soft and white, not a hair or blemish on her body from the enchantments upon her. She has a hour glass figure, wide hips and a plump sensuous butt. Her body is toned with lean muscle from all her training, a firm stomach and strong thighs. Her breasts are large and soft, somewhat impractical for her purposes, her chest muscles holding them up in a perky manner. Her blonde hair is thick, and silky smooth, unnaturally so from the magic spells cast on her. She has big sky blue eyes. Her facial features soft and elegent, her chin delicate, with a graceful lady like jawline. She most often wears a spider-silk cotton weave that is tightly fitted to her body, but incredible durable, and easy to repair. Her spider-silk dress leaves her shoulders bare, the light metal plating around her breasts holding it up. the dress goes down to just barely below her ass, revealing her cheeks when she bends over, or struts around. She wheres long leather boots that strap to her dress, as well as spider-silk gloves that go past her elbow. Beneath she has thin black panties and a black bra. Personality, Traits and Abilities General Overview: Ciara is a rebel, and full of life. She's a joker, and likes to enjoy herself no matter what is happening, always trying see the humor in every situation. She has an exuberant amount of energy, finding herself in trouble, or pulling pranks on the household guard. She was bred and born to be a dainty bride for some big shot prince, she cant remember the name of. The local wizards tampered with her development in utero to be exactly like what her parents wanted her to be, the perfect lady, the perfect bride. While all the physical enchantments worked, her temperament is not what they wanted at all. From early on she had no interest in anything girly, preferring to play swords with her brother, and jump around in the mud. She doesn't have much interest in God, not believing there is a way to be sure what he wants one way or another, thinking the cards just fall where they may. She believes in the law of luck and fortune, being superstitious and consulting her tarot deck that she believes tells her the future. She likes a strong drink, gambling and having a good time, getting along with the local boys, and giving them a good wallop when they give her voluptuous ass a squeeze. Though shes a virgin in every way, she likes to flirt and dance in a rather provocative way. More than anything, she wants to feel the thrill and passion of life, not caring about the rules people set before her, she intends to be her own person, and resents those who hold her back. She is edgy, enjoying a good debate or argument in good fun, but extremely kind and exceedingly loyal, wanting to do something to make the world a better place, to be like the heroes of old, helping the poor and wounded. She thinks shes destined to stop a great evil from conquering the land, a child of destiny. Strengths, Skills and Abilities: Physical Dexterity: Caira is incredibly dexterous in every way possible. Her body is naturally flexible and speedy, and her hand eye coordination second to none. She can easily do cart wheels into a back flip then jump off a wall. Her acrobatics and speed make her a great escape artist, and city roof top runner. Her dexterity is nearly super human. Rouge training: Her parents had her for the purposes of becoming a lady, but she had other plans. She learned early on that she needed to stealthy and clever, making friends with a local pirate captain when she was a young girl, he took a liking to her and helped her train when she'd sneak out. he taught her dirty tactics, and how to use her small size as an advantage, always exploit the enemies weakness. She new people would underestimate her, and she'd use that. Daggers: She learned how to handle daggers as a melee exclusive. Throwing, stabbing, slashing at weak point, shes been using daggers since she kid get her impish hands on a pair. Crossbow: She has trained to use a crossbow for its ability to not require a great deal off strength, just point and shoot. Alchemy: She is adept at finding and making adequate poisons and potions to give her an edge in a fight, she finds the practice incredibly interesting, and owns several poisons and potions books to continue her learning. Magic (Illusion): She is most interested in learning more about the refined art of using illusion magic to even further increase her chances of victory. Illusion is the perfect tool for a trickster and she is willing to do a lot to learn how to cast spells of this school. Her skills are rather basic at the moment. Weaknesses: Despite being clever, shes a bit of an airhead, not always paying attention and making reckless, impulsive decisions at times. She is weaker than most, not having brute strength but rather lean muscle, when something has got a grip on her, she is almost helpless without a weapon. Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): She wants to be a hero, and make a difference in the world. As well as becoming her own person, being free from the expectations placed on her. Hobbies and Interests: Gambling, Magic research, dancing, drinking, playing the flute, tarot cards. Personal Sexual Information Sexual Orientation: Straight/Virgin Turn ons: Sweet talk degrading talk light sadomasochism Oral (giving) Anal (recieving) Vanginal (receiving) Handjob (giving) Footjob (giving) massages tickling playful arguing soft Vore Multiple penetrations bondage large cocks facials. Turn offs: Excessive pain getting hit bad smells bathroom play. Penis Length: None Breast Size: Between C- D Sensitivity: Extremely sensitive Additional Sexual Information: She was bred and enchanted to be the perfect wife in every way. Her body was made to be sexually sensitive to touch, her mouth and throat laced with sexual nerves that connect to her clitoris, the nerves are only stimulated by a cock. Her throat has extra stretch and muscular control than a normal human girl, she can shift her muscles around as she pleases, and her jaw is far my flexible then it should be. Her pussy has been enhanced to intoxicate males, giving off a sexual scent as sweet as honey, drawing male attention of all species her way. Her pussy also has several enhancements to please her partner, and keep them coming back for more. She can heat up her walls as she wills, and make herself get wet whenever she wants, the fluid having an addictive hormone inside of it, making her partners want her more and more, on a chemical lvl. Her walls have greater strength and control, being able to squeeze tighter, and massage there cock if she chooses to do so. Due to her magical sexual enhancements, she occasionally goes into heat, releasing more of her alluring pheromones, and becoming for more sexually interested, STD History: None Extra Information Father: Edward Sheridan Mother: Mary Sheridan Siblings: Lucius Sheridan Grandparents: Franklin and Lauren Sheridan on his father's side. George and Jayne Willow on his mother's side. Children: None Grand-children: None House: Sheridan Manor Pet: Lucky her horse, calico horse she won in a game of cards. While the horse isn't as expensive as her brothers, shes bonded with it and sees it as a friend. Shes trained it to respond to a range of whistles. History Awards/Commendations: None Criminal Record: Petty theft Medical Record: Perfect health Bio: Ciara was born to be groomed into the bride of a powerful prince. During Utero her parents hired powerful wizards to shape her development into the perfect bride, augmenting her to have hairless, blemish-less skin, softer than silk. A curved hourglass form with wide hips and a slender waist, her large bubbly butt made to catch the eye, her big C-D breasts soft and perky, with two light pink mounds on each. The magicians engineered a Universal pheromone to attract males of all kinds towards her, making them see her as a potential mate. She was raised to be the perfect lady, a cog in her parents design. She rebelled against them, running away from her duties and into the local town outside her manor, escaping whenever she could. She was lucky to have nothing happen to her, a experienced scoundrel taking a fancy to her, training her how she could use her small size, and dexterous abilities to her advantage. The tavern 'Crooked Keys' became her home away from home, the scoundrel showing her the trade secrets of a expert thief. She loved her big brother more than anyone, being the only member of her family to not force expectations and duties on her, encouraging her dreams to be more. While she hated to being taught royal Etiquette , it wasn't all bad. She loves to dance, and excels at all things bodily, impressing all her formal trainers, as well as her parents. She also developed a keen interest in reading, specifically magic, and stories of heroes. She was allowed a mage Tudor to teach her the finer points of how magic works, using this knowledge and the skills she learned at Crooked Keys, she has a talent for it that continues to grow. During her escapes to the Crooked keys, she was exposed to gambling, and was fascinated by the rush of risking things to chance and luck. She became completely obsessed with it, enjoying the thrill, the insight needed to read people, and the Law of Luck. She was insightful into people, being able to figure out there tells rather easily, but more than that, she discovered her supernatural luck, winning ridicules bets and, the more outrageous the risk, the more likely she was to win. She is now something of a risk addict, believing she has a grand destiny, Lady luck herself looking out for her. She was extremely greatful of her brother bringing her along on his small adventures, helping her escape from the mundane bore of training to be a lady. She saw him as her best friend and closest ally, she trusts him implicitly, and loves to be around him. When her brother was nearly killed by the bandits, she recognized them from the Crooked Keys, they were men from her mentor. It was then she realized why her mentor was keeping her around all these years, he used her as a source to try and kidnap the heir to the Sheridan fortune. She snuck into the tavern the night her brother lay between life and death, and stabbed her mentor with his own daggers through the heart 12 times while weeping, she has his daggers to this day. She changed after that night, her heart a little darker, the memory of her mentors twisted expression looking up at her, haunting her. She had seen him as her father, and she had brutally killed him. She never told her brother the truth, and formed somewhat of a drinking problem, and has night terrors of the scarring memory. She now travels with her brother on the adventure that they always dreamed of, finally free to do as they please. She hopes to forget the pain and betrayal in her heart, and some how repay her brother for what she believes to be her fault.
  25. Warning: This Side Story will contain scenes of a graphic nature. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme violence and gore. If you find either of these themes distasteful, then please do not read. This thread will not contain any sex; it is an adventure thread. Participants: Daedrin and Izanagi Description: After Izanagi found a mysterious sword in the forest, he approached Deadrin to have it repaired however lacked the funds required to repair the sword. So the two came to an agreement that if Izanagi went into the Rosayia Forest and got his hands on Kraerhil, a rare exotic metal used in sword making, Daedrin would pay him for however much he retrieved. After some discussion, Daedrin agreed to accompany him on this quest as well to be a guide through the forest as well as to get their hands on more. -x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Once Izanagi joined him, Daedrin gave him a nod to show his approval before he turned back towards the forest. It seemed a little too quiet for his tastes, and he already had a gut feeling that they were going to encounter something very soon. But then he had inherited his Fathers tendency to get into trouble. He snorted a little in amusement at that though, the sound soft enough not to be overheard by Izanagi. Daegrin stirred a little restlessly, and Daedrin stroked his neck gently, “Daegrin senses that there’s something nearby. Let’s move, and keep an eye out.” Daedrin said in warning as he kicked Daegrin’s flanks lightly causing the Aelda to move forwards slightly, heading along the river. Daedrin pulled out his sword, not wanting to be caught completely off guard. He could cut their travel time down by cutting through the forest, but it was rather dangerous due to the fact that the more dangerous monsters lived deeper inside the forest. He didn’t fear being lost, as his sense of direction was as good as any Eldyrannth, allowing him to navigate the forest with ease without being caught in never-ending circles. Daedrin cast an eye up at the sun, seeing that it was the mid-afternoon so they had at least a few hours of travelling time left in the day before they even considered settling down for the night. His eyes returned to the forest, watching it carefully as he strained his ears for anything. In the end, he wasn’t able to see or hear anything. But he could smell something with his sharp nose. He opened his mouth slightly, inhaling sharply before snapping his mouth shut as he resisted the urge to evacuate the contents of his stomach. The stench of rotting flesh pervaded the air, getting stronger by the moment. Daegrin stirred again, snorting in a challenging manner. Daedrin looked over at Izanagi, “We have company. There are ghouls nearby…” He said, before casting his mind out around them, careful to avoid going close to Izanagi’s just in case the man could sense the touch of telepathy. He could sense at least five of the bastards that were homing in on their direction. He pulled his mind back, shifting the grip on his sword to be more comfortable. There was a sudden growl from the bushes as something leapt out towards Daedrin. The figure was completely naked, and was so emaciated that it would have been mistaken for a reanimated skeleton if it wasn’t for the rotting pieces of flesh that clung to its body. Its hands, although human-like, looked like claws with filthy black fingernails. Its cheeks were gaunt, as its eye sockets were sunken into its face as the eyes gave them a gormless look that was filled with an insatiable hunger. Its jaw was hanging low, only attached by a few thin threads of flesh, as its tongue dangled from its mouth. As it flew through the air, Daegrin jumped to the side as Daedrin swung his blade in an arch. The silver blade easily sunk through the flesh of its neck, chopping its head off. The body tumbled to the ground as the head sailed further through the air before rolling into some bushes. The remaining four ghouls appeared, snarling at the two of them. Daedrin glanced at Izanagi before returning his gaze to the rotting creatures. Two of them completely ignored him and leapt towards Izanagi, leaving Daedrin dealing with the remaining two. One of them leapt forwards, but Daegrin danced out of the way before twisting around and kicking out with his powerful hint-quarters. Daedrin could hear the snapping of bones as the ghoul was kicked back at its companion, knocking them both to the ground. Daegrin turned around just as the two scrambled to their feet and lunged again. Daedrin brought down his sword, the sharp blade slicing down through its skull and into what remained on its brain causing it to become limp and drop to the floor, dead. Unfortunately, his blade seemed content to remain lodged within its skull despite how hard he tugged it. The third creature leapt up towards him, intending on pushing him out of his saddle. Daedrin tugged at his sword more, but it refused to move. He turned his head towards the creature, intending on using telekinesis to deflect it however Daegrin reared up with an angry whinny. He lashed out with his front legs, knocking the ghoul down onto the floor. Before it could even get up, Daegrin brought his polished hooves down and began to stamp the monster into the ground until it lay lifeless beneath him, as if the Aelda took the danger it posed as a personal affront. This gave Daedrin enough time to pull his foot from his stirrup and use the strength of his leg to push the ghoul off of his sword. He then turned in his saddle to see how Izanagi was fairing.
  26. Craethiel Kingdom (Photographer Steve Highfield) The Craethiel Kingdom is a wild, and untamed land where the monsters and animals of the land rule with an iron fist. Where legends stalk the lands like giants, and myths are the way of the world. A land filled with beauty and wonder, that the unwary traveller would find enchanting and irresistible. A land where the Eldyr’s travelled at will without fear. A land that had seen wars that would strike fear into the sturdiest of souls. It is unwise for an adventurer to strike forth alone for there is little protection beyond the walls of the Great City of Selil, or any of the towns and villagers that dot this harsh and unforgiving land. To the North, lies the huge, imposing peaks of the Therarr Mountains that tower high into the air, as if striving to touch the very heavens themselves. A perfect symbol for the land of Craethiel. Beautiful. Enchanting. Untamable and traversable by only a few. To the East sits the Dynx desert. A barren land of blistering heat and little water. The desert is nearly uncrossable at times due to rolling sand storms and below freezing temperatures at night. To attempt the feat is almost as possible as climbing to the very tallest of the Therarr peaks. To the South lays the forest of Rosayia, a deep thick curtain of darkness that seems to go on for an eternity. Hidden within its depths, are mysteries beyond comprehension, and creatures that would make your nightmares seem tame. For citizens, and travellers alike, this land is filled with wonder and danger. For some, it seems that there is nowhere safe. Be wary, dear traveller, of the land that sings its siren song. You might just meet your end... Skill lever: Advanced Relevant Links: Extra Information (A must read) Character ID Out of Character Rules: EcchiDreams Standard Roleplay Rules, plus: Posts must be at least one paragraph long, with a good amount of detail and with good grammar and spelling (barring mistakes). Anything less than a paragraph, such as a one line post, will be removed and the member in question requested to not do that again. If you consistently post less than a paragraph, then your posts will be removed and you will be asked to leave the roleplay. No one can make a character that is of one of the Epsian/UFF species without my strict permission. Also, non-Epsian/UFF species will not be allowed to wander onto the property of Epsian/UFF species without permission. If a character attempts to trespass, they will be met with potentially lethal hostility. No one can RP as the human King who owns the land. If he is needed for anything, then I will roleplay with them providing that it’s a good plot that doesn’t ruin the flow of the RP. If you want a location put onto the map, then you’re going to need to message me with the details. If I don’t think the suggestion is good enough, or that the extra information you provide is lacking, then I might refuse.
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