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Mary's House of Pleasure.


Mary's House of Pleasure resides near the Marketplace within the Capital City of Selil, just within the border of the Upper District. They accept people who are both poor and rich, however give preferential treatment to the customers that pay more but they will allow anyone within their establishment if they have the money. The House was set up by Mary Baker once she had found herself husband-less and homeless, wondering the streets. She had been forced to turn to prostitution in order to pay her way in the world. It had always been a dangerous job, and she wanted somewhere safe for herself, other prostitutes as well as for the clients. She saved as much money as she could, before buying the house and hiring new girls to work for her.

When a customer enters the house, they come into what appears to be a tavern of sorts with a bar along with tables and chairs for them to sit at. Alcohol and food is even served here. However the staff running the tavern are all women. There are hired guards that ring around the room, however generally the atmosphere is cheery and the guards are friendly as long as customers are not causing problems. A customer can approach any of the female staff and ask for their services in exchange for money. They will often ask for the money up-front as these girls are known to be honest and not steal money, and they will refuse service if their request is refused. If an agreement is met, then they go up stairs to where there are several bedrooms for this purpose. Each room has a double bed with a straw mattress as well as a chest of drawers that usually contains clothes for the prostitute to wear to impress their client. Often costumes, like a Nun, or even a pirate. 

Not every customer has to be bold or brazen. They are allowed to wear masks when they enter the establishment in order to hide their identity. The girls will also keep their mouths shut about the identity of their clients as it comes as part of the service. They can wear the mask for the entire time they are there. The staff are not picky to the gender or species of their clients. Mary will also allow other women to come and sell themselves inside of her House, however a half of their earnings must go towards Mary, and she will make sure that they pay up. These women are also allowed to hide their identity using a mask.

None of the girls working there live there; they all have their own home. This is, apart from Mary who lives in the House as it is her home, as well as any prostitutes of special circumstances (You will have to ask me, but the answer is likely to be no unless it is a very good reason/idea). Women who work here have to give a quarter of what they earn to Mary, as she charges them to use the safety of her house.

Mary Baker, the Owner of the House

Mary Baker.jpg

Name: Mary Baker
Age: 35, and despite her age, is in very good health and condition of someone from this time era.
Nationality: Craetharian
Species: Neko.
Height: 5ft8
Weight: 116lbs
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but will very happily have sex with another woman for the right price.
Breast size: D-cup.
Occupation: Owner of Mary's House of Pleasure.
Information: She grew up in the city of Selil in the lower district. She had many brothers and sisters, many of which did not survive till adulthood. When she was 16, she married the man she thought she was going to spent the rest of her life with. On their wedding night, he impregnated her with his child, and the two were happy for a time. When she was a few months into her pregnancy, her husband died in a fatal work accident, leaving her alone with her unborn child. She grieved heavily for his loss, and hoped that she would be able to raise her child. However just weeks after the birth of her son, he died. She was forced to turn to prostitution in order to have enough money to live. It was a dangerous life, and she wondered how she had never died. Every time she worked, she always put aside some money, hoping to buy her own home and live her life happily despite the tragedies in her life. When she was able to afford her own home near Merchants Lane when she was 21, she realised that she could do something to help other women like herself. She invited other prostitutes to come and use her home, charging them a small cut of their earnings so that she could pay for upkeep. It also gets enough money from selling food and drinks that she was becoming quite well off. 

Mary is very kind towards any prostitutes that work under her roof, however will not allow herself to be used by anyone for personal gains. She will take any bullshit from anyone if they abuse her trust. At this point in her life, she doesn't usually sell herself to anyone that walks into her house, however if they offer her a lot, then she would be more agreeable. 
Played by: Featured NPC. Played by Neptune upon request.
Profile link: N/A.

Elizabeth Baker.

Elizabeth Baker.jpg

Name: Elizabeth Baker
Age: 18
Nationality: Craetharian
Species: Kitsune.
Height: 5ft1
Weight: 95lbs
Sexuality: Hetero-sexual but will have sex with a woman if she pays.
Breast size: C-cup.
Occupation: Whore.
Information: Elizabeth was raised by Mary, which is why she shares the same last name, and currently lives at the House of Pleasure. She is very kind, friendly and loving towards others. She's intelligent, and will happily discuss a topic of interest. Due to her loving nature, she is best suited to a customer that wants a more intimate and loving experience. While she likes being fucked hard and fast, she doesn't like being hit or strangled. She can also play a girlfriend for a customer, however she often charges a lot for that.
Played by: Neptune.
Profile link: Link!

Abigail Caldwell

Abigail Caldwell.jpg

Name: Abigail Caldwell
Age: 21
Nationality: Craetharian.
Species: Bunny girl.
Height: 5ft7
Weight: 109lbs
Sexuality: Bi-sexual.
Breast size: C-cup.
Occupation: Whore.
Information: Abigail is a sweet, loving woman that will do anything for a customer, no matter how kinky or dirty. She loves to please everyone and would never say a bad word about anyone. She has been working at the Pleasure House for several years now and is not shy about accepting money for sex. She has absolutely no interest in any romance; she loves working as a whore as she is a nymphomaniac and is only interested in the sex. She has a husband that is fine with her job, even if she ends up getting pregnant from a customer. The two have been childhood sweethearts and have a rather open relationship, where they both see other people.
Played by: NPC. Played by Neptune upon request.
Profile link: N/A

Hannah Lewis

Hannah Lewis.jpg

Name: Hannah Lewis
Age: 23
Nationality: Craetharian.
Species: Human.
Height: 5ft3
Weight: 102lbs
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but will willingly service a female customer, but really she loves cock.
Breast size: E-cup.
Occupation: Whore.
Information: Like Abigail, Hannah is very kind and sweet on the surface. She loves having a good laugh, and is always happy to see a smile. However in the bedroom she is a minx and loves rough, hard fucking. She loves being slapped, her hair pulled, and being choked. It turned her on a lot, and is very good for a customer who loves very roughly fucking a whore. She is quite the masochist, but she does have the limit that customers cannot do anything that causes permanent harm to her.
Played by: NPC. PLayed by Neptune upon request.
Profile link: N/A.

Melissa Baker

Melissa Baker.jpg

Name: Melissa Baker
Age: 20 
Nationality: Craetherian (not yet a full citizen)
Species: Medusa variant
Height: 1.55 m (5')
Weight: 56 kg (125 lb)
Sexuality: Bisexual (prefers taking it)
Breast size: C
Occupation: Whore and artist (pottery and sculpting)
Information: Melissa is a depraved masochist coming to turns of her kinks. She doesn't like to admit it, however, but her customers swear by it that she squeals like a pig when being punished and turns wet when being humiliated. She hides her snake-hair in a colourful head wrap and wears tinted glasses to hide her gaze.

She's an immigrant to Craethiel, but chose to hid her nature when applying to become a citizen. 

She's new to being a whore as well - she used to work full-time as a potter and sculptor but her patron discovered her nature and blackmailed her to continue her commissions for free. Having ran out of options, she chose to become a whore due to her... abilities... 

She heard of how Mary's House of Pleasure allowed the workers to hide their identities, so this was the perfect opportunity. 

However, depraved sex with her has lead to her disguise being ripped off in a moments of passion...

Still, no none has reported her, but some may be looking to take advantage of her.

In her youth, Melissa was a bratty tomboy that played rough with the boys in her village. But as her body developed to become a natural beauty, she enjoyed teasing them, excited over the power she had over them as they would blush and bulges would grow. 

That is until a cruel demon became angered as he witnessed this. 'Women are only good for rutting and breeding. Nothing more. Nothing less' he thought. 

So he visited her one day when she was slacking off from helping her parents in the bakery.

He took her innocence by force and placed a twisted curse on Melissa, inspired from a punishment from a legend he heard. 

She became a Medusa, but her gaze did not turn people to stone - instead it aroused them. Her natural beauty was now mixed with tainted sensuality, her skin like silk, and her snake hair velvet to the touch. Her sight alone would arouse men and women, and her gaze would turn their members hard as 'stone'. 

The villagers chased her out for they saw a monster, and her parents disowned her for they could not recognise their sweet innocent girl...
Played by: Hope
Profile link: Link!

If you wish to have a character working here as one of the whores, then please send me an EcchiText, filling out this information about the character in question;

Breast size: 

There are currently no males working at the House, but I might make an exception if I like the look/sound of them. Mary has no problem with accepting a male worker, as long as they commit themselves just as hard as her other workers. 

Edited by Neptune
Added worker
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