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  • Neptune's Roleplaying Preferences.

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    • Partcipate in Private Roleplays: No, so please don't ask
      Preferred Grammar/Spelling Competence: Fairly Competent

    The first thing I want done and out of the way, is the Disclaimer:

    Allow me make categorically clear right now; Any views expressed or actions done by my characters that I roleplay, DOES NOT represent my views or the views of EcchiDreams. In no way shape or form do I condone most of the stuff my characters do, in REAL life. However this isn't real life, this is a roleplay, and I love fiction as much as the next person. You will see alot of interspecies breeding, incest and maybe even bestiality from my roleplays. You may also see racism, sexism, and other unpleasant things too. I do not endorse such actions in real life, and it's purely a fictitious act. (Eg. An actor may play a paedophile on TV. Doesn't mean he's a paedophile in real life.) If you can't understand that simple concept, then I will have nothing to do with you roleplaying wise.

    I have been an avid roleplayer for over ten years. Since being on EcchiDreams, my roleplaying has become a lot better, and my posts much more detailed. I will roleplay just about anything, with a few exceptions. That said, I don't particularly like short, meaningless roleplays. I like my roleplays to have a sense of depth and realism. I want the environment around my character to be as detailed as possible, otherwise I grow very bored very quickly and I lose the will to post. I love the challenge of taking a subject, such as large cocks or the use of crystal technology, and explain them in such a way that it could be believable. Two of my favourite genres of roleplaying, are Medieval and Sci-Fi, both of which I feel a great sense of fascination. I love to do large plots, with a lot of drama and action. I will list them below, and explain what they are so you can join if you're interested.

    If you want me to roleplay with you, please send me an EcchiText. I would prefer it if you had some idea as to what you would want to RP with me, but I don't mind trying to figure things out :3

    This I really do not like:

    • EcchiText Roleplaying: I do not roleplay privately in EcchiText, nor via the chat bar. Do not bother asking, because the answer will always be no. The same applies to taking any roleplaying off of EcchiDreams. Not only do I not like using the platform of the EcchiText system to roleplay, but it is highly inappropriate for me to be doing that.
    • Short Posts: I do not like roleplaying with someone that does short posts that lack any kind of detail. I struggle to find a suitable reply to them and often get too bored to even want to continue.
    • Incubus and Succubus characters: I just don't like roleplaying with them, especially if it's sex. Most of my characters have an adverse reaction to them anyway.
    • Roleplayers who do not read: I do not like it when I am trying to roleplay with someone, and they completely ignore something my character says or does. It's frustrating and I absolutely do not like it. That said, I absolutely do not like it when I do it by accident, either. And I expect to be told so I can correct.
    • One Dimensional Characters: Such as characters that exist for sex only. I like depth and realism to the characters I roleplay with. Even a character that has primarily sex based abilities can be made into a deep and detailed character.
    • Sex only roleplaying, and sex scene after sex scene: While sometimes it can be nice, I prefer having plot involved as well. Doing only sex roleplaying can be boring after a while. I would never stop anyone else from doing that; it's just a personal preference :3
    • Certain fetishes and character ages: I will not roleplay sex with a character who is under the age of 14 (18 if non-UFF/EPSI). I will also refuse to roleplay Scat, Gore, Vore, Necrophilia and Adult Baby (Special exceptions for that one). Although in regards to Gore or even Vore, I will not RP it in a sexual sense. I will not sexualise it in RP. However I will do it as part of a general plot, especially those with a dark theme (Such as a brutal murder or forced cannibalism)

    Even if you still want to roleplay despite all of my restrictions, I will try to post as quick as I can. But please realise that sometimes I can get so busy I cannot post on EcchiDreams. But if I haven't posted within a week, please message me to give me a boot up the arse, and to make sure that I haven't forgotten! That said, if you have not posted for a month despite attempts to contact you, and without giving me a reason, then due to the roleplay rules (Scenario) then I will move my characters on without telling you.


    • Craethiel: My Character, Talivana is one of the only surviving Eldyrannth on the entire planet. She must discover who killed her people and to bring justice to them. At the same time, she must deal with a mysterious Time Traveller and events that stretch much further than the Mountain ranges of her former home. 
    • Andromeda: I have a few various plots going with this one, mainly including the station staff. It may be possible for other characters to be included in these.

    Species that I created and own:

    • Eldyrannth: At first glance, they are humanoid. However they have the ability to shift into the form of a large dragon. They also have command over exotic technology that gives them supernatural seeming powers.
    • Zeta'muluri: One of the species of the UFF/EPSI Federation. They appear to look like Dragon Anthros, however they are something completely different. While they appear vicious and aggressive, they are deeply compassionate and cultured. They have a strong sense of honour and are incredibly intelligent, having technology that is more advanced than humans. 
    • Dreshza: A malevolent race that was created by the Daedra (demons). They are the servants of Hell and do their bidding on the mortal plane. They are cruel, and will not hesitate to kill. They have the ability to transform into a large blue bird that has command over electricity.

    Areas where I currently Roleplay in:

    1. EcchiTown
    2. EPSI Federation
    3. Blackberry Falls
    4. Blackberry Falls: Zombies
    5. Private RP Club (Just message me to talk about setting up an RP)
    6. Utopian Curse
    7. Craethiel Kingdon 
    8. Andromeda
    9. High School of Heroes
    10. Black City
    11. Manni's Superhero RPG!

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Disclaimer: Neptune and I work together and are in a relationship together, both on and off the internet (We live together). However this has no bearing on my review.

    Neptune and I have roleplayed for years; and other than the rare typo or so, she's managed to keep up with me. She tries her best; and is always looking at ways to improve which is what mainly ask for in people I roleplay with. Her vocabulary is impressive, and in that regard she's perhaps a better roleplayer than I.  She's a good person to get advice off too; helping people think about their creations with more depth and colour. For example; if you have a species that doesn't tolerate a certain action and you're wondering how to expand on that she would ask "Why is their views as such? Do all of them feel this way? Is it conditioned/taught in their education?" And so on. 

    Neptune is extremely versatile, If she has a problem, or needs more to work with she doesn't hesitate in asking and she seems to able to get into the flow of things very quickly. She clearly has a passion for what she does, and I respect and admire that. I'm proud to be her Roleplaying Buddy; and I hope to continue to be for years to come. If I have a problem with something she's written, I feel I can talk to her about it without her flipping out and going crazy which is a big plus considering how anal I am sometimes. xP

    She is capable of doing extremely long and well written posts that are reasonably constructed and with better spelling/grammar than I can ever hope to achieve. Whilst I think she could be capable of a small/short roleplay with small/short replies, I doubt it will be stimulating for her as she's always seems to prefer the long, detailed and complicated. Even when Time Travel Bullshit is involved.

    5/5 - Would roleplay with, even if it was illegal. :D

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    Kalvoras Vertal

    · Edited by ShuyaHideaki


    "During the many months that I have been roleplaying with Neptune, I have found that she is incredibly easy to work with. I have never had any problems with her, except for the occasional dumb mistake that I'll make every once in a while. I feel that I can easily talk to her about any problems that we have with a certain character's actions, as she is very understanding about how things work once they are explained in detail. Her versatility is something that I have a deep respect for."

    "Neptune was one of my sole reasons for roleplaying here, mainly because of my feeling of the need to better myself to catch up to or even surpass her skill in roleplaying. The way that she writes generally makes me very exciting and makes my hair stand on end in the different scenarios that we have played together. Her diverse vocabulary astounds me, and I hope that one day, I can reach or surpass her diversity with words as well."

    "Her characters are so diverse in a way that I could hardly imagine, ranging from humans to even demon like characters. The way that her characters act, speak, and think get my heart racing, which isn't something that's easy to do for someone that's dealt with weird character's bullshit for far too long (seven years, I've been roleplaying since I was thirteen). Her character's reactions to specific circumstances are more than I could have ever hoped for out of the hundreds of characters that I've roleplayed against, and I hope that I will be able to see many more of these diverse reactions in the future"

    Shuya's Rating:


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