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comment/feedback Mobile version

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Just leaving some feedback to say that the mobile version of this site is really awesome. It is easy to navigate and it is better than other sites I usually browse via chrome on my android. 

Thanks for making browsing on the move and in bed easy. :3

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You're very welcome, and thank you for the feedback. 🙂

With a significant percentage of our traffic being from Mobiles now, we've made the site responsive so it looks just as good on the mobile as it does on the desktop.

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    • Spermonator
      By Spermonator
      Hi there.Can anybody help me? I have this problem sometimes i can't logg in.I type the password but it shows me that my password is wrong or incorrect.I can only log in when i change my  password with a new one.I have to change it everytime i want to logging.Please hlp, cause is getting annoying.
    • onearmeddruid
      By onearmeddruid
      Beds of pleasure are large mollusks located in the ancient seas
      Some say they are myths tall tales to keep teens from masturbating and having sex before marriage
      Their are two types of beds of pleasure
      The female is known to produce hallucegenic pheromones making it's pretty see what they desire only to be dragged under the surface and killed
      The male is far different it's shell is larger able to accommodate a human being it uses tentacles to drag it's victims into it's maw once shut the victim is kept alive through fluids secreted from it's tentacles it feels off of ejaculate and will pleasure all who enter it's maw most victims are women and there are times where the pleasure is so great theit minds break. 
      These victims are called the pleasure broke from locals most pleasure broke tend to swim out in order to be caught by another bed often times they swim too far. If they don't seek out another bed they will wander the streets looking for anyone or anything to pleasure them ((only lorewise I don't expect many ocs to get to this point))
    • Neptune
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      I rather like the plot.
      It's got a good motivation for the Empire's kidnapping of Cadus, because of their wide reaching plan. It also makes me feel sympathetic towards Cadus because how he is, was not exactly something he asked for and now that is being used to essentially enslave him. 
      And I like that Arnor has a definite motivation to save him. Although that's two-fold. One; to stop the Empire but I imagine the main one is to save his adopted brother. Am I correct there?
      It's a simple story arch, but an effective one. I think it will definitely make for a good story.
    • SMFoxy
      By SMFoxy
      I've noticed something about the "Dreamer of the month" widget, though it might seem like a random thing to point out, and certainly isn't big.
      The date joined seems to be in the American MM/DD/YYYY format.
      I don't know if this is because that's the default or only option to set it to, it was just something I noticed.

      Other than that, pretty awesome new addition to the site.
    • Mangagirl
      By Mangagirl
      I'm new here and just wanted to say what an fantastic website, whoever created it is a genius, I love all the features and it's pretty easily accessible, seems to be a friendly community.

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