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RP: Seeking Players


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    • ~poppet.hell~
      By ~poppet.hell~
      I'm looking to gm/host a dungeons and dragons inspired erotic role play, where all of the player characters are lesser demons, and have to perform tasks and quests for the demon king they serve. This will have a sense of continuity though it won't be a railroad story, and choices will affect the world and your character. I'm looking for a good mix of male and female characters that are open to a good range of kinks, and are ok with penetration no matter the gender of their character. While succubus and incubus characters are great, make sure your character stands out and don't be afraid to get creative if you want to participate!
      Maximum amount of players: 5
      Blacklisted fetishes: Scat, gore, pedophilia.

      Message me to pitch your character concept and any backstory, and get ready to enjoy a fun, sex-filled campaign! 🙂
    • JeanneAlter
      By JeanneAlter
      Hello everyone, JeanneAlter here, call me simply Jeanne. I just joined in search of literate females and futas that would dominate me hard and kinky.
      Please check my preference sheet and "about me" so that you would understand a little bit about me before inviting me to a private chat.
      I am a submissive lesbian slut, looking for dominant female or futa
      Some plots that I will update as I come up with more ideas:
      Open World Fantasy:
      We are in a world called the Gardesia. In this world, there are humans, elves, dwarfs, and many other humanoid species ruling the land. 
      Magic exists, and demons and monsters lurking around the world with evil thoughts.
      We can choose one of the species and proceed some kinky story from there.
      Slut Breeding Facility:
      In a near future, the government officially announced that they will collect any and all poor and middle class females at age 18, training them to become a baby breeding bag and milking cow.
      They will first enter the separation facility, where they will get their mind rewritten and separated to three groups: the poor sluts, the animal sluts, and wealthy sluts.
      The poor sluts will be thrown into a crowd of lust hungry poor men, and will spend 10 years serving as poor baby breeding slut and stress relieving toy.
      The animal sluts will be separated into cow sluts, horse sluts, and pig sluts. They will get their womb modified so that they can breed with actual animals. They will spend at least 15 years as animal sluts.
      The wealthy sluts will be impregnated by the wealthy class, and spend at least 10 years, and after that they will either continue or be sold to the wealthy class that they can get their body and mind modified to what their customers needs (ie breast expansion, replace mind so that they can act like a dog, piercings, etc).
      Work in Progress....
      I am open to other kinky plots, so feel free to send your ideas ladies~
    • ArdillaVerde93
      By ArdillaVerde93
      I'm hoping I can find a partner for at least one of several RP ideas. SMFoxy and I used to RP often. Sadly, Foxy has been quite understandably busy as of late. We involved several extreme kinks, so it's been hard to find someone as open-minded as Foxy. The following is a list, based on RPs Foxy and I have done. Sex is NOT the focus here. I'm terrible at sex scenes.
      *Storm Maids*
      Transformation Diapers Hyperscat and Hyper Watersports Extreme weight gain Mental rewriting Hyper lactation Extreme "musk" Tyler's beloved team of 6 Pokémon, after surviving a terrible storm, were transformed by their desire to protect their trainer. They became anthropomorphic Pokémaids, able to be controlled and altered by commands from Tyler. They also, without his intervention, became completely diaper dependant, and each one gained very extreme quirks.
      Vaporeon: hyper wetting and hyper messing. Sylveon: obsession with looking as pretty and feminine as possible. Pachirisu: ridiculously easy to dominate with even the most innocent request. Bellossom: inhumanly strongly scented; always reeks of flowery perfume. Wigglytuff: severe allergies to healthy food; can only eat fattening, unhealthy food. Immune to all obesity-related medical conditions. Loves being treated like a stuffed doll. Goodra: extreme MILF transformation, physically and mentally. Tyler is in no way abusive to these girls, and they are truly happy to serve him. But Tyler refuses to accept that they're happy of their own free will; he's convinced the transformation forced them to enjoy being subservient, despite that not being the case. He wants them returned to normal. I'm looking for someone capable of doing that, or someone to play the girls, and convince Tyler not to force them to change back.
      *Fetish World*
      Practically anything. You and my character are in a magical place, with sections that cater to even the oddest fetishes. Nothing is taboo, as long as it takes place in the correct section. Wanna be stuffed in the pouch of a loving, maternal kangaroo? Go for it! Wanna eat at a diner where the waitresses are all permanently pregnant bunnygirls, often giving birth while taking an order? No problem! Wanna be hit on by a kitsune several thousands of years old? She has all the time in the world for you. Looking for someone to have lots of fun with!~
      *Realistic Doll*
      Anything you're comfortable with. A doll takes on a life of its own, and wants only to make its owner happy. It can do practically anything the owner asks, and says adorable, loving things when a string on its back is pulled. Looking for someone to be the doll, or to be the owner.
      The doll is of a Pokémon, and whatever happens to the doll happens to the Pokémon. No snuff, but everything else is fine.
      Send me an EcchiText, or comment here, and we can work something out. Please keep in mind, though, that I will not tolerate masculinisation of feminine characters, or racial slurs in RP, and that I cannot do large posts continuously. I hope to hear from you. ❤️
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