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It's another day at the guild!

m6Kar32.png 7jdnywG.png

But, there seems to be something happening...

OQsgYno.png kYagikB.png 522MFUg.png

Apparently, someone's hear to see us at the entrance to the guild. Something must be up, and I'm willing to bet Team Skull is up to it.

bDJLptv.png fmqRP7j.png

MQDE8X0.png Qrh2AEL.png ucTrfVa.png

As we go to see meet with our visitors, we find Marill and Azurill at the entrance to the guild! They've come to us for help finding their missing Water Float... Of course, that's the very item they'd gone to the beach to retreive, and we all know who happened to be listening in on that conversation...

wmGz8Ev.png ezaBLay.png

UnD8HtT.png 4tinY1p.png f0HDcgN.png

w418XKX.png enJ6qNb.png

Well, that's a very distinctive laugh. Distinctive enough that Skuntank can't even resist writing it out on paper. While Pep is somehow completely oblivious, it's pretty clear who's involved in this mess and it looks like we'll need to go to a new dungeon, Amp Plains, in order to fix this.

Apparently, Marill has tried to recover the item himself but keeps getting knocked out trying to go through Amp Plains due to the prominence of electric pokemon, and that's why he's come to us for help since we rescued Azurill last time they found themselves in danger. Naturally, we agree to help them out!

0WP6FKu.png GbOujHY.png MyoSV5S.png

With our promise made, we now have access to our next dungeon!


Before we go, I'd like to note that we got another Unexplored Dungeon mission, but I won't be looking into this one just yet since we're a bit caught up in the narrative at the moment, but next time we need to do bulletin board requests, you can bet we'll be doing this one.



o_mdex_004.png o_mdex_387.png o_mdex_066.png o_mdex_422-west.png

Team Outreach


While we're talking about in-between stuff, why don't we go over what loot Team Outreach got during their previous expedition?

TreasureChestR.png Tears.png

The Cute Box held Cleffa Dew which boosts the Special Attack of the Cleffa line.

TreasureChestY.png YellowGummi.png Seeds.png Seeds.png

And the three Deluxe Boxes opened up to a Yellow Gummi as well as two Heal Seeds. Not the most exciting haul, but it's certainly something!



After making our usual preparations, it's time to set out for Amp Plains!


iwxlhhY.png cV5bGag.png pL9LNHP.png

We arrive at the entrance to the new dungeon and Pep seems quite peeved about the whole ordeal, and for good reason!



Amp Plains

The music in this dungeon gives me major memories of Rescue Team's ost at parts, I'm pretty sure there was a track in that game that sounded just like the opening to this one. But beyond that, parts of the song also really remind me of Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages. It's certainly a bizarre song.

Anyway, Amp Plains is the first required dungeon that features monster houses. You can also find traps here, which is something that didn't appear in Rescue Team until the postgame! So we're certainly in for a treat going forward with this game... This is certainly where I think I'd say the game is starting to ramp up toward its more serious difficulty, so be prepared for a larger variety of challenges in future dungeons.

PokeDollar.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png IronThorn.png Apple.png Cheri.png Oran.png Pecha.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Medicine.png TM.png Orb.png

Across all floors between both versions, you can find Poke, Pecha Scarves, Power, Special, and Stamina Bands, Iron Thorns, Apples, Cheri, Oran, and Pecha Berries, Blast, Heal, Pure, Reviver, and Sleep Seeds, Max Elixirs, TMs, and Wonder Orbs.


The Pure Seed is an extremely valuable new item that's subtly slipped in here. If you find any of these, you're definitely going to want to save them. These seeds will warp you to the room with stairs, meaning they can essentially allow you to skip a floor entirely.

Garments.png Scopes.png BlackGummi.png ClearGummi.png GoldGummi.png GrayGummi.png PinkGummi.png PurpleGummi.png RedGummi.png Royal.png YellowGummi.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

Exclusive to Explorers of Darkness, you can find Twist Bands, Insomniscopes, Black, Clear, Gold, Gray, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, and Yellow Gummis, Violent, and X-eye Seeds, and version exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.

BlueGummi.png BrownGummi.png GrassGummi.png GreenGummi.png OrangeGummi.png SilverGummi.png SkyGummi.png WhiteGummi.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

The Time exclusives include Blue, Brown, Grass, Green, Orange, Silver, Sky, and White Gummis, Stun, and Warp Seeds, and version exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.


And then, of course, we have the fun of traps. Once again, the Trip Trap is the only trap consistent across both versions.


Other than Trip Traps, Explorers of Darkness only has to be concerned with Slumber Traps.

4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

Meanwhile, Summon and Warp Traps are both found in Explorers of Time.


Amp Plans [1F - 3F]

o_mdex_311.png o_mdex_312.png o_mdex_179.png o_mdex_231.png o_mdex_239.png

For the first three floors, you'll find Plusle, Minun, Mareep, Phanpy, and Elekid.


And it's on the first floor here that I actually got a new recruit!



New Recruit: Team Persevere


March (Mareep M); Lv. 17


Item: None

Ability: Static | Moves: Tackle, Growl, ThunderShock, Thunder Wave


Amp Plains [4F]

o_mdex_311.png o_mdex_312.png o_mdex_179.png o_mdex_231.png o_mdex_239.png o_mdex_403.png

The fourth floor introduces Shinx to the mix!


Amp Plains [5F]

o_mdex_311.png o_mdex_312.png o_mdex_179.png o_mdex_231.png o_mdex_239.png o_mdex_403.png o_mdex_203.png

On the fifth floor, Girafarig comes along as well.


Amp Plains [6F - 7F]

o_mdex_179.png o_mdex_231.png o_mdex_239.png o_mdex_403.png o_mdex_203.png

Plusle and Minun drop off on the 6th floor. There is something special about the 7th floor, but it's not going to become apparent until later on in the game.


Amp Plains [8F]

o_mdex_231.png o_mdex_239.png o_mdex_403.png o_mdex_203.png o_mdex_180.png

On the 8th floor, Mareep is replaced by its evolution, Flaaffy, which only has a 0.5% recruitment rate.


Amp Plains [9F]

o_mdex_403.png o_mdex_203.png o_mdex_180.png o_mdex_469.png

On the 9th floor, Phanpy and Elekid are replaced with Yannmega! Yanmega has a negative recruitment rate, though, so don't expect to get one anytime soon.


Amp Plains [10F]

o_mdex_403.png o_mdex_203.png o_mdex_180.png o_mdex_469.png o_mdex_125.png

And finally, Electabuzz joins on the 10th floor. Its recruitment rate is notably low like Flaaffy.



The 11th floor of the dungeon is a rest area where you can heal up and save the game.

44aYAhs.png KxrO2Yv.png

Once you're prepared to continue toward the final stretch of the dungeon, head off to the north.



aiqVDyJ.png OJlWL8j.png KdXa8QJ.png

Back in Treasure Town, it seems Marill and Azurill are chatting with Kecleon about what's going on. It seems we're starting to develop quite a positive reputation among the town!

fjnG3xD.png xBmzzdz.png

As the group are chatting, Dusknoir arrives and inquires about the conversation.

uyDjjzP.png ZuYYFXD.png VSAA5yJ.png

Kecleon fills Dusknoir in on the updated story...

iI2Dv2M.png SLJhBYb.png

E3MlKhn.png 4ujqTQq.png 8vl3MFm.png

After some back and forth about the villains responsible for this needlessly cruel prank, Dusknoir inquires about where exactly we had to go to retrieve this Water Float, which Marill answers, Amp Plains...

ZVGoRXn.png dSjSaFV.png

Og55mo6.png DQqEqqV.png 8bXwQtX.png

J9cMgFu.png yrZ1HeU.png

...But this seems to get an unexpected rise out of Dusknoir. Apparently, we're in a lot more danger than we thought!



Far Amp Plains

The music changes in the second part of the dungeon and things get a bit hectic, strangely, this one gives me vibes of Pokemon Snap at times? Ironically, there happens to be a Kecleon Shop right here. It's just a shame Kecleon can't instantly communicate with his brethren.

Anyway, this part of the dungeon is the same in terms of items and traps.


Far Amp Plains [1F]

o_mdex_403.png o_mdex_203.png o_mdex_469.png o_mdex_180.png o_mdex_125.png o_mdex_128.png 

Shinx, Girafarig, Yanmega, Flaaffy, Electabuzz, and Tauros are all available on the first floor. Tauros has a low recruitment rate as well.


Far Amp Plains [2F]

o_mdex_203.png o_mdex_469.png o_mdex_180.png o_mdex_125.png o_mdex_128.png o_mdex_085.png

Shinx falls off on the 2nd floor in favor of Dodrio.


Far Amp Plains [3F - 4F]

o_mdex_469.png o_mdex_180.png o_mdex_125.png o_mdex_128.png o_mdex_085.png o_mdex_309.png

On the third floor, Girafarig is replaced with Electrike.

CtLg7GC.png ZZHQojQ.png


On the 3rd floor, I obtained a Heavy Box and a new recruit!



New Recruit: Team Persevere


Charge (Electrike M); Lv. 20


Item: None

Ability: Static, LightningRod | Moves: Leer, Howl, Quick Attack, Spark


Far Amp Plains [5F]

o_mdex_180.png o_mdex_125.png o_mdex_128.png o_mdex_085.png o_mdex_309.png o_mdex_404.png

And on the fifth floor, you lose Yanmega in exchange for Luxio, who has a low recruitment rate.


Far Amp Plains [6F - 9F]

o_mdex_125.png o_mdex_128.png o_mdex_085.png o_mdex_309.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_181.png

At floor 6, Flaaffy is replaced with its evolution, Ampharos. Ampharos has a negative recruitment rate.



On the 8th floor, a pokemon happened to drop a Deluxe Box!



Amp Clearing

bkGg9wF.png 4mt5vBu.png

As we reach the depths of the Amp Plains, thunder strikes the ground forming a rather scary atmosphere.

g6V1qo1.png bobbyPj.png FMvfXUQ.png

But as we press forward, we finally find the very Water Float we're after! It seems it's been left abandoned here!

zr3oxO1.png 8h4HeyK.png

But as we grow to approach further, lightning strikes and the sky grows dark...

4Nod0Gq.png UiqeMia.png QizbxaO.png

HTqTadd.png BmO3pO2.png

A voice calls out to us, claiming that this territory belongs to them. Pep tries to hide, but they can still see us even in the darkness.

ND7HpfP.png tnKrwNU.png h0rYmKC.png

LuioVVg.png ND2nIoO.png

When flushed out of hiding, Pep demands to know the source of the voice which identifies itself as Luxray, leader of the Luxio tribe!

UV5oJoT.png WgD9wX6.png hOZrM7e.png

And when the darkness is cleared, we find that we're completely surrounded by Luxray and many Luxio!



o_mdex_152.png o_mdex_393.png o_mdex_088.png o_mdex_114.png

Team Persevere


Aura (Chikorita M); Lv. 26


Item: Sky Blue Bow WaterblueRibbon.png

Ability: Overgrow | Moves: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Reflect, Synthesis


Pep (Piplup M); Lv. 26


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Torrent | Moves: Fury Attack, BubbleBeam, Growl, Peck


Slick (Grimer F); Lv. 25


Item: Persim Band Garments.png

Ability: Stench, Sticky Hold | Moves: Minimize, Disable, Sludge, Mud Bomb


Cover (Tangela M); Lv. 23


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Chlorophyll, Leaf Guard | Moves: Sleep Powder + Poison Powder, Vine Whip, Growth


o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png


Vs. The Luxio Tribe


This is a rather unique boss fight within the world of Mystery Dungeon. Essentially, it's a boss fight designed around the similar situation you might find yourself in within a Monster House. You're completely surrounded on all sides by Luxio while Luxray himself closes in from ahead. The Luxio are actually kinda pushovers on their own, so try to take them out quickly. The main threat here is, of course, Luxio, but you can thankfully use some seeds to keep him out of the picture until the mooks are cleared out. You're going to need to put a lot of faith in your partners and manage their tactics and move restrictions appropriately. Watch their health and use Oran Berries to heal anyone in danger! If you're in a safe position, you can also swap places with a partner to prevent them from taking as much damage at the cost of forcing them to waste their turn moving. Try to pick off Luxio that are adjacent to the partner surrounded by the most of them to keep the damage spread fairly even, unless that pokemon happens to also be extremely bulky. Slick's stench could potentially come in useful here by discouraging Luxio that attack him.

Just be wary that, as a boss fight, wonder orbs like Spurn Orbs or Totter Orbs which are normally solid answers to Monster Houses aren't going to be usable here.

U6qSj9G.png jFSnpLT.png

Starting right off the bat, you're positioned in such a way at the start where only one target is in range unless you have a room-wide attack like Vacuum Cut that can target all of the Luxio in the room. You can either throw a Seed or Spike at this Luxio, or use a ranged attack like Razor Leaf in my case. The Luxio went down pretty quick, so only 7 remain! Your partners that don't have enemies in their immediate range will close in on your position unless you change their tactics away from "Let's go together". This is generally pretty wise, but keep this behavior in mind when you feel it might compromise their position. Remember you can set their tactics to "Go after foes", "Get away from here" or "Wait there" if necessary to alter their behavior.

1dVUARC.png AaBcti2.png

As the enemies start to close in, more of them will be in range of your attacks. As soon as Luxray was in range, I immediately threw a Sleep Seed at him to stop him in his place and render him helpless so I could focus on the smaller guys.


Cover's focus here was to keep his side locked down while I came along to give him some assistance. He doesn't have a whole lot of HP, so he can go down very quickly

XkUqyuO.png f0Ma2CY.png

Since Cover's surrounding Luxio were all asleep at the moment, I focused my attention on the Luxio southeast of me so that I could both reduce the damage input for Slick as well as free up a potential escape route for Cover if necessary, this lead to KOing the third Luxio! Meanwhile, Pep decided to focus his efforts on taking out Luxray which ultimately proved successful! With his range, he'd also be able to pick off the Luxio circling around from behind the rock!


Cover's Vine Whip took out the third of the 8 Luxio.

VRHlJ6B.png tBuFCXi.png

I tried to use an Oran Berry to heal off Cover, hoping he'd be capable of picking off the Luxio that was still asleep while I try and distract the others.

9YkKzOE.png 8l8dBAv.png

Unfortunately, due to some bad luck with Luxio waking up early, Cover found himself getting KO'd and had to take a Reviver Seed. But each of us took out one of the remaining four Luxio, leaving only one more. And with a simple Tackle, that one was defeated quickly.

I'll be honest, this was a boss fight that I was a lot more nervous about than I should've been. I thought these guys would be a lot more dangerous than they ended up being. I also was under the impression that all of them having Intimidate would make them a lot more threatening. In hindsight,t he only one that was even affected by Intimidate appears to be Slick. The Luxio all went down to one solid hit and Luxray could be easily disabled with items just found lying around in the dungeon.



o_mdex_004.png o_mdex_387.png o_mdex_066.png o_mdex_422-west.png

Team Outreach


Liz (Charmander F); Lv. 25


Item: Red Bow RedRibbon.png

Ability: Blaze | Moves: Fire Fang, SmokeScreen + Scary Face, Ember


Sprout (Turtwig M); Lv. 25


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Overgrow | Moves: Bite, Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Mega Drain


Strength (Machop F); Lv. 23


Item: Persim Band Garments.png

Ability: Guts, No Guard | Moves: Foresight + Leer, Focus Energy + Karate Chop


Shelly (Shellos M); Lv. 21


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Storm Drain, Sticky Hold | Moves: Mud-Slap + Harden, Water Pulse, Mud Bomb


o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png o_mdex_404.png


Team Outreach's experience with the Luxio tribe was even more of a joke. With their more offensive presence, we could easily wipe out the Luxio without any problems. An X-Eye Seed was all that was needed to keep Luxray out of the picture while we picked off his underlings and the rest just fell into place as we each of them fell one after another before we were able to surround Luxray and finish the fight.


bc52hRX.png mIXYMq3.png

Upon defeat, Luxray only grows even angrier at our determination to fight back and threatens to attack us even more ferociously!

SCEjOa7.png OlaiRNT.png PEfVso6.png

Pep tries to call reason with Luxray, but he won't have it and prepares a powerful attack!

WH2fini.png rE71CiZ.png

Suddenly, a voice interrupts the standoff!

hPiP2hZ.png SCK9S7I.png DvEYPt5.png

It's Dusknoir! He's come to our aid!

AJATnI5.png hfBAfAf.png

carySQX.png T2q6Lwe.png nQtZNDc.png

Dusknoir does what he can to justify our presence here and absolve Luxray of his anger and to apologize for our trespassing on our behalf.

dc1BT5G.png 1iWLtYG.png

BTGOgul.png GzyU6K2.png ogZxAvF.png

Luxray seems surprised by his knowledge about the history of the Luxio clan and ultimately chooses to believe him when he claims we are here only to run an errand and allows us to claim the Water Float for our mission on the promise that we be on our way immediately after.

7yHvIQ8.png J6zIiQS.png

Pep is certainly relieved that Dusknoir came in to resolve tensions at just the right time.

Rcri83O.png OsxJP7S.png UlfIhCL.png

sbnomxV.png kdsX6PG.png

Apparently the Luxio Tribe are a nomadic tribe that stays on the move and the Amp Plans are where they choose to dwell due to the constant thunderstorms around this time of year. However, at one point, they were attacked by a powerful enemy here and suffered great injuries, so they have become increasingly violent to anyone who trespasses into this area they claim to be their territory so as not to give anyone the chance to catch them by surprise again.

I07DbID.png sxFCpdE.png 4IroFLI.png

bgl05EM.png UtplHUe.png

We quickly run up to the Water Float, which Dusknoir confirms the identity of.

4Fue9ab.png LwH1jul.png unpDeJ9.png

HsBDTib.png I6e8Pf4.png

Ever slow on the uptake, Pep asks how the Water Float would've ended up in a place like this, to which Dusknoir explains the obvious, that it was placed here intentionally to put us in danger.

aFPnFTP.png g4jUrAs.png KTeAKEw.png

A bit more interesting, however, is that Dusknoir seems to be aware of the presence of some others watching us from afar.

AhMnYSM.png OKeeN36.png

And who would it be besides Team Skull?

cmukxdK.png xDvsGdE.png HQc5J64.png

IMSn0io.png EAlIx64.png

mrg2qjv.png fMh7y9F.png yxCTPNa.png

Team Skull shamelessly confesses to their dirty plan to defeat us, and admits that Dusknoir's intervention made things go far less smoothly for them than they would've liked.

nkZLmK9.png Zcsbvk4.png

bdJEkQy.png 6NBkeNP.png YJ7KW81.png

The spineless Skuntank knows he's no match for Dusknoir, so he decides to back down once again to avoid another round of humiliation just like with Wigglytuff.

kcptGGc.png lyX3Ubw.png

Dusknoir insists that it would be a waste of time to give chase to Team Skull and instead draws our eattnetion back to delivering the Water Float to the brothers back in Treasure Town. They're going to be delighted to finally have their precious Water Float back!


And that's where we're going to be putting things off for today. Next time we'll return the Water Float and perhaps get to know Dusknoir a little better in the process?

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GrObFsw.png 0sHjJ73.png OVEeJd4.png

YFETQPf.png Ac0SEEB.png

As expected, Azurill and Marill are absolutely delighted to finally have their Water Float back! This item has put them through a lot of trouble after having lost it, and it simply must mean a lot!

Y4jniOG.png ouuISBw.png GL75KWx.png

eRzKxGw.png zkeLbKZ.png

Kecleon seems to have nothing but high praise for the both of us after being witness to our heroics multiple times!

7ZReBKE.png BIZueqm.png 9s4StJx.png

eMmJ1zc.png DLWpgLJ.png

As Kecleon brings up our previous rescue of Azurill, Pep explains how we were able to locate Azurill so quickly, mentioning the vision I'd had before...

2VYk1tT.png yxNux0k.png sutnrfx.png

This explanation seems to peak Dusknoir's interest, which makes Pep realize that he very well could know something about our ability!

tqB7Rdc.png wwS2XsY.png

He proceeds to explain everything we know about these dizzy spells and visions.

Pd3yZpx.png kBG2I4j.png 5CCjnRd.png

Dusknoir seems to immediately identify the phenomenon! It even has a name! "The Dimensional Scream"! That name sounds a bit foreboding, but I'm sure everything's fine...

WVdbj8h.png D3qS58O.png

dk3KoiW.png 3H2K083.png HH4nEAE.png

Realizing just how extensive Dusknoir's wealth of knowledge seems to be, we just might be able to get a new lead out of him by asking some questions...

A7AAI0Y.png aswQQnk.png

GrA2hMy.png U8BQd6S.png ZZxA3NC.png

We explain where I came from as we walk to the beach where we were found. Pep explains that all we could remember was our name and that we were previously a human...

iCBzNy3.png AqPO4Tb.png

GZzEcVD.png iPYhULE.png pLXNwKG.png

Even Dusknoir can't seem to wrap his mind around a human randomly transforming into a pokemon, so I suppose he has no knowledge of the events of Rescue Team... I suppose it's not impossible to assume Rescue Team simply exists in a different universe or this game takes place before Rescue Team. It seems like the protagonist from the first game being a human would've been a pretty prominent headline around the world, especially for someone who values infromation as much as Dusknoir. It seems a bit odd they wouldn't take the opportunity to slip a reference here, but I'm sure there's some reason he wouldn't have that knowledge.

nROATLP.png rxDlMKa.png

Dusknoir ponders the idea of a human with the Dimensional Scream ability before asking our name...

Ge7yhEg.png GmkD1UY.png FxwE2TF.png

2hJOtMQ.png KHjaaEY.png

L0QwVhR.png GO0Ge9A.png M4WuU0m.png

When we tell him our name, Dusknoir claims it doesn't mean anything to him, yet he seems to react strangely to Pep's question... My first time seeing this cutscene, I was suspecting that maybe he knew me as a human somehow and was waiting to reveal that for some reason, but looking back, I'm starting to wonder if, perhaps, he's glad he doesn't recognize our name. I'm wondering if our little Time Gear Thief happens to also be a human with the dimensional scream ability? It does seem as though the ability would be necessary to track down the Time Gears as efficiently as this thief seems to be... Perhaps Dusknoir might've been suspicious of us for a little bit and been relieved that we're not the one he's after? Again, I'm just spitballing with speculation here. By this point, I am in 100% blind territory, so absolutely everything from her on is completely new to me, I've managed to avoid spoilers pretty thoroughly for this game, so I'm genuinely curious where this story will go from here!

RtxwYkN.png yqMEI2j.png

Dusknoir apologizes for being unable to help us about our past, but goes on to explain the Dimensional Scream in a bit more detail. He explains that it is unknown how to learn or inherit the ability, but that it causes sounds and images to slice through the boundaries of time and reach pokemon with the ability through objects they touch. These images and sounds are then manifested as visions of the past or future during our dizzy spells.

dXAIaHQ.png bMBUgRi.png QATT5iB.png

Dusknoir offers his cooperation in helping us to uncover the mystery of our transformation into a pokemon, and perhaps he'll help us master the dimensional scream as well? If my theory about the Time Gear thief being a human with the Dimensional Scream holds true, then perhaps Dusknoir's interest in helping us investigate this mystery is related to his search for the thief. Finding out how we became a pokemon could help as a lead to understanding how the thief might've transformed as well.

LR44JRO.png MjTo2wl.png

As we speak, a couple of Pelipper suddenly fly by overhead...


xQRZ8D8.png SKSoLBY.png

There are a lot of Pelipper flying around, perhaps there's some serious news spreading right now...

3fVJi79.png Tyy5KsK.png Xra3Rjo.png

CScklwS.png 0f1XcYz.png

It seems there's an emergency meeting at the guild. It must be related to the Pelipper...



Now that the name Grovyle is dropped, I suppose I can stop playing coy about the identity of the thief. Not that the game has been particularly subtle. Just like Wigglytuff in the vision at Waterfall Cave, his silhouette isn't exactly hard to identify. Not to mention there's actually a flash of lightning in the first scene that shows him, revealing his full color. I just happened to miss it when taking screenshots. But, I've been dancing around saying his name because the game hasn't outright dropped it yet.

CX76Prd.png avuXX6t.png

There seems to be a commotion at the Outlaw Notice Board.

prQX55Z.png tNRYIAp.png srFaIGC.png

It seems that yet another Time Gear has been stolen...

j7oZTIx.png 7mwPJTi.png

Chatot seems to have a difficult time bringing up where the gear was stolen from this time...

V0XEkre.png 77TxiEx.png H48wrKH.png

Indeed, the Time Gear was stolen from Fogbound Lake.

pnFgIm1.png ihgXoTD.png

i9Cvo8h.png xKrpwky.png l5bgb0x.png

1BUTgg0.png 77eWD0f.png

The gear being stolen from the lake is absolutely mysterious. How could the thief have known if we're the only ones ever to see it without having our memories wiped? Pep brings up the possibility that maybe somebody leaked it, but the guild members immediately take offense to the suggestion. It doesn't seem like anybody would've leaked the info... Even still, the timing is incredibly suspicious. This happens just after our expedition to the lake?

j2dIjCU.png YOh9b6f.png 5owBjXS.png

Dusknoir is, of course, confused by the sudden revelation that there was a Time Gear at Fogbound Lake since he was told our expedition was a failure.

oheBJ6f.png KJEfhcE.png

Wigglytuff apologizes to Dusknoir and explains the promise the guild made with Uxie.

tdIkPv4.png 8RPgJYt.png BOvKC7s.png

Apparently this thief arrived alone at Fogbound Lake, took out Uxie, and stole the Time Gear. Thankfully, Uxie is alright and now under the protection of Magnezone and his squad, but with Uxie's safety means we now have a witness to the identity of the thief who's been stealing these Time Gears...

URH1rpu.png jOP7xJT.png

ZAwlefc.png HJkRdyB.png zLtIuun.png

The thief's name is Grovyle. No doubt a highly dangerous foe... This wanted poster must be what all those Pelipper were delivering around the world. This must be the most wanted criminal in the world right now.

3vSDDgJ.png VACiPIn.png yiqnGD1.png

nAVwjgg.png Ngk30tl.png

All this negativity seems to be bothering the guildmaster...

nT6c2hC.png LDuJifc.png cK2wPEX.png

His rage seems to be building again, and the room starts to rumble...


asbzzzE.png 88V4ZeL.png

VNQBOWQ.png mxF1fRU.png 7Xz2KkU.png

It seems that Wigglytuff has been spurred into action! The guildmaster's wrath is full-set on Grovyle, so at this point you almost hav eto feel sorry for him!

KeSn2rR.png NPAcuRi.png

And so, Chatot makes the official announcement that, going forward, the guild will be putting its full focus on capturing Grovyle.

OdeC2NN.png ao9aP0q.png UYCVvfn.png

The whole guild seems to be on board!

K4wvtSg.png 7HA5ntk.png

vAvgER0.png WDBkOtD.png mUSd6E5.png

And so, Dusknoir announces to Wigglytuff that he will work with the guild to pursue Grovyle. Once again, I have my suspicions that seeking Grovyle was his intention from the very start, but I suppose that hasn't been outright stated yet.

5SB3vDA.png d0oGi4p.png

So, Chatot and Wigglytuff take the time to devise a strategy for catching Grovyle off guard. In the meantime, he urges us all to prepare for exploration!



Before long, we find ourselves back in Treasure Town to make preparations as needed!


First thing's first, I've got some more treasure boxes to open!

TreasureChestY.png Waters.png

The Deluxe Box opened up to a Marill Dew, which boosts the defense of the Azurill line.

TreasureChestB.png Claws.png

And the Heavy Box opened to a Magby Claw which boosts the attack of the Magby line.



Team Outreach


Team Outreach also had some treasure boxes to open, though I failed to take note of the first one, so take it with a grain of salt, but I believe it was a heavy box.

TreasureChestB.png TM.png

This opened into a TM for Flamethrower.

TreasureChestB.png Furs.png

The Light Box opened into Monfer Hair.

TreasureChestY.png Scopes.png

And the Shiny Box opened into an Insomniscope.



Once you've finished making preparations in Treasure Town, you'll need to make your way back to the Guild in order to proceed. Don't worry, you'll get a chance to access Chimecho Assembly soon before doing any dungeon exploration.

Ph7e2pc.png NOIlORT.png Mi2xNXN.png

Chatot begins our meeting by explaining that, since Grovyle has been after the Time Gears, the best course of action for capturing him would be to find another Time Gear and ambush him when he arrives to steal it. Of course, the first step to that plan is to actually find a Time Gear before Grovyle. And if Fogbound Lake was anything to go off of, that's not going to be a very easy task.

With the help of Dusknoir, the guild is able to narrow down some locations that are suspect as locations of Time Gears. The plan is to split the group into several squads and investigate these suspicious locations.

o_mdex_294.png o_mdex_341.png

Loudred and Corphish will be headed to the Eastern Forest.

o_mdex_399.png o_mdex_051.png o_mdex_192.png

Bidoof, Dugtrio, and Sunflora are all set for Crystal Cave.

o_mdex_152.png o_mdex_393.png

And finally, we're told to go to search the Northern Desert. Hopefully at least one of these locations will turn out to be the location of a Time Gear which we can use.

o_mdex_050.png o_mdex_358.png o_mdex_453.png

Diglett, Chimecho, and Croagunk will remain at the guild to maintain their duties. Chatot doesn't want to leave the guild unguarded, after all.

uzmnHxU.png zFsxsOU.png

Pep asks about the location of this desert, which Chatot decides to show us on our map.

F6Cy2Ol.png 3g2r8A4.png Y37gZMD.png

Just like Fogbound Lake, the desert is covered on the map with clouds due to being unexplored, but it is rumored a vast desert extends beyond this point on the map due to the dry terrain in the area. Dusknoir and Chatot suspect a Time Gear to be hidden in the depths of the desert.

La2DMsL.png VvsUvYh.png

Wigglytuff encourages everyone on their journeys and we immediately get to work tracking down the remaining time gears!


Dusknoir gives us a heads-up that the Northern Desert is riddled with Sandstorms. It might not be that hard to deduce, but do consider that on floors with sandstorms, your natural recovery will be a lot slower. Packing some extra Oran Berries or Sunny and Rainy Orbs and the like might be beneficial.

VbLLuzy.png fL8LuKg.png

Real quick, I want to stop by Chimecho Assembly to finally make a long-overdue change to our team. We finally have a fourth party member that doesn't share a type with anyone else on the team! In fact, we have two between March and Charge, but Charge is the one we're going with! He'll be traveling with us going forward!


And finally, we do have some more diary entries to look into!

Jes1kA8.png BdJxPzt.png

Sunflora's 10th entry is all just gushing about Dusknoir. It's kinda cute, actually.

2ldt5DY.png 3icbVzF.png

Bidoof's, on the other hand, is focusing on his inability to sleep due to Croagunk creeping him out recently. Apparently Croagunk used to sleep by his Swap Cauldron most of the time, leaving Bidoof alone with Loudred, but recently, Croagunk's been sleeping in his bed a lot more and continues with his... rather poor social skills leading to really creepy interactions that make the poor Bidoof uncomfortable. It's really hard to gauge whether or not Croagunk does this on purpose or is even aware of the effect he has on people. He's a strange one.


Anyway, once you've made your final preparations, you can head out for the Northern Desert!


YVTFg23.png csn73wp.png 9A1vWYz.png



Northern Desert

This desert stretching to the far north is a bit of an endurance challenge with no checkpoints along the way, the first point where dungeons start to get a little bit longer, but as you know, they'll certainly get a lot longer with time. Items available throughout the dungeon are a bit more limited than the usual selection as well. Notably, there's no food besides Grimy Food, so you might want to bring at least one Apple in case you have bad luck finding the stairs. Since the game's still pulling its punches a bit, there are no monster houses, but you do still have to be worried about traps.

PokeDollar.png IronThorn.png GrimyFood.png Orb.png

The only items you can find throughout the dungeon are Poke, Iron Thorns, Grimy Food, and Wonder Orbs.

Stick.png Orb.png

In Explorers of Darkness, you can also find Sticks. (Oh... boy?) Of course, there are also version exclusive Wonder Orbs between the two versions.

The selection of traps are the same as Amp Plains.


The Trip Trap is consistent between versions.


The Slumber Trap is only in Explorers of Darkness,

4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

while the Summon and Warp traps are in Explorers of Time.


Northern Desert [1F - 6F]

o_mdex_343.png o_mdex_104.png o_mdex_304.png o_mdex_331.png o_mdex_246.png o_mdex_027.png o_mdex_328.png

For the first six floors, you'll run into Baltoy, Cubone, Aron, Cacnea, Larvitar, Sandshrew, and Trapinch. Cubone and Cacnea are probably the most threatening of these foes due to their ranged attacks that can hit you multiple times, Bonemerang and Pin Missile. Approach them carefully and attack form range if you can! Trapinch's Arena Trap can also be a bit annoying as it'll temporarily freeze a pokemon in place even after it's defeated.


Starting on the fourth floor in Explorers of Darkness, you can begin to find Silver Spikes!


And on the sixth floor, a sandstorm is brewing which will damage everybody except Ground, Rock, and Steel types for 3 HP every 5 turns. You'll heal off the damage through your natural healing as you walk around, but it'll make healing from damage after battle take a lot longer, so watch your and your partners' HP! In addition, this will trigger abilities like Sandshrew and Cacnea's Sand Veil, so be a bit more wary of them. If you have any means such as an orb or weather move, floors with sandstorms are a good place to change the weather to remove their negative effects.


Northern Desert [7F]

o_mdex_343.png o_mdex_104.png o_mdex_304.png o_mdex_331.png o_mdex_246.png o_mdex_027.png o_mdex_328.png o_mdex_455.png

Carnivine joins the fun on the 7th floor.



Northern Desert [8F]

The atmosphere of the desert changes on the 8th floor, it looks like the sun's setting which means the weather's probably getting a bit cooler, too.

o_mdex_104.png o_mdex_304.png o_mdex_331.png o_mdex_246.png o_mdex_027.png o_mdex_328.png o_mdex_455.png o_mdex_111.png

Baltoy is gone on this floor in favor of Rhyhorn.


Northern Desert [9F]

o_mdex_246.png o_mdex_027.png o_mdex_328.png o_mdex_455.png o_mdex_111.png o_mdex_305.png o_mdex_332.png

Cubone leaves on the 9th floor while Aron and Cacnea are replaced with their evolutions Lairon and Cacturne.


Ar3PFat.png LnZ8yok.png

Northern Desert [10F - 15F]

Floors 10 and 11 are shrouded in sandstorms.

o_mdex_027.png o_mdex_328.png o_mdex_455.png o_mdex_111.png o_mdex_305.png o_mdex_332.png

Larvitar drops off here.


7NCwSeU.png pj0YpCY.png

As we reach the end of the dungeon, we'll come across the depths of the desert where there are large pools of quicksand that are too dangerous to approach. This is unfortunately looking like a dead end with no Time Gear in sight... how unfortunate...

cHDb5Hs.png xN8OYzC.png HnTxq0b.png

...and yet, I seem to be getting the same strange deja vu sensation that I had back at Fogbound Lake...

K0YV5OA.png mOdMR62.png

Well, with no clear way forward, Pep decides it's time to go back. Recognizing that we're lost in thought, he decides to push us along... kind of rude! I really don't think this feeling is something to ignore given that last time it happened was near a Time Gear! But, there's just nothing we can do but trust everything will sort out okay.


B0pw90W.png jXNzWFi.png

As we return home, we can chart out the new territory, expanding the world map that much further!


VlUD0mh.png SlXzQH8.png 6tq1LeF.png

It seems that we weren't alone in our failure to discover any Time Gears. None of the squads were able to gather any information. The only thing to come out of these adventures was Bidoof who happened to pick up a small crystal from the cave because he thought it was pretty, at the berating of his teammates, of course, for not having his focus on the job.

j2MclG7.png EPodndp.png

ePIclzk.png IPONapf.png djyNViX.png

Dusknoir is disappointed to hear that the locations he'd singled out seemed not to hold any Time Gears at all.

1hcBCXp.png srbFBF5.png

And so, Dusknoir and Chatot decide to revise their plans and come up with a new plan tomorrow.

d1S6JWj.png icThrtb.png

And with that, it's off to dinner and then bed! It's sounding like things are gonna be a bit busy for a while.

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oRZG3PK.png DH5Ces4.png BdaOigi.png

The next day, the whole guild is assigned a simple task: While Dusknoir and Chatot discuss their options for seeking out the Time Gears, we're all to search for them of our own volition.

dnZXrYR.png TIQvCgt.png

Remembering the strange feeling of deja vu we experienced back at the desert the previous day, we decide to take that feeling as a lead for today. We explain the situation to Pep and now he's on board with setting out to Quicksand Desert! If only we'd blurted that out sooner, dammit!


Before we take our leave, though, there are some new journal entries!

s1wnq1J.png JSyqKQ5.png

Sunflora's entry doesn't really say much, it just talks about how badly she wants to capture Grovyle and make him pay for his reckless crimes. It also comments on Bidoof being little help during the exploration of Crystal Cave and that, apparently, he has a rather sinister grin when he's up to something like stealing a crystal from the cave for himself.

M75RpI2.png 0hAhHGJ.png

Bidoof's entry continues his little story from before about not being able to sleep around Croagunk. He's taken to taking midnight strolls around the guild. He weirdly gets curious about everyone else while they're asleep. He peeked into our room, which is pretty creepy, but thankfully notes that he wouldn't peek into Sunflora and Chimecho's room because that would be rude. I guess the writers didn't factor in the possibility that you and your partner can both be female, too? Anyway, Bidoof goes on to explain how scary it was to peek into the guildmaster's room, so he chose not to, and notes that Chatot sleeps on the top of the ladder in the guild! Apparently Chatot thought Bidoof was trying to run away when they bumped into each other, so he got a pretty stern talking to. Yeah, that Bidoof is a bit of a mess after all, isn't he?


Anyway, after making some preparations, it's time to head out for Quicksand Desert!


19KhxId.png dh3BxXA.png 5FZUEOY.png

vcERpAq.png Mh2qI5D.png

Pep seems totally enamored by the lack of... anything here where we last left. It seems really needlessly dangerous to progress forward with all of these quicksand pits everywhere and there doesn't seem to be anything special about the way forward.

mIv7AKv.png d6BT2tA.png gEIHHe9.png

VHyPs5R.png O0VObHA.png

As we mull over this feeling of deja vu that tells us this must be the location of a Time Gear, we begin to piece together the solution to the puzzle before us... if there really is nothing but quicksand, then maybe the quicksand itself is what we need to look at!

qamlLO8.png JnQYBui.png XtiyMII.png

Of course, Pep isn't too peppy about the idea of jumping into the quicksand. And quite frankly, I wouldn't be, either! Even if we had pulled through before it was only because of a vision! There could be all sorts of explanations why there's no clear way forward! Why would the Time Gear be hidden underneath a pit of quicksand!? We should at least make sure there's something pointing us to one in particular! What if this whole process is a trap to eliminate thieves like Grovyle!?

V3Xap2M.png 0FOlW2I.png

DpRujEd.png EmTvRtK.png IoMB2Du.png

In spite of how crazy it sounds, though, Pep calls back to how he felt when we discovered Waterfall Cave and agrees to our plan.

Juz8RwL.png nVVdQQy.png

And so, we jump right into the center of the quicksand pit!


ePNHeJ1.png dYsM6Pu.png ENW0pfH.png

Shockingly enough, it seems our hunch was correct! Falling through the quicksand on the surface dropped us into a strange cave! But our job isn't done yet, it seems we've got another Mystery Dungeon ahead of us...



Quicksand Cave

This dungeon is essentially the disjointed "part 2" of Northern Desert. It's mostly the dame dungeon but with slightly tougher enemies and more aggressive Sandstorms... though not natural ones, this time around. You'll see what I mean soon enough. And, yes, just like Northern Desert, you might run into traps and Monster Houses in here. To be prepared!

PokeDollar.png IronThorn.png GrimyFood.png Orb.png

The only items you'll find between the two versions, again, are Poke, Iron Thorns, Grimy Food, and Wonder Orbs.

SilverSpike.png Orb.png

In Explorers of Darkness, you'll find Silver Spikes and version exclusive Wonder Orbs.

SilverGummi.png Orb.png

Meanwhile, Explorers of Time features the much more exciting Silver Gummi along with its own version-exclusive Wonder Orbs.

Trap-wise, we have the same selection as before as well.


Trip Traps between both versions,


Slumber Traps in Darkness,

4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

Summon and Warp Traps in Time.


Quicksand Pit [B1F - B7F]

o_mdex_290.png o_mdex_329.png o_mdex_247.png o_mdex_451.png o_mdex_028.png

The pokemon you'll find down here are Nincada, Vibrava, Pupitar, Skorupi, and Sandslash. Be wary of Skorupi's Pin Missile as always. Sandslash's Fury Swipes can be dangerous, too, especially under Sand Veil. Even though there aren't natural sandstorms, Pupitar is capable of setting up with the move Sandstorm. This dungeon will quickly make you hate evasive techniques like this and you'll start to groan every time you have to fight a Sandslash in a Sandstorm. Don't understimate them! It's a blessing to have always-hitting moves like Aerial Ace and Swift.


Quicksand Pit [B8F - B9F]

o_mdex_329.png o_mdex_247.png o_mdex_451.png o_mdex_028.png o_mdex_303.png

Mawhile joins the fray on the 8th floor. It doesn't really do much, though Fake Tears might cause some undue stress. B8F is the first floor you can encounter Monster Houses on, so be wary!



On the 9th floor, I stumbled across a Gorgeous Box!


Quicksand Pit [B10F]

o_mdex_247.png o_mdex_451.png o_mdex_028.png o_mdex_303.png

Vibrava is gone on the 10th floor.



Partway through, we'll find ourselves in a checkpoint leading to the later half of the dungeon, which I suppose we can kind of consider a part 3 to Northern Desert?



Quicksand Pit

PokeDollar.png IronThorn.png GrimyFood.png Orb.png

SilverSpike.png Orb.png

SilverGummi.png Orb.png



4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

The selection of items and traps found down here are identical to those in Quicksand Cave, so don't get your hopes up for better items here. In addition, the selection of pokemon down here are even thougher and you'll be facing off against Sandstorms more frequently in spite of the lack of natural sandstorms. Unlike Quicksand Cave, Monster Houses can be found throughout the dungeon.


Quicksand Pit [B1F]

o_mdex_247.png o_mdex_451.png o_mdex_303.png o_mdex_028.png

On the first floor, you'll find Pupitar, Skorupi, Mawile, and Sandslash.


Quicksand Pit [B2F]

o_mdex_451.png o_mdex_303.png o_mdex_028.png o_mdex_248.png

With the introduction of Tyranitar on the second floor, it should be all too clear what I've been meaning by the prominence of sandstorms in spite of natural ones. Tyranitar's Sand Stream ability triggers as soon as it spawns in and effects the entire floor, so as long as he's around, you can expect the weather to essentially be Sand for that floor. Even if you use a move or item to change the weather, if another spawns in at any point while exploring, the weather will simply change right back to Sand, so when dealing with Sand Stream, you might very well just have to deal with it. They aren't pushovers in-battle, either. Their Dark Pulse will damage all adjacent pokemon, so try to take them out quickly or you'll suffer some serious damage.


Quicksand Pit [B3F - B4F]

o_mdex_451.png o_mdex_303.png o_mdex_028.png o_mdex_248.png o_mdex_449.png

Hippopotas joins in on the third floor, doubling down on the Sand Stream users and making Sandslash all the more agonizing.


Quicksand Pit [B5F]

o_mdex_451.png o_mdex_303.png o_mdex_028.png o_mdex_248.png o_mdex_449.png o_mdex_291.png

Starting on the 5th floor, you can find Ninjask who are very easy to pick off quickly, but can set up some evasive tactics with Double Team and make things troublesome with Quick Attack, so you'll want to pick them off before they get out of pocket.


Quicksand Pit [B6F - B10F]

o_mdex_028.png o_mdex_248.png o_mdex_449.png o_mdex_291.png

Skorupi and Mawile drop off here. I think I'd rather take Ninjask than Skorupi, though, but I really wish Sandlsash could've gone with them. Oh well.


MibxREK.png oKTK9LK.png 90LOMiB.png

KqcF8Yk.png Kz1wU4T.png

Underground Lake

We soon arrive at another marvelous sight: An underground lake sprawling under the vast desert. And just like at Fogbound Lake, there seems to be a familiar green glow off in the distace. It seems our feelings were correct after all!

PS3hyYd.png 8tIeer6.png

But when we approach, it seems we are less than welcome here...

g9cKnPR.png eobPU1X.png IyBJKuW.png

8q3suns.png T46WxdP.png

As expected, it seems the guardian of the Time Gear here isn't too terribly fond of the idea of allowing anybody to approach the gear after what happened at Fogbound Lake.

xC6biJA.png lhsPNP5.png qx29eCE.png

The guardian reveals herself to be Mesprit, the spirit of emotion! And it seems she has no intention of allowing us to go any further.

ElbvyNO.png EoRU5oo.png

That's right, we've got a boss fight ahead of us!



o_mdex_152.png o_mdex_393.png o_mdex_088.png o_mdex_309.png

Team Persevere


Aura (Chikorita M); Lv. 28


Item: Sky Blue Bow WaterblueRibbon.png

Ability: Overgrow | Moves: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Reflect, Synthesis


Pep (Piplup M); Lv. 28


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Torrent | Moves: BubbleBeam + Growl, Peck, Fury Attack


Slick (Grimer F); Lv. 28


Item: Persim Band Garments.png

Ability: Stench, Sticky Hold | Moves: Disable + Minimize, Rock Slide, Sludge


Charge (Electrike M); Lv. 24


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Static, Lightningrod | Moves: Leer + Spark, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave




Vs. Mesprit

This boss fight is a bit of a joke, honestly. Due to your starting formation, it may take some finaggling to surround her, though. You've always gotta get used to your partners not moving in quite the way you expect.


While waiting for everyone to group up into a better position, I threw a Geo Pebble at Mesprit to get in some free damage.

2ZzjcDL.png YarPkrB.png B1QsQRL.png

I took the next few steps to try and position my teammates strategically to where Charge could attack with Quick Attack from behind Slick while Slick and Pep pummeled Mesprit with a barrage of attacks. Remember that stepping into your partners will force them to swap places with you, which is great for getting them into position at the cost of your own moves. Slick's Rock Slide causing Mesprit to cringe occasionally was a big help in this setup. Along with that, even though she has the type disadvantage, she does have Minimize and Disable on her side, too!

nFFscHo.png kmdkYxo.png

Once everybody was in place I decided to take the long way around to close in on Mesprit myself. In hindsight, I'm not sure why I opted to do this instead of just continuing to head diagonally. Maybe I was worried Electrike would follow, I can't really say.


Unfortunately, Mesprit got a Protect up to put a wrench in my plans. In addition, Electrike decided to follow me up anyway because fuck my plans I guess. Oh well, I suppose having another pokemon here to paralyze Mesprit and keep her from attacking isn't a bad thing.

7gynCgD.png yGiXhAt.png

Under the Protect status, all moves will fail against Mesprit, so the only way to damage her is to just throw items at her until the Protect Status fades. In the meantime, I need to turn off all of my partners' moves or they'll just keep wasting PP.


Of course, this leads to Pep moving bizarrely further away for some reason (I didn't change his tactics at all, he just decided he wanted to take a step back, I guess).

0FlpxQM.png jvPP4zi.png

Eventually, Protect wore off so it was time to go in on the all-out offensive!


Before long, Mesprit was defeated.



o_mdex_004.png o_mdex_387.png o_mdex_066.png o_mdex_422-west.png

Team Outreach


Liz (Charmander F); Lv. 27


Item: Red Bow RedRibbon.png

Ability: Blaze | Moves: SmokeScreen + Scary Face, Ember, Fire Fang


Sprout (Turtwig M); Lv. 27


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Overgrow | Moves: Mega Drain + Withdraw, Bite, Razor Leaf


Strength (Machop M); Lv. 26


Item: Persim Band Garments.png

Ability: Guts, No Guard | Moves: Foresight + Leer, Focus Energy + Karate Chop


Shelly (Shellos M); Lv. 24


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Sticky Hold, Storm Drain | Moves: Mud-Slap, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Mud Bomb

While Rain Dance doesn't have a whole lot of synergy with the rest of the squad, you can imagine it was a huge boon in a dungeon filled with sandstorms, making Sandslash far easier to deal with in this trip!



As per usual, Team Outreach had a much easier time dominating this boss fight. It was just a matter of hitting Mesprit with SmokeScreen and Scary Face and layering on attacks from there. She didn't even get the chance to set up Protect!


3eTCQmx.png ZQnIV9d.png

Even after defeat, Mesprit stubbornly persists in protecting the Time Gear.

HdSlOoi.png jCd90et.png heiLdLK.png

Pep persists in trying to explain why we're here but Mesprit refuses to believe our explanation.

7ZAiEiU.png 5JOtwbg.png

And here comes a rather bizarre explanation for this behavior that really poses more questions than it should and I honestly think addressing it only makes things a bit more awkward here. Apparently, Mesprit is so defensive because she received word from Uxie through telepathy that the time gear was stolen, yet Uxie, who identified the thief to the police perfectly, failed to mention to Mesprit so much as the species of pokemon who stole the Time Gear? This is Telepathy, for crying out loud! It's not like Uxie gets bad cell service! This seems like pretty important information to share to your fellow guardians! I suppose Mesprit is the spirit of emotion, though, so maybe she was just too angry at the thief of the time gear to think rationally. Oh well, I guess they just wanted an excuse to have a boss fight with Mesprit.

FSnjUVR.png x1hGk1J.png MjxPolL.png

Of course, Mesprit suggests that we were the ones who stole the gear, which we deny, of ocurse, and Mesprit asks about the thief, to which a mysterious third party answers...

29vl1SX.png gDVwHXO.png

QSkpg3t.png GXNGAOU.png QtYZrX1.png

This is it! The very Grovyle that's been causing so many problems! This is our chance to stop him!

7kbYp6F.png vfIJHqM.png

Or... perhaps he'll just bowl right through us.

2hW4WIl.png lXquYy7.png d0SkRoV.png

Refusing to stand down, Mesprit leaves Grovyle with no choice but to knock her out in one swift attack.

Vuy6sR2.png sr5qhJe.png

jD8Xxdz.png S0BQyv2.png

Grovyle may be a criminal, but he seems to operate on some sort of code of honor. He wants to avoid a fight where he can and insists Mesprit stay down when she's clearly outmatched so he doesn't have to hurt her more than necessary.

1hc0PLj.png SQsnZYy.png Ye74IkN.png

We of course step up to try and stop him ourselves, so Grovyle mournfully apologizes before preparing to do the same for us.

Q1BjFaD.png 8SGKnAt.png

Grovyle is just far too fast for us to even have a hope of keeping up with him. This is not going to be an easy foe to defeat.

gN0Ski3.png TLgyrYK.png AJbi1A2.png

Unable to stop him, we have no choice but to watch helplessly as Grovyle marches on ahead and makes claim of the Time Gear of the Underground Lake.

rabABom.png DBWauBo.png

Mesprit apologizes for her err in judgment before...

lxVK6qE.png 9LFTI25.png LDfRKPs.png

A powerful rumble begins to shake the cave! This alerts Mesprit to the fact that we have to leave immediately!

RBunGNq.png 3qWucIp.png

As the Time Gear is stolen by Grovyle, we see the color begin to rapidly drain from the nearby area as time begins to stop! This can't be good!

Kp3KdiY.png wP8FBtI.png OJYEeGj.png

Just like what happened in Treeshroud Forest, time will stop in the area surrounding the Underground Lake without the Time Gear! If we don't leave now, we'll be trapped in time!

rUGzMc6.png 0nT8XFt.png

And so, we all make haste out of the cave.


It's a bit of a bittersweet reward, but upon reaching deeper into the desert, more clouds are lifted on our wonder map and we can now see even more of the continent including the Quicksand Cave and the rest of the Arid Area!

And this is where we'll be stopping for now. Now that we've come face to face with our enemy, the story is starting to get a lot more exciting! I get the feeling we're coming up on something big. I imagine next time we'll be reporting back to the guild and Dusknoir will help us come up with a plan to stop Grovyle.

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GzFEXzO.png 3pwXYy2.png 5lirKKJ.png

B0EDYXr.png 65JliXO.png

When we return to the guild, we hear from Magnezone that Mesprit is now under protection and that they are still in hot pursuit of Grovyle. He asks for our continued assistance in the case before taking his leave.

bNObFau.png DQ5lIS2.png vqsKkQw.png

Chatot is amazed to learn of our discovery in the Northern Desert.

YYIFqWE.png InBbpjE.png

k5e70is.png s8SZ0iD.png

Of course, Pep is bothered by the fact that we were unable to stop Grovyle from stealing the Time Gear.

PY1fyJR.png 40HzI00.png Me3Kp6z.png

Bidoof and Corphish try to reassure us that we did an excellent job in discovering the Time Gear.

PqDzHzS.png JqxPAVg.png

But now, we find ourselves back at square one with no lead toward the next time gear.

h90iNdC.png 5gYZNmy.png yRweGSe.png

However, it seems that Dusknoir is onto a trail of logic...

XP1XNhU.png cn3BltB.png

dC2xfNK.png dscVnAb.png EWaO0oT.png

Dusknoir begins to recount an old legend involving the Being of Knowledge: Uxie, and the Being of Emotion: Mesprit along with a third pokemon, the Being of Willpower: Azelf, who together represent the spiritual world. He reasons that if Uxie and Mesprit were both guarding Time Gears, it stands to reason that Azelf may also be guarding a third. Not only that, Uxie and Mesprit were both encountered at lakes in unusual places. One in a plateau high above a forest and another deep underneath a vast desert. So, what we're after may be lake in an unusual location in which Azelf may reside. While there is a handful of speculation, with nothing else to go off of, it's a reasonable enough conclusion to jump to. But where would this lake be found?

The last time Dusknoir provided his insight, one of the locations we searched ultimately turned out to be the location of a Time Gear, so it's quite possible that the other two areas he cited might also be the locations of Time Gears if we were to search more thoroughly. This gives Dusknoir yet another idea for how to further narrow down the location of the third lake.

DRpzaaq.png 6LGUoC6.png

7LDoJj4.png KNsR9x8.png 2TA2Yxz.png

Dusknoir asks Bidoof if he could borrow the crystal Bidoof took from the Crystal Cave. Bidoof initially declines because the crystal is his personal treasure, but Dusknoir assures him he has no intention of taking the crystal from him.

lSl0asJ.png tj4NT50.png

He soon elaborates on his idea by calling out to me, at which point his idea is clear. He wants me to touch the crystal in hopes of receiving a vision from the Dimensional Scream.

w1zE8np.png cKb9xNi.png Zomexo7.png

QCFHO4j.png bayaS4F.png

Of course, Dusknoir's explanation of his idea leads us to a brief moment where Pep has to explain the dimensional scream to everyone, which is a surprise to the whole guild.

wyg1vnU.png tLXc2zr.png wWbDNSN.png

Of course, after a bit of peer pressure, Bidoof has no choice but to allow us to touch the crystal.

Yd3vO9F.png 5QZPbKK.png

After touching the crystal, we indeed begin to get another dizzy spell which can only mean one thing...

uJppcl4.png W4S4uH1.png

bm1gGU3.png OE4I3U0.png 7d4lEyO.png

The dimensional scream reveals to us another unsetting scene. One in which a pokemon, presumed to be Azelf, seems to have been defeated by Grovyle and he's on his way to steal the Time Gear.

yoacgVC.png BXf4yNr.png

P7Ed2Pb.png 3M1zHeh.png 5fOCEHy.png

We explain our vision to everyone, to the guild's bewilderment.

1MGYtTi.png BzhTBLe.png

Of course, some questions come along, too. Was that pokemon in our vision Azelf? But, more concerningly, Chimecho's question poses something a bit more serious.

Uiu5VFD.png 9HQFV3U.png OGOGsbk.png

Was our vision from the past, or the future? We've received visions from both previously, though most of them have been from the future there's no way we can just assume a vision is from the future.

TB9uGsR.png 8WYs6vb.png

dHLIsqV.png W4MMYot.png XO9R2Aw.png

Of course, this realization leads some members of the guild to take a more pessimistic view of this occasion, but Dusknoir steps in to quell these concerns.

QIEd1kM.png zE0fFsI.png

4T2tsnL.png URCekiS.png H7AlnQB.png

Dusknoir asks for us to recall the events at the Underground Lake in which Mesprit claimed she'd learned from Uxie that the Time Gear was stolen from Fogbound Lake. He specifically requests us to recall if there was any mention of Azelf and the third lake at all, to which we're reminded this is the first time we've heard of this third pokemon. Dusknoir suggests that, had this been a vision from the past, it's most likely that Grovyle would have already stolen this Time Gear by this point, and Mesprit would've mentioned the gear being stolen from Azelf as well. Therefore, it's much more likely that our vision is from the future and that we must make haste for Crystal Cave at once!

DvXMEcq.png x4uDwjK.png

This particular line from Dusknoir stood out to me. 'The vision indicated the presence of a Time Gear." In hindsight, I'm probably looking a bit too deeply into this and he's probably just referring to the fact that the Time Gear was mentioned during the vision I experienced, but this line still definitely got the gears turning in my head a little bit. What if the Dimensional Scream only occurs in areas that hold Time Gears? Across all of the areas we've received visions from, only two of them have yet to be revealed as locations of Time Gears. There was Mt. Bristle and Waterfall Cave. Most notably, Waterfall Cave was a location discovered by Wigglytuff who kept silent about it until after he was asked if he'd been there. What if he actually had discovered a Time Gear there at some point? And at Mt. Bristle, Drowzee mentioned a Thieve's Hideout filled with treasure rumored to be at its peak. What if that hideout was set up there because of a nearby Time Gear?

Once again, I'm just theory crafting and this is all information I'm sure will be confirmed or not by the game's narrative, but I'm loving that I'm invested enough in the game to even be thinking this far ahead!

5NBVlpW.png go9MuJP.png H4Zv3jZ.png

With that, Dusknoir makes the call for action to investigate Crystal Cave once again!

7FLD2mB.png PjLyZJI.png 7QoT4r6.png

PA2pwAe.png WcUNpfH.png

Everyone is now hyped up and ready to investigate Crystal Cave!

CcGJsLr.png 1m8pFxH.png L2Ss7ZL.png

pPGWx91.png 6x3tV8S.png

Chatot of course agrees and turns to the Guildmaster to issue the official order to let the whole guild pursue Grovyle by heading to Crystal Cave!

Q6TDCNF.png A7KiA1z.png RMoJg7Q.png

Only... the Guildmaster doesn't exactly seem... present at the moment.

54YL3w5.png 8H0aVEB.png

RbkMOtX.png 0ZWEKJP.png 8Zxz7HO.png

XgvA5KU.png PUtbKWI.png

Of course, noticing the Guildmaster snoozing along, people start to murmur while Chatot panics trying to get Wigglytuff to wake up before anyone notices he's been snoozing this whole time.

mgGewLi.png Wp84ZkS.png HDPeaMi.png

g0tl5xq.png 9IpIFyY.png

Chatot, in a panic, continues trying to wake Wigglytuff up, so when he finally does awaken, Chatot is surprised in a quirky little moment.

Fk5u0Sw.png 2HMl5z0.png PX3feUS.png

As Chatot decides to recite where the discussion has gone, Wigglytuff just immediately makes the blanket announcement that we're all going after Grovyle!

BmxGuTM.png JgdUmYl.png

Of course, everyone is on board and so the task has been officially assigned!


SsJKbgj.png mxkmn7r.png

TreasureChestY.png Claws.png

During our preparations, I opened up a Gorgeous Box to reveal a Clef-Claw which boosts the attack of the Cleffa line.



o_mdex_004.png o_mdex_387.png o_mdex_088.png o_mdex_422-west.png

As for Team Outreach, their Deluxe Boxes from their previous expedition opened up to some rather exciting results!

TreasureChestY.png Cards.png

One opened up to an Eevee Card which boosts the Sp. Defense of the Eevee line, of course.

TreasureChestY.png Fangs.png

The other one, however, was a Charme-Fang, an item named after Charmeleon which means it affects Charmander! By carrying the Charme-Fang in my bag, Liz's Special Attack will be boosted!



Anyway, once we're fully prepared, it's off to Crystal Cave!

F0KN4xY.png Ha4ZDa7.png 5MaAUmE.png

Vf59rBT.png d1CVieX.png



Crystal Cave

This dungeon actually felt a lot easier to handle than Northern Desert, mainly because of the lack of sandstorms and multi-hit attacks. The dungeon is beautiful with the crystals lining the walls, I can see why Bidoof would feel inspired to bring one with him! Anyway, this dungeon does expand the types of traps you'll be running into as you progress through the game. There's nothing new from Tiny Meadow, but they are new among required dungeons. Monster Houses can be encountered here as well, so come prepared! There's also a handful of new items available in this dungeon, so keep your eyes peeled!

PokeDollar.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png GeoPebble.png IronThorn.png Apple.png Cheri.png Oran.png Pecha.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Medicine.png TM.png Orb.png

Items available regardless of version include Poke, Pecha Scarves, Persim, Power, and Special Bands, Geo Pebbles, Iron Thorns, Apples, Cheri, Oran, and Pecha Berries, Blast, Heal, Pure, Revival, and Sleep Seeds, Max Elixirs, and TMs and Wonder Orbs.

Scopes.png W56qvrQ.png Garments.png SilverSpike.png BlackGummi.png ClearGummi.png GoldGummi.png GrayGummi.png PinkGummi.png PurpleGummi.png RedGummi.png Royal.png YellowGummi.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

Items exclusive to Explorers of Darkness include the Insomniscope, Scope Lens, Twist Band, Silver Spikes, Black, Clear, Gold, Gray, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, and Yellow Gummis, Vile and X-Eye Seeds, and Darkness-exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.


The Scope Lens is a held item that increases the holder's chance of inflicting critical hits, just like in the main series.

Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Stick.png BlueGummi.png BrownGummi.png GrassGummi.png GreenGummi.png OrangeGummi.png SilverGummi.png SkyGummi.png WhiteGummi.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

the Time exclusives include Defense Scarves, Heal and Joy Ribbons, Zinc Bands, Sticks, Blue, Brown, Grass, Green, Orange, Silver, Sky, and White Gummis, Stun and Warp Seeds, and version-exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.


The Defense Scarf is a held item that increases the holder's physical defense.


The Heal Ribbon increases the holder's rate of natural healing at the cost of increasing their hunger, it's not an item I like to use personally, but you might find use in taking it on and off when you need to heal. Just be mindful of it and don't walk around with it on if you don't need the healing at the moment! Be resourceful!


The Joy Ribbon is one of my favorites from Rescue Team and it's a shame it's version-exclusive here. Any damage you receive while equipped with the Joy Ribbon will be gained as Exp as long as you survive the attack. This can really help tough pokemon level up faster than they normally would when facing tough opponents. It'll also cause a steady stream of Exp gain if you're traveling in sandstorms or hail.


The Zinc Band increases the holder's special defense.



As for traps, once again the only one that can be found in both version is the Trip Trap.

g7AoW1q.png Vqd6sVk.png 65cxZgz.png

In Darkness, you'll find Poison, Slumber, and Spin Traps.

aDefJ11.png 4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

While in Time, you'll find Slow, Summon, and Warp Traps.


Crystal Cave [B1F - B3F]

o_mdex_075.png o_mdex_336.png o_mdex_374.png o_mdex_413-sandy.png

For the first three floors, you'll only encounter Graveler, Seviper, Beldum, and Sandy-cloak Wormadam. Other than Graveler's SelfDestruct, there isn't too much to be concerned with here. Use your strong attacks to take out Graveler quickly if he happens to be bordering a valuable item, though!


On the third floor, I actually ran into a Kecleon who was selling a Link Box for a, frankly, absolutely disrespectful price! 9000P?? Considering you can Link your moves as much as you like for only 500 in town, this is a major ripoff! The only advantage a Link Box has over linking in town is that you can do it in the middle of a dungeon, so you can potentially re-link moves that were de-linked at some point, but I can't in any way justify this absurd price. Hard pass.


Anyway, the Link Box is a new item we haven't seen yet, so I suppose I can cover it here. Just as I mentioned, this item works identically to its counterpart in Rescue Team, essentially being a portable version of Electivire's Link Shop that allows one pokemon to link their moves on the go. The typical appeal of this is that it's completely free and you'll just find these things lying around in dungeons.


Crystal Cave [B4F]

o_mdex_075.png o_mdex_336.png o_mdex_374.png o_mdex_413-sandy.png o_mdex_447.png

On the fourth floor, exclusive to Explorers of Time, you can find the fan-favorite Riolu! Force Palm can paralyze you, and it's got range with Quick Attack, so be wary!


Crystal Cave [B5F]

o_mdex_075.png o_mdex_336.png o_mdex_374.png o_mdex_413-sandy.png o_mdex_447.png o_mdex_408.png

Cranidos can be found on the 5th floor, watch out for its physical attacks! It should go down pretty easily, though.



On B5F, I stumbled across a Heavy Box!



Crystal Cave [B6F]

Starting on this floor, the blue crystals are replaced with pretty pink ones! I suppose this is a not-so-subtle reference to the primary colors of Diamond and Pearl. Make no mistake, though, this is still the same dungeon and the items and traps are no different!

o_mdex_075.png o_mdex_336.png o_mdex_374.png o_mdex_413-sandy.png o_mdex_447.png o_mdex_408.png o_mdex_232.png

You can find Donphan here. These guys surprised me with the move Thunder Fang! But Charge's LightningRod is capable of rendering that move effectively useless. But be warned!


Crystal Cave [B7F]

o_mdex_336.png o_mdex_374.png o_mdex_413-sandy.png o_mdex_447.png o_mdex_408.png o_mdex_232.png o_mdex_410.png

Starting on the 7th floor, Graveler is replaced with Shieldon who can take a few more hits and is more resistant to Normal-type attacks, but also isn't very threatening.


I actually ran into yet another Kecleon Shop that was selling another new item! This time, a Racket Band!


The Racket Band is just as useless here as it was in Rescue Team. I'm still not sure what purpose this item could possibly have, but while equipped, a pokemon will make more noise as it moves, causing pokemon that are asleep in the dungeon to wake up and attack! Why would you ever want this as opposed to just getting the drop on them while they're asleep or simply sneaking right on by? Who knows! But it's an option.


Crystal Cave [B8F]

o_mdex_413-sandy.png o_mdex_447.png o_mdex_408.png o_mdex_232.png o_mdex_410.png o_mdex_076.png

Golem joins on the following floor as a tougher counterpart to Graveler, but it's all the same difference.


It was on this floor that Pep tried to learn Brine, but I figured BubbleBeam was preferred due to its long reach. Brine only reaches directly in front of him and doesn't have enough PP to warrant replacing Peck which I currently use as a generic attack.


Crystal Cave [B9F]

o_mdex_413-sandy.png o_mdex_408.png o_mdex_232.png o_mdex_410.png o_mdex_076.png

Riolu is gone on the 9th floor.


Charge learned Odor Sleuth here, which I replaced Tackle with since he had both Quick Attack and Spark to lean on as generic attacks. Odor Slueth can help reduce frustration against pokemon like Sandslash and also make Ghost-types a lot more vulnerable!


Crystal Cave [B10F - B11F]

o_mdex_413-sandy.png o_mdex_232.png o_mdex_410.png o_mdex_076.png

And Cranidos is gone on the 10th floor.


TruQtEi.png cpDmphZ.png

Crystal Cave Depths

We soon arrive at the deepest part of the cave!

sidkMjd.png iWDfeBB.png 2O2gQu0.png

Pep is amazed by the sight of the three giant crystals! Of course, they must be clues to the whereabouts of the lake!

AiexKTX.png bCzFolh.png

Recalling how we were able to find the other two lakes, we'd reached a dead end just like this and had to solve some sort of puzzle in order to reveal the location of the lake. It makes sense that this one would be no different.

6HNk8IP.png Ab90fFj.png H59vi0L.png

Pep quickly discovers that, by touching the crystals, they seem to change color.

nyQR6ab.png Kn2X8ek.png

We end up touching a crystal twice and change its color from Yellow to Blue to Red. The others changed from Purple to Orange and from Red to Green. This must be related to the puzzle we need to solve...

lalFH7i.png yaZMNkb.png stczAnr.png

While the puzzle doesn't seem too terribly confusing and could probably be solved with a bit of playing around, it seems our heroes like to think things through a bit more than I do.

6LXgjQa.png lzAzB1b.png

And, while doing so, we're of course met with another Dimensional Scream.

iUOx2cG.png XTgRyY4.png

6BlVpLP.png qC4iafr.png gE8yVB2.png

sBBX47L.png 4ObFDWM.png

We hear a voice, just as we did with the Groudon's statue. There are some rather large leaps in logic, but the voice sounds convinced. Azelf is the being of willpower, willpower is a unifying power, unifying means to make one, so the colors of the three crystals must be made as one. In other words, the crystals need to match. But what color should they be?

ePmsZtG.png Jx9xRFs.png LUPzqRl.png

Perhaps the crystals should reflect the spirit of Azelf.

l3xMank.png ENuphEd.png

Of course, we're still perplexed as to why we only heard a voice these last two times. I have my own running theory in this regard. The game seems to be discrediting the moment we only heard Azurill's scream in the beginning which tells me that maybe at the time we simply didn't see the vision because we didn't know to look for it. That leaves only this time and the Groudon Statue that we've only heard a voice. With that explanation in mind, I've been theorizing that the voice we're hearing is our own memory from the past. Perhaps as a human we were exploring these unknown lands for some reason and it was our seeking of the Time Gears that led to us being transformed into a pokemon and losing our memories? The voice at the Groudon statue mentioned a partner as well, and though Dusknoir said my name meant nothing to him, he seemed to smile. I wonder if he might've been acquainted with us when we were human? Again, I'm just spitballing these thoughts as they come into mind. I'm really excited to see all these pieces come together!

LFwVJl3.png U35yVjr.png dzjD0d6.png

Pep notices our zoning out and recognizes that we must've experienced another Dimensional Scream!

x2XDV8B.png HvpHZhl.png

tsLXQma.png pkyvTB8.png 2PKnEIt.png

We begin to mull over what the voice said... The crystals must be the same color, the color of Willpower... but what color is willpower?

KWDie4m.png YLNAjLh.png

z0KVTg6.png whF9vGg.png FNOzEAG.png

We begin to think the puzzle through. Crystal Lake in the depths of Crystal Cave... should the color be as clear as crystal? Maybe... crystal blue?

They are certainly not leaving the solution to this puzzle very up in the air, but I suppose it isn't much of a puzzle game and they don't want to leave anyone guessing for the answer.


Regardless, I've played a little ahead in Explorers of Darkness this time, and I know that this is a good stopping point as once we solve this puzzle we'll immediately be forced into the next dungeon. So, I recommend stopping by this Kangaskhan Statue and managing your inventory before saving. Next time, we'll pick up from here, solve the puzzle, and see if we can't stop Grovyle from getting his hands on that Time Gear! The narrative really feels like it's starting to pick up the pace and things are really starting to get exciting!

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So, where we last left off, we were at an apparent dead end with a puzzle before us: Three crystals that we've concluded must be changed to match the color of Azelf's spirit. The game hasn't exactly been subtle about the solution to this puzzle, but it's neat that they still allow you to put the final pieces together yourself, I suppose.


Interacting with a crystal will cause it to change color, and it'll cycle through various colors.


Eventually, it'll turn blue! This is the color we want all three crystals to match.

xB4DeUU.png Gjb31DW.png

So, we stop by the other two crystals and change their colors to blue as well! And when we do...

XH2dhzu.png sE1qpJh.png mejqk44.png

The ground begins to shake and the crystals start to share some sort of powerful energy!


VmVrKrM.png VAGie9b.png EukSzSz.png

i47J1gX.png Lx6404U.png

A giant crystal tower suddenly sprouts out from the ground between the three crystals! This is undoubtedly the way forward toward the Time Gear! As warned last time, you'll be immediately forced into the next dungeon upon completing the puzzle, so make sure you've prepared beforehand!



Crystal Crossing

Just like Steam Cave and Quicksand Cave, Crystal Crossing is the deeper part of Crystal Cave, there must be a time gear here! This dungeon differs a bit more from its predecessor than Quicksand Cave did, but it's overall generally easier.

As you've probably come to expect, the items here are identical to the ones in Crystal Cave.

PokeDollar.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png IronThorn.png Apple.png Cheri.png Oran.png Pecha.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Medicine.png TM.png Orb.png

Both versions have access to Poke, Pecha Scarves, Persim, Power, and Special Bands, Iron Thorns, Apples, Cheri, Oran, and Pecha Berries, Blast, Heal, Pure, Reviver, and Sleep Seeds, Max Elixirs, TMs and Wonder Orbs.

Scopes.png W56qvrQ.png Garments.png SilverSpike.png BlackGummi.png ClearGummi.png GoldGummi.png GrayGummi.png PinkGummi.png PurpleGummi.png RedGummi.png Royal.png YellowGummi.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

Darkness features the Insomniscope, Scope Lens, Twist Band, Silver Spike, Black, Clear, Gold, Gray, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, and Yellow Gummis, Violent and X-Eye Seeds, and version exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.

Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png BlueGummi.png BrownGummi.png GrassGummi.png GreenGummi.png OrangeGummi.png SilverGummi.png SkyGummi.png WhiteGummi.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

While Time has access to Defense Scarves, Heal and Joy Ribbons, Zinc Bands, Blue, Brown, Grass, Green, Orange, Silver, Sky, and White Gummis, Stun and Warp Seeds, and exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.

However, the types of traps you'll have to watch out for actually do differ a bit from the previous dungeon.


The Trip Trap is still the only trap that's consistent between versions.

VL2e8uY.png g7AoW1q.png Vqd6sVk.png 65cxZgz.png

In Darkness, the Gust Trap is added to the list of hazards you'll have to watch out for.

aDefJ11.png 4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

In Time, though, you still only have to deal with Slow, Summon, and Warp Traps.


Crystal Crossing [B1F - B6F]

o_mdex_419.png o_mdex_371.png o_mdex_413-plant.png

For the first three floors, you'll be running into Floatzel, Bagon, and Wormadam. Wormadam's Protect can make it annoying to deal with, but remember that your throwables can pierce through their Protection and you should be good. Floatzel are the biggest threats here by far. Not only can they attack from range with Aqua Jet, but they can travel across the water that dots these floors, so be careful when walking at the water's edge, especially if a teammate is weak to their attacks. Try to avoid water if you can help it!



On B4F, I found a Nifty Box!


Crystal Crossing [B7F]

o_mdex_419.png o_mdex_371.png o_mdex_413-plant.png o_mdex_431.png

The following floor, Glameow becomes available. They were pretty easy to pick off and never seemed to do anything particularly scary.


Crystal Crossing [B8F]

o_mdex_413-plant.png o_mdex_431.png o_mdex_359.png o_mdex_362.png

On the 8th floor, Floatzel and Bagon are replaced by Absol and Glalie. Absol is a pokemon you want to pick off ASAP or you'll have to answer to its beefed up attack thanks to Swords Dance. Just be wary about Pressure when fighting it! It's usually pretty easy to take out. Glalie is scary for its Icy Wind attack. Try to take it out as soon as it's in range!


Crystal Crossing [B9F - B13F]

o_mdex_431.png o_mdex_359.png o_mdex_362.png

Wormadam leaves for the rest of the dungeon starting on the 9th floor.



Crystal Lake

DbmC2q4.png ZZ1gqMG.png

It isn't long at all before we finally arrive at the Crystal Lake. We must be in the right place!

ORutkTw.png R3QKY0Z.png LEambGb.png

Just like Fogbound Lake, the Crystal Lake is quite beautiful to behold. And in the distance there's a familiar green glow, as well. By this point, we should all be on the same page about what this means.

3EwfZxp.png 71s8fGw.png

Pep seems to notice someone at the island in the center of the lake, so of course, we quickly rush to make our way over.

yH3uZXM.png 3ytUxbC.png RX9cCk8.png

As we rush over to the island to get a closer look, we see an ominously familiar sight.

GB6DACu.png gRHHakI.png B8olq1O.png

It's the scene presented to us by the Dimensional Scream! The vision didn't end on a good note but now we'll get to see the scene play out in full, and hopefully sway things in our favor!

I1QaGJ8.png denU7ot.png

zEppFtu.png CVhZMrF.png QOOeOJm.png

As Grovyle goes to collect the Time Gear, Azelf drops his name, which comes as a surprise to the thief and causes him to hesitate for a brief moment.

vQRKsRv.png lS1Gz8K.png

Azelf reveals that he's heard from Uxie and Mesprit about him.

ViZSG3w.png 4iMXKho.png AUOar73.png

Azelf goes on to explain that he knew from the beginning he may very well lose just as Uxie and Mesprit had, so he prepared a plan B to stop Grovyle from getting the Time Gear.

TleTk8V.png EYNPz8o.png

Suddenly, the ground starts to shake, and for the first time, Grovyle seems to be caught off guard!

xy0e92p.png fngJNtb.png vr4UBwL.png

Suddenly, large crystals begin to form all over the surface of the lake, making diving into the water an impossibility!

1Xlg7Ki.png LfftqtM.png

Grovyle is shocked by this desperate maneuver to protect the gear and becomes enraged!

ycWJuuV.png kbz6bHX.png zQTJaSO.png

It seems that as long as Azelf lives, these Crystals will persist over the lake, rendering the time gear impossible to obtain.

RwrBvzz.png rC9Ox4b.png

Grovyle still seems determined to get his hands on the time gear. He insists that he needs it and is desperate enough even if it means having to kill Azelf!

NRSzuhG.png 5zc1zU3.png ru9PLKP.png

We immediately jump into action to protect Azelf! Grovyle insists we stand aside because he has no interest in fighting us,

PhzXMQJ.png pKxPG4p.png

but we refuse, making ourselves further obstacles for him to deal with.

u2BzpFA.png 1o34VYq.png 6gv63vZ.png

1BwMKzM.png vV6DnoQ.png



o_mdex_152.png o_mdex_393.png o_mdex_088.png o_mdex_309.png

Team Persevere


Aura (Chikorita M); Lv. 29


Item: Sky Blue Bow Garments.png

Ability: Overgrow | Moves: Tackle, Reflect, Razor Leaf, Synthesis


Pep (Piplup M); Lv. 29


Item: Persim Band Garments.png

Ability: Torrent | Moves: BubbleBeam + Growl, Peck, Fury Attack


Slick (Grimer F); Lv. 29


Item: Persim Band Garments.png

Ability: Stench, Sticky Hold | Moves: Harden + Minimize, Rock Slide, Sludge


Charge (Electrike M); Lv. 26


Item: Power Band Garments.png

Ability: LightningRod | Moves: Leer + Spark, Quick Attack, Odor Sleuth



Vs. Grovyle



This is a rather intimidating boss fight that was built up as something terrifying, but... I suppose catching Grovyle on edge means he's not exactly fighting at his best.

RfltHJo.png 0AM654D.png

I opened up by setting up Reflect, allowing my team to step into place.

LBIPYYy.png L7VuO6c.png nAibvC7.png

From here, I did some maneuvering to get everyone into place. By this point, my teammates had layered enough damage on him that it was kinda pathetic. We just tore right through Grovyle's HP. Adding items ot the mix just seemed unnecessary. It wasn't long at all before the fool went down.

VSgfexg.png 43Gwz89.png

Of course, this is an rpg, so even though we completely dominated that battle, the canon coverage is that we were actually completely overwhelmed by his strength! Or something... Yeah, I'm not really sure why RPGs have these boss fights you're expected to beat but then present the narrative like you lost the battle anyway. Always been a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but I guess we'll just pretend that fight didn't happen. I'll likely sum up Team Outreach's experience here in a future post, but their experience with this fight went about how you'd expect. Even easier than this one.

tcjpHdQ.png iSXLWem.png djlUyHZ.png

After that fight, we're all rendered weak and helpless, yet Pep still refuses to budge from his position and compromise Azelf's safety no matter what it means for his well-being.

YZaAksd.png uWcteXs.png

Unfortunately for him, Grovyle's already made up his mind that he'll do what he needs to do in order tog et his hands on that Time Gear.

VCYlM5L.png iy8CA1F.png bhvO3Kp.png

Of course, we want to come to his aid, but we're just too weak to get up...!

VRoU2N7.png bE9yPnI.png

Grovyle prepares to attack once again before lunging after Pep!

3sxom1u.png RqDPtze.png vtcgk2N.png

When suddenly, his attack is stopped by none other than Dusknoir!

HMmDjAt.png iKJznzE.png

Dusknoir insists we allow him to handle things with Grovyle from here. As if we really have much of a choice in the matter.

vYvGlgP.png 8JdAiQh.png Nm8f8Cb.png

Dusknoir tosses Grovyle back with ease, and suddenly drops a pretty heavy bombshell that apparently they've both known each other for a long time!

Hy2IN8y.png lpAcu4q.png

This news is a shock to Pep! I can't say it's too terribly surprising to me from a narrative standpoint, but in-universe I can definitely see it being a huge surprise!

RIl11Sb.png ZHw5Fsa.png gEs471T.png

It seems that my assumption that Dusknoir had been in pursuit of Grovyle this entire time holds true! Point 1 for me!

jfRA38Q.png 4WcR8O5.png

spPfHHX.png ghxqjCr.png XO8jsAd.png

It seems the two seem to have a mutual agreement to settle some long-term conflict with a fight before Grovyle suddenly vanishes into thin air! It must've been a ruse to get away!

bhBWYrY.png bAvnx8d.png

Dusknoir scoffs at this but isn't about to give up so easily.

65KYGqA.png jaFiowC.png 2erkrKM.png

Dusknoir disappears soon after as well, leaving us alone with Azelf! We've got a lot of questions now, but we're all far too exhausted to think about them...

wN3Oud8.png wx8H5QY.png

nwPWIbW.png UhEfHep.png 9A34nxG.png

0W61c0R.png bBRTO8e.png

Not long after, Pep finally succumbs to his exhaustion and the rest of the guild finally arrives on scene to come to our rescue!


the clouds on our Wonder Map are whisked away once again, revealing the dungeons we've just explored. And with that, we're done for the day. I imagine we'll be back to a standard gameplay loop of clearing bulletin board jobs while we wait for answers about whatever just happened, but it seems like things are gong to return to relative normalcy. Only time will tell, though!

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Last session was pretty eventful! We had an altercation with Grovyle again and fought for all we were worth! While we were weakened from the fight, Dusknoir arrived just in time to save us and Azelf from his assault! Grovyle fled the scene and Dusknoir disappeared in pursuit of him. The Time Gear has been successfully protected! At least for now...

ZLvxnvk.png hCmoxF3.png

While we were unconscious, the guildmembers arrived and carried us back to safety to treat our injuries, and we wake up in our beds at the guild!

yhRivil.png 4IbD999.png TaYPZvM.png

TMB0qC0.png u6P28sg.png

It takes a little bit for the memories of what happened to come back to Pep.

ZosQ1aL.png Gojnrvd.png B38OBdB.png

As soon as he remembers, Pep asks about Azelf and Chimecho confirms that he's okay. Our injuries were much worse than Azelf's.

Al6DkGb.png uV60lZZ.png

Chimecho signals to the rest of the guild to announce that we're awake!

v1SZSh7.png JxCv6FU.png a2a8fbc.png

Everyone comes rushing in at the sound of the news! It's heartwarming to see the whole guild run up to us like this! But it's not like it's the first time something like this has happened, still, this is probably the furthest we've been pushed so far.

nIVrPBS.png IpuTGHw.png

Pep decides he needs to share everything that's happened with the rest of the guild, but this is something everyone needs to hear. So, we gather the whole guild together to share the news!

LLkqOhW.png I722pG2.png xp7ixlw.png

We catch everybody up on what we've learned, that Dusknoir had been pursuing Grovyle from another world and that Grovyle escaped with Dusknoir in hot pursuit, leaving us in the dark from there.

P73w1yl.png S8I5kTF.png

As we are discussing this, an emergency siren goes off! Magnezone has sent out an emergency call for everyone to report to Treasure Town's main square for an important announcement. This call is for everyone, not just the guild, but the regular townsfolk and local exploration teams as well. It doesn't sound like there's time to waste!


yYl81rj.png 3qJPk6l.png xGERAZN.png

The townsfolk are surprised to see the guild being called for the emergency meeting, this fills the air with an uneasy atmosphere.

u5lNJ6f.png tpdwJ2N.png

One touching moment, though, is to see the three Lake Spirits reunited!

OQnpEvs.png 8XBjyzx.png vn7c9Jw.png

c7CXF3h.png wYOf0HG.png

mKF2fxm.png dTWIDmn.png SKJYOes.png

Azelf assures the other spirits that the Time Gear is protected for now due to his defensive measure, but something still must be done about Grovyle...

wURZvRq.png ZQa3pBV.png

Dnxfr3w.png P1xJ2Na.png OIUfEXg.png

Dusknoir is here, as well! He seems relieved to see that we're okay. Though Grovyle doesn't seem to be present...

OOv1tdl.png yRCioJd.png

BtSro4V.png lteBHwt.png

When asked about what happened to Grovyle, Dusknoir explains that he was unfortunately able to slip away yet again.

XVBiWPY.png Ub9LlHP.png dieMHXE.png

As Pep begins to ask about the conversation we'd overheard, Magnezone interrupts and explains that the topic will be covered in the emergency announcement. So it looks like we just have to be a little patient.

X73qCWV.png Zsyi5jH.png

J6yH7I6.png u5sQqVJ.png VfbbXSK.png

Magnezone goes on to sum up what's been happening so far, elaborating on Grovyle's crimes of stealing time gears and the consequences it's had on the surrounding areas, but he announces that Grovyle has failed to steal one!

5V6fOtt.png Ht5HSSh.png FSp03vI.png

Of course, credit for protecting the time gear is given to Azelf and Dusknoir. To be fair, Dusknoir really was the one to stop Grovyle. Without him we certainly would've failed the mission, so I suppose it's only fair that credit goes to him. All we really contributed was stalling for time.

Doo4JJp.png H8I0ePq.png

Of course, Dusknoir interjects because this meeting isn't quite about celebration the way the townsfolk are responding.

yvFqXOV.png Mgl78XX.png 7ABGcC9.png

Dusknoir announces to the public that Grovyle has not been captured yet and will no doubt continue attempting to steal Time Gears. We cannot simply assume the Time Gear will be safe forever.

VSRHhFg.png rhbSUXC.png

But, Dusknoir adds that there is another important matter to bring up.

5YdvhbA.png oT9WUNO.png kJx2RCk.png

MOlUNdS.png Vdz3gdQ.png

Dusknoir confirms Pep's question from before and announces that he did indeed know Grovyle from before, prefacing his follow-up by announcing that he's going to reveal something that everyone will find difficult to believe...

T2Dki1v.png GV9Uygi.png O93Hdeg.png

pbBJbhb.png FqyGXJv.png

Dusknoir goes on to explain that Grovyle comes from the future, which of course sounds absolutely insane to the townsfolk and guildmembers alike. Is something like time travel even possible? It sounds absolutely crazy, but then again, Grovyle's motivations have been unknown and this does seem to explain why he came out of no where and knows so much about the Time Gears... Dusknoir continues to explain that Grovyle fled through time in order to avoid the punishment for his crimes in the world of the future. And upon arriving here in the past, he came up with a terrible plan.

B3xD0Cz.png 7u2cAtm.png yDTbo1B.png

Grovyle's plan was to cause the planet's paralysis.

TrNneSj.png XlzQ5la.png

iwG9pGw.png wqJdOnL.png iBbS3sS.png

As we know, when a Time Gear is stolen, time slows to a stop in the surrounding area. As more are stolen, a larger and larger area is affected until the last one is stolen from its place and time on the entire planet comes to a full stop, leaving the planet in a state of total paralysis.

cdBAn1X.png D9IkvPx.png

yQDnEJN.png cuhImXT.png JYvPu6U.png

Dusknoir describes in rather heavy detail about what a paralyzed world is like. It's quite similar to how Chatot explained what happened in Treeshroud Forest. No winds bow, the day never comes, the seasons never change, and the world is cast into total darkness. The world becomes completely ruined.

This is why time has been out of control recently and why there have been so many strange occurences of pokemon going bad. And it's also why protecting the Time Gears is such an important job.

2GexXW4.png BTp1irD.png

During all of this explanation, Corphish pipes up with a question of his own.

yZ37njz.png pydKMDc.png UD9QBxK.png

Corphish poses a very significant question: Why does Dusknoir know so much? Even as wise as he is, he's talking about things that have no precedent, an event that so far has only existed purely in hypotheticals, yet he speaks of them with certainty as if he's witnessed them firsthand.

oyX7AbA.png YIgYe6e.png

Rr5AvIs.png SknqERK.png aGJJ49n.png

And it's here that Dusknoir drops the bombshell that I think we all could've inferred by this point: Much like Grovyle, Dusknoir is also from the future. This is, in fact, how he's so knowledgeable about our world. Knowing he needed every advantage he could over Grovyle, he studied up on everything there was to know about our world before traveling here.

0GCTxFf.png x032umb.png

QnGYp8z.png Qa8kbON.png 2GL3rQg.png

Dusknoir's reason for not announcing his identity from the start was twofold: One, nobody would believe him, and two, he wanted to avoid alerting Grovyle to his presence... not that "The Great Dusknoir who mysteriously appeared one day and took the world by storm" is a very clever way of masking your presence, but I suppose it must've worked to some degree. But, Dusknoir appologizes for having deceived us all regardless, to which he's reassured that he did nothing wrong and had no choice.

xXsBZyN.png I0clbME.png

0Sg8wYH.png AgxVxjF.png bhyeosD.png

J7TmeE0.png lQUc1Bj.png

KKdT7wy.png JI6J3Nk.png nM9OsLX.png

Everyone from the guild offers to help out Dusknoir in any way they can, the Lake Spirits as well.

gym8Fm6.png neQ4CS8.png

0xYi714.png ztEiQ7k.png OvfO8FA.png

Dusknoir thanks everyone for their cooperation and insists that everyone will need to work together in order to capture Grovyle!

upyaJj0.png 6zGyvrJ.png

Azelf brings up that, in order to retrieve the Time Gear, he must be defeated in battle. Knowing this, Grovyle is likely to come after him. This is significant because it's one element that makes Grovyle's moves predictable. The three Lake Spirits devise a plan to use that knowledge to set up a trap for Grovyle at the Crystal Lake. This is met with some reluctance by Dusknoir to put them in harm's way, but they insist that they're willing to go through the danger if it means capturing Grovyle once and for all. Therefore, Dusknoir contributes his own ideas to the plan.

o_mdex_216.png o_mdex_217.png o_mdex_288.png o_mdex_298.png o_mdex_183.png

o_mdex_115.png o_mdex_352.png o_mdex_178.png o_mdex_466.png o_mdex_355.png o_mdex_113.png o_mdex_105.png

The townsfolk are asked to spread a rumor far and wide that Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are going to the Crystal Lake to permanently seal away the Time Gear to prevent it from ever being stolen. This rumor will pressure Grovyle into making the gear at Crystal Lake his top priority.

o_mdex_480.png o_mdex_481.png o_mdex_482.png

Of course, rumor alone won't necessarily be enough to convince Grovyle. So, Dusknoir asks that the three Lake Spirits travel to Crystal Lake in order to add credence to the rumor and pressure Grovyle into acting immediately at risk of permanently losing the time gear.

o_mdex_294.png o_mdex_192.png o_mdex_081.png o_mdex_341.png o_mdex_462.png o_mdex_393.png o_mdex_152.png

Of course, many exploration team members and the local authorities offer to pitch in with the ambush at Crystal Lake.


However, Dusknoir insists that he go alone for the ambush. He suggests that too many pokemon gathered around in one area would cause Grovyle to become suspicious. So instead, the guildmembers are best suited to return to normal operations as we did before so as not to rouse suspicion.

o_mdex_441.png o_mdex_040.png

With that, Chatot and Wigglytuff make the official call for the guild to return to normal operations until further notice.


When we return to the guild, we're given the standard task of doing jobs from the bulletin boards. Normally, I would continue on from here, but that was actually a pretty long cutscene with a lot of important information to process, so I think this is a good place to stop the session for now. We do already have a mission we've been holding onto promising a new dungeon to explore, after all!

Instead, I want to recap how Team Outreach has been handling these recent events!



o_mdex_004.png o_mdex_387.png o_mdex_066.png o_mdex_422-west.png

Team Outreach


To start out, Team Outreach has a setup that's actually looking real solid.

TreasureChestR.png Teeth.png

TreasureChestY.png Cards.png

In Crystal Cave, they stumbled across a Cute Box holding a Pachi-Tooth, and a Glittery Box holding a Piplup Card (It's a shame this isn't Team Persevere, huh?)


The Pachi-Tooth increases the attack of Pachirisu.


Meanwhile the Piplup Card, as you've probably come to expect, increases the Special Defense of Piplup and its evolutions.

The most exciting update in this regard, however, is their new recruit!



New Recruit: Team Outreach


Cranium (Glalie M); Lv. 30


Item: None

Ability: Inner Focus, Ice Body | Moves: Icy Wind, Headbutt, Protect, Ice Fang

Glalie here only has a 0.5% recruitment rate, so this one is a bit of a miracle! Beyond that, he's incredibly helpful because of one major detail.

Bringing him by Electivire's Link Shop, I can have him relearn a very significant move: Powder Snow! This is a room-wide attack that can help tremendously in wiping out Monster Houses! I haven't been troubled by many Monster Houses so far, but they can really ruin your day sometimes and with this single move, they can often be cleared out in only a couple of turns. A move like this is simply a must-have for any high-tier exploration squad. Needless to say, going forward, this guy is going to be taking Shelly's place. The only downside to this decision is that, obviously, I don't have an easy out to Sandstorms. But, Glalie does benefit a bit from Hail thanks to Ice Body!

Still, Shelly isn't without her use so I can't totally rule her out as a partner. I might bring her along if we ever find ourselves struggling with Water-types.


Of course, we've also got a boss fight to cover, albeit really quickly.


o_mdex_004.png o_mdex_387.png o_mdex_066.png o_mdex_422-west.png

Team Outreach


Liz (Charmander F); Lv. 28


Item: Red Bow RedRibbon.png

Ability: Blaze | Moves: SmokeScreen + Scary Face, Ember, Fire Fang


Sprout (Turtwig M); Lv. 28


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Overgrow | Moves: Mega Drain + Withdraw, Razor Leaf, Bite


Strength (Machop F); Lv. 27


Item: Persim Band Garments.png

Ability: Guts, No Guard | Moves: Leer + Foresight, Focus Energy + Karate Chop


Shelly (Shellos M); Lv. 26


Item: Pecha Scarf Garments.png

Ability: Sticky Hold, Storm Drain | Moves: Mud-Slap, Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Rain Dance

Shelly's Storm Drain was actually a big help throughout Crystal Crossing since it protected Liz from Floatzel's Aqua Jet which otherwise would've been a lot scarier.



Vs. Grovyle

Like I alluded to before, this fight was even more of a pushover than it was for Team Persevere. Once Grovyle was cornered with Smoke Screen and Scary Face, he was completely done. Liz's Fire Fang did a ton of damage, especially coupled with Strength's Leers and Focus Energy Karate Chops. We cut through Grovyle like paper!



o_mdex_004.png o_mdex_387.png o_mdex_066.png o_mdex_362.png

We're also going to poke a bit further ahead into some expeditions for mission clearing and cover some more items they've collected!

TreasureChestR.png Lights.png

TreasureChestR.png Claws.png

They retrieved two Sinister Boxes which held a Mantyke Beam and Combus-Claw respectively.


The Mantyke Beam boosts the Special Attack of Mantyke and Mantine.


And the Combus-Claw boosts the Attack of the Torchic line.



New Recruits: Team Outreach


Drift (Phanpy F); Lv. 17


Item: None

Ability: Pickup | Moves: Defense Curl, Flail, Take Down, Rollout

If I didn't already have Strength, I might consider putting Drift on the main squad, but I'll have to pass here. Strength has been pulling her weight from the moment she was recruited.


Plug (Elekid F); Lv. 14


Item: None

Ability: Static | Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, ThunderShock, Low Kick

Another pretty solid contender, especially since Electric gummis are prominent in Explorers of Darkness, but I don't think there's enough demand for an electric type on this squad as there was for Team Persevere. There's no way I can justify Plug over Cranium.


Claw (Krabby M); Lv. 1


Item: None

Ability: Hyper Cutter, Shell Armor | Moves: Mud Sport, Bubble

Krabby was recruited via a mission reward, meaning he's underlevel and probably not likely to see any action anytime soon.


Now that we're caught up, and a bit ahead, from Team Outreach's perspective, next time, Team Persevere will be exploring a new dungeon as we await the results of the plan to capture Grovyle.

I'll be honest, I did play even further ahead with Team Outreach, but I'll say no more. Let's just say, things are about to really start getting interesting! We've got a wild ride ahead of us! But it's gonna take a few posts to get there.

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We're back! Last time, a plan was hatched to bait, ambush, and finally capture Grovyle at Crystal Lake. At Dusknoir's request, we have no choice but to trust that this plan will be successful. As we await the news, we'll just have to continue with job duty as normal. One particular request I want to handle is another unknown dungeon mission! This time we'll be exploring uncharted territory with Hoothoot as our client!

LkDko8L.png zREXyPo.png YLDKmvX.png

Upon accepting the job, we'll gain access to another optional dungeon: Lush Prarie!


hMpCxLu.png 4SpHZsC.png

NeGMF1z.png uwBnQsS.png 3g0AYlE.png

BILUfOb.png kb45YlV.png

ta34Oxb.png XlzlOa9.png p7vecDJ.png

TzgC8lG.png R0yiGVD.png

As you can probably expect, each of the shopkeepers has something to say about the events surrounding Dusknoir, as well as the townsfolk. Chansey has an especially odd assertion that even she doesn't seem to understand herself. "Pokemon hatching from an egg is a bit like a pokemon coming from the future." ...Sure. Maybe this is foreshadowing some feature yet to come? Who can really say at this point in the game. But this was a particularly odd line to me.

TreasureChestB.png TreasureChestR.png

Anyway, from our previous journey through Crystal Cave, we'd obtained a Heavy Box and a Nifty Box. It's time to open them up and we what we got!

TreasureChestB.png Fangs.png

From the Heavy Box, we got a Gar-Fang which boosts the Special Attack of the Gible line.

TreasureChestR.png Claws.png

From the Nifty Box, we got the Feral-Claw which boosts the Attack of the Totodile line. Unfortunately again, we don't have Allia from Rescue Team along for the ride.


Once we're prepared, it's time to set out for Lush Prarie!



Lush Prairie

This is another optional dungeon that you can randomly gain access to via the job bulletin board. Just like Tiny Meadow, it's a bit of a pushover compared to the main story dungeons, but you do have to be a little more careful about traps. Monster Houses don't appear here, however.

Cheri.png Oran.png Pecha.png Medicine.png Seeds.png Orb.png

Throughout the dungeon across both versions, you can find Cheri, Oran, and Pecha Berries, Max Elixirs, Heal Seeds, and assorted Wonder Orbs.

Seeds.png Orb.png

In Explorers of Darkness, you can find Blast Seeds and version-exclusive Wonder Orbs. Time only offers its own Wonder Orbs.

As for Traps,


The Trip Trap is the only trap found in both versions. A surprise, I'm sure.

VL2e8uY.png g7AoW1q.png VLc60hH.png Vqd6sVk.png 65cxZgz.png

Explorers of Darkness brings Gust, Poison, Pokemon, Slumber, and Spin Traps.

qSPZ9Dd.png JVd20w3.png aDefJ11.png 4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

Explorers of Time brings in the Grimy, SelfDestruct, Slow, Summon, and Warp Traps.


Lush Prarie [1F - 4F]

o_mdex_102.png o_mdex_188.png o_mdex_193.png o_mdex_266.png o_mdex_267.png o_mdex_268.png o_mdex_412-plant.png

The pokemon aviailable throughout this dungeon include Exeggcute, Skiploom, Yanma, Silcoon, Beautifly, Cascoon, and Burmy. Burmy is exclusive to Explorers of Darkness. You'll want to watch out for Exeggcute's Hypnosis and Yanma's Double Team and SonicBoom attacks as well as their Speed Boost ability. But all of these pokemon are pretty low level, so they should be easy to take out regardless of any complications they may present.

PokeDollar.png Apple.png IronThorn.png

And for the first four floors only, you can find Poke, Apples, and Iron Thorns.


On the first floor, I got a new recruit!



New Recruit: Team Persevere


Scramble (Exeggcute M); Lv. 17


Item: None

Ability: Chlorophyll | Moves: Hypnosis, Reflect, Leech Seed, Bullet Seed

Unfortunately I don't really think this guy has a place on our team, being a Grass-type, so this will have to be a pass. But Execute certainly wouldn't be a bad option to consider under other circumstances.



On the third floor, the music changes from that of Mt. Horn to Cave and Side Path. In addition, the weather becomes Cloudy here.


On the 4th floor, the music changes again to that of Drenched Bluff.



Lush Prairie [5F]

Here, the music switches back to that of Mt. Horn.

o_mdex_102.png o_mdex_188.png o_mdex_193.png o_mdex_266.png o_mdex_267.png o_mdex_268.png o_mdex_412-plant.png

The pokemon on this floor are the same.

PokeDollar.png Apple.png IronThorn.png

The only difference here is that you can no longer find the Poke, Apples, and Iron Thorn items. This feels pretty arbitrary considering these aren't exactly valuable items and it's only one floor in the entire dungeon. But it's certainly not the only bizarre design decision in this series, so I suppose I won't dwell on it too much.



Lush Prairie [6F]

The final floor of this dungeon is a treasure floor!

TreasureChestY.png TreasureChestY.png

This is home to two more Deluxe Chests that pull from the same selection of items as the others. I suppose it's fair to say all Deluxe Boxes, or at least the ones from these floors, share the same item pool. We'll see what these boxes obtain when we open them later on.

klL1kLK.png SpxGoR0.png

Once you've claimed your prize, work your way to the Warp Zone to complete the dungeon!


txXqHRq.png I9t2sVk.png

Once we finish the dungeon, we claim our reward for the completed mission and have dinner at the guild before turning in for the night.

jjdWHyK.png qDYwfKP.png ah894Ww.png

EBP159g.png FcXHTzw.png

bm9AoQd.png MrvAkeX.png xuRhwbw.png

j8pgJxY.png YPrdLnL.png

As we sleep, Pep starts to talk about how he wishes we could be the ones to apprehend Grovyle, but admits that he's just not up to the task. A fact he's been made brutally aware by the close encounter he experienced at the Crystal Lake. We have no choice but to trust in Dusknoir. With that, he drifts off to sleep and we'll pick up where we left off next time.

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eMyHNf6.png AEdBg1c.png

TcN9B0J.png MPInS9Z.png o9uTYDN.png

jp7B6QJ.png eJu1VVS.png

Unfortunately, it seems even the next morning there's still no news on the happenings at Crystal Lake. Everybody is anxious to hear the news of whether Azelf is okay or Grovyle was successfully captured. But we really have no choice but to wait it out.

c0kIcdj.png kZkaVMl.png i18XBGe.png

In the meantime, it's once again back to normal operations!

WAHnCj2.png 5KuqCl2.png

And again, we're given the oh-so-surprising task of completing jobs from the bulletin boards.


While I was planning on clearing out some of these Foggy Forest requests I've been holding onto for a while, yet another unexplored dungeon request showed up! So, I guess that's where our priorities lie!

bbTwkQJ.png 0no9kwC.png MzTdyR4.png

Our client this time is a Paras who requests we help them explore a place called Oran Forest which seems to border the Apple Woods.


TreasureChestY.png TreasureChestY.png

Of course, before we head out, we'll want to prepare for the trip. Let's start by opening our Deluxe Boxes from the previous day!

Seeds.png Seeds.png

The first contained a Heal Seed while the other contained a Reviver Seed. The Reviver Seed is nice, but I really would like to get Gummis out of these since it's one of the only ways to get some of the other version's exclusive gummis.


Anyway, I also recommend stopping by Kangaskhan and clearing out some space in storage if you haven't recently... No... particular reason, it's just nice to have some extra space, y'know? If you play like I do, you might have a lot of junk piled up in here that you're never going to use, so you may as well sell it while you're here... especially right now. cough


And on our way to save, we find some new Diary entries have been added!

SUa95Yd.png sRqxLNQ.png

Predictably, Sunflora's latest entry details her shock at finding out Grovyle and Dusknoir are from the future. She also talks about how she trusts that Dusknoir will be successful in capturing Grovyle this time and wishes him luck.

IRGo8w0.png eDm5ZsF.png

Likewise, Bidoof's entry is also about his sock with the discovery that Grovyle and Dusknoir are time travelers! He focuses more on what he can do to help, by contributing to spreading the word about the Lake Spirits sealing the Time Gear. Another small moment to really appreciate!


Anyway, with our preparations made, let's make our trip to the Oran Forest alongside Paras!



Oran Forest

Oran Forest is perhaps the most basic of these optional dungeons so far. There are no traps or monster houses to worry about.

Oran.png Apple.png Medicine.png

As the name implies, the main draw here is the fact that Oran Berries can easily be found here! They can be found alongside Apples and Max Elixirs. There are no version-exclusive items to worry about here at all.


Oran Forest [1F - 4F]

o_mdex_010.png o_mdex_187.png o_mdex_396.png o_mdex_406.png o_mdex_043.png o_mdex_265.png o_mdex_412-trash.png

Throughout the dungeon, you'll run into Caterpie, Hoppip, Starly, Budew, Oddish, and Wurmple. In Explorers of Darkness only, you'll also find Trash Cloak Burmy here.


The weather on the second floor is foggy.



It was on this floor that I nabbed a Dainty Box!


The foggy weather continues on the third floor.



Oran Forest [5F]

TreasureChestY.png TreasureChestY.png

And of course, at the end of the dungeon our reward is two Deluxe Boxes on a relaxed floor.

5cv4D9e.png TLirDMl.png

As always, claim your prize and make your way to the Warp Zone to clear the dungeon.



After we're done exploring, it's off to dinner and then back to bed.

tranvRW.png 8M51idR.png CX2czOr.png

EavFtf9.png 7zNSQJk.png

That night, Pep once again talks to us. He can't sleep worrying so much about what's happening at the lake. He also poses the question of how strange the idea of pokemon coming from the future really is. Is it even possible?

fgEzJCC.png 5qZM95a.png G6z2lyX.png

We wind up lost in that train of thought and it leads us to wondering what the world of the future is like... Who can really say?

DDr85ky.png Bc8GJJZ.png

Well, there isn't much time to think, so we slowly drift off to sleep in preparation for the next day. Again, I'd normally continue from here, but since we bumped into another new dungeon, I'll be stopping here. Next time, we'll see if we have any new info on Grovyle's capture!

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A bit of an apology for the lack of updates yesterday, it was my birthday so I was a bit preoccupied with some irl stuff, but I had a good time! On an unrelated note, today's update might seem a bit small, but we've got a lot of story to cover in this last session so I figured a certain stopping point had presented itself well enough that I'd take advantage of that to avoid this post getting too terribly long. An unfortunate consequence of that is that this particular post isn't going to have any actual gameplay attached to it. It's all story here.

Normally in situations like this, I'd blend a summary of any standout events during bulletin board job expeditions, but both of our opportunities for that were eaten up by unknown dungeon exploration requests which, in my format, demanded their own posts.


rb3ezaH.png BT5GGhO.png

In the morning announcements, Chatot once again reports that there is no news on Grovyle's capture to everyone's disappointment. So it seems we're once again left in the dark.

EArjzVP.png lc1x6N0.png ySj8ZvJ.png

That is, until a siren goes off and Diglett announces that Debuty Magnemite has arrived with a message from Officer Magnezone!

0znrqpE.png rhaZzt7.png

The announcement is that Grovyle has finally been captured! No more worries about the Time Gears being stolen!

JeUyJJv.png NAHYvxY.png cLZA7UO.png

Of course, everyone's excited to here such news! But there's more.

FA5cm6h.png MEEwPQL.png

Dusknoir has apparently revealed that he intends to return to the future with Grovyle.

whsxrKQ.png ZsbtsB6.png ZJx23sX.png

Of course, this is some sad news for everyone, but it makes sense. Dusknoir came here to pursuit Grovyle, so he'll naturally return home once he's gotten what he's after. Loudred poses a valid question, though. How does one go back to the future? We don't exactly have a DeLoreon laying around.

OqZI6lE.png mMlajSH.png

Magnemite explains that he doesn't know the process, but has been told Dusknoir will be traveling through a dimensional hole he'd opened in the Town Square. He wishes to say goodbye before he departs!


The guild immediately heads out to Treasure Town Square to say goodbye to Dusknoir!


FKNQ2Vm.png RBoQ5on.png

Everyone seems to already be here! Well, if by "everyone" you mean Ursaring, Teddiursa, Kecleon, Magnezone and the lake spirits. I know, I know, sprite limitations or whatever but I still think it's a funny observation. This isn't the first time this happened but there's even fewer residents here than last time!

Anyway, the most eye-catching part of this scene is the distorted field before us all! This must be the dimensional hole that Dusknoir will use to travel to the future!

33M1y4N.png Mnu0gF7.png n1vqayh.png

Magnezone explains what it is and Bidoof, who tries to examine the dimensional hole, is urged to stand clear as touching the hole will instantly transport you into the future. With no knowledge of how to get back, that could be quite dangerous!

i5ldJ2p.png VCWQREc.png

More significantly than the dimensional hole, though, are the lake spirits, who are all safe and reunited!

AbG6ert.png 65GivIV.png kpyNtGO.png

Azelf recounts that Dusknoir captured Grovyle flawlessly and all of the Time Gears have been recovered!

8XoVE6L.png ElKxIm8.png

Dusknoir has been sighted!

tNGaGd6.png 74q6wxr.png ffkGVY1.png

iOIaacV.png mSwzszx.png

We see Dusknoir arrive with Grovyle bound and muzzled in rope and two Sableye. A bit odd to have these Sableye with him since he supposedly operates alone, but maybe they joined after the fact?

6BqYiSO.png 2Hy02Qn.png kkFcW59.png

Dusknoir stands before the crowd and officially announces the capture of Grovyle to everyone's delight! He thanks everyone for their contributions.

OiPF63q.png GvcHc7v.png

YISwn8g.png oZG9kRT.png BRDcRpw.png

Dusknoir assures everyone that, witht he vicious and wicked Grovyle captured, we can live and enjoy lasting peace. This seems to set Grovyle off in a desperate fury, but his muzzle prevents him from speaking. Something doesn't quite feel right to me about this. I'd like to know more about Grovyle's motivations. While he may be a criminal in the world of the future, he's committed crimes here as well. I'd think he should at least have a chance to explain himself before being sent back.

MKAI41e.png MutGPxm.png

B5xHqYi.png BSfAAiV.png J2hFaGJ.png

With that announcement made, Dusknoir bids his farewall to everyone.

93gXw8o.png 5eg5jlw.png

gLEb7QG.png JeciZLN.png OOACFc7.png

Dusknoir entrusts the return of the Time Gears to their rightful places to the three lake spirits.

uYndxED.png 21UbDLV.png

Magnezone thanks Dusknoir for his contributions to have saving the world, to which he politely declines, stating that Magnezone has been incredibly helpful in his efforts as well.

fJdHbfD.png BQYBTEJ.png FOaw768.png

The two Sableye push Gorvyle into the dimensional hole before leaping in after him, leaving Dusknoir behind with us for a little longer.

d7EfsGW.png lgxadDb.png

cZiAFsw.png ecobfQM.png rTyZvCV.png

Dusknoir turns to make his leave, to everyone's dismay. But before he does, he seems to suddenly remember something.

ttDQZtS.png W3E31Ya.png

He calls out to us!

nADYg5y.png yfgsWOd.png kI48ibt.png

NbGPvjt.png u6vWHiN.png

We get one final goodbye...

C44Q3XU.png L5yWyaE.png


oSwf489.png LMLzoH4.png k2nUMa2.png

MX0xOcc.png XGr3E62.png

wjVRyU5.png aeGgDWZ.png 7qlHzfB.png

Instead of leaving it at goodbye, Dusknoir suddenly grabs us and pulls us through the dimensional hole with no explanation! The dimensional hole closes leaving everyone perplexed.

kJY29oC.png lcuOnF2.png

Meanwhile, we fall through the hole to the other side. What will the future be like? It seems we're right on the cusp of figuring that out... next time...


So yeah, like I said at the beginning of the post, bit of a short update here. If I continue past this point though, I think this post will end up way too long so I think it makes sense to cut it at the save prompt that immediately follows this scene because this is where the story starts to get real and the games' namesake starts to come into play! We'll need to prepare to start exploring through time... and darkness.

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Apologies once again for the lack of updates yesterday! But we're back to hopefully a more consistent schedule again!


Anyway, in the last update we had an unexpected surprise when Dusknoir returned with Grovyle to the future, only to grab Pep and me at the last minute, too! Today, we pick up after that strange cliffhanger...

DzMQlnb.png gAxYql0.png 6XvgcsC.png

We wake up briefly in total darkness before slipping back into unconsciousness with no knowledge of hwere we are...


lqDMyHB.png foppSaR.png

The camera cuts to a strange arrangement of floating rocks surrounded by foreboding dark clouds.

nsMrZHm.png yVumyBu.png vr66MAV.png

We see Dusnkoir reporting to his Master, Dialga, which certainly explains the time travel aspect of all this. He seems to be speaking into an empty void as if there's someone there.

DkTSxHI.png kxao1Pl.png

When Dialga's eyes begin to glow along with its markings, but something doesn't look quite right with it...

cumuvKz.png OWvr5c3.png pnGRJlO.png

Suddenly our perspective on Dusknoir is a bit different. He seems to be some sort of dimensional guard who seeks out and eliminates those who seek to alter the course of history. At this point, it's difficult to say whether or not he's trustworthy, looking at the state this world seems to be in. Perhaps it's people altering the course of history that led to the world's destruction, or perhaps this is the natural course of history? Either way, if there's something wrong with Dialga and Dialga is his leader, then this can't be good from any perspective...


a2x3FON.png 13OZ8cx.png

When we next awake, we're shaken awake by Pep!

YPAznvw.png yA8VcJ7.png ClU7yJB.png

When we come to, we seem to be trapped in some sort of jail cell!

Imi2E2p.png BXefsXS.png

We're shortly given the opportunity to explore, but there's really nothing here except for the gate which is locked shut. We really are trapped!

lCZ10iZ.png mex3HcP.png W4zj7kc.png

HMNn2xo.png OgPJJES.png

As Pep recalls the events from before, he has a bit of an existential crisis when he comes to the conclusion that we must have been taken to the future! How does that work? Are we trapped? Will we be able to get back? How would we even start?


Suddenly, the gate opens!

SnfwS49.png HPX5u5o.png

In comes a squad of four Sableye, presumably operating under the orders of Dusknoir, who aren't about to answer any of our questions just yet.

qkUPFz5.png dHXZGfy.png R4hSJyb.png

Suddenly, we're blindfolded and taken out of the cell!

Xyo71Ds.png 13k8yxu.png

When our blindfold is removed, the first thing we see is our partner, tied up to a pillar.

eYLywWk.png xPhhrqC.png WUwLx2y.png

Pep struggles and tries to break free, but he can't!

pA3NB9C.png iBU7aJc.png

Soon, we notice each other and continue trying to break free to no avail.

DRpYbGI.png 2a5XYAt.png gjrcFO3.png

Suddenly, a third voice speaks out to us, noting that we have no idea just how bad things are right now...

dAaiUuV.png 3dOUXE8.png

We quickly identify the voice as belong to Grovyle! The criminal we helped Dusnkoir to capture!

uwQWlr9.png JeSd7hG.png ngcTOQq.png

G0dVdZK.png 3ZmQKNq.png

Grovyle tells us that they're preparing to... "get rid of us for good." Is this... an execution!? We're naturally perplexed as to how we could've possibly gotten ourselves into this mess, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's related to our Dimensional Scream ability. After all, Dusknoir seemed to take particular interest in that and I noted there could be serveral reasons for the odd way he responded to our name...

8yChSNS.png 2ihSKbp.png s6RS6p1.png

Grovyle dismisses us and suggests that we must've done something for them to put us here, which offends Pep that he would insist we're the same! By this point, I'm genuinely thinking Grovyle isn't as much of a villain as he might seem to be if Dusknoir is grouping us with him... perhaps there's a reason he's rebelling against him?

45IgnGt.png TRDhin8.png

Grovyle dismisses his outburst and tells him it's not worth the effort focusing so much on something so trivial as it seems the execution is about to begin soon.

Kd5RV1m.png OqJpnEJ.png msPStrC.png

Ef6X0C0.png Xt7B1XU.png

The Sableye appear once again and Grovyle explains that they're Dusknoir's underlings, which somehow comes as a shock to Pep, but we've established he's always a bit slow on the uptake.

VTAaWc4.png VWx3KcU.png zl6FzW5.png

gM9ILbq.png 2eA5hGC.png

Dusknoir soon arrives. Pep tries to call out to Dusknoir and reason with him, but he simply ignores him and confirms that there was indeed no mistake in capturing us. He then tells the Sableye to get ready.

3KXm24E.png Mp73BFU.png ma5w8fH.png

The Sableye surround us while Pep starts to blurt out his questions for Dusknoir who continues to ingore him.

oyt4d62.png Po6qErl.png

YLcOAb4.png TWtFCvx.png YOP6fxb.png

Grovyle, however, maintains a level head and tells us to keep our voices down to se can discuss a plan to escape. Pep is reluctant to listen, of course, but under the circumstances we don't exactly have much of a choice.

xEjJv6A.png gpSYXAh.png

VdXNc55.png LPFSgr9.png NwVf5OW.png

Grovyle turns his attention to us and asks us what we can do. Selecting "Use an item" or "Use a move" doesn't achieve much. Grovyle's reasoning being that we're tied down so these options are impossible, even though we definitely should be capable of using Razor Leaf like this! And Pep should be able to use BubbleBeam! But regardless, I suppose this logic doesn't apply to all possible pokemon that could be in this situation. The only generic option here is our standard Attack! I'm not really sure why that's any different honestly, but I'm sure there's some sort of logic there.

3cCDq0G.png dw0AYFp.png

After we suggest the idea of using a standard attack, Pep joins in on the plan as well, though he's still a bit reluctant to listen to Grovyle.

q1Hp42D.png D6ORhA2.png rXO5pyh.png

JqQQ3NJ.png HCS9r0x.png

The Sableye report to Dusknoir that they're ready and Dusknoir warns them not to take their eyes off of us, especially Grovyle.

Nyxwe58.png EDJRPys.png ot5VzHB.png

At Dusknoir's command, the Sableye close in on us again.

ot5VzHB.png G8J8A4A.png

As they close in, Grovyle maintains his level head and explains the plan.

FBrA7yc.png DNvfuhq.png iDslUoL.png

Grovyle intends to use the Sableye's attacks against them. Their reckless attacks with Fury Swipes are likely to damage the ropes. Once the ropes are weakened, we might be able to break out with a well-timed attack!

3dpz0R0.png 0Fpqgaj.png

As the Sableye prepare to attack, Pep expresses his concern that they might not rely on Fury Swipes at all...

VnrwIcj.png x6NU4kX.png fLbtkAW.png

Suddenly, they all begin to attack! It hurts but we have no choice but to keep holding on!

MVDY9iq.png Hz6aOjk.png

Just as we start to lose hop, the ropes begin to break!

qN5Dt34.png frsrYIS.png Z5gwGWB.png

When the time is just right, Grovyle makes the call and in one swift move, we break right through the ropes and knock the Sableye back!

TRXiBKg.png q6xLrtU.png

3zLqfD9.png CvhGbqR.png 9g92bEe.png

Before they can retaliate, Grovyle drops a Luminous Orb flooding the room with a bright light that makes it impossible to see.

3t8508b.png NoxwbeM.png

When the light clears up, we're nowhere to be seen! Frustrated, Dusknoir leads the Sableye off to hunt us down!

o0jA4NJ.png ymTHcWi.png uTLgdxf.png

As it turns out, Grovyle used Dig to hide himself and us underground under the cover of the Luminous Orb, a classic ruse to escape! This should get Dusnkoir and the Sableye off our tails for just a little bit buying us a better chance of getting away! But we can't just wait around! We have to get going right away!

BEVki75.png 6gvsoBF.png

il7Bzx7.png jMU1xd4.png

As we run off, Grovyle tells us we need to pick up the pace, but Pep can't seem to keep up and seems to be slowing him down.

8WKJ6yy.png R1Nu0Xz.png 24Dgf7a.png

I like to imagine Grovyle's response to Pep asking if this is the future is sarcastic. I don't mean to be so down on Pep all the time, but come on, he is rather slow to figure out rather mundane things.

z7xxITN.png UNr0Chy.png

XC40sm8.png ievouhs.png cjONr98.png

Pep questions if it'll even possible to get back home, but Grovyle insists that what is most important is to get away with our lives, first. He tells Pep to run faster as the exit is approaching!

o76mVOL.png wGYg77p.png

We finally make it outside, but the imagery out here....

TcuasGs.png aLfpamm.png

...Isn't so pleasant...

4932lhA.png lQwmMzH.png k09TdUE.png

bTbBYaB.png 5FLvHYH.png

jsEnZHd.png ZOz2XdO.png v3gK9Fb.png

If it isn't obvious what's happened in this ruined world by now, Pep's description should be familiar enough to help you piece together that this is a world under paralysis. Presumably as a result of the Time Gears being stolen... Did Grovyle cause this to happen? Or is there a larger evil at play?

9mx10hh.png t6HpeB9.png

We suddenly hear the Sableye nearby and decide we need to get moving again.

jKqiYmS.png rpopkgw.png qZF6jZl.png

7lRbsmh.png WuJJyXr.png

Once again, Pep complains that he's exhausted, but Grovyle insists there's no time to rest and that we need to tough it out, but he quickly recognizes that Pep is at his limit. And this is a really cool moment to me that shows Grovyle's character. He's already been holding himself back presumably this whole time so that Pep can keep up with him, so you'd think he'd respond to Pep's insistance that he needs a rest by simply leaving him behind. Instead, he actually gives in and decides to help find a way for Pep to get his rest.

CKogOTG.png mJCzLyS.png KrJyBmM.png

Grovyle seeks out a hiding place where Pep can get a quick rest before we have to get moving again.

XfeVWah.png L9WXHiA.png

sY11Dfw.png jKSeo2t.png 3F0WPee.png

Pep seems alarmed by the fact that Grovyle seems to be treating us like we're suddenly allies just because we escaped together. Quite frankly, I do agree that it's important to stick together under the circumstances, but Pep seems to have his own views on the matter.

LPT9Ikr.png QxusBc6.png

g69rVEx.png IUwYGHu.png A0DjcnC.png

Grovyle doesn't hesitate to contradict Pep's views, pointing out the cruelty of Dusknoir's behavior just now. And I can't lie, it's hard to trust Dusknoir after that. Even outside of the game, I can't quite come up with an easy explanation. I wouldn't want to think him a villain, but it's seeming that way at the moment. I have a suspicion that he might have good intentions related to preserving the natural order with ignorance to the oddities surrounding Dialga, but that could just be wishful thinking. At the moment, there really seems no reason to trust Dusknoir as an ally. And from that perspective, I'd say it's worth trusting Grovyle, but again, Pep seems to be of a different opinion. We've spent so long chasing Grovyle as the number one criminal in the world and now we're supposed to side with him? To be fair, that, too, is difficult to really get behind. It's clear to me that there's a lot more to this story, though, and I think sticking with Grovyle would be the best way to go about that.

symLcyW.png dS6M6kT.png

Unfortunately, Pep's views make it clear to Grovyle that we won't be able to make a good team. Perhaps out of respect or understanding of Pep's views, Grovyle acknowledges that Pep won't be able to trust him. Interesting to note, though, is that he seems to imply he's willing to trust us despite the fact that we've been enemies up until this point.

FCn6RTG.png 8ABsZDg.png Y8c1ZSo.png

Grovyle decides we'll be splitting up here. He'll continue onward and recommends we get moving again as soon as we can lest we get caught by Dusknoir or the Sableye.

1QaPWv9.png ItUQn4K.png

uVnCNiQ.png 9acSjdl.png 63FIBOm.png

Pep seems confused by this plan. We've found a good place to rest and it's really dark. He insists it would be better to wait for morning before we get moving again so we have light to travel by.

bBGTI72.png w3UasYK.png

ilSbUKC.png e7Rmulb.png xEFxZZE.png

To this, Grovyle replies waiting for morning is impossible because... there is no morning here.

O3gCpev.png tDxMg8h.png

When asked, he finally spells it out to Pep: The planet has indeed been paralyzed.

cqKAsxN.png jm4WViJ.png ig3LOK3.png

1IHD7oi.png UJfUBCf.png

ZqloDgl.png pqYYeva.png bVsE5nA.png

Pep recalls Dusknoir's explanation of planetary paralysis and notes that it indeed sounds just like the explanation of our world, but...

rsU1UxH.png apbdR6q.png

He finds it hard to believe the world's been paralyzed after all they've gone through to stop Grovyle. Honestly? If Grovyle was capable of getting as far as he did, I'm not sure I'd say it's so unbelievable.

cpkhZ07.png MRIKtWF.png tE1nnwn.png

Grovyle's wasted enough time debating these things with Pep. Once again, if we aren't going to believe his words then there's no reason to gather information from him. It's a pretty solid point. He reiterates that we should leave soon before taking his leave.

gTCNtqy.png ctcbcyS.png

78QB1nX.png 7suMRM5.png nImQzUq.png

rVbYuCj.png vq4TtqF.png

Pep seems to be going through a crisis as he mulls over all of this information. How can the world still be paralyzed after everything we've gone through to save it? We stopped Grovyle from stealing the Time Gears and the Lake Spirits were supposed to return them to their rightful places. How could it be possible that they were stolen again anyway? What was even the point of everything we've done up until now? Have we even been doing the right thing? He's frustrated at not having these answers! And I can definitely see where he's coming from when I think about things from that perspective. Maybe he's choosing to make an enemy of Grovyle because he refuses to believe the possibility that they might've been on the wrong side this whole time...

vVdBggA.png QOc6TQs.png JmiFUiZ.png

Suddenly, we hear the Sableye approaching again! We've got to get going like Grovyle warned!


There's a Kangaskhan Satatue here that we can save at in preparation for the dungeon that lies ahead of us. Once again, under normal circumstances I'd continue into covering this dungeon right here, but again, I think I'm going to break this off into the next post. These long cutscenes take a lot of time to cover and I don't wanna push myself too hard! Going forward, we should be able to get into a smoother flow of dungeons. So next time, we'll get moving and see what lies ahead of ourselves here in the paralyzed world of the future!

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tMvCM95.png iUTmanx.png

Okay, so our previous updates were a crazy collection of plot progression. A lot of things happened in a very short amount of time! Dusknoir successfully captured Grovyle at the Crystal Lake and upon returning to the future with him in tow, he suddenly grabbed us and brought us into the future as well! We woke up in a prison cell and a squadron of Sableye blindfolded us and took us to an execution! Dusknoir seems to be working for Dialga, though something doesn't seem right with Dialga. The two seem to have something against those who seek to alter the flow of the timeline and decide to eliminate us alongside Grovyle. Thankfully, we managed to escape our execution and are now on the run from our firing squad!

Wow, this story got real heavy real fast. I've been tired the last couple of days from working on a personal project recently, so forgive me for not contributing a whole lot of enthusiasm for the last couple posts. Anyway, if you recall, I described the expedition as this game's counterpart to Rescue Team's fugitive arc. I suppose in hindsight that's a bit inaccurate. It's perhaps more accurate in terms of how the dungeon progress works with your ability to take side paths to stock up on items and experience if you find yourself lacking. But this section is more akin to the fugitive arc in just about every other way, including the fact that we're actually fugitives!

This section of the game is a bit more rough on you as you no longer have alternate paths to take to build up, you only have one path to take and that's forward. If you find the dungeons too tough, you'll just have to tough it out!

Interesting to note, though, is that these Kangaskhan Statues do still allow you to access your storage, which is why I encouraged you to make sure you have space. You're not gonna be able to access the market, so you won't have a chance to sell all your junk if you haven't done it already. I suppose all the items you've had stored are still good all this time later, though.

Anyway, last time, we ended on the note of hearing the Sableye's laughter, so we'd better stop dawdling around and get going into the first of many dungeons of the future!



Chasm Cave

Alright, elephant in the room, somehow I accidentally forgot to take a screenshot of the first floor of this dungeon, so here's the shot from bulbapedia. Sorry! I'll try to stay on top of this more in the future!

The music in here is rather intense and for good reason! We're certainly in a scary environment! This dungeon is unique in that it doesn't have any walls. Instead, each floor is just a maze of paths floating in a void. Pokemon capable of crossing pits can navigate through these freely, but since there's no walls to hide inside, they're still much less threatening than Ghost-types. Still, you should be wary in narrow paths, especially considering the darkness can make them hard to see. Make sure your partner is capable of defending themselves and support them where necessary!

Another fact here is that, since we're trapped in the future, we can't recruit any pokemon to Chimecho's assembly. And beyond that, we can't bring any party members with us. We're alone with our partner! These dungeons are going to be a bit lonely.

PokeDollar.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Gravlerock.png Apple.png Cheri.png Oran.png Pecha.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Medicine.png TM.png Orb.png

Between both versions, you can find Poke, Pecha Scarves, Persim, Power, Stamina, and Special Bands, Gravelerocks, Apples, Cheri, Oran, and Pecha Berries, Blast, Heal, Pure, Reviver, and Sleep Seeds, Max Elixirs, and assorted TMs and Wonder Orbs.


This is the first dungeon where we can find Gravelerocks! They're just stronger versions of the Geo Pebbles we've been lugging around. This is a good time to make the switch, especially if you already have some from mission rewards.

lSLc4fd.png W56qvrQ.png Garments.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

In Explorers of Darkness, you can find the Insomniscope, Scope Lens, Twist Band, Hunger, Violent, and X-Eye Seeds, and version-exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.

Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

In Explorers of Time, you'll find the Def. Scarf, Heal and Joy Ribbons, Zinc Bands, Stun, Vile, and Warp Seeds, and version-exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.

Monster Houses cannot appear in this dungeon.

As for traps, there are actually no traps that are common between both of these versions.

VL2e8uY.png g7AoW1q.png Vqd6sVk.png 65cxZgz.png

In Darkness, you'll want to watch out for Gust, Poison, Slumber, and Spin Traps. The Gust Traps can be especially powerful in this dungeon without walls. If you get blown into a pit, you'll be warped to a random open tile on the floor which could likely separate you from your partner.

aDefJ11.png 4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

Of course, Explorers of Time brings along Slow, Summon, and Warp Traps.

Traps actually start to appear more aggressively here, so be extra careful when navigating dungeons going forward.


Chasm Cave [B1F - B2F]

o_mdex_081.png o_mdex_227.png o_mdex_132.png o_mdex_326.png o_mdex_425.png

For the first couple of floors, you'll find Magnemite, Skarmory, Ditto, Grumpig, and Drifloon. Magnemite and Drifloon are capable of crossing over the pits, making them a bit more threatening than usual. In addition, Drifloon has the unique Aftermath ability which can be potentially devastating at a bad time. It will randomly cause Drifloon to SelfDestruct upon being KO'd, causing the same sort of damage to its surroundings that the move would. It can blow up walls, destroy items, and deal massive damage to surrounding pokemon. You want to pick them off from a distance and lure them away from valuable items. Of course, Grumpig's ability to confuse you is also annoying. Moreover, Ditto can disguise itself as any other pokemon on the floor, but it won't copy that pokemon's attacks so it'll be left only with its basic attack and Struggle.


Chasm Cave [B3F - B4F]

o_mdex_081.png o_mdex_227.png o_mdex_132.png o_mdex_326.png o_mdex_425.png o_mdex_095.png

Onix can be found on the next floor! He's huge and intimidating! But it's just an Onix at the end of the day, don't let its size intimidate you.



Chasm Cave [B5F]

The atmosphere changes a bit on the fifth floor with a more bluish look to the ground.

o_mdex_081.png o_mdex_227.png o_mdex_132.png o_mdex_326.png o_mdex_425.png o_mdex_095.png o_mdex_426.png

It's down here that you'll start to find Drifblim which are bulkier versions of Drifloon. The same strategies apply, but it might take a few more hits to take them out.


Chasm Cave [B6F - B8F]

o_mdex_132.png o_mdex_326.png o_mdex_425.png o_mdex_095.png o_mdex_426.png o_mdex_082.png

Skarmory dips on the sixth floor and Magnemite is replaced with its evolution: Magneton.


Jv15INm.png STlt1Oo.png

At the end of the dungeon, we find the exit!

1LbK6LO.png EFW9EnK.png UnWHucR.png

Having gotten a breakaway from the hunting party, we decide to take a rest. Pep finds some water nearby, only...

j200sXt.png 6yA4RxN.png

The water is completely stagnant despite being a waterfall. Even the particles of water surrounding it are just floating there, completely still.

Ez6kM0q.png KkSxjAB.png 0bGK0k3.png

c5gswLT.png KPbeIS1.png

Pep is once again down in the dumps as he thinks back to how Dusknoir betrayed us and that he's just seeing more and more evidence that Grovyle was being honest...

oVJHjhz.png p5giSM8.png j9Bltah.png

Suddenly, Pep gets an idea! If we can use our dimensional scream, maybe we can learn something about what happened!

XqvNEbP.png Zi044D0.png

3weLsik.png 1FPXKnA.png hLBmMeo.png

Unfortunately, to Pep's disappointment, we don't receive anything upon touching the water. We still have no idea how to control the ability, after all, and there's no guarantee it would even work in a paralyzed world.

Pb4Back.png J0lusRN.png

Pep brings up that we've wasted enough time dawdling around and we need to get going again to get some more distance on the Sableye.


But, there's another Kangaskhan Rock here meaning it's time to save! We'll continue our little journey into the unknown next time.

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FCxzapr.png qz8zrgq.png

We're still on the run from Dusknoir's squad! Once you've rested up at the Kangaskhan rock, it's time to get moving onward!



Dark Hill

This is our second dungeon of the future, so you can naturally expect things to get a bit tougher. Monster Houses once again don't appear in this dungeon, so you don't have to worry about that, but continue to be wary of those pesky traps!

PokeDollar.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Garments.png Gravlerock.png Apple.png Cheri.png Oran.png Pecha.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Medicine.png TM.png Orb.png

The selection of items is fairly similar to the previous dungeon. Common items across both versions include Poke, Def and Pecha Scarves, Persim, Power, and Stamina Bands, Gravelerocks, Apples, Cheri, Oran, and Pecha Berries, Blast, Heal, Pure, Reviver, and Sleep Seeds, Max Elixirs, and assorted TMs and Wonder Orbs.

lSLc4fd.png W56qvrQ.png Garments.png Garments.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

In Explorers of Darkness, you can find the Insomniscope, Scope Lens, Patsy and Twist Bands, Hunger, Violent, and X-eye Seeds, and exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.


The Patsy Band is just as situational here as in Rescue Team. It just makes attacks on the equipped pokemon more likely to be critical hits and I'm still not really sure what situations you'd want this for outside of maybe wanting to get more damage out of moves like Counter or Destiny Bond. I really couldn't tell ya.

Garments.png Garments.png Seeds.png Seeds.png Seeds.png TM.png Orb.png

In Explorers of Time, you'll find Special and Zinc Bands, Stun, Vile, and Warp Seeds, and exclusive TMs and Wonder Orbs.


The Trip Trap is back, and of course present in both versions.

VL2e8uY.png g7AoW1q.png VLc60hH.png Vqd6sVk.png 65cxZgz.png

Explorers of Darkness brings the Gust, Poison, Pokemon, Slumber, and Spin Traps

RyrMGWz.png qSPZ9Dd.png JVd20w3.png aDefJ11.png 4MhVGQV.png ahYWxsJ.png

Explorers of Time has the Chestnut, Grimey, SelfDestruct, Slow, Summon, and Warp Traps.


The Chestnut Trap is a fairly useless trap returning from Rescue Team that drops Chestnuts on your head and deals 10 HP.


Dark Hill [1F - 4F]

o_mdex_092.png o_mdex_354.png o_mdex_200.png o_mdex_472.png 

On the first few floors, you'll find Gastly, Banette, Misdreavus, and Gliscor. The former three won't let you forget about Ghost-type's abilities to pass through walls. Be wary as you walk through the corridors and keep your Gravelerocks at the ready just in case! These guys are annoying in all the ways they typically are, but they're fairly easily dispatched, too. Be wary of Shadow Sneak's range, though! Gliscor will be present throughout the dungeon but didn't really stand out to me in any particular way.


Dark Hill [5F - 6F]

o_mdex_092.png o_mdex_354.png o_mdex_200.png o_mdex_472.png o_mdex_344.png

Claydol joins the fray on the 5th floor. Once again, it didn't really stand out to me in any particular way, just be wary of Levitate making it immune to Ground-type attacks.



Dark Hill [7F]

The aesthetic is changed up a bit with the redder walls taking on a more blueish color.

o_mdex_354.png o_mdex_200.png o_mdex_472.png o_mdex_344.png o_mdex_093.png

Gastly is replaced with its evolution, Haunter, on the 7th floor.


Dark Hill [8F]

o_mdex_200.png o_mdex_472.png o_mdex_344.png o_mdex_093.png o_mdex_356.png

The 8th floor drops Banette in favor of the much more obnoxious Dusclops whose Pressure ability makes you want to avoid conflict with them wherever possible.


Dark Hill [9F - 11F]

o_mdex_472.png o_mdex_344.png o_mdex_093.png o_mdex_356.png

Misdreavus is gone on the 8th floor.


One thing that might be good to note is that the move Synthesis seems to work at full power even in a world of eternal darkness! I guess there must be sunlight... somewhere!


Dark Hill [12F - 15F]

o_mdex_472.png o_mdex_344.png o_mdex_356.png o_mdex_094.png

Haunter is replaced with its evolution, Gengar, on the 12th floor! KEH KEH KEH!


I3xgkV6.png bxUmMOh.png


As we reach the end of the dungeon, Pep seems attracted to a pretty sight before him. We stop and take in the view, only...

WVQ1x0h.png SNcRWfH.png

aDvQl9Y.png yGMZoiF.png

It seems even natural beauty is lost on Pep in this moment as he quickly recognizes the lights he sees as those around the stockade where Dusknoir betrayed us.

ExQlevk.png pGuDnze.png Ka7QmWs.png

RBKCU2Z.png HB8E1BI.png

OaFy80X.png jBrIdEe.png LLvHaDN.png

Pep just starts to unload all his feelings onto us. This is all getting to him really bad, it's clear. He's conflicted. He grew to respect Dusknoir so much after all the time we've spent together so it's impossible for him to consider that it was all pretense... None of what's happening makes any sense at all...

ELpPKQN.png 7GH0XjD.png

5VVQX8K.png 1AZDYIB.png QO4Tzzy.png

G7jTy1G.png HP9sGuf.png

And then he begins to reminisce about the guild. Things really did change for the worst really fast, didn't it? Just one quick moment and our whole lives were uprooted with no explanation. The more you think about it, the more cruel it seems, doesn't it?

GUwvhuG.png RiagL4D.png M2rb3xf.png

eHnXG4W.png Gxb8Cih.png

JgSz5xF.png ze7vEQt.png wWbaZNS.png

It's important that we cheer Pep up or those Sableye will catch us. He's on the verge of giving up and we can't have that, we need each other and we're not about to stop here!

But there is some line of hope we can follow. Let's not forget that Grovyle managed to travel back in time before. Even though we don't know how he did it, he seems to have a plan and he knows this world better than we do. He seemed to want to team up with us, so maybe if we can find him again we can find a way back home. Of course, that does mean trusting him to some extent which is clear Pep wouldn't be too keen on. After all, traveling back in time with Grovyle likely means he'd just try to steal the Time Gears again... Still, maybe we can gleam some info from him?

utSBFHx.png OmGd67s.png

EAeVWF0.png O67RNVM.png ACB87Pz.png

qQkMySK.png RGdW3sS.png

uo6u0tJ.png FWXa0Ou.png GfcrBRs.png

So, we explain this idea to Pep and he reacts rather predictably. He's very reluctant to just go along with the idea.

0Ja9BfP.png aPOc0KL.png

1jLs5t1.png FkgXJ8V.png 8u7gTqW.png

fGpRxg2.png P4UEpgh.png

8OKAic9.png hrAqDXz.png NRYCyqO.png

BTbxAJB.png c20KTbP.png

After an emotional outburst, Pep mulls it over a bit longer and comes to the realization that we really don't have any choice.

wtP7OUa.png sH79Qww.png

After a moment of silence, he finally seems to come to agreement.

n3NVdPc.png nfUSGyo.png bGMOR5B.png

zTSnou9.png ynop6K4.png

After talking some pep into Pep, he seems a bit more enthusiastic. Even though he doesn't like the idea of trusting with Grovyle, we do have a plan now. It may not be much, but it's something to keep us going forward for just a bit longer.

aU1lbuM.png 1v2d9xh.png Ltrr88s.png

h2vUsIb.png e94F8ci.png

kABM0VM.png RpeiinE.png 3jav81Y.png

As we go to leave, Pep gives us a heart-felt thanks for what we've done for him, but he recognizes now that he has no need to worry alone.

And so, it's time to get going!

Q7I8dcA.png edcqzvD.png ADgIHqw.png

FhOAcql.png pkaDIBc.png

Pep notes that we've been on a linear path this whole time, so Grovyle has to be ahead of us through this next cave! Of course, you know what that means.


We'll be resting up at this Kangaskhan Rock and next time continue with yet another dungeon!

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