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Cooking Mama Well-Done For

Elena Ichinomiya

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...Apparently, to those of you who own Nintendo Switch, perhaps you by any chance own Cooking Mama? There's a ridiculous case of "Lets say that to the people at the meeting since it sounds so cool!" while its on development.

Let start from beginning. The weird things start from people who bought the said game, realize they can't bought it anymore on the next day. However for some people who manage to bought it, said their console (Switch) got heat up too fast and drain the battery in short time than usual. People wonder if there's some sort of (take a guess) mining program there since its the only program that can make any hardware heat up in strange way.

Not only that, the game keep popping in and out Nintendo store, leading people to believe there's some mining scandal there. Not only on switch, the said Cooking Mama on the official site also got themselves popping in and out, making more people suspicious. Of course people send inquiry to ask what the hey is going on. When they were asked if the said game has mining app in it, they shake their head. They don't even know what mining app is.

Inquiry fail, its time for the journalist to spring in action. After few snags, they manage to find out why. (Pay attention here) When the publisher had meeting with investor, the stupid CEO said something "We gonna profit from Cryptobit". No, i wish i'm messing with you but nope. And turn out they said Cryptobit because they like how it make them sounds cool as if they're an up to date person on earth while in reality, they just ask for death. As the CEO deny the fact that they use Crypto app (Which is proven true) the damage already done.

Then comes next case; why the game keep popping in and out like flickering lights. Turn out, there's another "SEGA internal struggle" Episode 2 between Developer and publisher. The publisher just publish the game while it still on "Bethesda" state. The Dev angry and call Nintendo to pull it off from market because the game is still unbalanced to shit which lead to overheat issue. Nintendo approve and pull it off the market since they don't want to release well known series as buggy fest on their console. The publisher is angry and cuss at the dev who also cuss them back, leading into delay of the game release. Not only that, the Cooking Mama on the official website also share same fate; buggy and dangerous. The dev keep harassing the webmaster to pull that thing off the shelves but the publisher also force their way to keep the game appearing.

Thanks to CEO "I wanna be cool guy on earth" class act, and the poor coordination and mutual understanding, we might not seeing Cooking Mama for some time. Along with the plague around us, i doubt we gonna see it sooner if ever.

Lesson we can learn from this? Always do some research, and be patient as the greatness come to those who wait.

Except Diablo Immortal.

Fuck them dev and their knee-jerk phone...

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From what I can find online, it seems that Data miners, people who basically dissect a game's coding to learn what it does and how it works, have not found any evidence of any sort of bitcoin scheme. It wouldn't surprise me that the Switch heats up while playing the game as the Switch already has a lot of heating problems as is. If a game is poorly programmed, I could see there being some issues there.

The game was pulled from the eShop because it was an unlicensed release. The owners of the IP allowed development on this game to begin, but were unsatisfied with the level of quality the "final" product seemed to have. This led to an argument which resulted in the devs foolishly releasing the game anyway. I certainly wouldn't say the game was pulled from the eShop by Nintendo for quality control. There are much worse offenders on the eShop. Granted, Cooking Mama is normally expected to be of higher quality than the 2-cent shovelware games, but a quick look through the eShop reveals that Nintendo really doesn't seem too worried about quality. 

It seems the game was pulled for legal reasons. Being an unlicensed release, the devs had no right to release the game. Although I personally have never seen any gameplay of Cooking Mama: Cookstar, I genuinely cannot fathom how such a heated argument could have come from such a simple franchise, nor how a dev team could be so stupid as to release a game after being blatantly told not to by the owners of the IP.

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The main reason why the switch heat up turn out to be the bug and unbalanced in their code, not the mining thankfully. But the dev still angry to no end to their publisher for releasing the game when it still on "Bethesda" state. Idk what kind of bug they got since i got no Switch. Nintendo also frown because Cooking Mama is their staple games and to have it treated in such a way make them doubt if they should allow it to put on their shelves.

Also, i still don't get it why that oh-not-so-cool CEO said that Cryptobit like nobody business...its like hearing your friend said out loud that they gonna make porn site when they actually want to create RP site. My words, is doing research prove too much for the rich guy? (-_-;)

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