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How long does it take to recover from a breakup? Everyone knew it wasn't easy doing it, most were annoyed by the aftermath while some were glad to have gotten out of whatever relationship they were in. Some people had a U-Haul and listened to audiobooks on the way to their apartment. That said, that one person never wanted to go back to where thry came from nor live in the former house they rented. And with no one and nowhere else to turn, what was left. Just them and their belongings. 

Amon Veil was one of many men who really had moved far away from family and friends. The original plan was to go to college, but between trying to get away from family and cutting ties from his ex girlfriend far, far away, he didn't have the time for it. He had plenty of money to go through school but Amon wanted a home established first. Luckily, there were apartments open near where he worked so it wasn't any problem at all. No, the problem was the height of the room itself he had to carry everything up. 

Parking the massive truck in front of the complex building, Amon was able to get his key a short few minutes later... That turned into agonizing hours as he walked up and down the steps with heavy boxes of miscellaneous and fragile items, from game consoles to ornaments, collectables and comics to lizard tanks and dishes. It went from 11AM to 5:37PM quickly for the busy man, sweat poured on him as the last of the boxes were unloaded into the now full and vacant apartment. 

Amon thought of the U-Haul and parked it in the parking lot, he'd have someone come pick it up later, his vehicle already towed to the lot near the end where there was plenty of space. As he entered the apartment room, he clapped his hands together, how the hell Amon got the fridge and the bed up here was beyond him. Unpacking, hours passed as his door was left open and windows as well to allow for the co airflow to pass through. Dressers, drawers, the bed, a sofa and few chairs, even the fucking fridge were put in place. Amon was surprised that the large four room apartment was the cheap price it was. Hell, it even had one of those fancy whirlpool showers! 

Already Amon was halfway done, boxes broken down and others stacked up, he plopped down on the tarp covered couch and cracked open a cold Cherry Pepsi, giving himself a well rewarded drink as he leaned back. He looked at his phone, already the time was ten till 10PM. Amon cursed to himself, thinking of how long it would take to finish this. He'd be up about several hours, so this little break was something he needed. 


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